Latin Heat (MM)

Young, Hot, and Talented 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 84,402
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Multicultural, MM, HEA]

Fai Haung is bored with life and hopes something exciting happens soon before he loses what little mind he has left. Since his father Emperor Guozhi Haung is as healthy as a horse and probably won’t die anytime soon, Fai figures its high time he stops getting drunk, changes his evil ways and leave Shanghai to discover other cultures beyond the South China seas.

The young prince jumps at the chance to go with entertainment mogul Tory Albertson to Orlando, Florida to check out a new group the man is thinking about signing. Fai takes one look into the gray eyes of the lead singer Leonardo Alvarez and refuses to walk away.

Fai has found his soulmate and his forever partner. No doubt his parents will have a fit since Leo is a guy and Fai is supposed to be in Shanghai at a marriage meeting with a woman he can’t stand and has been engaged to since he was five.

Latin Heat (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Latin Heat (MM)

Young, Hot, and Talented 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 84,402
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Tory made the introductions. “Gentlemen, this is Mr. Fai Haung and his assistant Mr. Enlain Chen.” They were in a nearby Puerto Rican restaurant waiting for their food to arrive. “Why don’t the three of you introduce yourselves.”

“Hello. My name is Benito Garcia, but everyone calls me Be Be. I’m twenty years old, and I sing and play the guitar.”

Be Be had that androgynous look going for him, kind of like another one of Tory’s idols Tomahiko Akiyama. Fai dug the shoulder-length blond hair and the cool blue eyes. Be Be’s clothing of choice was dress over slacks, which might be confusing to some, but not him. Be Be didn’t seem confused about his gender. He just embraced both of them.

“Hi, I’m Rico Fernandez,” the other male said. He had his hair styled in small black twists that framed his oval-shaped face. He had just a sprinkling of facial hair in the form of a mustache and some chin scrub like him and Tory. He looked at them with light-brown eyes. He was dressed in jeans, a T-shirt and a vest. “I’m twenty-years old and I’m the group’s percussionist. I sing back up.” Both of these guys were taller than the lead singer, but not by much.

“My turn. My name is Leonardo Alvarez, but everyone calls me, Leo. I just turned nineteen-years old.”

Nineteen! Fai didn’t hear much after that. Nineteen. What is the age of consent in Florida? He hoped he couldn’t go to jail for what he was thinking of doing to Leo.

“I’m the lead singer of the group. I play guitar and piano.”

“How long have you three been together?” Enlain asked.

“Since we were five,” Be Be answered. “We live in the same neighborhood and attended kindergarten together. Well, Rico and I did. Leo was still in pre-kindergarten.”

Fai looked at Leo. Leo kind of smirked shyly as if he knew Fai was panicking. Fai’s heart beat rapidly as he stared into that beautiful face. Leo had perfect white teeth, and a set of full lip, just begging to be kissed. He was known in the field as K-Pop pretty, but without going under a knife to achieve such perfection.

“Now that you know who we are, what’s the four, one, one, on these guys, Señor Albertson?” Leo asked.

Cocky. Fai liked that in his bottoms. So, far Mr. Leonardo Alvarez was dominating Fai’s wish list.

“Fai and Enlain are from the People’s Republic of China. Normally they handle some of my Asian clients, but…”

“Like who?” Leo asked, interrupting Tory.

“Have you ever heard of RSVP and Dazed?”

All of them nodded.

“They’re supposed to be coming to New Orleans soon,” Leo said excitedly. “My biases are Meyong Sun and Ae-Jong Kim.”

Meyong and Ae-Jong were the lead singers of the two groups. “Mine too,” Fai said.

Leo looked at him oddly again. “You really know them?”

Both Fai and Enlain nodded.

“I’ve known Ae-Jong since the day he was born,” Fai said.

“Have you ever dated him?” Leo asked.

Tony choked on his margarita. He reached for his napkin and wiped his mouth.

“No, he’s a guy,” Fai answered.

“You got something about a guy dating another guy?”

“No. Ae-Jong is like a little brother to me. Besides, idols aren’t allowed to date.”

“Why not?” Rico asked.

“Because their fans want them single so they can fantasize about getting with them.”

“Are any of you guys dating?” Tory asked.

All three shook their heads.

“Good. You won’t have time to date. Being an idol takes a lot of hard work. You’ll be so tired from training you won’t even think about it.”

Leo raised an auburn eyebrow and looked at Enlain. “What’s your story?”

“My name is Enlain Chen. I’m twenty-eight-years old and I am Mr. Haung’s chauffeur and bodyguard.”

“And he’s strong,” Be Be said, batting his long blond lashes at Enlain. “He carried me and Rico off the stage earlier without breaking a sweat.”

“Are you going to be our bodyguard too?” Leo asked.

Enlain nodded. “I have a feeling I will be very busy with you guys.”

Tory laughed at Enlain’s joke. “Noted. Hire more protection for Wicked.”

The waitress picked this time to bring them food and drinks. Fai had ordered grilled yellow snapper, with green papaya salad and tostones. The three singers all ordered the same thing a dish called mofongo. Tory had deep-fried pork chops and beans, and Enlain had a Cuban sandwich and fries. Leo kept stealing peeks at Fai when he thought he wasn’t looking.

Tory had been off and on his phone throughout dinner. “What are you guys doing tomorrow?”

“Sleeping,” Rico answered.

“Nothing,” Leo replied. “Why?”

“I need you to meet us at our hotel in the conference room at ten to sign your contracts.”

“This is really going to happen, isn’t it?” Be Be said excitedly.

“Yes,” Tory answered. “I know talent and you three have it. I think you will fit well into my company.”

