Spoiled Rotten (MM)

Young, Hot, and Talented 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 56,370
1 Ratings (2.0)
[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
Jonas Kerry has sworn off guys after his two-year relationship with his ex-boyfriend Sean Johnson ends. Now Jonas just wants to concentrate on his music and wants to break away from pop and concentrate on rhythm and blues.
While his twenty-year-old younger brother Frankie is happily in love with their manager Adam Montgomery, and their other band mate, twenty-one year old Gerard Tyler, is keeping it hot and heavy with fashion designer Giovanni Bassett, Jonas just wants to write songs and chauffeur his five-year-old brother Kalen to and from elementary school and to photo shoots.
Although he is trying to change his life and take better care of himself, Jonas realizes that it isn’t easy. His idol, heavy metal band Vizio, returns to town, and its blond-haired lead singer Brenton Tramayne makes it very clear that he wants to make beautiful music with the gorgeous, brown-eyed songwriter.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Spoiled Rotten (MM)
1 Ratings (2.0)

Spoiled Rotten (MM)

Young, Hot, and Talented 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 56,370
1 Ratings (2.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




A wet, sloppy kiss on the cheek woke him up. Jonas opened his eyes and tilted his head to the side.

“Wake up, Jonas.”

He recognized that impatient voice. Kalen. “What are you doing here?”

“Frankie brought me,” his youngest brother told him.

Jonas brought the bed to a seated position. His gaze landed on the stuffed bear, plants, and his other brother. Frankie sat in one of the chairs while five-year-old Kalen stood beside the bed looking at all the tubes and machines.

“Frankie said they’re turning you into a monster.”

Jonas chuckled. “What kind of monster?”

“Frankenstein’s monster,” Kalen answered with an impish grin.

Jonas was so going to kick Frankie’s ass when he got better. “Why aren’t you in school?”

Kalen was in kindergarten and one of the smartest kids in his class. The counselor had wanted to skip him to the first grade after testing him and realized how bright he was. But Jonas and Frankie had decided against it because they didn’t want him to miss any rudimentary skills he didn’t have. Kalen could read quite well, and he could hold an intelligent conversation with adults. Jonas felt Kalen needed to hang around kids his own age and learn some survivor skills. He was already the tallest kid in his class, and he was always the first chosen for games and sports. Both he and Frankie only wanted Kalen to have as near a normal childhood as possible when they weren’t on the road touring.

“Because it’s Saturday,” Kalen answered. He looked down at the IV in Jonas’s hand. “Does that hurt?”

“A little. That’s how they’re giving me medicine to make me better.”

“Frankie said you couldn’t breathe,” Kalen said.

Frankie and Kalen were as thick as thieves and had always been since their parents died nearly three years ago. Frankie took real good care of Kalen and loved playing with him.

“Yes, I can breathe very well now,” Jonas said. He playfully sniffed at Kalen. “Someone has put baby lotion on you.” It was one of the few things Jonas wasn’t allergic to.

“Frankie gave me a bath and washed my hair so I wouldn’t be stinky,” Kalen said to him.

Frankie chuckled from his seat. “He had on early morning photo shoot with Brian and he was covered in stage makeup. I couldn’t bring him here like that. The nurses went gaga for the kid when we stopped by last night.”

Last night? Jonas looked over at the window. It was morning already. Whatever they put into that IV had knocked him the hell out.

“Your doctor has already come in to discharge you. He gave Adam your prescriptions. He’s gone off to fill them,” Frankie said to him.

Their manager took very good care of them, to the point of spoiling them, especially their youngest brother. Kalen had to be the only kid in school with designer suits and his own clothing line. Kalen Kerry, the model had his own fan page and fan base. He also had his own personal stylist, makeup artist and portfolio.

“Did you guys bring me some clothes to change into, because I’m not going home in this gown?” Jonas asked.

“Yes,” Frankie said. “Your toiletries are in the bathroom and your clothes are waiting behind that curtain.” He pointed to the right.

Jonas glanced over. His eyes landed on all of the plants and stuffed animal again. “How are we going to get all this stuff out of here?”

“We’ve been lugging stuff all night,” Frankie answered. “Kalen and I took most of the toys to the children’s ward after we arrived and most of the flowers and plants have been taken to brighten up the rooms of other patients.” He paused. “You’re very popular. You should see the stuff at the recording studio. Tory said it has been coming in since the news of your illness broke.”

“What about him?” Jonas asked pointing to the big bear with the blond hair and vest.

“He’s a keeper,” Frankie said. “He’s from a special fan.”

Jonas wondered who.

“He’ll be just perfect in your bed now that you don’t have a roommate,” Frankie said.

Jonas looked over at Kalen. “Sean is gone. He doesn’t live with us anymore.”

“I know,” Kalen said. “Uncle Adam explained it to me. He said Sean has gone off to make another family happy like he did us.”

“Yes,” Jonas said. Leave it to Adam to make everything nice. They couldn’t tell Kalen the truth.

“I miss him,” Kalen said. “But Uncle Adam promised me a new video game if I didn’t cry.”

Jonas smiled. Kalen’s loyalty could be bought so easily.

“Uncle Myron came by and brought me some coloring books,” Kalen announced. “I like him.”

Myron Smith had been Jonas’s friend since elementary school. Once they had been lovers, but now Myron had a big crush on Frankie. “Did he come over to the house?”

“Yes,” Frankie answered, not looking at him.

That usually meant that Frankie was guilty of something. “Did anything happen between you and Uncle Myron?”

