Riding the Dragon (MM)

Young, Hot, and Talented 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 63,776
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove, Drama, Contemporary, Alternative, Yaoi. MM, HFN]

Cheng Ang can’t get over the look of sadness in the eyes of the teen who just lost everything to a devastating fire. Cheng wants desperately to find the young man after he is released from a hospital but it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack in Hong Kong with a population of 7.35 million people.

Then one day he spots a familiar face on a stage, performing a song, at a wedding reception. Cheng is so overwhelmed by the other young man’s voice, his natural beauty and his stage presence that all he wants to do is hold him in his arms and tell him that everything is going to be okay.

But once he gets to meet him the crowned prince of China gets love-struck, tongue-tied and he gets the feeling he’s never going to be the same again after the singer named Meyong Sun pledges his heart and soul to him for saving his life four years ago.

Riding the Dragon (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Riding the Dragon (MM)

Young, Hot, and Talented 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 63,776
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“What’s the problem?” Emperor Ga Ang asked the driver of the limousine van he and his family were in when it slowed down to a snail’s pace.

“There’s something going on in front of us, sire.”

Prince Cheng Ang, Ga’s youngest son frowned. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. One fire engine whizzed past and then another, followed by an emergency vehicle.

“It’s a fire,” his older brother Deming said.

“Oh, look, it’s an apartment building on fire,” their mother Empress Nori said.

His older sisters Lihua and Biyu were frightened. The traffic began to move. Unfortunately, it stopped right in the middle of the melee. The driver got diverted to the curb. They all got out. Black smoke poured out of the building’s windows.

Lihua pointed across the street. “People are jumping out of the windows.”

Cheng grabbed both sisters and covered their eyes so they could not see the terrible outcome. People were jumping to their deaths. He guessed this seemed a whole lot better than burning. It was one of those tall multi-level dwelling that usually housed hundreds of poor people and their families. In China there was more people than land, so there were lots of these developments around the country. The casualty number from this event was going to be huge.

“This is so horrible,” their mother said.

Cheng freed his sister as soon as he spotted a figure in a window on the sixth floor. The firemen were on the other side of the building and couldn’t see the person. Cheng didn’t think it was another jumper. This one seemed scared and needed help. Cheng took off his jacket and tie and tossed them to his brother.

“What are you doing?” Deming asked.

Cheng pointed. “There’s someone in that sixth-floor window. They need help.”

Deming squinted to see. “That’s what the firemen are for.”

“They’re too busy on the other side,” Cheng argued. “I have to try to get to him or her.” He broke out running before anyone else in his family could protest. What kind of human being would he be if he didn’t try? Cheng ran toward the building, scooted under the yellow tape and ran inside the door the fireman had chopped open. The whole downstairs was smoky. The heat came from every direction. Cheng hurried up the staircase. He knew better than to try the elevator. If he got trapped inside, he would smother to death.


Cheng heard a scream coming from inside one of the apartments. It sounded like a kid. He broke down the door with a powerful kick. Thank goodness for years of martial arts training and competitions. He hurried inside. The place was on fire. “Hello, is anyone in here?”

“Yes, I’m in the bedroom.”

Cheng hurried in the direction of the voice. The door to this room had burned away. The room was completely engulfed. He doubled back. “Where?”

“In here,” someone shouted. “Hurry, the room is burning.”

Cheng came across another door. He touched it. It burned like the other one. He tied the shirt around his hand and turned the knob. Cheng entered quickly, spotting a male child near the window. He would have to jump over the bowels of hell to get to him then he had to somehow get both of them out of the apartment. Cheng inched his way around the room, finally reaching the kid. “What’s your name?”

He looked up at Cheng with beautiful brown eyes glistening with tears. “Meyong Sun.”

“Meyong, What a fine name. Mine is Cheng. How old are you?”

“Fifteen,” Meyong answered.

He didn’t look that old to Cheng. He was petite for his age and a little chubby. “We are going to get out of here safely but we have to hurry.”

“Did my parents make it out?”

Meyong had a melodic voice. “There are others?” Cheng asked. He didn’t remember seeing anyone. No one else had called out except Meyong.

“Yes, they were in bed. I heard screaming.”

“I think they did,” Cheng said.

“Good,” Meyong said. “My grandparents are too old to jump out of windows.”

Grandparents too? Cheng was only half listening. He had to get Meyong out of the apartment before they both burned. “Give me your hand and follow me.” He’d never been in a situation like this before and wasn’t sure they were both going to make it out alive. He started away from the window, taking Meyong with him. His hand was small and soft. They had to walk back the way Cheng came in. Every room in the apartment was engulfed in flames. If anyone was in the rooms, they weren’t going to make it out. His guessed that the smoke had already got to them, but he didn’t tell that to Meyong.

Meyong’s grip tightened as they walked through the smoked filled living room.

“You’re doing fine.” Cheng led him out of the front door. He accessed the situation. The stairwell was smoky too. He handed Meyong his shirt. “Cover your eyes, nose and mouth. I’m going to have to carry you out of here.” Luckily Meyong was a tiny little thing. Cheng scooped Meyong up in his arms. “Keep your eyes closed and hold on tight. I’m going to make a run for it.”

Going down six flights of stairs, carrying another human being looked so much easier in the movies. He had to smile since the fact was besides being a prince of China, he was also a movie star who made action movies. Seems like this should have been a piece of cake for him. But in the movies the fire and smoke weren’t real, and most of the time no one’s life was in danger.




