Rise of the Changelings Collection, Volume 1 (MM with MF, MFM)

Rise of the Changelings 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 315,492
4 Ratings (5.0)

Box Set #48: Rise of the Changelings Collection, Volume 1 (All 4 books for $4.99)

In Rise to Love, it is three years since the discovery of changelings, and the world doesn’t know what to do with them. Alpha Enrique Marcelo’s pack insists he find a mate even though he resists. Dorian is secretly nominated as a match, but before Enrique can decide, he and Dorian are accused of murdering three juveniles, and while fleeing to clear their names, they discover the government’s plot to exterminate the entire nonhuman population.

In Rise to Trust, Edward Costello was captured by werehyenas, and after weeks of torture, he knows Enrique isn’t coming to help, so he plots his revenge on Enrique’s sister, Isabelle. After he kidnaps her, they find themselves on the same side as a group of men pursues them both. Meanwhile, Enrique fights to stay one step ahead of the Death Squad. The saga continues, and love finds a way to blossom in this new, deadly world.

In Rise to Embrace, when the leader of the Death Squad recruits Ryan Deluca and Kenneth Brooke to track down Enrique and make sure he isn’t killed, they are baffled, but comply. Willow Toreno is ordered by her Alpha to see to the needs of two guests, but she never expects them to be human, or for them to spark a fire in her. When Willow is forced into the detention center for mating outside the pack, Brooke and Deluca attempt to free her. Willow’s dark, agonizing secret raises the stakes even higher.

In Rise to Submit, Ian Campbell, a fang addict, is on the run after the vampire feeding his habit tries to allow his coven to drain him. Mason, on the run himself, is sent to pick up Ian, but he escapes. Little does Ian know that the very man pursuing him is the one able to cure the devastation caused by his addiction. Leading a war to save his species becomes even tougher for Enrique when he must tell Dorian, his mate and Ian’s brother, that he suspects Ian is a mole.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

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Rise to Love (MM) Rise to Trust (MM with MF) Rise to Embrace (MM with MFM) Rise to Submit (MM)

Rise of the Changelings Collection, Volume 1 (MM with MF, MFM)
4 Ratings (5.0)

Rise of the Changelings Collection, Volume 1 (MM with MF, MFM)

Rise of the Changelings 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 315,492
4 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley





Stepping onto the back patio, Dorian immediately felt out of place. It seemed the entire family was here. Not that he knew Miguel’s family, but damn, the backyard was filled to the brim. How in the hell was he going to find the guy? “This is so not cool, Miguel,” Dorian mumbled to himself. “You could have warned me.”

“And who do we have here?”

Dorian looked over his shoulder to see some guy leaning just to the side of the doorway, his eyes raking over Dorian like he was a piece of prime steak. Dorian had never had anyone look at him with such lascivious intent before. It was unnerving. The guy swaggered closer, a bottle of beer in his hand and a look that said he wanted to eat Dorian alive.

“I’m Miguel’s friend,” Dorian quickly said as he took a nervous step back, almost falling down the three steps that led to the grass below. He caught the small railing, steadying himself. “Have you seen him?”

“No, but you can hang out with me.” It was a blatant invitation that Dorian wasn’t going to take him up on. The man moved gracefully, his steps as smooth as butter as he closed in on Dorian. He knew exactly what the man wanted, and Dorian wasn’t interested. He was going to kick Miguel’s ass for this—happy little smile or not.

“No, thanks.” Dorian turned and pushed his way through the crowd of people, trying his best to get lost and hoping to find Miguel. Why in the hell did the man invite him over if there were going to be this many people attending? Dorian had had the impression that maybe they would have dinner and then he and Miguel would just hang out for a little while.

This, he hadn’t expected.

The further Dorian pushed into the throng of people, the more panicked he felt. It was a ridiculous feeling, but he felt like prey among predators. Eyes were locking onto him, the wall of bodies growing thicker, as if they were blocking him in. There was nowhere left to run. He had pushed to his limit, and no one else was letting him through.

