Passion, Victoria 3: Tasha's Story (MFM)

Passion, Victoria 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,150
7 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, HEA]
Natasha Cameron is a twenty-two year-old virgin and is afraid of physical and emotional intimacy. She is a beautiful, vibrant, young woman and captures the interest of two handsome, rugged, sexy Irish men. The Gallagher brothers, Jason and Sean, have moved their business and home to be closer to Natasha so they can court her.
Tasha finds herself living in the spare room of the Gallagher brothers so she can launch her career as an artist. The two brothers end up seducing Tasha, but she catches them with another woman and is hurting over their infidelity, so she packs her bags and leaves.
Jason and Sean have their work cut out for them, as they try to find Tasha and win back her love and affection, so they can continue in the pursuit of enticing her into a polyandrous relationship. Will they succeed or is it too late?
NOTE: This book was previously published at 27,000 words under the name Becky Wilde with another publisher. This version has been extensively revised and expanded to 37,150 words.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.
Passion, Victoria 3: Tasha's Story (MFM)
7 Ratings (4.0)

Passion, Victoria 3: Tasha's Story (MFM)

Passion, Victoria 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,150
7 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
An average book
I love how these stories are all connected. They just get better and better. Just wish they were a bit longer but I still love them.




The days began to follow a pattern for Tasha. She still rose early but instead of going to work, she painted. She expressed all the loneliness, turmoil, and desire she felt in her art. She painted landscapes which she made sure were hidden from display each night before the two men returned from the warehouse, but she would often find herself painting the two sexy men she was living with.

One particular painting drew her again and again. It was the image of Jason and Sean leaning against the door to her old apartment looking at her with desire burning from their eyes. She painted until she felt her arm was too sore and heavy to continue.

The days turned into weeks and before she realized it, she’d been sharing with the two men for nearly eight weeks.

Nearly every night after dinner she found herself sitting between them on the sofa. It didn’t matter how much she tried to keep her body from touching theirs. She always seemed to end up cuddled up to one of them with her legs draped over the others. She didn’t know how they managed it but she was getting used to being close to them now and craved their touch. Either Sean or Jason massaged her feet as they watched TV while the other had their arm around her shoulders and she leaned into the other brother’s warm hard body.

Just the other night they had all been working in the kitchen to prepare dinner and Sean had turned to face her.

“How’s the painting coming along, darlin’?”

“Slowly but I’m doing okay.”

“When are you going to show us what you’ve been working on?” Jason asked.

“I’m not.” Tasha shrugged. “Just call me temperamental, but I’m not showing anyone any of my work until I’ve had it appraised.”

“Fair enough.” Jason winked at her and then bumped his hip to hers. She’d stumbled and if it hadn’t been for Sean grabbing hold of her should would have ended up on her arse. Jason had looked downright horrified at having bumped her too hard and had apologized profusely and then pulled her into his arms. The only way she had thought to cover her feelings at having him so close was by laughing the incident off but she wasn’t sure she had succeeded when Jason had finally released her and looked at her speculatively.

They were always doing nice things for her too. Like making her coffee each morning and bringing it in to her before she’d even gotten out of bed. And as much as she liked how they looked out for her she was worried she was becoming too attached. With each day that passed they were becoming closer and more important to her and that worried her no end.

Jason was also the first one to push her buttons and rile her temper. Last week she hadn’t been very hungry. She’d had a headache and was feeling a little ill, so she had pushed her food around her plate without eating anything. How the hell they knew that she wasn’t feeling up to par was a mystery, but Sean had gotten up from his seat and when he’d come back he’d brought two painkillers and a glass of water. She’d smiled at him gratefully and taken the medicine but when she’d pushed the plate of foot away Jason had pointed at it and said one word. “Eat.”

Tasha had opened her mouth to tell him no, but he’d started talking again.

“What did you have for lunch, little girl?”

Tasha frowned as she thought back over her day and realized that she’d forgotten to eat. Sean and Jason had already left the loft for the warehouse when she’d emerged from the bathroom after taking a shower. She’d walked to the coffee pot, refilled her mug and then got to work. She been so intent on what she’d been painting and hadn’t taken any notice of the time. It was only when she had finished and was cleaning up her brushes that she’d realized how late it was. She’d only just managed to hide her wet painting from view when they’d entered the loft again. She must have shown what she was thinking on her face because Jason glared at her.

“Damn it, Tasha. You have to stop and eat. If you don’t start looking after yourself you’re going to end up getting sick.”

Tasha’s shrug had earned her a glare from Jason and a sigh from Sean.

“I want you to promise me that you won’t skip any more meals,” Sean said. “Otherwise I am going to come up here and make you something to eat myself and I’m sure you don’t want me interrupting your work.”

Sean had raised an eyebrow at her and waited. She’d wanted to tell him to back off but from the implacable look in both men’s eyes she knew she could argue until she’d gone blue in the face but wouldn’t be able to sway their minds.

“Okay.” She sighed. “I’ll set the alarm on my mobile phone.”

