[Siren Classic BDSM ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Interracial, Multicultural, BDSM/spanking, MM, HEA]

Baek-Hyeon Rhee used to be a member of a K-Pop group that has disbanded. At eighteen he finds himself unemployed, broke and without a clue of what he wants to do with the rest of his life. He has no marketable skills except he can sing and dance.

Emyr Hopkins is a British billionaire with companies in London, England, and New York. It is in New York, six years ago that he meets a homeless South Korean child begging on a street corner in front of one of his buildings. Six years have passed by but Emyr has never forgotten Baek-Hyeon Rhee, who has grown into a gorgeous but troubled young man. Emyr realizes he has bitten off more than he can chew when Baek-Hyeon continues to cause problems for him and the Manhattan police. Emyr decides to take matters into his own hand and gives Baek-Hyeon what he wants…a night of love and affection, which bonds them into a relationship filled with pain and pleasure.

Side Dish (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“Tory owns one of the biggest entertainment agencies in Asia and America,” Yong said. “He manages groups like Dazed, Yukizumi and RSVP.”

Baek-Hyeon threw his uncle an angry look. “My idol days are past me now. I’m no longer some cute little kid.”

True, technically idol careers in South Korea lasted about seven or eight years. He was still cute though.

“Not as an idol, but a model,” Tory said. “With your looks and that build, you could be a star.”

The average height for an Asian idol was about five-feet-seven. There was nothing average about this one.

Tory continued to talk to him. “You would have to move to New York to train.”

“I don’t have time to close up my club to go to New York to manage him,” Yong said.

“I don’t think I’ll have trouble finding someone to sponsor and manage him,” Tory said. “Right, Emyr?”

“Huh?” Emyr asked. He had been too busy trying to keep an eye on Baek-Hyeon just in case the kid tried to get the advantage on him.

“He seems to be interested in getting to know you,” Tory said. “In fact, he hasn’t taken his eyes off you since you shouted at him.”

Emyr gazed over at Baek-Hyeon. He knew that look. The tiger needed to be tamed. Yet, he didn’t have time to babysit some spoiled ex-idol.

“He doesn’t know anything about stuff like that,” Yong said. “He’s never had a girlfriend since idols weren’t allowed to date. That’s another reason he can’t work at the club. A host must be suave and know how to romance a customer into buying drinks.”

Baek-Hyeon rolled his eyes at his uncle.

A virgin? Everything inside of Emyr begged him to take Tory up on his kind offer. His mind also wanted him to string Baek-Hyeon’s ass up and thrash his naked buttocks with a cat-o-nine tails to beat some discipline into him just for fun.

Baek-Hyeon kept looking at him with those cat eyes, as if reading his mind.

“I don’t know anything about caring for an idol,” Emyr admitted.

“There’s nothing to it,” Tory said. “All you have to do is make sure he eats, sleeps, stays on his diet and get him to training and events on time. Managing a model is much easier than taking care of a singer. You should know this since you used to be on the model circuit before.”

The damn brat had the nerve to run his gaze over him to check out his body. Baek-Hyeon raised an eyebrow as he reached Emyr’s cock. A wicked little smile crossed his face as he checked out Emyr’s package.

Emyr never had a complaint from man nor woman when it came to his prowess in the bedroom.

“Do you have a woman?” Baek-Hyeon asked as if Emyr was his equal.


“A man?”

“No, not at the moment.”

“Good,” Baek-Hyeon said.

“Emyr has been too busy creating new items for our cosmetic line,” Tory said.

“You’re a chemist?” Baek-Hyeon asked Emyr. “I thought you were bodyguard.”

“Can’t a man have more than one occupation?” Emyr asked. “Being lazy is not a part of my DNA.”

“Speaking of which. Why do you have a British accent?”

Talk about rude. “My father is from London and my mother is from Barbados.”

“And you speak Korean?” Baek-Hyeon asked.

“Fluently,” Emyr answered. “I attended the university here for four years studying chemistry. Afterwards, I did a stint of modeling to pay off my education.”

“How old are you?”

“Old enough to handle you,” Emyr said. “There will be rules should I agree to this and consequences for your actions.”