“Excuse me,” he said, almost crying the words out when a muscular man stood in his way. He tried to expel the franticness building up inside of his body by breathing out slowly through his mouth, but the longer he stood there, the more people seemed to gather around him. It was as if he were on display, a morbid fascination that Miguel’s family couldn’t seem to get enough of.

Why in the hell was he having these thoughts?

“Where are you going?” the man asked, but didn’t waver in his stance to keep Dorian trapped. There was an amused spark in the guy’s jade-green eyes, as if he was enjoying toying with Dorian. That’s it! Dorian was not hanging out with anyone from work anymore. Miguel had a family full of perverts!

“Miguel,” he whispered, trying his best to keep the desperation out of his voice. “I’m looking for Miguel.”

A twitch played at the corner of the man’s mouth as he took a step forward. Dorian took a step back. “Miguel is indisposed. But I’m sure I can help you.”

Dorian cringed back, hating himself for seeming a coward. What was with Miguel’s relatives? Were they all horndogs? As nice-looking as the blond man was, Dorian wasn’t interested. “Miguel invited me here. Can you just direct me to where he is?”

The laugh was bone chilling, making Dorian want to run and never look back. “He’s done his job. Miguel is no longer your concern.”




Rick moved his arm lower, and Dorian knew the man was undoing his pants. He reached for Dorian’s hand. “Touch me, Dorian. See how hard I am for you.”

Rick’s cock felt like silk over muscle as he curled his fingers around the thick shaft. The skin, it was warm, like water left out in the sun being poured over his skin, as Dorian gave the man what he wanted.

No, what they both wanted, because Dorian was just as hard, just as needy as Rick.

The man’s eyes closed, his expression morphing into pleasure so strong, so raw, that Dorian lay there fascinated that he could do that to such a primal being.

Keeping his eyes closed, but his jaw clenched, Rick spoke. “If you are going to back out, do it now, Dorian. I won’t be able to stop if you let this continue.”

Dorian didn’t want it to stop. He didn’t want Rick to pull away. Being under the man, having so much muscle and raw power hovering over him was a heady sensation that Dorian didn’t want to give up.

He squeezed his fingers harder around Rick’s shaft.

Rick groaned.

Dorian was aching, wanting to be touched, too. His skin was burning with want as his heart lay in his throat. The man looked amazing and so damn gorgeous, so wild, like a beast that lived in the forest as he allowed Dorian to hold him in his hand.

Rick’s eyes flew open and Dorian saw the wolf in the man’s eyes. They were glowing, flecks of yellow bursting inside the grey. Never before had he seen such beautiful eyes. “You’re stunning.”

Rick licked his bottom lip, staring down at Dorian with such hunger that Dorian feared he wouldn’t be able to handle Rick. “Do you fear me, Dorian?”

Dorian knew Rick could smell his emotions. There was no way he could lie. “Yes.”

“Do you fear me or what you are feeling for me?” Rick pressed his leg harder into Dorian’s balls as he thrust his hips forward, making Dorian hold on tighter to the man’s cock.

“What I feel for you,” he admitted out loud.

Rick lowered his head, his lips pressing to Dorian’s ear. “I don’t have gentleness in me right now. I want you too badly. I’m demanding, possessive, and so damn hungry for you.”

Dorian wasn’t sure if Rick was talking about sex or mating Dorian. “Show me,” he said in a breathless whisper, pushing aside his fears and giving in to the desire ripping him apart. Rick was pulling him under, barely giving him room to breathe and Dorian wasn’t sure Rick was right when he said he could handle the man. 

Rick had Dorian’s boxers shredded before he could even blink. He had just showered, only donning the boxers, knowing Rick was going to look at his wound. Maybe it was a subconscious decision on his part, hoping Rick would do exactly what he was doing now—taking Dorian in the most primitive way.

He had been fighting his attraction to Rick and it seemed that battle had been futile as the man hovered over him, his honed muscles telling Dorian that Rick was a very strong lover. He could feel his heart struggling to keep up with the demands his arousal was placing on it.

