Not to Be Messed With (MM)

Mating with Wolves 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,296
18 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Morgan Anson is getting used to his new life with his human mate. The man is everything Morgan could have ever wanted, strong, kind, and honorable. As an omega werewolf with mismatched eyes, Morgan is considered a curse to his pack. Despite that, Jake Taylor hasn't thrown him to the curb.
Which doesn't stop Morgan from being really nervous about telling his human mate that he is now pregnant.
Jake at first thinks his sweet and shy lover is pulling a fast one, but is thrilled when he learns the truth, and is soon looking forward to being a father, but now he must do everything in his power to make sure Herrick, Morgan's abusive uncle and the alpha of the pack, does not find out. If he does, he might want to take Morgan back, and Jake will have to show him that even though he's an alpha, Jake's mate is not to be messed with.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Not to Be Messed With (MM)
18 Ratings (4.2)

Not to Be Messed With (MM)

Mating with Wolves 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,296
18 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Professional Reviews

"‘Not to Be Messed With’ is a great sequel to ‘A Shifters Worst Nightmare’. Actually, I think it was even better than the first volume, and it really got the story line going. With male pregnancy at its best, Morgan’s bast*rd of an uncle up to no good, and some very mysterious goings-on around Jake, this installment had me sitting up and taking notice. And no, I can’t tell you any more details because they’d be spoilers. Morgan and Jake came very much more alive for me as they grew closer and developed into a real couple. Their love for each other becomes really obvious both in and out of the bedroom, and the events around them force them to make some decisions about how to run their lives and that of the men, Sam and Josh, who work on the ranch. Morgan is still subdued more often than not, and who can blame him with a past of being emotionally abused, locked in his room, and told that he is useless. But he is definitely making progress as he begins to believe that Jake will not hurt him, and the first time he actually stands up for his own opinion? Both Jake and I silently applauded him. I can only try to imagine how nervous he is when he tells Jake he is pregnant, and his hesitancy and fear are well described. Then he begins to stand up to his a** of an uncle and the sh*t hits the fan. I have to admit that I did not expect what happened, but I should have! Jake is very much in love and determined to do anything to support his shy lover and to help him increase his self-confidence. Hearing Morgan is pregnant is a major shock, but Jake deals with the situation really well and quickly focuses on making sure Morgan has everything he needs. His best friend Alain, beta of the local pack, becomes a valuable source of information about werewolf pregnancies, which Morgan doesn’t know a lot about. If only the horrible uncle would stay out of their affairs, but no, the man demands a tithe since he claims Jake is now part of his pack. Jake is livid, but there isn’t much he can do – until the uncle goes to far and the gloves come of. Boy, does Jake show him! If you like werewolf stories that include male pregnancy, if you want to know how Morgan and Jake are doing after meeting in the first book, and if you’re looking for an entertaining read with a good deal of tension, a few surprises, and some great man-on-man action, then you will probably like this novella. It makes me look forward to Sam and Alain’s story." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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“I’m pregnant.”


* * * *


Jake heard that and laughed. He didn’t mean to laugh right in Morgan’s face, but he thought it was a joke and it seemed so funny.

Not so funny when Morgan didn’t laugh with him.

Which was about when Jake pulled himself up onto his elbows and looked down at him, trying to determine what the angle of this joke was, or if Morgan thought he was serious.

“Did someone at your old pack tell you that?”

“Tell me what?” Morgan asked, also sitting up, curling his arms around his knees in a way that made the man look way too damned young. He was young, but at twenty-three, he was no kid.

“Tell you that it’s possible for that to happen to a man. It’s not, you’re not pregnant.”

“No, you don’t understand. This is possible. I’m a werewolf, an omega. So it can happen.” Morgan said, keeping that same serious,I’m not kidding around with you, face that was starting to make Jake just a little worried.

“Okay, it’s not April Fool’s Day, but I still think you’re pulling my leg here,” Jake said, his eyes falling down to Morgan’s stomach. No way. There was no way. “How would this happen?”

“I’m a shifter. My body changes all the time.”

“Into a wolf,” Jake said.

“Yeah, and my organs shift and bones change, too. My body must’ve changed when it realized I wasn’t with a woman, so it changed to…you know, accommodate a pup.”

