[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic romance, Alternative, Contemporary, Multicultural, MM, HEA]

College student Sammie Charles has always had one dream…to work for the biggest entertainment agency in the South, Albertson Entertainment. His chance came in the form of a poster in the placement office at his university. With the help of his three friends Archie Richardson, Chance Hart and Fasion Wilson, Sammie’s dream comes true when he auditions and gets a standing ovation not only from the judges, but also from the owner of the company himself, Tory Albertson.

Enlain Chen had fallen in love with the green-eyed, raven-haired Sammie the moment he laid eyes on him as Sammie performed in a host club in the French Quarter. After sharing one night of passion, he was hooked. Although he had his hands full with the three Latin “hotties” he managed, he welcomed the chance to not only see Sammie every day but to help guide his career to super stardom.

Dust in the Wind (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“Gentlemen, can I have your attention,” the master of ceremonies for the evening said. “Coming to the stage next is a singer you’re not going to believe. Where the others were just pantomiming, this one is the real thing. Hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana. Let’s give a nice warm welcome to Sammy.”

Sammy, what a cute name.

The master of ceremonies left the stage. The live band took over and the curtains opened. Someone with a sultry voice began singing the first stanza of Toni Braxton’s “Seven Whole Days.” Enlain Chen was into oldies but goodies. In fact, he preferred it to today’s music. His stereos at home and in his car were loaded with hits from the ’60s to the ’90s.

The songbird finally appeared.

Whoa! Be still, my heart. The singer not only rocked Toni’s song but her signature hairstyle from back then, short and tapered, with bangs. Long pearl earrings dangled from the ears, and called attention to a gorgeous face with very long lashes. The costume, the same one that Toni wore in the video, a white blouse, tied at the bottom and revealing a black A-shirt and a small waist. Dark jeans rode on wide hips and accentuated a big butt.

The house was packed. Sammy knew how to work the audience. Enlain looked around. Every gaze in the room was on the singer. The band went straight into another Braxton number, Enlain’s favorite, “Unbreak My Heart.” And damn if Sammy with the sultry and amazing voice didn’t sound like Braxton, hitting all those high notes and making his heart skip a beat. Enlain not only liked what he heard, but what he saw. Sammy looked down and seemed to be singing to him. Enlain thought he’d just imagined it until Sammy winked at him. The singer came down the stairs and walked over to his table. Afterwards Sammy returned to the stage and blew Enlain a kiss before leaving as the song ended. Everyone in the room clapped.

Another act appeared. Enlain went back to doing what they were doing. They had come out to celebrate the arrival of the newest member of the Green family, Ruby. They were sitting in the lounge of the Enchantment Club, a member’s only host club along with some of his friends. Also present was the proud father, Edward, an ex-CIA agent turned idol manager. Next to him sat Adam Montgomery, owner of the Montgomery Arms Hotels, and Adam’s good friend, Luke Austin, a senior publicist. Prince Fai Haung, manager of the Latin idol group, Wicked, was also there, seated next to Brenton Tramayne, the lead singer of the R&B group, Vizio. Rounding out their group was French fashion designer Giovanni Bassett and world-famous chef, Delun Wu. All of them, in some shape or form were employed by Tory Albertson, owner of the Albertson Entertainment Agency. At twenty-eight, Enlain was the youngest, and the only one who didn’t have a significant other waiting for him at home. Enlain had a feeling his dating status was about to change.

The entertainment finally ended for the evening and the band and emcee got replaced by a disc jockey. The lights were raised and the hosts began appearing. Several of them made a beeline for their table. The Enchantment Club was the only male host club in New Orleans. The owner had taken the idea from a Japanese manga. At least four other hosts headed over to the table where the owner of the club, Vernon James, entertained a group of guys. Though the ones at their table were very handsome, the four by Vernon were exceptionally gorgeous, especially the one with the raven hair, alluring green eyes and nice keister. All the hosts wore suits. Tonight, black with white shirts.

Someone tapped Enlain on the back. He looked up. Brilliant green eyes shown down on him.

