Small Woman, Big Trouble (MMF)

Wet and Willing 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,715
5 Ratings (3.6)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, light bondage, spanking, fisting, HEA]

Deb Steele hikes through a Water Authority reservation. But houses are being built on one section of it, and she can’t get home. She phones Kai Cole, and he and Harry Anders come to get her. While she’s waiting for them, her cell phone battery dies and a young man turns up on an electric scooter. When he realizes she’s quite alone, he plans to sexually assault her. She escapes from him just as Kai and Harry arrive.

Kai worries about how he can protect Deborah if this man is following her, and Harry suggests they learn karate. Kai decides the only way their beginning threesome relationship can progress further is if they all move in together.

But, as Deb is leaving work late that evening, the attacker jumps her once again. Why is he after her? How can the men protect her? And will they ever have enough time to build their friendship into a genuine relationship?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Small Woman, Big Trouble (MMF)
5 Ratings (3.6)

Small Woman, Big Trouble (MMF)

Wet and Willing 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,715
5 Ratings (3.6)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff



Deborah headed left and walked. And walked, and walked some more. There were no roads to the right, and very few to the left either. Besides, going left was stupid. She’d be better off turning back and retracing her steps all the way home. She thought about turning back, but the farther she walked, the more she decided there had to be a side road soon. Surely. Eventually she accepted she’d miscalculated and stopped at a side road to the left. Problem was, the side road was named, but the road she was in wasn’t. Thank God the side road wasn’t “Main Street” or “First Avenue” or something there’d be a million of. Unfortunately there was probably going to be more than one “Hillside View.” Hopefully only two or three though and she could work out where she was.

Deborah sat on the sidewalk, dropping her day pack beside her, and pulled out her cell phone, scrolling through the icons for Google Maps. She began with her home and traced her journey through the various parks, looking for the new housing estate. But it wasn’t there. Again and again she ran her finger along the route she’d walked, but there was nothing on the map to indicate which park had become a housing estate, and therefore no way of knowing exactly where she was and how to get home. Apart from walking all the way back. Well fuck! I thought these maps were downloaded from NASA and updated daily.

Deborah shrugged her shoulders and stretched a few times. Either she was a hell of a lot less fit than she’d thought she was, or she’d walked way farther than she’d guessed. Her legs and back were tired, and although she likely could manage walking the entire return journey, she damn sure didn’t want to. So all she had to decide was whether or not to suck it up and turn back and start walking right now, or phone a friend. She looked at the sky then at the time on her cell phone. She knew her pace had been steady, and she’d only had the one break at the top of the hill. From the elapsed time, she had to have walked about eight miles already. By the time she walked eight miles back it’d be almost dusk, not a good time for a small female to be out alone in a park. Dammit! She really didn’t have a choice at all. Kai was so going to laugh at her.

“Hi, Kai.”

“Hey there, Deb. How was your walk?”

“Ah…um…yeah, that’s why I’m phoning you.”

“You’re lost? How the hell could you get lost? Where are you?”

“I’m not lost. Not exactly. I’m just—”

“Where are you, Deb? Tell me right now.”

“That’s the point. I don’t know precisely where I am. There’s a new housing—”

“If you don’t know where you are, you’re lost.”

That voice was not Kai’s. Who did he have with him? And why did Kai have his phone on speaker?

“Who are you?”

“Harry. Harrison Anders. From the Aquatic Center.”

“Where the fucking hell are you, dammit?”

That was Kai. She grinned. “I’m in a long road. I’ve likely walked a mile or two down it, and it stretches as far as I can see ahead. The side road on the left is Hillside View. If you track back down the long road, the new housing estate will be on your left and the Water Authority reservation park on your right.”

Harry spoke. “Kai’s mapping your route from your apartment. I’ll drive us to meet you. We’ll keep the line open so you know how we’re progressing.”

Deborah heard the noise of a truck engine starting, then traffic noises, and a lot of soft muttering and swearing from Kai. Mordecai Cole was her long-term best friend and occasional fuck-buddy. He’d always been there for her, and they truly had a great relationship, including in bed. But he was bisexual and needed to fuck men as well, so they’d never been exclusive. He was still her best friend though, and she loved him, although she’d never tell him that. He was quite conceited enough already.

Kai was nine inches taller than her, strong and buff, and she adored the way he could gather her up and hold her. She’d even walked up and down on his back once when he’d wanted her to play geisha girl. That had been a lot of fun.