Pure sensuality spread across Rick’s features as he stared down at Dorian’s naked body. “So perfect.” The hunger blazed in Rick’s yellow-grey eyes.

Dorian gripped Rick’s cock tighter, reminding the man that he still held his shaft in his hand. Rick smiled at him in a way that had Dorian’s stomach feeling all tight and hot.

“Suck it, Dorian.” Rick began to crawl up Dorian’s body, giving Dorian a glimpse of tanned flesh and tight, flawless muscles.

And then he finally saw what he held in his hand. Rick’s cock was long, perfect, and just as he remembered from so many days ago. Ten inches. It hadn’t been a boast. The man had stated a fact.

Dorian moved his hand to the base of Rick’s cock, detracting inches so it was possible for him to take Rick into his mouth. The feel of Rick in his hand was exquisite, but the feel of Rick in his mouth was explosive. The sensations roared through him, making Dorian open wider as the tip of Rick’s cock slid into his mouth.





 “Make my day and shift, vermin,” the guard taunted as he pushed a well-worn boot into Edward’s face as if he wanted Edward to lick it. “I’m getting bored just standing here.”

Edward pulled back slightly, regretting the move when pain spiked down his back, and spit on the floor, wincing when his spittle was laced heavily with blood. That couldn’t be good. Maybe he had a punctured lung as well. As badly as they had beaten him, he wouldn’t doubt it.

“Go fuck your mother, you inbred bastard.”

The guard pulled Edward from the floor and threw him across the room, his body slamming into the concrete wall.

Shit, that hurt. Edward once again bit back the scream that was trying to force its way past his lips as he landed on his injured side, the side that was still bleeding from the knife wound.

“How about I pay a visit to your mother instead?” the guard asked, the inflection in his tone telling Edward that he had pissed the man off.

“Go ahead, if you like fucking dead people.” Edward winced, but it wasn’t from his injuries. Even though his mother had been the worst parent in the world, it still made him feel guilty for speaking so ill of the dead.

She didn’t deserve his respect, or his guilt, but the hurt and betrayal were still there from what she had done to him, swirling like a cancerous disease inside of his heart. He hadn’t trusted women because of his mother, and would never trust women for as long as he lived.

The guard shot Edward a venomous glare. “Then maybe you have a sister I can bring here and fuck right in front of you.”

“Sorry.” Edward gave the guard an evil grin, even though what he really wanted to do was scream in pain from simply moving his jaw. “My mother only spawned one demon child.”

The guard must not have liked that, because he came across the room and kicked Edward so hard in the ribs that he nearly passed out.

That, he would have gladly done without. “By the time I’m done with you, you will have no choice but to shift,” the guard said with a vicious growl. “I’m going to break every damn bone in your body, king.”

The last word was contemptuous, telling Edward the guard was mocking his title.

“Good,” Edward said. “Then they will match the ones that are already broken.” He knew he should probably not be taunting the guard, but hell if Edward was going to cower at the man’s feet. He would rather die from his injuries than lie here on this filthy floor and beg.

Before Edward could manage to blink, the guard was on him, delivering a solid punch to his injured side. This time Edward did cry out. He hated himself for that, but there had been no way to prevent it, not when his body felt as if it were being split apart.

“That’s right, cry like a little girl for me, rat.”

Edward wheezed as he rolled over onto his side, trying his best to catch his breath. It wasn’t easy. Not when his lungs were so damaged. His entire body was covered in a blanket of sweat and his side throbbed as if someone were stabbing him with a hot poker.

“I may,” Edward wheezed, “cry like a girl,” another wheeze, “but at least I don’t look like one.”

The guard didn’t like Edward’s observation. Not at all. He picked Edward up from the floor, lifted his injured body overhead, and then tossed him across the room. Edward’s head struck the wall, but thankfully, he didn’t pass out.




Isabelle was talking shit because she was not going to admit that the tussle had done things to her body as well. If she told Edward that she was just as turned on as he was, Isabelle would never hear the end of it. She already felt like an idiot for asking him to go to Rick for her. What grown woman asks another man to speak for her?