He and Meyong had managed to stop kissing long enough to get out of most of their clothing. They were both down to their pants and Cheng was anxious to see more. Meyong’s body was so beautiful, pale and delicate like a porcelain doll. Cheng was afraid to touch him because he thought he would break him.

“May I touch you, sire?”

“Yes, and didn’t I tell you to call me, Cheng?”

Meyong smiled at him and nodded? “Yes, Cheng, sire.”

Cheng smiled. Eventually, Meyong would get comfortable with him.

Meyong reached out and touched the muscles in Cheng’s arm, then one of his pecs, followed by his chest and abs.

Cheng moaned as Meyong explored him with his soft small hand. “Your touch is so gentle. Does my body please you?”

“Yes, Cheng. I’ve never seen such a wonderful body before. Mine is like a child’s compared to yours.”

Cheng pushed him down on his back and kissed him. “I need to see more of you. May I?”

“Yes,” Meyong answered.

Cheng unzipped Meyong’s pants and slid them down Meyong’s slender hips and legs. He got a little surprised. He expected to find a pair of tidy-whities, but the idol-in-training had on a pair of male boxers. He could make out the outline of Meyong’s penis beneath the silky material. Cheng latched onto the waistband with a finger and lowered the briefs. Meyong’s genitals appeared. Cheng ran his tongue over his bottom lip. Meyong was circumcised and his dick lay nestled in a bed of silky black pubic hair.

“Am I too small?” Meyong asked.

Cheng shook his head. “No, you’re just right, Meyong. Size does not make the man, Meyong. Character does.” Meyong’s cock was perfectly proportioned for his height and weight.

“But Prince Kim said…”

“Prince Kim is an idiot.” Cheng plopped Meyong’s cock into his mouth and went down on him.

Meyong stopped arguing, relaxed and let Cheng do his thing. Cheng took his time, sucking, licking and stroking Meyong’s dick until the erection appeared. It didn’t take long to get Meyong aroused. Cheng raised Meyong’s hips and slid his tongue down the crack of his ass.

Meyong trembled with desire and the bed shook beneath them. “You taste delicious,” Cheng said. He felt his own body responding to the sexy sight of the idol in full swoon. He went back to performing fellatio on Meyong. Meyong didn’t just lay there. He rolled his hips and fucked Cheng’s mouth.

Cheng wet a finger and tried to ease it inside of Meyong’s ass. He met with a lot of resistance. His fingers were big, especially the middle one. He tried again. This time he was successful. Meyong gasped but did not cry out in pain. Cheng lifted his head and gazed down on Meyong. “Do you like what I’m doing to you?”

“Yes,” Meyong replied. He still had his eyes closed.

Cheng went back down on him, this time holding Meyong’s cock tightly between his lips and bobbing his head up and down, while finger-fucking him.

Moments later Meyong came, shooting cum into Cheng’s mouth. “Oh!”

Cheng chuckled victoriously. He licked the younger man clean and slid his finger out of him. He waited until Meyong got his body under control. Meyong opened his eyes. His cheeks were flushed. “Are you okay?”

Meyong nodded. “Just a bit embarrassed.”

“Why?” Cheng asked.

“I just came in your mouth,” Meyong answered.

“That was the plan. Oh, and by the way, you taste scrumptious.”

Meyong blushed. “Thank you. Can I see the rest of you now?”

Cheng wasn’t sure that he should. He didn’t want to scare Meyong off. “Okay.” He unzipped his pants and removed them.

Meyong moved and motioned for Cheng to lay down on the bed. They changed spots and Meyong became the aggressor. He slid down Cheng’s briefs and gasped.

“Is something wrong?” Cheng asked.

“No, your majesty. I was just surprised.” Meyong wrapped his fingers around Cheng’s cock.

Cheng moaned, loving Meyong’s soft touch.

“You are so big.” Meyong planted a kiss on Cheng’s dick.

Cheng’s eyes widened as Meyong attempted to go down on him. What did this newbie know about fellatio? “Oh!” The softest lips in the world wrapped around the head. Meyong used his hand to masturbate him while he suckled at Cheng’s cock and licked it like it was a candy cane.

“You taste so good,” Meyong uttered as he ran this tongue up and down the shaft. He squeezed Cheng’s balls. “I can’t wait to have you inside of me.”

Cheng never expected such seductive words to escape those beautiful lips. “Are you sure you’ve never been with a guy before?”

Meyong sucking just long enough to answer. “No sire, but I have watched a lot of porn.”

Cheng laughed. He didn’t even want to know how such an innocent had gotten his hands on something like that. Perhaps he had underestimated Meyong. He was no longer the fifteen-year-old teen he’d met four years ago. A little tongue moved down the crack of his ass. Cheng moved, startled. No one have ever done that to him before.

“Can I top you?”

Cheng reached down and pulled the idol on top of him. He felt Meyong’s cock pressing into his belly. “No. Let’s get this straight. I am going to be the top and you’re going to enjoy being the bottom. Do you understand?”

Meyong looked down at him with the sexiest brown eyes. “Yes, sire. Prince Kim said it wouldn’t work.”

“Ae-Jong? Are you sure you’ve never been with a guy before?”

Meyong smiled at him. “Never, but I have fantasized about being with you.”

Cheng groaned. What have I gotten myself into? He rolled Meyong off him. “Assume the position on your knees.”

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