[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Cowboy Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, werewolves, M/F/M, HEA]
After a close encounter of the furry kind, Shenna Cox wants photographic evidence to out the werewolves of Forever to the rest of the world. Surely a book deal, along with fame and fortune, will follow.
Werewolves Doug, Marty, and Jordan Beckett recently moved to Forever. Now that they’ve found the ranch of their dreams, they’re hoping to find their mate. Once they meet Shenna, they know the connection, the invisible bond that brings mates together, hasn’t failed them. But will she choose them over her need to reveal their secret?
Shenna fights an overwhelming urge to be with the men, but every day, more of her resolve breaks apart. Still, she’s determined to get the evidence she needs. What she doesn’t know is that the folks in Forever are on to her scheme to expose the werewolves.
Should she run, leaving the men she craves behind? Or will the werewolves stop her in her tracks?
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.
Shifter Love (MFM)
4 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I love the werewolves of Forever. I can't wait to hear more of their stories.
Karlyn Plett




A sound to Shenna’s right startled her. She whipped toward that area of the parking lot. Had they followed her? If they had, what would they do? What would she not do?

“Fuckin’ shit.”

She lowered her body behind the car, using it as cover, and stared into the darkness. A dark shape stood between two pickups. As a man stepped into the light of the overhead lamppost, he tugged off his shirt.

Tucker Lawson, one of Kate’s men, tossed his shirt into the back of one of the trucks. He mumbled, yet the only words she could make out were “gotta run.” With a few quick moves, he whipped off his belt and sent it flying to join his shirt. Tugging on his boots came next. She didn’t realize what was happening until he started undoing his jeans.

He’s going to shift.

Irritation at herself flooded her. Instead of wondering about three men she didn’t know, she should’ve been paying attention to Tucker and the other two men.

She gritted her teeth and silently admonished herself. She had a reason for being in Forever and she wasn’t going to forget that reason now.

But were they with him? She glanced around but didn’t see anyone else. From the sound of Tucker’s voice, he’d had more than a few drinks. Hopefully, that would help her.

Bending over and staying low, she rushed to her car and opened the trunk. She cringed when the old hinges made a creaking sound then paused while holding her breath. Tucker hadn’t noticed as he moved closer to the tree line. If she didn’t hurry, she’d lose him.

Please don’t shift just yet.

Getting her camera ready, she got as close to him as possible and prayed he wouldn’t pick up her scent or hear her footsteps on the gravel.

The shift came, and as she had before, she was lost in the incredible awe-inspiring moment. Who wouldn’t be stunned and amazed? Unlike most humans, she was about to see a man change into a wolf. But getting lost in the moment wouldn’t get her the photos and video she wanted. She lifted the camera and started clicking.

Tucker stopped a few yards from the trees. She didn’t know why he stopped, but she was glad of it. His body morphed, limbs cracking, going in strange angles, then reforming as fur spread over his body. She switched to video mode, praying he wouldn’t bound into the forest. Trailing other shifters had been hard enough while in their human forms, but she doubted she could follow him in the waning light of the moon and definitely not once he shifted.

Tucker was halfway through his transformation, his face a strange mix of human and canine features, when the sound of men’s voices turned him toward the bar’s front door. Amber eyes blazed, and a snarl came to his lips. Shenna crouched behind another truck and hoped the shadows would hide her.

“Damn it, Tucker. What the hell are you doing?”

It’s them.

The three men who had gripped her with such intensity strode toward Tucker.

Tucker growled and shook his head, baring fangs. He snarled something more, sounds half-animal and half-human, but she couldn’t understand the garbled words.

Damn, but they’re hot.

Thankfully, she was crouched down when the sensation struck her again. Heat swamped her again, engulfing her pussy then spreading outward. Whatever it was she was feeling was more than a simple reaction to three sexy men. Attraction was certainly there, but they were more. But more what? What was she experiencing?

Two of the men grabbed hold of Tucker as the third, the blond one, snatched Tucker’s clothes from the bed of the pickup. Again, Tucker growled. Yet instead of completing the transformation, he reversed it.

“Let’s get him back inside.” The man stood well over six feet, his black hair shining under the lamplight. “Kate’s going to give him hell for shifting in the damn parking lot.”

The two men supported Tucker between them as he shifted back to his human form. He cursed at them, but they ignored him.

Suddenly, the blond pivoted toward her. She ducked down then scurried backward, doing her best to put distance between them. If he saw her, if he came toward her, she wasn’t sure what she’d do.

“You coming, Marty?” The taller of the two men called over his shoulder.

“Hang on a sec, Doug.” Marty frowned, narrowed his eyes, and started toward her again. “I think I feel—”

Tucker picked that moment to regurgitate most of what he’d drank that night. Doug and the other man let out a string of curses as they tried to keep Tucker on his feet while jumping out of the way of the splatter.

Marty swiveled toward them and let out loud laughter. “Did he get you?”

“Get the fuck over here and help us,” yelled Doug.

Marty’s laughter died as he tilted his head and looked back in her direction again. “Yeah, but hang on.”

“Fuck that! Get the hell over here. Now!” shouted the other man.

