One for Three (MFMM)

Elite Dragons 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,312
36 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, with paranormal elements, HEA]

Brooke Marsh is at death's door and suffering from exposure when she is rescued by Special Force operatives Coulter, Trace, and Corbin Thornell.

Coulter, Trace, and Corbin are members of the Elite Dragons, working and living together under the cover of running a horse stud with nine other operatives.

The three brothers are called in to rescue three women who have been abducted and carried over the border into Canada. They find the women, and even though Brooke is unconscious, they are all drawn to her.

They vow to protect her and find the leaders of the black market organ traders and take them down. But that isn’t the only threat to the woman they have feelings for. Can they find the spies amongst them and keep the women safe? Or will they be too late and lose everything?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

One for Three (MFMM)
36 Ratings (4.4)

One for Three (MFMM)

Elite Dragons 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,312
36 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Even though this novel isn’t without its flaws, I must say I really enjoyed it. The relationship between Brooke and her men, despite developing a bit too fast, was fun to read about and the surrounding ‘mystery’ was equally as intriguing. I was a bit baffled by the extra paranormal elements the author threw in – they hardly seemed necessary – but am looking forward to the next in the series and hope it’s as good as if not better than this one.
wonderful new series and it is fantastic. Ms Van sure knows how to tell a good hot steamy story.
Barefoot Okie
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "ONE FOR THREE is the first book in an exciting new series with some unforgettable men. These heroes will leave you begging for more. Brooke was just one of the women who have recently been captured and thrown into a cold basement for unknown reasons. She does her best to survive and stay alert, but hope starts to dwindle as the girls slowly succumb to hypothermia. They are saved by Special Force operatives who have been sent in search of the missing women. During their rescue, the three brothers Coulter, Trace, and Corbin Thornell notice a strong pull toward Brooke. Once everyone is safe, they start to grow fond of Brooke and begin to court her. Unfortunately there is a leak in their midst and now they are on a race against time to find them and keep the women safe. This was a fast-paced and fun start to what promises to be a great new series. The writing was really well done and there were a few surprises along the way as well. I kept guessing on who the leak was until the very end. Brooke is a kind and strong woman who is used to getting by on her own. I liked that she kept her independent spirit even after the ordeal she had been through. She really gave the brothers a run for their money when it came to stubbornness as well and that led to some interesting fights and make up sessions. The boys are all wonderful men who have kind hearts, but they are all very dominant and I had a great time seeing how Brooke handled them. ONE FOR THREE is a fun fast paced adventure with some sexy heroes readers would love to take home!" -- Katie Cody, The Romance Reviews

4 HEARTS: "Brooke has been kidnapped and kept in a basement for a little over a week and she is not doing well. Hypothermia has started to set in and she knows that she is in trouble but she is too weak to ask for help from the other women who have been kidnapped. Luckily at this time they are all rescued. Immediately Coulter, Trace, and Corbin are drawn to Brooke and so take a personal look at her and take personal care to make sure she's okay. When Brooke wakes up and meets them for the first time, she is also immediately drawn to them. The characters are really well-written. I really enjoyed getting to know them and watching them fall in love. Brooke is not a pushover but she is in for it with these three men because they are all alpha male dominants. She has to pick her battles and learn how to handle them. I enjoyed watching her do it because it led to some funny encounters between her and the men. I really enjoyed the way they interacted. The men might be dominant but they do not want to really change Brooke, just protect her. In the bedroom, that's a different story, they want to dominate her there. The sex is explicit and fairly frequent but not overly so. There are emotions involved by that time. There is plenty of action going on in this story to keep the reader's attention. There are twists and turns that keep the reader guessing on who is behind the kidnapping ring and why it happened. There is more than enough in this story to keep the reader's attention. Once I started I didn't want to stop. This is the first story in a new series and I am excited for the other books to come out and to see what happens with this team." -- Lexee, The Romance Studio