Baek-Hyeon tried not to look, but curiosity got the best of him. “Oh my god.” Emyr was aroused and growing thick with desire inside of his lounging pajamas. Baek-Hyeon crossed his legs, trying to stave off the reaction.

“Would you like to see more, Banchan?”

Why was Emyr calling him that? Why was he saying it so softly? Why was he asking him that? His head involuntarily nodded.

Emyr slid his pants down his hips and legs. He was wearing black briefs. His cock had grown so long his underwear couldn’t contain it. “It’s real, Banchan. No enhancements. Would you like to meet him?”

Is this man crazy, teasing me like that? “Yes.”

Emyr chuckled wickedly. “I thought so. Now don’t be afraid.” He turned his back and peeled out of his briefs like a stripper.

The guy had a really nice ass. It wasn’t as fat as his, but it was solid muscle.

“Here it comes,” Emyr said as he kicked his briefs aside. He slowly turned around, teasing Baek-Hyeon. Emyr faced him but his hands still hid his privates.

Baek-Hyeon hated to be teased. “Let me see.”

Emyr dropped his hands.

Baek-Hyeon’s eyes widen in shock. Emyr’s penis was so long and thick it nearly reached his knee. And it wasn’t even fully hard yet. Baek-Hyeon could not take his eyes away. He was circumcised just like him. And the head was beautiful and brown. The shaft was long with thick veins. And he had full balls.

“Do you like what you see, Banchan?”

“Yes.” What am I saying? That thing looked like it could split him in two.

“Frightening, isn’t it? Are you sure you can handle it?”

“Yes,” Baek-Hyeon answered.

The man moved fast. He walked over to the rack. “Let me help you out of those clothes.” He freed Baek-Hyeon and led him away and over to one of the beds. Then Emyr stripped him down to his briefs. Emyr eased those down, revealing Baek-Hyeon’s penis.

Something wet and sticky was seeping from the head. Baek-Hyeon had never been so turned on before. He stepped out of his briefs and turned to face Emyr.

“You are so beautiful, Banchan. And you have a nice body. Can I see your backside?”

Baek-Hyeon turned around.

Emyr gasped. “Exquisite. It’s perfect for spanking.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll show you.”

They climbed on the bed. It was big enough for two grown men. Emyr sat down. “Lay across my lap.”

Baek-Hyeon froze for a moment, then he did as he was told. Emyr’s skin was so warm and he smelled so good.

Emyr slapped one of his cheeks with his large hand.


Emyr rubbed it then slapped the other cheek.

Baek-Hyeon’s dick moved against Emyr’s thigh.

“That’s it. Where there is pain, there is pleasure. If it gets too uncomfortable just say the word, enough.” Emyr slapped one of the cheeks again, this time harder.

Baek-Hyeon tried to move away, but Emyr’s big hand came down on his butt before he could. “Ouch, that hurts.”

“It’s supposed to. It’s discipline for Baek-Hyeon being a bad boy.”

The next hit stung unmercifully and Emyr hadn’t used his palm this time, but some kind of paddle.

Baek-Hyeon felt strange. “Again,” he said to Emyr.

Emyr used the paddle on the other cheek and continued to beat Baek-Hyeon until he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Enough,” Baek-Hyeon shouted.

Emyr stopped.

Baek-Hyeon lifted himself from the man’s lap. Both of Emyr’s thighs were sticky with precum, his and Emyr’s.

“Look at yourself, Banchan.”

Baek-Hyeon looked down. His cock was hard and pointing upwards to his navel in the twelve o’clock position.

“Climb up on the bed and lie on your stomach.”

Baek-Hyeon’s legs shook as he did as Emyr asked. He lay down.

Emyr put a pillow under Baek’s hips, then spread his legs wide. “I need to prepare you.”

Baek-Hyeon felt something wet dribble between his butt cheeks.

“This is lube, and this is my finger.”

Baek-Hyeon nearly jumped off the bed when he felt Emyr’s finger trying to enter his hole.

“This is just my finger. If you can’t take this, you surely won’t be able to take my cock.”

Baek-Hyeon stopped fighting and tried to relax.

Emyr’s finger entered him.

Baek-Hyeon’s cock continued to move every time Emyr’s big finger passed over a particular spot inside of him.

Emry removed his finger. “Roll over.”

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