“Would you care to dance?”

Enlain recognized that voice. The pitch wasn’t exactly male, but not exactly female either. He looked over at the other table. The raven-haired host was noticeably missing. “Yes,” Enlain said quickly before the fantasy disappeared.




“Do you like what you see?” the host asked him as Silk’s “Freak Me” played on the stereo he’d turned on when they entered.

“Yes,” Enlain answered honestly. Not only was this guy gorgeous and shapely, but he also had a scent pleasing to the senses. The dancing ended with the host on his knees between Enlain’s legs with his lips wrapped around the head of his cock. “Ooh!” Small, experienced hands stroked his rod and exceptionally soft lips made his dick hard as a rock. Normally he had better control of the situation, but not this time. The handsome host not only initiated the sex, but had rendered him speechless, helpless and about ready to come. He watched the guy’s head bob up and down as he sucked his knob. “You are very good at this.”

Heavily-lashed lids rolled back and interested green eyes looked up and the host winked at him. The younger man never missed a beat as he brought Enlain closer and closer to the edge. Then he clamped his lips tighter and used a little more force to squeeze Enlain’s balls, then Enlain went off. “Oh!”

A sexy chuckle escaped the host’s lips as he rose. He swallowed just for Enlain’s entertainment. “You were delicious.” He reached for his glass of champagne and sipped. He barely had time to put the glass down before Enlain snatched him and body slammed him gently on the mattress. He looked down at the guy. “Are you a dream?”

“No, I’m very real,” the guy said. He pulled Enlain down on him and stole a kiss.

Damn. It just blew Enlain away.

A Toni Braxton song played, and the host began singing it to him.

So, it wasn’t a trick. It was his voice. But he was a guy and had a cock. Before he knew it, he was kissing his way down the falsetto-voiced crooner’s chest, his stomach, and his rock-hard abs. Guy’s body, chick’s voice. It did not make sense to Enlain, but it worked. The other guy still had on his briefs. That could be remedied. Enlain got him out of them and gazed down at the total package. He wasn’t disappointed. The guy hit the high points in the song and his dick moved into an aroused position. All Enlain wanted to do was show him who was boss. Sucking a guy’s cock was his specialty.

“Ooh yeah,” the host shouted as Enlain went down on him. “Make it yours.”

Thanks, I will. Enlain wet a finger and tried to inch it inside of the host’s behind.

“Oh my gosh!” the guy exclaimed as the digit entered him.

Oh fuck, he’s so tight. He would need some help if he expected to get in there. Moments later the other male trembled from desire. His dick continued to harden in Enlain’s mouth. Enlain inched his finger out and stopped sucking. He moved away, leaving the other young man on his back panting. He kept his eyes on him while he donned a condom. “You got lube?”

“No, it’s not like I knew this was going to happen.”

“No problem.” He leaned over the bed and flipped the guy over on his belly and pulled him up to his knees. The ass was phenomenal, rounded like a peach. Enlain buried his face into the crack and prepared his future mate.

“Hurry and put it in me.”

Enlain crawled between the host’s legs, holding his hard dick and pressed it against the little opening. Enlain didn’t know if it was a cry of passion or pain or both, but by some miracle he made it through the little ring of flesh. He gave the other guy a couple of seconds to catch his breath, then the love-making commenced.

Enlain took it slow at first, letting the other male get the feel of his dick inside of him. The host just didn’t lie there. He rocked on his knees and literally backed that thing up on him. Enlain didn’t want to admit it but this was the best piece of ass he’d ever had. Eventually he got tired of looking at the back of the guy’s head. He inched out of the small sheath. “On your back.”


Enlain waited for him to change positions, then he got back between those fine thighs, lifted his legs up and rested them against his chest. Then Enlain parted him and entered.

“Ooh, you’re so big.”

“Am I the first guy you’ve ever been with?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Yes. You’re so unbelievably tight. Thank you for waiting for me.”

“You’re welcome. Teach me to please you.”

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