“There’s a puppy inside of you?” Jake asked, his eyes bugging out of his head.

“Of course not, but, it’ll probably be a werewolf.”

“No way, this is not possible. How would you even know you’re pregnant? Some women don’t know until months later.”

“I can sense it growing inside me. The same way I feel you, your heartbeat, your breathing, all of it. You’re my mate and this is our child.”

Jake was severely getting worried now. He sounded like he was serious. Morgan sounded like he was being serious, and Jake was still waiting for the man to come right out and tell him that this was just a prank, and then they were going to laugh at each other.

Morgan was just looking at him, however, waiting with those big mismatched eyes of his, as though waiting for Jake to be angry, or not believe him, or do anything that wouldn’t be good. Which could be a number of things at this point.

“If you’re joking around about this—“

Morgan shook his head. “I’m not! I swear!”

“I will be very angry,” Jake said, which was about when he realized this was the first time he’d let it known to the other man that he would ever be angry about anything.

He would though. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt the man, but if Morgan was having fun at his expense about something so serious, Jake wouldn’t the one sleeping on the couch tonight.

“How would you even give birth?”

Morgan’s face turned a bright shade of red. Those cheeks could probably boil water at this point. “I’ll form a vagina. I’ve already got the womb, so it’s just a matter of time.”

Too weird. This was too weird. “Is it there now?” Jake asked, completely forgetting that he’d just gotten a good look at Morgan’s privates, and there was nothing there.

Morgan shook his head anyway. “You won’t see it unless I’m in my wolf form. I’ll carry the baby in both bodies, but my wolf will basically turn all female, and I’ll give birth like that. Are you angry?”


Morgan wet his lips, and he seemed to be having trouble looking Jake in the eye. “You just…you don’t look too happy. I get if it’s a shock. I should’ve told you this could happen, but you’re a human. I didn’t think it could with a human. I thought both needed to be shifter blood somehow.”

Jake was silent for a few long seconds. “You’re not tricking me, are you?”

Morgan shook his head, barely glancing up at him as he seemed to find something else that was more interesting to stare at on his hands.

Jake blew out a long breath, looked down at Morgan’s stomach, his flat, skinny waist, and then brought the man close and curled his arms around him. “No, I’m not angry,” he said.

“Are you sure?”

Fuck, Morgan’s voice was so small. Jake hated that Morgan thought so little of himself, that there were times when he thought he had to tiptoe around like this. It wasn’t all the time, not even most of the time, but but it was enough that every time it happened Jake always wanted to go back to Morgan’s pack and kick the shit out of everyone who had ever made him feel so worthless. And all because of the color of his eyes.

“I’m sure. You can push out triplets if you want and the lot of them can have your eyes—“

“Don’t say that!” Morgan said quickly, as though Jake might have accidentally jinxed them.

“It’s not a curse,” Jake said, and he touched Morgan’s cheek. “You’re eyes are so damned pretty, and you don’t even see it. I would love it if we had lots of kids with eyes like that.”

Morgan choked out a small laugh. There was a shine in his eyes, as though he was fighting back tears. Knowing Morgan, he would do everything he could to keep them from falling.

“Come here, we’re okay. You’re okay,” Jake said, holding his lover, his mate, closer and kissing his temple. Morgan clutched him back. He sniffled, but he still valiantly fought back the tears. Morgan hated being perceived as weak, and he was usually willing to do whatever it took to keep that from happening.

“I love you. You can give me as many kids as you want,” Jake said, rubbing Morgan’s back, more and more on board with the idea of what Morgan was telling him.




Jake kissed him as he fumbled with his belt. It was pretty hard to keep himself upright as he kissed his lover, but now all the kissing, the warmth of Morgan’s body and the promise of something more had Jake’s cock throbbing and his testicles tight. He wanted to push inside of that tight space and fuck Morgan hard and fast. He was definitely going to be doing that tonight.

“Fuck, hurry, hurry,” Morgan said.

“Love it when you’re all impatient like this,” Jake said, grinning as he finally managed to kick off the jeans he wore. He was going to follow Morgan’s lead on this one and not bother with removing his tank top, though he had thrown away his plaid button down. It was on the floor somewhere now.

Not totally naked, but there was a lot of skin for his mouth to explore, and that was fine by him.