Yet Marty still hesitated. She ducked even lower and held her breath.

“Damn it, Marty, haul ass!”

“Fine. Hold your horses. I’m coming.” Marty scowled then darted over to them and took Tucker’s right arm. He held up Tucker’s clothes. “For fuck’s sake, get him dressed first before you take him back inside.”

Shenna breathed a sigh of relief when the men finally got Tucker dressed and ushered the stumbling man back into the bar. When she tried to stand, she found that her legs were too wobbly.

But was she shaking because they’d almost seen her? Or because they hadn’t?




“Good.” Jordan cupped her behind the neck. “What you’re feeling is real, and you can’t ignore it. You can’t run from it, either.”

“Well, you can run from it, but you’ll only end up being miserable,” added Doug. “So why do that to yourself?”

Their hands were on her, skimming over the slender as well as the full places of her body. She moaned, her feelings overwhelming her. “I—”

“No more talking,” ordered Doug. Instead, he brought his mouth to hers, his kiss at first was easy and light then becoming needy and hard.

She fell against him. No, it was more. It was as though she were falling into him, becoming a part of him. Her tongue flicked into his mouth, daring his to chase it. He did then nibbled on her lower lip until she wanted to scream at him to nibble on another part of her body.

Hands flowed over her, cupping her breasts, massaging her nipples, fondling her butt cheeks. She closed her eyes and gave in to their caresses, gave in to letting them unbutton her shirt and slide it off her shoulders. Gave in to them undoing her jeans as someone tugged her tennis shoes from her feet. She mewled, seeking their clothes yet unable to do more than touch here, pull there.

A kiss on the neck had her stretching her neck for more. A mouth covered one nipple, the tongue lashing at her taut bud. The warm air around her slid over her skin as all three of them eased her to the floor of the barn. When they turned her free, she felt the lack of their flesh against hers and cried out.

“Look at us, sugar,” ordered Doug.

She opened her eyes to find the three of them standing over her, their naked bodies slashed by the light coming through the slats in the roof. They were magnificent, beyond what she’d believed she could ever deserve. She hastily covered her breasts, shyness and shame of her body swamping her.

“Stop that, hon.” Jordan’s voice was both harsh and sympathetic. “You are the most beautiful woman we’ve ever seen.”

She couldn’t believe him. It was impossible. “You don’t have to say that to get me to have sex with you.”

Doug fell to his knees next to her. “We’re not just saying that. You are the best thing we’ve ever laid our eyes on. I swear it.”

“Damn straight,” added Marty. “You’re hotter than hell. If you don’t believe what we’re saying, believe what my cock is doing.”

Her gaze slipped to his erect and glistening cock. It was huge and curved, making her mouth water. She looked to the other two men and saw that they were endowed and eager, too.

Doug eased closer. “Want a taste, sugar?” He leaned over her, his cock directly over her face.

What else would she do but take it into her mouth? She opened wide and took him deep. His taste, musky and full of testosterone, filled her mouth.

Jordan came to the ground and eased in between her legs. His palms ran over her flesh, stroking her inner thighs as he worked his way to her pussy folds. “You can taste my cousin all you want, but I want a taste of you.” He bent lower and put his face to her pussy.

She sucked in a breath, wishing she could see Jordan’s eyes above her mons without having to turn Doug’s cock free. Spreading her legs, she welcomed his tongue to her clit as he licked and licked and licked. His nibbles had her bucking like an untamed filly as the sensation she’d thought was so wonderful and powerful before now morphed higher, stronger. A haze filled her mind, her libido taking over logic, her mind lost.

Cupping Doug’s balls, she moved her fingers, earning a satisfied groan from him. He moved his hips gently, keeping his cock from going too far. Hollowing her cheeks, she gave him even more pleasure and earned yet another groan. A groan that somehow changed into a sound resembling a growl.

“Got to have me some ass, darlin’.” Marty lay down beside her, played with her tits for a moment then coaxed her onto her side with a gentle push. Doug shifted along with the move, settling lower so she could still keep her mouth around his cock.

She was caught in a whirlwind of their making, a tornado of their love as they explored every inch of her. Jordan’s sucking sounds as he drank from her pussy mixed with Doug’s groans and Marty’s whispered words, encouraging her to relax as his fingers played with her tight butthole.

She struggled to think. Why had she come? Yet she knew the answer even if it was only a feeling and not a true thought. She’d had no choice. The urge, the need, the craving to have them had overridden every other recourse.

Jordan sent her flying with his mouth against her clit and his fingers plunging in and out, in and out of her pussy. She cried out loud, the sound of her pleasure slipping along Doug’s cock. Another cry came when Marty eased his cock against her tight hole then pushed inside her.

“You belong here.”

That was what Doug had said. Although she’d felt the reality of his words earlier, their joining together, their perspiration-covered bodies moving together proved he was telling the truth.

I belong here.

Joy mixed with the rising tide of her next climax. She clung to them, reaching behind her for Marty then clutching at Doug’s powerful leg. When her release took her, she bucked against them, with them, and held on for sweet mercy.

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