Harry she’d only met a few months ago at the Aquatic Center. I wonder if they’re fuck-buddies, too. Harry had golden-brown hair, big blue eyes, and a muscular build rather like the dark-haired Kai. For a moment she considered being sandwiched between them, but Kai had never mentioned a desire for a threesome. With him it always seemed to be either a man or a woman. Never both at once. Deborah rather fancied the idea of being with him when—if—he wanted both at once.

She shrugged. At least Kai and Harry hadn’t been in bed when she’d phoned. That would have been even more embarrassing than having to call Kai to come and rescue her.




Harry swept her into his arms as he walked back to the corner, and gave her a hug. “Think how sexy it’ll be to watch everything in the mirrors,” he whispered into her ear then flicked his tongue out and licked it. Deborah gave a little shiver. Yes, it was erotic. There was no doubt about that. But actually, just having these two men pay attention to her was enough to rev her engines.

Kai pulled her down in front of him and lifted her T-shirt over her head, dropping it to the side where his own clothes were scattered. She leaned over and licked his nipple. It was brown and hard, the flat little nub doing its best to stand up at her touch. She moved a little closer to him and licked a line across his chest to the other nipple, then sucked it hard. Kai’s hands grabbed her hips, and he tried to force her jeans down and off her. Harry’s hands were reaching around her to fumble with the zipper. Deborah knew they’d figure it out without her help, so she concentrated on Kai’s yummy chest, moving back and forth between his nipples then sitting up straight to kiss him on the lips.

By the time she broke away from Kai to take a breath, her jeans and panties were gone, as were her shoes and socks. That hadn’t taken them long. Harry was right behind her, so she twisted around and kissed him hard, sucking on his tongue.

And then she was flat on her back, Kai’s mouth on her pussy and Harry’s tongue in her mouth. Harry was a damn good kisser, his lips gentle but persuasive, his tongue here, there, and everywhere, flicking over her lips and teeth, then tangling with her own tongue. While Kai had spread her legs wide and was nibbling along her nether lips, licking her slit and sucking her clit, all so fast that her brain was losing the ability to think.

Kai sat up, reaching into the pocket of his discarded pants for lube and condoms. “Have you planned out the next step, Harry?” he asked.

“It needs to be sitting up facing the glass so we can watch. How about you on the bottom, then me, then Deborah on me?”

“Oh yes, I like the idea of being the cherry on the top!”

“All right then. Come here so I can get you ready, Harry,” ordered Kai.

Obediently Harry stretched himself out on his front, his head turned to the mirror so he could watch everything. Deborah grinned. Now this was going to be fun!

While Kai lubed Harry’s ass, Deborah massaged Harry’s shoulders, kissed his cheeks, and even played with his toes, moving up and down his body almost randomly as ideas came to her. She kept her face turned to the mirror and loved watching Harry’s every reaction. It also meant she could see most of what Kai was doing, too, either directly from where she sat or reflected in the mirror. And it was amazingly erotic. Even though all the attention was on Harry at the moment, just watching the two men playing like this had her nipples harder than stone and cream dripping onto her inner thighs. She was incredibly aroused. This little game was hot.

“I’m ready. Give me a rubber,” said Harry, sitting up.

“Just a moment.” Kai settled himself with his legs spread, and rolled a condom on his own cock. It was huge and red, and he looked very aroused, but so did Harry. Harry may have joked about the size of his cock, but to Deborah it looked more like a Great Dane than a Corgi. Then she grinned. Actually they were both hung like horses, rather than dogs.

Watching Harry lower his ass to sit on Kai was the hottest thing Deborah had ever seen. She kneeled on the mat a little to the side of both men, where she could see everything both in real life and in the reflection. “Damn that’s hot,” she gasped.

“This do you mean?” teased Harry, holding himself above Kai with just the head of Kai’s dick inside him, before he lowered himself down. Deborah watched Kai’s thick cock disappearing into Harry’s body, and her belly clenched so hard she thought she might orgasm on the spot.

“God, yes,” she groaned, unable to take her eyes off Harry’s ass until he was sitting hard on Kai’s lap.

“Now you.” Harry held out his arms to her. Deborah stood between their legs, facing the mirror, and let Harry lift her up onto his lap. She wiggled around a little to get settled then held his cock at her entry and pushed him inside. Harry gripped her hips and slammed up into her. “Wow. Seeing it, as well as feeling it, is pretty special,” she whispered, tucking her legs around those of the men.

“Damn straight.”

“Feels good from down here, too,” added Kai.


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