Jason had held out his hand. “Give me your phone and I’ll do it for you”

“I’m quite capable of…”

“Now, Natasha,” Jason demanded.

“Arrogant Irish arse,” Tasha muttered while pulling her phone from her pocket and then slapped it into his hand.

Jason had smirked at her but then ignored her while setting the alarm on her phone before handing it back. “Now you are going to sit there and eat your food. You probably have a headache because you skipped lunch. Eating will ease the pain in your head and the sick feeling in your stomach.”

Even though she hated being told what to do, especially by the Gallagher brothers, she eaten her dinner and felt so much better afterward. Not that she’d ever tell them that. 




The sensation of his hand on her was even better without the encumbrance of cotton or lace. He kneaded and molded her flesh until she was constantly moving. Sean lifted her shirt up even more and groaned when he eyed her breasts. Her nipples were a light pink color and they were standing to attention. He captured a hard nipple, gave it a squeeze, and then began to flick it back and forth with his thumb until she was writhing and arching up into his palm.

Jason nibbled his way from her ear to her mouth and then slid his lips back and forth trying to coax a response from Tasha. She opened to him when he slid his tongue along the seam of her lips. His brother took advantage and thrust his tongue into the sweetness of her mouth, tangling it with hers and she mewled in response.

Sean pushed her top up higher until it was around her shoulders and neck and then bent his head to suck first one, then the other turgid peak into his mouth. He sucked, licked, and laved the sensitive peaks until she once more bucked up into his touch. Gliding his hand down to the waistband of her jeans, he pulled the button from the hole then slid the zipper down. Sean pushed his hand down under the edge of her panties and cupped her mound, eliciting another cry from her. Slipping a large finger between her dew-covered folds, he gathered some of her cream then lightly ran his finger over and around her clitoris. He gave a smile of satisfaction when Tasha spread her legs wide open, giving him the unimpeded access he wanted. It would have been much better if she was naked but he wasn’t stopping until he had her begging for more. He’d waited too long for this moment and wasn’t about to give her an excuse to stop him from touching her like he’d been craving to do so.


* * * *


Tasha was drowning in need as the two men consumed her senses with their fire. Jason was giving her a kiss so carnal it was a wonder she didn’t burst into flames. The taste of him on her tongue was driving her wild. Warm, musky male burst on her taste buds as she tangled her tongue with his. She felt Sean slip a finger into her warm, wet pussy and couldn’t help the reflex action as she arched up into his touch, silently begging for more.

Sean slid a finger in and out of her wet sheath, pushing in further and further inside her as he pleasured her. She flinched when she felt a slight pinching sensation and relaxed again when he withdrew his finger and the bite of pain diminished. She wondered if he had felt the barrier and hoped he hadn’t. If he had, he may make a big deal out of her being a virgin and that was the last thing she wanted. As far as she was concerned, it was an insignificant piece of skin and she wanted it gone.

Tasha had never thought she would have one man in her life let alone two, but now that they were touching her, setting her body on fire, she wanted more. The fear, which had been with her since she was thirteen years old, wasn’t raising its ugly head, and she gave herself up to the pleasurable sensations assailing her. She’d never dreamed that she would be in this position, ever.

“She’s a virgin, Jason. I think she’s afraid we will hurt her,” Sean said and she could have cringed with embarrassment. He had felt it after all.

“Please?” Tasha gasped, not really sure what she was asking for but she didn’t want them to stop.

 “Keep her occupied, Jay. I’m going to remove her clothes and break through while making her come.”

Tasha heard Sean, knew what he was going to do, and hoped she didn’t make a fool of herself by crying when he broke that membrane of skin. She whimpered when Jason moved his hands down her body until he reached her breasts, pinching her hard nipples between his fingers and thumb. She wanted to tell them something but for the life of her she couldn’t remember. All thought flew from her head as they touched her. The sensations were out of this world and she couldn’t get enough.

Sean moved down Tasha’s body and quickly but gently divested her of her jeans and undies. He groaned and when she looked down he was staring at her bald pussy. He shifted and then settled between her splayed thighs and breathed in deeply.

Is he smelling me? Oh God.

He bent his head down until she could feel his breath puffing against her cunt and shifted her legs out wider. The first touch of his tongue on her protruding bundle of nerves sent warmth spreading through her body and she thrust her hips up. Sean grabbed hold of her pelvis, holding her gently but firmly, and then he licked and laved her flesh until her cream began to drip from her in a continuous weep.

His finger pressed into her and he stroked it in and out, his tongue still moving on her clit, flicking and twirling as he drove the flames of need higher. She felt that slight pinch again and knew his finger was pushing against her barrier. Tasha growled with frustration when he began to slid his finger out again but that growl turned to a moan when he pushed two back in. Her flesh burned a little as it stretched but she couldn’t get enough.

Sean twisted his fingers while they were still inside her and then he hit a spot inside that made her gasp and jerk. She began to moan louder and continuously as the tip of his fingers stroked that spot over and over again. He alternated between gliding his fingers in and out of her pussy and then rubbing that hot spot inside her.

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