“Can I bring my folks?” Leo asked.

Fai had momentarily forgotten how young these guys were. Leo would be the youngest idol Tory handled.

“Yes, all of you should, in case they have any questions.” He passed out his business cards. “This has my contact information and cell phone number on it should they have any questions once we leave Florida.”

Leo asked another question. “How long will you be in town?”

“We’re flying out the day after tomorrow,” Tory answered. “So, bring all your questions. We’ll explain a lot to you guys so you can go home and get a good night’s sleep.”

“Can’t,” Rico said. “We have another performance tonight.”

Another performance? It was already late, Fai thought.

“Would you care to join us?” Leo asked.

“Sorry, I can’t,” Tory said. “I have to be in my hotel room when your contracts start coming over the fax.” He turned to Fai. “Why don’t you and Enlain join them.”

“Okay,” Fai said.




Someone knocked at his door the moment he shut his eyes. Fai glanced over at the clock. It was two in the morning. Who in the world? Fai slid from under the warm covers and headed to the door. “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Leo.”

Fai opened the door and found the little singer staring not at his face, but at his bare chest. “Is something wrong?” Leo had changed out of his new suit and was wearing pajamas.

Leo nodded. “Si señor.”

Fai opened the door wider for Leo to enter. “Come on it. You shouldn’t be walking the halls alone so late at night. What happened?”

Leo stepped out of his slippers. “Nothing really. I here to collect on my rain check.”

Fai didn’t understand at first. Americans had too many cliches.

Leo wrapped his arms around Fai’s waist and planted a kiss on Fai’s stomach.

Fai’s cock sprang to life just that fast and throbbed against his thigh. “Oh! You mean you want me to….”

“Si,” Leo replied. He released Fai and headed toward Fai’s bedroom.

Fai closed the door and made sure it was locked. “Are you sure, Leo, because I don’t want to rush you into something you’re not ready for. “Oh my.” He found Leo already in his bed. His pajamas lay on the floor.

“I’m sure.”

“Ah, one more thing before I do something with you I know I won’t regret, but I think sodomy is illegal in New Orleans.”

“I won’t tell if you don’t,” Leo said.

“Are you sure you want to have sex with me?”

“What do you think? I’m naked in your bed in a hotel room.”

Fai gulped. “You’re naked?”

“Si.” He tossed the covers back to give Fai a little peek. “Drop the pajama bottoms Fai and come join me.”

It was the sexiest proposition Fai had ever received. Fai got out of his pajama bottoms and crawled into the bed.

Leo disappeared beneath the covers.

Fai felt warm hands, then a warm mouth around his cock. “Oh!” Leo definitely knew he way around a guy’s body. Fai got hot fast. He brushed the covers aside, letting in some cool air. Then he got a good view of Leo’s head as it bobbed up and down while Leo sucked on Fai’s knob. Fai hoped the penthouse was soundproofed because the sounds Leo was making while he gobbled Fai up was positively X-rated. Fai ran his fingers through Leo’s silky auburn hair. It was still damp from a recent shower. Leo surprised him by not choaking. Leo cupped Fai’s balls and began rubbing and pulling on them as he sucked. Fai moaned loudly. “Oh, that feels simply divine, Leonardo.”

Leo rolled his eyes upward at the mention of his full first name. He stopped sucking and came up for air. “I want to ride.”

“Wait, I need to get a condom,” Fai said.

Leo raised his hand. He had a tiny foil package in it. “Ribbed for my pleasure.”

“Do I need to prepare you?” Fai asked.

Leo shook his head. “No, I took care of that before I arrived.”

For nineteen years old, Leo knew way too much about his job as a bottom.

Leo opened the package took out the rubber. “Do you want to give or receive?”

“What?” Fai asked with surprise

“Do you want to do me or do you want me to do you?”

Fai flipped the Latin beauty on his back and took the condom from him. “I’m no one’s bottom, little one. But thanks for the offer.” He donned the rubber. “Now let me see what I’m working with.” He’d forgotten to turn out the light so he got a good look at Leo. A deep natural tan covered him all over. Fai had been taught that pearly white skin was the best but Fai would have missed out on a lot of ass if he believed that. For a little guy Leo had a big cock. It was long, just like Fai like it and he was circumcised. “Love the manscape.” He kissed Leo then he went down on him.

“Oh fuck,” Leo moaned.

Fai had wanted to do this from the moment he laid eyes on Leo. And he wasn’t disappointed. He liked Leo’s scent and taste.

Leo moved his hips sending his cock deeper into Fai’s mouth. “You do that quite well, Señor Haung, but there’s no need to be gentle with me. I am not a girl.”

Fai raised Leo’s hips and tried to push a finger into the little hole. It slid right in. Leo had been deflowered by someone before him.

“Don’t worry about things that happened in the past, señor, just our future.”

Fai didn’t mind. Virgins were a lot of trouble. He finger-fucked Leo, while he sucked him. He felt Leo tremble later. Leo was about to come. Fai ease his finger out, and raised his head. “You still want to ride?”

“Si,” Leo said.

Fai lay on his back and Leo moved over him. Fai held his dick steady while Leo eased down on him.

“Ah!” Leo cried out as Fai’s cock spread him.

Fai wasn’t bragging, but Mother Nature had been generous to him in length and width. Usually, guys came as soon as he entered them. Warmth surrounded his cock. Though not untouched, Leo was still a tight fit, which was a real indication that he hadn’t had many lovers.

Leo began his ride. He smiled down at Fai. “Our bodies fit.”

“Yes, and please call me Fai, Leo. I have my cock up your ass and I plan to do some naughty stuff with you.”

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