Jake listened intently to every soft inhale, every sigh that came from Morgan’s mouth. Every little noise was better than all the saved porn searches on Jake’s computer.

Ever since he’d met Morgan, nothing could get him off in quite the same way. Not his favorite sites, not teasing himself in the shower. Nothing. If Morgan wasn’t there, Jake’s orgasms always felt…not weak, but there was something different about them now than there had been before.

“I love you,” Morgan said, panting for breath.

Oh, that was probably the thing that was different. It sure made that nice fluttery sensation in his belly pick up.

“Love you, too,” Jake said, leaning in for another kiss, meaning the words with everything he had inside of him. If only Morgan knew how much. There was no way that Jake would ever be able to get Morgan to understand how much he’d come to mean to him.

Hot and heavy, for real, that’s what the next several minutes were like as their mouths hardly parted. Warm and wet while Jake thrust his cock forward, his dick sliding against Morgan’s, both of them heating up the living room with what they were doing.

That scene from the Titanic came to mind with the steamy car. It was almost enough to make Jake laugh out loud. Right. He would think of a scene like that right about now.

“You’re smiling. What’re you smiling about?”

Jake shook his head, pressing another soft, quick kiss to that mouth he couldn’t get enough of. “Nothing. I’m good,” he said, and despite the throbbing ache in his cock, he had to pull back. He didn’t keep his lube hidden in the living room. He had to jump up and run to the bathroom to get it.

He felt almost like a kid again. Well, not a kid, but a teenager with his first lover. Here he was, running around bare assed and excited, his cock slapping against his belly, and Morgan was ready and willing right on his couch, waiting for him.

Jake nearly knocked over his shaving cream and electric razor just to get at the stuff he wanted, and then it was a mad dash to get back to the living room.

Morgan was leaning up on his elbows, a wide grin on his face when Jake came back to him. He immediately spread his legs, welcoming Jake back between them before he put his hand into Jake’s hair and gripped the strands hard.

“Fuck me hard and fast. I need you just like that,” he said.

Jake looked down between them. Morgan’s cock wasn’t just red, it was a dark red, turning almost a painful shade of purple.

“Anything you want, but let me take care of that first,” Jake said, moving down so that his face was between Morgan’s thighs.

Morgan immediately knew what was about to happen, his knees spreading apart wider, and now both of his hands in Jake’s hair. “Oh God, yeah, please. Oh,” Morgan said, and then he bit down hard on his lower lip when Jake slid his tongue along the shaft of his cock.

He didn’t do this enough for Morgan. He wasn’t even sure why. It wasn’t like he was avoiding this. It just always seemed like Morgan beat him to it, and then they were rolling around in the sack, coming, and then sleeping.

Jake tightened his mouth around the base, swirling his tongue, and when he came up for a breath, he kissed the head before going down again.

Morgan’s hips pumped in a slow rhythm, back and forth as he breathed in uneven gasps. Jake could feel every pulse of his heartbeat through the man’s dick. It was nice.

“You want this?” Jake asked, pressing one of his fingers against Morgan’s pucker, circling the hole, teasing.

Morgan blinked those bleary mismatched eyes of his and looked down. “Y-yeah.”

Good. Morgan couldn’t answer that, however, because his mouth was already back to work.

Morgan let go of Jake’s hair and fisted his own. He groaned out loud, and Jake was grateful that he didn’t have any neighbors close by. That had to count for something, but it probably meant the horses were still a little on the scared side when Morgan moaned and came.

They were used to being around Morgan now, but sometimes they got skittish when they heard him coming into the barn. They never really liked it the morning after hearing him yelling out an orgasm either.

Jake swallowed down all that Morgan gave him, and he kept up the pressure on the man’s cock since it was still hard. Another few seconds and Morgan would be moaning and begging him for more all over again.

And there it was. Those tiny mewls that Morgan let out. When he opened his eyes, instead of that mismatched color that Jake adored, both eyes were golden. One was a little brighter than the other, but it was still something.

“That…that’s felt good.”

Jake pulled back, his lips making a suction cup sound on Morgan’s erection when he did so, and he was very aware, and very pleased, with the shiver that seemed to pass through the younger man’s body.

Jake grabbed onto Morgan’s legs and thrust them over his shoulders, then he grabbed the lube. “We’re not even close to being done yet.”

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