Gah, she was such a fool.

Edward smiled down at her, and Isabelle wasn’t sure if it was a real smile or if he was still toying with her. She still wasn’t sure when he dipped his head and nipped at her bottom lip.

“Cut it out.” She turned her head so he couldn’t send spikes of excitement through her body where it pooled between her legs.

It was embarrassing enough he had her pinned. It was as if he were taunting her about it now. All that smack she talked about being able to handle herself, and here she ends up on her stomach with a three-hundred-pound gorilla sitting on her. He wasn’t three hundred pounds, really, but he sure acted like a damn primate running on stupidity.

“What’s wrong, Isabelle? Are you afraid to admit you like it when we tussle? I can smell you, princess. You’re wet for me.” Edward brushed her hair to one side and then used the tip of his tongue to trace the shell of her ear, making Isabelle shiver underneath him.

“Okay, fine, I like it. Now let me up.”

Edward eased off of her and Isabelle turned onto her back, glaring up at him. “You are such an asshole.”

“And you have a potty mouth.”

She made to sit up, but Edward was lying back over her in seconds, his legs pinning hers together as he placed a hand on each side of her head. Isabelle made the mistake of pressing her hands into his chest. She had intended to push him away, but when she felt the raw power under her hands, all logical thought fled.

Edward kept his dark eyes locked on her as his head dipped. Isabelle turned her head, trying her best not to react to his touch, but that was like having a fire put to her skin and not moving a muscle. It was impossible. Waves of volcanic heat coursed through her as he licked one long path from her ear to the dip in the center of her collarbone. She remembered how his tongue felt in lower places and Isabelle’s heart began to beat faster.

He lifted his head, his eyes darkening to almost obsidian pinpricks. They were smoldering with lust as he gazed down at her. Her breathing became labored. She licked her lips nervously, then her breath caught at the expression on his face.

It was raw lust.

“Mmm, you smell sweet.”

Edward dipped his head and Isabelle thrashed beneath the liquid fire of Edward’s mouth as he licked a long path from her neck to her mouth.


Gods, she wanted more.

His tongue sank into Isabelle’s mouth with a mixture of ease and wildness. It was like kissing the heat of the sun. His tongue teased hers, his teeth nipping her bottom lip. Isabelle felt his womb clench and her clit become engorged.

Edward released her mouth and then pulled her shirt up and over her head, and Isabelle didn’t fight him. She couldn’t, not when he sucked her breast deep into his mouth and his tongue wrapped around her nipple like wet velvet.

She moaned, feeling desperate as fire streaked from her breast to her womb, convulsing her stomach in spasms of unending, agonizing arousal. Her pulse rocketed through her body as Edward kissed his way down her stomach, his hands pushing at the waistband of her jeans.

“Shit, princess, you taste so damn good.” Edward grabbed her around the waist, picked her up from the floor, and laid her on the bed, removing her jeans the rest of the way and tossing them aside. His eyes darkened as he stared down at her. She was exposed, naked for his perusal except for her panties.





“Did he say when he was going to meet us?” Deluca asked. “Sunset isn’t too far off, and I don’t want

Edward grabbed Isabelle and walked over to Mason, the jaguar changeling, and Omar, the werewolf changeling. All four stood together, sniffing the air.

Edward’s and Isabelle’s lives were tied to one another. Rick was very protective of the two. She was also with child. If shit got funky, Rick would die protecting the mated pair.

“There are too many,” Benito warned under his breath. “If they attack, I’m not too sure we can make it out of here.”

“Just stay calm.” Rick laid his free hand on Benito’s shoulder. It not only gave the juvenile comfort, but the touch told Benito that Rick was right there for him.

“You look well,” Garrett called out. “I’m glad to see no harm has befallen you.”

“Are we going to meet face-to-face, or yell through the forest?” Rick asked. He didn’t like the games Garrett was playing. It made Rick feel like prey, and Rick was anything but.