"Brooke Marsh knows that her life is almost at an end after a week of captivity in the freezing cold and little-to-no food and water. As she curls up in a corner, Brooke wonders what will happen next to her or if she will even wake up. Alone in the world, she knows that no one would have alerted the police about her disappearance. Coulter, Trace and Corbin Thornell are brothers and they are also members of the Elite Dragons, a group that is the US Government’s secret weapons. All of the Dragons have been enhanced and now have abilities that make them the ultimate warriors. Based out of a horse stud farm in North Dakota, the group goes into missions that others just couldn’t do. Which is why they are in Canada hunting a group that kidnaps women for the black market organ trade. Brooke is amazed to find herself not only waking up but also feeling warmth for the first time since she was kidnapped. Coulter, Trace and Corbin were shocked to find four instead of three women in the house and are equally stunned that they feel something very special for this woman dangerously close to dying. Brooke steadily recovers from her ordeal while at the same time trying to fight the attraction she feels for the Thornell brothers. However the brothers have no intension of letting Brooke go now that they have found the woman who can accept them as they are. Just as the sparks fly, it become apparent that someone knows that Brooke is still alive at the farm and they want her back. The Thornell brothers know that the only way that happened was betrayal and begin to find out who is behind the attempts and why. When the danger gets closer, will the dragons find the answers fast enough to save Brooke again? Danger brought four hearts together and passion will keep them that way if they just fight for it hard enough. One for Three lets Coulter, Trace and Corbin find the woman they have been seeking in Brooke. I always find it amazing how love can make hard and elite warriors into fiercely protective mates when they find the right woman. That is exactly what happened to Coulter, Trace and Corbin when they found Brooke during one of their missions. I enjoyed watching Brooke stand up to her three men when they tried to wrap her in cotton. I also had to enjoy watching as all three of the Thornell’s struggled with their alpha tendencies and bending enough to give Brooke some breathing room. The final chapter proved that this is one family that will be strong for a long time coming. One for Three is erotic and suspense filled with enough honest passion to round off any sharp edges on these fierce warriors and their chosen woman." -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

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Brooke groaned and tried to open her eyes. Her eyelids felt like they were glued shut, and it took her several tries to pry them open. She sighed when she finally got them open and stared at the white ceiling. She was warm and dry, and she wasn’t in that dungeon-type basement anymore. A deep voice off to her side startled her so much she jumped.

“Easy, baby. You’re safe now.”

“Where am I? Who are you?” Brooke croaked.

The man moved and sat on the side of the bed. He slid an arm beneath her head and shoulders and held a glass to her lips. Brooke drank in sips, careful not to overload her stomach. She gave a slight shake of her head when she’d had enough water.

“My name is Coulter Thornell. You are in my home across the border in North Dakota. You’re safe now. How are you feeling?”

“O–Okay,” she stammered, a wealth of questions gathering in her mind. “But how did you know where we were? And how did you find us? And why should I—?”

The man laughed, the deep, sexy sound rolling over her in waves, and cut her off. As he sat next to her, she relished the dry warmth radiating from his body, such a welcome relief after the frigid dampness of her horrendous prison.

“I lead an elite squad within the United States Army. With the cooperation of the Canadian government, we were tasked to find you and the other women in the basement.”

An elite squad? The cynical part of Brooke’s mind, jaded from her trauma, found that suspicious, but the irrational side of Brooke’s mind, the part that operated off of emotion and intuition, wanted desperately to trust him. What’s the worst that can happen? Brooke had already been held prisoner and tortured. She was alive, and apparently this man had saved her.

“Right. US Army. But did the others get out, or did you just rescue me?” she asked, her anxiety mounting once again.

 “Shh, take it easy, Brooke. All the women are safe. We’ll talk about this later. I’ll bet you’re hungry and want a shower. I have some clothes here for you,” Coulter stated, holding up some large sweatpants and a sweater. “I know they aren’t in your size, but you’ll have to make do for now. Come on, I’ll help you shower.”

Brooke eyed the large Adonis of a man. She’d never seen such a sexy, hot, handsomely rugged man before. He put Zeus and Hercules to shame. He had light-blue eyes, short blond hair, and his face was bristled along the jaw. He had to be at least six foot two and two hundred pounds. He was packed full of muscle, which she could see rippling beneath the long-sleeved T-shirt he wore. He had muscular pecs and broad shoulders which tapered down to slim waist and hips. He had large, brawny thighs and really long legs. She looked up again to find him smiling at her and she felt her cheeks warm with embarrassment at being caught out giving him the once-over. He gave her a wink, and he reached over taking her hands into his.

Brooke felt warmth radiate up her arm, over her chest, and straight down to her pussy. She drew in a deep breath when her pussy clenched and leaked juices onto her panties. Coulter helped her into a sitting position, and it was only as the quilt fell away from her chest that she realized she was clad in just her bra and panties. She let go of his hand and pulled the quilt up to cover her breasts.

“We had to get you out of those damp clothes, baby. You were suffering from hypothermia. Let me help you shower and dress and then you can have something to eat.”

“I can shower by myself. I don’t need any help,” Brooke replied and cursed the breathlessness she heard coming from her own mouth.

“Be my guest,” Coulter replied and stepped back from her.

