Training Tough (MM)

Hard Hits 19

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,547
3 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, HEA]
Assistant Chief of Police Alexander “Lex” Moss has been assigned to SWAT training, and it’s the last thing he has time for, but when Chief Rask gives an order, everyone has to obey. As a Dom, obeying orders is not something he does easily. He prefers giving them—to men.
Officer Tait Tough knows all about Assistant Chief Moss. In fact, he’s spent more nights than not wet dreaming about the man who had just settled a really messy divorce—to a woman. Still, Tait can’t stop fantasizing about a man he can’t have.
After a few months of marriage, Lex has finally come to terms with being a gay man. And he’s ready to find a submissive who isn’t afraid to go to their hard limit. He soon discovers that Tait is the one he wants. Will Tait submit to his every order and desire or will he run?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Training Tough (MM)
3 Ratings (4.0)

Training Tough (MM)

Hard Hits 19

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,547
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Tait bit and licked his lips as he moved his gaze away. He was going to have a really good time jerking off tonight to that look when he got home from work. Moss looked as though he was headed in the same direction, but Tait didn’t stick around to find out.

Tait’s feet ate the ground away in big bites as he rushed for the stairwell faster than he normally did, taking it downstairs to the undercroft where he had to code into the lower level.

He fumbled the code, getting a red light.

Above him was the gym, three floors above that was short-term evidence storage for DNA and outgoing evidence that needed to go to the crime lab. The armory was in his neck of the woods.

He tried again. The light turned green.

Determined to put all thoughts about Lex aside, Tait coded the secondary door open and stepped into the glass box that held him hostage all day. Behind him was another room filled with row after row of evidence that went for a good forty feet. This was long-term storage, and he was there to guard it to make sure no one fucked with it.

He hated his life.

Tait sat down behind the high desk, checking the log book to see that his overnight coworker had done most of his work. He had nothing to do until more evidence was brought down during day shift. That had him pulling up his laptop. He was going to update his dating profile. He wanted to get laid tonight.

Just as the website was pulling up, the door across from him opened. Tait glanced above his laptop to see Assistant Chief Moss crossing the distance. Shock had him staring with his mind tripping over itself several times before it caught up to what was happening. The glass barrier was not enough to keep his heart from skipping a few vital beats and tripping hard before it started to work again.

“Buzz me in.”

Without hesitating, Tait’s hand reached for the button below the desk. The door buzzed and Moss came inside. God, he was tall, thick, and brooding. He was over six foot of muscle with piercing blue eyes and jet-black hair. Beneath those gorgeous eyes were dark circles as though he wasn’t sleeping well at night.





So far out of his fucking league that it made it utterly painful to look at someone so beautiful knowing at the end of the day he would never have him.

Tait swallowed hard. “Chief Moss, what can I do…for you?”

Do to you…to you…to you…over and over again until we both forget our names. He needed to stop before his cock was dripping. He inwardly grimaced. It was too late.

He worked overtime trying to meet those insistent blue eyes, but he couldn’t without his thoughts turning dark and dirty—really dirty, raw and passionate. Those thoughts made his cock misbehave. His dick was raging hard and ready, weeping with pre-cum staining his black tactical pants.

“Officer Tough, I heard you were interested in joining SWAT.”

When Moss’s gaze moved over to the laptop, Tait belated realized  he had his dating profile up. Shit. There was no discreet way to turn around and minimize it and not be blatantly obvious about it. So, he left the hook-up site open in all its glory.

“Chief Rask just mentioned that he wanted me to join.”

Moss sat on the edge of the desk, his gaze now steady on him again without giving anything away. Tait had to resist the urge to back up when his knee threatened to brush his arm.

“Well, do you?”


“You’ll need to qualify in daytime and nighttime shooting with a ninety percent rate or higher with both hands.” Moss handed him some papers. “This goes through everything. I’ll be mentoring you through your training.”

As Tait’s hand slipped over the papers, he had the distinct feeling that Moss was very interested in training him. He could feel his heated gaze on him as he reviewed the paperwork in front of him. “Uh…”

“What’s going on in your head?”

He couldn’t answer that question without lying and he never lied. He wanted this man to top him all night long while he screamed his name over and over. He wanted a real, loving, and fulfilling relationship—as a submissive. He wanted a Dom to take control of him in every way imaginable. “I’m interested in training for SWAT.”

“Do you have any questions for me?”

“Not right now.”

“I’ll be going on transport with you tomorrow. We can talk about it more then.”

Shock vibrated through his body, leaving Tait momentarily stunned. Their trip was an overnight. “Yes, Sir.”

“We can meet up after roll call tomorrow morning. Meet me in my office by nine. We’ll pick up our guy from there.”

“Yes, Sir.”

With every order Chief Moss gave, Tait felt as though it was a hit to his ass. He loved the sound of Moss giving him orders. As Moss left, Tait let his gaze fall on his athletic ass. He bit his lip as he disappeared up the stairs.