Deluca and Brooke raised their guns as Garrett cleared the trees, walking toward them with a frown on his face. “You have two humans pointing guns at me in my own territory?”

They glanced Rick’s way, and he gave a slight nod. Brooke and Deluca lowered their guns, but didn’t look too pleased about having to do so. Six men followed Garrett, and Rick was just as edgy as the human soldiers. He didn’t like feeling overwhelmed or trapped. There was no way Rick would have thought that Garrett was arrogant enough to bring forces with him. It didn’t make any sense. There were a hell of a lot more men hiding in the trees. Rick could smell them.

They were just supposed to meet, but Garrett was acting as if Rick had come to harm him. He knew dealing with the coyotes was iffy. There was a fifty-fifty chance the man would turn him in. But Rick was looking for as many changelings as he could to help in the rebellion he was leading.

“Better?” Rick asked, still feeling on edge.

“Much,” Garrett replied. “If I wanted any of you harmed, we wouldn’t be talking right now.”

That did not put Rick at ease. If anything, the polite threat made his hackles rise. For one, Rick was a very powerful alpha. He was only rivaled by Sasha Monroe, the wereleopard changeling to the south of Shelton. Rick was so powerful and influential that the government had decided to get rid of him because they knew he would not sit back and allow the changeling species to be destroyed.

Secondly, Rick did not like to be threatened. He was not one to back down from any confrontation. But he gritted his teeth and just stood there. Not because he was outnumbered, but because the people he cared about were outnumbered.

Garrett waved his hand toward the woods, giving Rick a polite smile. He didn’t trust that smile. “We can go back to my domain and discuss this.”

Rick glanced around, looking off into the trees and then gave Garrett a polite smile in return. He could keep up the act just as long as Garrett didn’t try anything. “Why, Garrett? It seems your entire pack is here with you.”




“Whatever you want, sugar,” Brooke said as he cupped one of her bountiful breasts and sucked the taut nipple into his eager mouth.

He smiled when the stressed expression vanished from Willow’s face, replaced by a look of pure pleasure. Now that was how he liked his girl to look—relaxed, needy, and falling apart in his arms.

He was still trying to get used to the heightened sense thing, but Brooke learned right away what Willow’s arousal smelled like and he loved it. He wanted to bathe in that scent. It was wild, spicy, and made his mouth water and his dick hard every time he inhaled the fragrance into his lungs.

Brooke sucked at the nipple, teasing it, playing with it. He seemed to be addicted to Willow’s breasts. Every time they were exposed, he was attaching his lips to them.

But Deluca…well, his best friend preferred the slick folds of her pussy. He bragged that the taste was his own personal addiction, but it was Brooke’s turn to taste her sweet nectar. He slid down the bed and pushed himself right between her thick legs.

Brooke glanced up. He loved looking at her while he sucked at her cunt. Loved watching her face, the expressions that flickered across it, the almost painful need that filled her emerald-green eyes.

Willow had the ability to destroy his senses like no other woman had. Just one look, one touch, one smile, and Brooke melted for her. He had found the one woman who could tame him, bring him to his knees, and make him want to be a better man.

He had found Willow. His mate. His wife. His world.

A hot pulse of hunger flared through him at the thought. He could feel the small nub throb between his lips as he sucked it in deeper, rasping his tongue until Willow was clenching her thighs around his head. Brooke smiled, lapped at her cunt a few more times, and then reared back. His hands smoothed over his thick thighs, his fingers playing at the moist, dark-red hair that covered what he knew to be a very pretty pussy.

“Why are you teasing me, Brooke?” Willow whimpered as she thrashed around.

“Oh, sweetheart, you haven’t seen teasing yet.” He plunged his fingers into her wet, hot pussy, gathering the cream and then slid his fingers into her ass. Her hips bucked, her desperate cry escalating as he stared down at her hair fanning the pillow in thick, deep waves.

She was breathtaking.

“Put her on her hands and knees,” Deluca instructed as he moved toward the head of the bed. Brooke kept his fingers buried in her rear end as she rolled over and then pushed her bottom into the air.