Frankie cleared his throat. “No. He just stopped by to see how we were doing. He’d come to the hospital last night, too, but you were asleep.”

“Was Uncle Adam there?”

“No, thankfully,” Frankie said. “But I told him about it.”

Adam didn’t like Myron and didn’t trust him around Frankie. A couple of years ago Myron had finally told Frankie how he felt about him. Unfortunately, Frankie was already dating Adam at the time, and Adam had come across Frankie and Myron flirting with each other at a music festival. Frankie and Adam had just gotten into an argument about Adam’s old boyfriend Nico. It was a complicated mess that they eventually straightened out. The only reason Adam hadn’t banned Myron from the house was because of Jonas. No one picked his friends but him. “Good because one of us in the hospital is bad enough.”




Jonas found some music on the stereo while he waited for Brenton to exit the bathroom. Jonas had showered first, and then Brenton went in after him. They hadn’t made it to the showering together phase yet. The station was having a Phil Collins marathon. The DJ put on ‘Something in the Air,’ which was Jonas’s favorite. Brenton came out of the bathroom wearing a robe. Jonas shoved him into a chair and began dancing around him.

“What is this?” Brenton asked.

“Seduction,” Jonas answered as he continued to dance. Jonas let his hair down and shook it free. Brenton eyes darkened. Jonas smiled. Got him. He rolled his hips. A lusty grin graced Brenton’s face.

“I’ve never had anyone dance for me before.”

“It’s a specialty,” Jonas said as he mounted the man for a lap dance. He moved his body over Brenton without touching him. Brenton reached for him, but Jonas escaped his grasp. “You have to be faster than that.” He spun around, did a couple of cartwheels and then did a split. Seconds later he was back on his feet shaking his body for Brenton.

“Marvelous,” Brenton said. “What do you have on under that towel?”

“Skin,” Jonas said as he continued to dance. He removed the towel, exposing his nudeness.

Brenton growled. “Ooh baby.” The song ended. Brenton hopped out of the chair, scooped Jonas up in his arms and carried him over to the bed. “You are full of surprises.” Brenton moved over him, kissing him passionately. They rolled against each other. “You are quite the little tease.”

Brenton moved, allowing Jonas a chance to breath. Jonas picked up Brenton’s belt that was on the bed. “Spank me.”

Brenton spun around quickly. “Hmm, you’re into a little kink.”

Jonas nodded, rolled over, and presented his buttocks to Brenton.

Brenton grabbed the belt and tossed it aside. “I don’t need that when I have this.” He showed Jonas his hand. “Have you been naughty?”

“Yes,” Jonas answered. “I’ve been downright beastly.”

Brenton rewarded him with a slap on one of his butt cheeks.

“Ooh,” Jonas said. “That hurts.” The second slap turned him to a quivering mess and woke up his cock.

Brenton must have noticed it, too. “That’s quite a big stick you’re packing, Mr. Kerry.”

Jonas turned over on his back and spread his legs. He wrapped his fingers around his dick. “Do you like it?”

Brenton nodded. “I like it very much.”

Jonas continued to stoke until a little pre-cum appeared. “I’m ready to have you in me.” Brenton dropped his robe, exposing his body. “Oh, hurry,” Jonas said.

Brenton got a rubber and some lube out of the drawer. “You’re too damn sexy for your own good,” he said as he crawled up on the bed. He handed the tube to Jonas. “Prepare yourself while I get into this thing.”

Jonas rolled over on his knees again, uncapped the tube and squeezed some of the lube onto his fingers. He buried two of them into his ass and started working the gel in.

“That’s the sexiest thing I ever seen,” Brenton said, watching him.

Jonas looked at the man’s cock. His eyes widened at the sight of the thick phallus. He trembled with desire. Brenton’s cell phone rang. He crawled off the bed, looked at the screen, and returned to the bed without answering it. He moved over Jonas. “I’m glad you didn’t answer it. I want all of your attention.”

“You have it,” Brenton said, pressing the head of his cock against Jonas’s opening. He thrust deep.

“Oh, sweet mercy!” The burn upon entry should have sworn him off of men forever. Brenton’s cock was not only thick, but long, too. It pierced Jonas to the core.

“Are you okay?” Brenton asked.

“Uh huh,” Jonas said weakly. “Don’t stop.” No guy has ever made him feel so full, not even Sean. Brenton went back to making love with him. Jonas joined him rocking back and forth on his knees.

“You have the warmest hole in the world,” Brenton said as he continued to fuck Jonas.

“Thanks, I think.” They kept it up for a long time. “I think I’m about to come,” Jonas finally said.

Brenton pulled out and rolled Jonas over to his back. He moved between Jonas’s legs. “You think.” He lifted Jonas’s hips. “Let me make sure that you do.” He entered with a powerful thrust.

Jonas came calling out Brenton’s name. “Brenton! Oh, god! Oh!”

“Can’t stop now,” Brenton said pumping in and out of Jonas’s ass. “I’m coming, too. Ah!”

Jonas’s heartbeat roared in his chest as his dick continued to spew cum. His ass felt the warmth of Brenton’s emission deep inside of him. The man was buried up to his balls.

“Oh my god that was so…” Brenton couldn’t continue the sentence.

“Yes, I know,” Jonas agreed. In flaccid state, Brenton’s cock still felt huge.

Brenton slid out slowly, slipped the condom off his shaft and disposed of it into the waste can. He gathered Jonas into his arms and pulled him into to a spooning position at the top of the bed. “This is my favorite part of sex.”

Jonas sighed contently. “Mine, too.”

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