Longing had him looking back at his dating profile, seeing his stupid mugshot up in the corner. There was no chance of him getting laid tonight. There was only one man he wanted, and that guy was not gay and so far out of his league there was miles of distance between them. He closed out of the screen, picking up the inventory book to see what evidence came in last night to distract him.

The possibility of spending the next two days with Chief Moss excited him. Even if they couldn’t be lovers, maybe they could be friends. The thought had Tait rolling his eyes. He sounded pathetic even in his head.




Holy shit.

Above him, Tait was hovering as he placed soft, warm kisses along his jaw, moving further over his neck. When Tait’s thick cock brushed against his leg, Lex knew he was a fucking goner. He pressed his hands against Tait’s strong broad shoulders, trying to push him away, but his insistent mouth kept moving and the weight of him pushed down on his chest.

“Hey…wait a second.”

Heavy-lidded eyes looked at him, not registering what was happening. Lex knew without a doubt he was sleepwalking. “Tait.”

No response. He kept kissing him. Strong hands started to move over Lex’s pajama pants, feeling his hard cock. A moan echoed from Tait’s parted lips as his mouth came down upon his, opening roughly and licking his tongue deep into his mouth.

A rush of desire grabbed hold of Lex. God help him, he wanted to kiss this man back. Unable to resist, he kissed him hard, taking everything he was willing to give. Deep down as a Dom, he knew this was wrong. He had to put a stop to this kiss and regain the control he needed—before it went any further. Lex fisted his hand into Tait’s hair, trying to regain control but was losing it fast.

A hot hand pulled his pajama’s waistband down, gripping his cock. A moan of pleasure stole Lex’s breath away as Tait’s palm slipped over his tip.

Without warning, Tait pulled away. Relief mixed with a heavy dose of disappointment flew over his body like a cold bucket of water. Good, he was waking up. Lex didn’t want Tait to feel embarrassed by what was happening.

As Lex went to sit up, Tait moved in again. This time Tait’s head was going for his crotch. Hungry went lips started sucking on his aching prick. A deep guttural moan moved through Lex’s chest before he could stop it from happening. At the same time, his hand gripped that silky blond head that was now raising and lowering over his dick.

He gripped that silky hair tightly, trying to still his head but was having a really difficult time of it. Lex was going to send his spunk flying into Tait’s mouth if he didn’t stop this soon. This was already borderline for going south fast. The tip of Lex’s cock went sliding down Tait’s throat, hitting the back of it before going even further.

His dick vibrated as those strong hands pulled his pajama pants off, forcing him to spread his legs. Tait’s hand smoothed over his balls and over his perineum. Two fingers smoothed between his ass cheeks, sliding over his rim. His mouth sucked harder, making it impossible for him to deny what Lex had always wanted. He should make it stop, but with each hit of his cockhead against the back of Tait’s throat, he had a harder and harder time saying no.

Every muscle in his body twisted tight as he worked hard to keep his orgasm from exploding from his dick. Before he could stop it, his jizz was flying from his cock and skipping over Tait’s tongue.

A long moan of pleasure echoed from Tait’s mouth that was still gripped tightly around his dick. Shock was starting to settle in over Lex’s mind as he tried to make sense of what had happened between them.

“Tait! Wake up!”

The shout of his voice echoed in the room as Lex pushed against his head, trying to release the grip of his mouth. This time, Tait listened, slowly moving away.

“Oh, fuck!” Tait shouted. “What happened? What…”

When he tried to run, Lex instinctively held tighter. “It’s okay.”

“No, it’s not! I didn’t mean…oh, God. I can taste your jizz.”

Lex’s cock was still thrumming hard. Passion still lingered within Tait’s eyes, but it was quickly slipping away as embarrassment and panic took over. Knowing he needed to take control of the situation, Lex pulled him in close, holding him tightly.

“It’s okay.”

Tears misted his eyes. “No, it’s not! You’re not even gay.”

Lex hadn’t planned on outing himself now, but this time he knew Tait needed some reassurance. He flipped him over on the bed, pinning him fast and hard. Surprise moved through Tait’s eyes as their lips were a breath away.

“I am.”

Temptation had Lex nipping on Tait’s lower lip, still swollen from the kisses they shared. “I could have fought you off sooner if I wanted to. I just like what you were doing to me.”

“Aw, fuck. You should stop, Sir.”

A growl of pleasure moved through his throat. “I like the sound of you calling me Sir.”

“You are my boss.”

That thought stopped Lex cold. He was his boss. This was so wrong. He was taking a difficult situation and making it worse. He needed to stop before things went further.

“I am and that’s going to be a problem.”

“So, this can’t happen,” Tait said.

Lex let him go, watching him as he slipped back into bed. The night was still young, and it was a long time before he fell asleep again.

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