Brooke swung her legs over the side of the bed and ignored the dizziness which assailed her. She clutched the quilt and rose to her feet, making sure to keep her half-naked body covered. Her eyesight diminished, and she felt herself swaying. Her legs were shaking beneath her, and she blindly reached out as her knees threatened to buckle. She gasped as an arm wrapped around her and the quilt and then she was swept from her feet and carried across the room into the adjoining bathroom.




He nipped at her lip and then drew her tongue into his mouth. He sucked on her and loved how she whimpered with desire. He released her tongue and followed it back into her mouth. He tasted every nook and cranny until he had to slow the kiss down and finally stop so they could both breathe.

He bent down and sucked a nipple into his mouth, flicking over the hard peak with his tongue. He released her tip and licked his way down over her stomach. He kissed the top of her mound and laved her clit until she bucked beneath him with renewed passion.

Trace sat up and moved off the bed, pulling her with him. He sat on the edge and pulled her over his lap until she was straddling his thighs, facing him. He placed his hands at her waist and lifted her until his cock kissed against her wet folds. He gazed into her eyes and slowly lowered her onto his hard dick. She was wet, but not wet enough for his massive cock, so he looked over at Corbin, who was now lying on the bed watching them.

“Get the lube,” Trace rasped. He lifted her up and held her suspended above him.

Trace heard her whimper and saw her belly contract as Corbin slicked her pretty little cunt with lube. Corbin pumped his fingers into her pussy a few times, making sure Brooke was plenty wet enough, and also for his own enjoyment.

“Okay,” Corbin growled.

Trace lowered Brooke onto his hard rod once more and sighed as her hot, wet flesh separated and he began to penetrate her. He groaned as she enveloped him like a glove would fit his fingers and palm. He loved that she dug her nails into his shoulders as he slowly eased his cock all the way into her depths. She clenched around him, and she sighed as her tense muscles relaxed.

“Are you okay, darlin’?” Trace panted.

“Yeah, but I want you to move,” Brooke commanded breathlessly.

“I will, darlin’. I was just giving you time to adjust.”

“I’m adjusted, now move!”

“Not yet, honey,” Corbin said from behind Brooke. “I want you to stay still and relaxed. Do you think you can do that for me, Brooke?”

“Why? What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to stretch you, honey. Just breathe slowly and evenly and don’t clench up,” Corbin replied.

Trace held on to Brooke’s hips. When she shrieked, he knew Corbin was slicking her little asshole with the lube. He wrapped his arms around her as she shivered, holding her tightly against his chest. He didn’t want her to move too much and inadvertently hurt herself.

“Oh, my God. What are you doing?” Brooke wailed.

“Shh, honey. Am I hurting you?” asked Corbin.


“Do you like what I’m doing to you?” he asked.

“I–I don’t know.”

“Does it feel good, baby?” Trace asked in a deep, gravelly voice.


“Look at me, Brooke,” Trace demanded and waited for her to look up. His eyes held hers, and when her eyes widened, he knew Corbin had penetrated her anus with his fingers. He reached between their bodies and pinched a nipple. She moaned and her eyes slid closed, so he did it again. She whimpered and keened as his brother prepared her so that eventually they could both love her together. Her pussy tightened and then released as Corbin began to finger-fuck her ass.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God,” Brooke chanted.

“Easy, honey. I have you nice and loose. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly,” Corbin grated out.

Trace cupped the back of Brooke’s neck and head with his hands, keeping her still so he could watch her face. Corbin moved in closer to Brooke, bent his knees, and began to push into her ass. Brooke’s eyes squeezed closed tightly, but he needed to see her so he could gauge if his brother was hurting her.

“Open your eyes, darlin’,” he commanded quietly and cursed when she did. He could see tears glistening in her eyes. “Do you want us to stop?”

“No!” She sobbed her reply.

“Don’t clench up, honey. Push back against me, Brooke.” Corbin groaned.

Brooke’s internal muscles flexed and loosened as she did as Corbin said. Her pussy grew so tight when Corbin penetrated her backside that he had to clench his teeth to control his own libido.

“I’m in,” Corbin rasped out.

Those words were like music to his ears. Trace released his firm hold on Brooke and moved his hands down to her hips. He gave a Corbin a nod and his brother pulled out of her ass. As Corbin surged back in, Trace retreated from her pussy. They started off slow, giving Brooke time to adjust to having her body stuffed full of cock and to relax a little.

Trace thrust his hips in counterpoint to his brother, gasping as his cock slid all the way into Brooke’s wet heat. He growled again when he drew back and felt her pussy sucking at the head of his hard rod, trying to keep him from pulling out too far. His woman was a greedy little thing, and he loved every sensation he felt as he and his brother made love with her.

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