“She looks like a cat in heat,” Deluca teased as he got to his knees, grabbed the base of his dick, and tapped the head of his cock on her lips.

“Then I think we should put out her flames,” Brooke replied as he removed his fingers, lubed her back entrance with plenty of spittle, and lined his cock up. He wanted Willow’s ass tonight. He knew his sugar liked anal sex just as much as she loved getting her pussy sucked and fucked.

He had no problem whatsoever giving her anything she needed, but Brooke had to be careful. He was a changeling now. Willow had warned him that changeling sex could become intense, rough, and he would never do anything to hurt the girl he loved.

He laid his hands on her beautiful twin mounds as he continued to ease inside of her. They were so shapely, so perfect…and damn, she was so tight.

“God, I love when you suck my dick,” Deluca said as he ran his hands over Willow’s head. “It feels so damn good.”





 “Is he really that small?” Mason asked as he hiked the bag Selene had given him over his shoulder.

“He is,” she replied as she inclined her head in a nod. “But don’t let his small frame fool you. He’s pretty strong when he’s fighting to get away.”

Mason took the bag Selene had given him to the SUV and tossed it inside. He then opened the back of the truck and spread out the blankets Rick had sent with him.

Mason hadn’t known what they were for at the time, but now he saw the wisdom in sending them. He walked back over to the Yukon and lifted the human from the back, amazed at how light he was. If Mason didn’t know for a fact that a man was in there, he would have sworn he was just carrying blankets.

Selene closed the back of the Yukon, her eyes softening as she looked at the blankets in Mason’s arms. “Keep him warm. We wanted to stop for clothes, but Rick made it clear we weren’t to stop until we met up with you.”

Mason nodded as he gently laid the guy down in the back of his truck. He grabbed some of the blankets he’d brought with him and layered Ian. Once he had Ian tucked in, he closed the hatch.

“Keep an eye on him, cat,” Nate warned with an assessing scowl that made Mason feel as if he didn’t measure up to the werewolf. “He’s fucking quick.”

“Why is everyone going through the trouble of bringing this man to Rick when it sounds like he doesn’t want to go?” Mason asked Selene, ignoring the asshole standing by the driver’s door.

“He’s a fang addict, Mason. Rick should have told you that.” Selene sounded irritated. “He also has a shitload of cuts and welts all over his backside. There’s antiseptic cream and other things you might need to keep the wounds clean in the bag I gave you. Thank goodness we carry a medical kit with us in the Yukon at all times.”

Mason wanted to ask what in the hell happened to the human, but he knew Rick wanted him back as fast as he could make it. “I’ll clean him up by the time I get halfway back to Rick.”

“Good luck,” Selene said as she walked back toward the front of the Yukon. Nate just glared at him, and Mason just flipped Nate off. The man gave him a toothy smile that wasn’t meant to be pleasant.

Mason crawled back into the driver’s seat and adjusted his mirror so he could see Ian if he popped up and tried to get free. From the man’s state, Mason didn’t think he would be getting up anytime soon.

He pulled from the parking lot and headed back toward Colorado. He had a long drive ahead of him and hoped the small human didn’t give him any problems.

Mason made it about twenty miles before he saw flashing lights ahead.

He could tell that the cops were conducting a checkpoint by the way their cruiser was positioned.

Mason knew the cops of the smaller towns were enforcing martial law. Normally martial law was used to enforce curfew and to try and bring order back to chaos.

But Mason knew changelings were being widely hunted and the cops at this checkpoint were sure to be using a BAT—blood abnormality tests.

BATs were carried by every Breed Hunter, military personnel, and law enforcement officer. They were small handheld devices that resembled a glucose machine. One drop of blood and a small light on the device would either turn red, for nonhuman, or green, for human.

It gave an on-the-spot reading.

The machines were first generation, and found to be faulty at times. But the Breed Hunters killed regardless.

False positives were never retested by the Breed Hunters. The human died as soon as the light turned red.

