A King's Ransom (MM)

Young, Hot, and Talented 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 49,407
2 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Romance, MM, HEA]

Ex-supermodel Andy Green didn’t know how much his life was going to change when he went to Seoul to participate in a martial art competition. He won the fight easy enough by knocking out the country’s champion. It wasn’t until people started hopping in the ring congratulating him, and someone pushing a big bag of money at him, that he learns that he’s just beaten the crowned prince of South Korea, Ae-Jong Kim, who just happened to be one of his cousin Edward’s fiancées. Right before the match Edward had confessed that he was there to not only cheer Andy on, but to break up with Ae-Jong, and he wanted Andy to do it for him. Andy hated Eddie for making him do his dirty work. But instead of getting on a plane and flying back home to America, Andy is offered the job of a lifetime as manager for the K-Pop group Dazed in which Ae-Jong is the leader.

A King's Ransom (MM)
2 Ratings (5.0)

A King's Ransom (MM)

Young, Hot, and Talented 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 49,407
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




The guards appeared like magic as soon as Ae-Jong Kim had safely landed his jet and taxied to his private parking spot inside of Emperor Ga’s plane hangar. The guards bowed respectfully the moment he appeared with his suitcase.

“Welcome to the Pearl Palace, Prince Kim,” a black-and-white clad guard said in Cantonese. “Prince Ang and the royal family are expecting you.”

Ae-Jong was trying to surprise them. He bet that fink Ra Day ratted him out. He had practically grown up in this palace along with Cheng and his older brother Deming. “Thank you, Bai,” Ae-Jong said as the guards escorted him out of the door and into the royal palace.

Bai took his suitcase. “I’ll put this in your room.”

His room still had all of the stuffed animals the Angs and their people had given him as a child, except one. Ae-Jong thanked him. “Xie xie.” Ae-Jong could speak many different languages fluently, including English. The rest of the guards took him to the reception hall where some sort of meeting was going on. Everyone looked in his direction, including his godfather, Emperor Ga Ang. Ae-Jong was glad he had dressed appropriately before he left home. He wore a black suit, white shirt, and a black tie. The suit had been tailor-made for him and fit him to a tee.

“Good evening, godson. What brings you all the way to Hong Kong?”

People began bowing as they recognized him. “Am I interrupting something important, Fu Gin?” Ae-Jong always referred to him as father whenever he was visiting.

Several men ran their gaze over him. A lot of them spoke in a foreign language he recognized as Portuguese with a mixture of South African. Ae-Jong knew that look. He’d gotten it from other men before.

“We had no idea you had another son, Emperor Ang,” one of the men said.

“Everyone, this is my godson, Ae-Jong Kim. He’s the crowned prince of South Korea.”

“Is he single?” one of the men asked.

Ga nodded. “He is just twenty-four years old.”

The bidding began.

“Ae-Jong is not for sale,” Cheng Ang said angrily.

Ae-Jong continued in and sat on the throne next to his best friend.

There was some grumbling among the guests. One spoke to Ga in their language, and his godfather laughed. “King Kashmi has offered me a diamond mine for your hand in marriage, Jongie.”

Ae-Jong frowned. “Only one mine?” Ae-Jong asked. “I’m still a virgin, so I think I’m worth at least two, plus a ruby mine.”

The bargaining continued. He’d never seen men so desperate to have an innocent lover.

“What are you doing, brat?” Cheng asked him. “This is not a game.” Cheng was muscular and taller than Ae-Jong even though they were the same age.

Prince Deming entered the room, saw him and smiled brightly. “Jongie, what are you doing here?”

“About to cause an international incident,” his father answered.

Ae-Jong smiled. Deming was older by five years, a handsome guy but a bit of a moron.

“These gentlemen want to buy him as a bride,” his father continued.

Deming reached the throne stand. He took Ae-Jong’s hand and kissed it. “Sorry, fellows. Ae-Jong and I have been engaged since we were kids. He promised to marry me when he was five.”

“He took advantage of me,” Ae-Jong added. “He bribed me with cake.”

“I plan to make you my empress when I inherit father’s throne,” Deming said.

“I haven’t died yet,” Ga replied. “Cheng, why don’t you take Ae-Jong to see Mother and keep a close eye on him?”

