Seduced by Shark Shifters III: Tom's Turn (MM)


Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,340
0 Ratings (0.0)

Tom Whitmore's feelings for Logan White began the first day he saw him back in middle school, but somewhere in those wild college years, Tom's crush turned to love.

A year after college, all that was well and good, and Tom had even learned how to deal with being in love with his straight best friend, until stupid Logan White ran off and married a complete stranger ... an older, gorgeous, wealthy stranger who looks like a soap opera star, and just so happens to be able to turn into a shark.

No matter how idiotic the mistake, Tom has never given up on Logan, and he doesn't plan to start now. If he has to plot against this shark shifting man while battling Logan's own stubbornness, then so be it.

Because this time, it's Tom's turn.

Seduced by Shark Shifters III:  Tom's Turn (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Seduced by Shark Shifters III: Tom's Turn (MM)


Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,340
0 Ratings (0.0)
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"So what would happen if you weren't married? I mean like if you guys suddenly decided you didn't like each other or something."

"Wow! Everything's been going so fast, I hadn't thought of that," Stefano said. "I guess it might actually be okay now. I kind of ended everything last night, but if we weren't married, I don't know what would happen. Technically, it's over because Logan and I are family, or rather, Sam and I are family. He's the one that killed the guys in my shiver, he and his mates, Derek and Wyn. I guess if we broke up suddenly, the feud might still be on. Either way, I don't think we have to worry about that. I think Logan and I are going to do just fine."

"Yeah, of course," I said, trying not to sound guilty. "I was just curious."

"Well, then," Stefano said, putting his hand between my shoulder blades and leading me toward a pair of French doors that overlooked the ocean. "Let me show you something else you've been curious about."

I allowed him to lead me down to the beach, his hand ever so lightly between my shoulders. I still held the white towel he had given me in my hands, and he looked at it and said, "You might not want to wear that."

"Or what?" I asked. "People might see me as sexual?"

"Well, yes."

"Hell, if I had known that, I would have started wearing red a long time ago," I said, wrapping the towel around my neck.

Stefano laughed, as we walked on the beach and said, "Well, I'm sure they'll appreciate the view."

We were about a quarter mile down the beach when we passed two nicely tanned men wearing black Speedos. As they approached, Stefano put his arm around me and pulled me close. The gesture seemed a little odd, since he too, was smaller than me, but once I saw the looks on the two men's faces, I understood why he did it.

"Mmmm, look what you found in the ocean," one of them said.

"Yeah, and I don't share my catch," Stefano replied.

"I appreciate the help," I said after the men had passed. "But I can take care of myself."

"Not from those two, Big Boy. They're part of my shiver. They would wear you out if they got the chance," he said, patting me on the ass. "That was for their benefit, by the way."

"Of course it was," I said. "Anyway, how do you know that I might not want to get worn out?"

"So you like men?" Stefano asked a little skeptically.

"Love 'em," I said.

"Yes, but have you ever been with two sex crazed men at one time?"

"No, but if I were going to, this would be the week," I said.

"Rough week?" Stefano asked. "Have we stressed you out that badly?"

"I'm just glad Logan's okay," I answered, wondering what Stefano could hear in my voice.

"You really care about him," Stefano said. "That's sweet. You're a good friend for Logan to have, and I hope that you'll be one to me."

Now it was my turn to be taken aback. How could this man be so trusting and nice? He wanted me to be his friend, and I was practically his enemy. He was the man who had the one thing I wanted most in the world. I wondered for a moment just how far I would go to try and get it from him. I pictured Logan's face, and then I heard his laugh in my head. Pretty damned far, I told myself.

"Don't worry, man. I'll definitely be around," I said, and patted him on the back.

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