Mason leaned over and opened the glove box, retrieving the small piece of synthetic skin that matched the color of his fingertips. Behind the small application was a dollop of Dorian’s blood. Dorian was human. The blood was encased in a tiny plastic bag that was sealed to the synthetic piece.

Mason applied the piece to his index finger, praying the adhesive bonded before he approached the cops. He pulled up to the flagging officer and stopped the SUV, rolling his window down. “Evening, Officer.”




“Tell me, Ian. What part of sex bothers you?”

Images Ian would rather forget swamped his mind, making him fight not to curl into himself. He couldn’t. He was studiously bound, not only by Mason’s presence, but by the leather, chains, and locks as well.

But the images were free to torture him as he thought about Calico and then Newman. The sadistic way they had taken him, forced him, and humiliated him, he would rather die than reveal.

“All,” he whispered out in a tortured breath. “I hate every last aspect of the act.”

“But you like when I suck your cock,” Mason reminded him.

Ian fought not to be taken under by the memories still crashing through his mind like violent waves. He tried to remember the pleasure Mason had given him just last night, but the memories were too many, too bloody, too shameful in their power and wouldn’t let go.

Ian could feel the tears falling as he struggled to breathe. His chest became so tight he felt like he couldn’t pull in enough air. The craving slammed into his gut like a sledgehammer, shattering his newfound feelings for the restraints resting gently against his skin.

Mason unlocked Ian’s thighs and pulled him up from the bed as Ian struggled to get free. He yanked at the chains, crying out, wanting to hurt something for the way he had been hurt, wanting to return the agonizing pain with deadly accuracy.

“Focus on me, Ian.” Mason’s deep, baritone voice echoed through Ian’s mind, shattering some of the images trying to pull him under. But not all of them had fled. More were coming his way as Ian cried out.

His teeth were grinding together so tightly that his entire jaw was throbbing in pain, but the craving still had its deadly talons embedded in Ian’s flesh.

“Ian, open your eyes!”

Ian’s lips parted, his breathing labored as he slowly opened his eyes. It hurt so badly to look at Mason as his own body betrayed him. “Please, Mason. I need. Please.” Ian strained his voice on the last word, feeling as if he were truly dying.

“Yes,” Mason agreed. “You do need, and I’m going to give you the distraction you need to fight this. We are going to work through this, Ian.” Ian almost broke under the lash of Mason’s confident voice, but it wasn’t enough.

Ian didn’t want to work through anything. He wanted to be bitten and didn’t care. He just did not care. All he wanted was his fix, his high, and it didn’t matter that he now knew the bite was slowly killing him. His body still hungered for something that was so deadly for him that Ian knew, one more bite, just might be the last one.

Ian swayed as Mason brought him to his knees. He felt the gates of hell opening once more, pulling him in, the dark abyss calling to him.

“Pleasure,” Mason said close to his ear, “will combat pain.” The cold blunt edge of something rubbery pushed into his ass, filling him and making him squirm.

Ian didn’t understand what Mason was talking about or what he was doing until his body began to vibrate, really vibrate this time, not from the pain, but from something Mason was doing to him. Pleasure he didn’t know he had the capacity to experience washed through him as he felt the last vestige of claws slowly slip from his skin, from his mind.

“And this is on the low setting.” Mason’s rough, sexually laced voice growled into his ear. Ian’s body arched and his thoughts scattered as the vibrations grew harder, more intense. He was shaking as Mason held tightly in his hand the chain that led from Ian’s collar to his pelvic bone, stopping him from falling backward.

“What do you need, Ian?”

Ian’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as his entire lower half pulsated in pleasure. The vibration slowed by a notch, and Ian was terrified Mason would stop.

“What do you need, Ian?”

“More, Sir,” Ian cried out. “I need more.”

Ian’s arms slammed outward, but they couldn’t go anywhere when they were locked at his sides. All he could do was fall forward into Mason as whatever Mason had put in his ass shuddered harder, making Ian fuck thin air.

Mason gave a low chuckle. “More?”

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