Cheng stood. “Yes, Father.” He took Ae-Jong’s hand. They both bowed and left the room. “One of these days you’re going to get yourself in serious trouble acting like that.”

“Acting like what?” Ae-Jong asked with an innocent smile.

“Do you want to be some king’s bride, or worse, Deming’s?” Cheng asked.

“A king, no. Deming, on the other hand, is getting kind of cute.”

“Don’t even say that in jest,” Cheng said.

Ae-Jong smiled. If he had a choice, he would marry Cheng. There was no other guy in the world who he’d like to spend eternity with.




“Do you have any lube?” Andy asked.

The young man put the bottle down, reached into the nightstand, and came up with a tube. He handed it to Andy and leaned across his lap. Andy uncapped the tube, poured some into his palm, and dipped two fingers in it. He capped the bottle for Andy.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Uh!” he groaned.

Andy chuckled a bit as he got one finger inside the host’s incredibly tight hole. He worked it around a bit before attempting a second one. Two fingers got an even bigger groan. Was it possible that no one had ever sampled this delicious treat? The little gland inside the host’s butt started to soften. Andy rubbed it a little longer.


“Don’t you dare come,” Andy warned as he slipped his fingers out.

The host crawled from his lap and assumed the position on his knees.

Andy got behind him and pressed the head of his cock against the hole. “Are you ready for this?”


Andy tried to enter. It took a couple of tries, then…


He made it. His dick slid in like it was made for this ass. “Baby that feels so good. Are you okay?”

“Yes,” the host said again.

Andy stopped talking and put his attention back on what he was doing, having sex with this incredible guy. The younger man found the rhythm, and they made love in silence while listening to the music.

“Mr., I think I’m about to come.”

Andy did a quick reach around and felt a very hard dick. “Let me help you with that.” Andy pumped his hips faster.

“Yes!” the host shouted. “Ah!” His soft buns pressed into Andy’s belly.

Andy had to deal with his own approaching climax. “I’m about to come, too. Let’s do it together.” He removed his hand from around the other guy’s cock, palmed his hips, and then rocked the host’s body back and forth while thrusting his own hips. This sent his dick in deep. It was the tightest hole he’d ever encountered.

The host came first. “Oh! Ooh!”

Andy couldn’t take it anymore. That sexy fucking voice did something to him. He followed over the edge. “Um!” He didn’t think he’d ever stopped coming. 

The host sank on the mattress.

Andy wiped the sweat from his brow and around his eyes as he lowered himself on the host, covering him with his body. Andy lay there for a moment and then eased out of him. He lifted his body and moved over to the pillow. The host snuggled up against him. Andy thought that was kind of cute, especially after he heard him snoring contently. Andy closed his eyes, too.

The host was gone when Andy awakened. He showered, dressed, and then went downstairs. The party was still in full swing.

Yong walked over to him when he appeared in the lounge. “How was it?”

“I think I’m in love.”

Yong chuckled. “Wow, that was fast.”

“Where is he?”

“He and his friends left about an hour ago,” Yong answered.

“Darn. I wanted to get his name,” Andy said.

“It thought you might. All I have on him is A. J. Kim.”

That could have fit a thousand people in South Korea. “You mean he’s not a regular host?” Andy asked.

Yong shook his head. “He’s not a host at all. Those four come here occasionally for special occasions like this. They’re from very prominent families, and it’s hard for them to get out and date other men.”

“How does he know about the room upstairs?”

“It’s where he and his friends stay if they’ve had too much to drink. Of the four, he’s not much of a drinker, so they sleep it off and then go home. I had the apartment put in just for that reason. Rich guys tip very well for comfort.”

“We left it kind of messy,” Andy confessed.

“I’ve already sent someone up to clean it,” Yong said.

“Let me know the next time he comes here,” Andy said.

“Aren’t you going to ask me what he looks like?”

“Normally I would, but I hate to say it, but when it comes to him it doesn’t matter. I can’t explain it. I just feel comfortable around him.”

“I will let you know the minute he steps foot in here,” Yong promised. “But I have the feeling you are bound to cross paths with him again.”

Andy bowed to his old friend. “I better go. I’m fighting in a match tomorrow.”

“Good luck,” Yong said.

Andy left the club, climbed into his car in the parking lot and drove back to the hotel.

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