Shadow Ministry: Enemy Within (MMMM)

The Ministry 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,533
15 Ratings (4.7)
[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi Paranormal Romance, M/M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Sierra escapes from a life of sexual slavery and brutality at the Citadel, an ancient stronghold inhabited by vicious slavers and pirates. Fleeing for his life, he falls into the arms of a man who promises him the world and beyond—and an eternal love as the center of a pod of three sexy Shadow Ministers. Slater, Hemp, and Nullvon must persuade Sierra they will be with him always, and rescue him from the evil pirates. 
On board the Shadow Huntress, the pod show Sierra a world of love, laughter, and tenderness he had never thought to experience. He finally fits somewhere, and hands them the key to his heart, body, and soul.
Hooking up with a sister ship, Shadow Ministry, they head off to take down the Citadel, which still has hundreds of prisoners trapped and at the mercy of their brutal captors. 
Sierra will protect his mates—no matter what.
Note: This book contains double anal penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Shadow Ministry: Enemy Within (MMMM)
15 Ratings (4.7)

Shadow Ministry: Enemy Within (MMMM)

The Ministry 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,533
15 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Slater sniffed, inhaling the sweetly, enticing scent of his quarry. His nostrils quivered, smelling fear, sweat and a unique aroma. The scent was faint, but to his sensitive nose, the smells were as obvious as if he was standing right next to him.

Eyes the color of chocolate milk with swirls of caramel took in the terrain. The stream he stood beside was wide but shallow and his sharp eyes, the eyes of an experienced tracker, noted the shallow footprints where his quarry had entered. He just needed to find the exit point. Slater was patient, and knew it was only a matter of time before he caught his prey. The little minx would not escape for long.

He shared a look with his two hunting canines. They whined softly, sharp fangs glinting and showing they were more than ready to hunt. The pair of wolf hybrids could track for days without faltering.

Slater stood, his powerful thigh muscles bunching, then stretching out as he walked into the stream. The canines sat on their haunches, waiting for the signal to join him. Studying the stream bed, Slater noted where some of the stones had been dislodged. He followed the faint trail and finally found where the escapee had left the stream onto a rocky patch and picked up the even fainter tracks through the bushes. A smear of dark blue on the ground told him his quarry was injured. He smiled. This chase would be faster than he thought. He felt a mixture of disappointment and excitement at the thought. He loved the chase—it was in his blood, after all—but he really, really wanted to catch his prey. He salivated at what he intended to do with the guy once he caught him.

His whistle was soft, but his hounds immediately leapt into the slow-moving water of the stream, their soft whines signaling their excitement at tracking.

The sexy little man would soon be his. What the little minx didn’t know was that he had no intention of returning him to be sold. Slater planned to keep him. He had plans for this little slave. His cock surged with desire as he inhaled that sweet smell again and he set off with new determination. His pod was already bringing the Shadow Huntress into orbit, ready for when Slater got his hands on the one who would complete their mating pod. Their apex.

Slater licked his lips, his cock hardening viciously as he thought of sinking it inside a tight, smooth ass. He’d caught a glimpse of the man on arrival, had seen the willowy, sensual beauty when he’d been paraded in next to nothing. The next second the man had vanished, like mist on a sunny day. Now Slater had the opportunity to get ahead of the slavers, who were a little slack with their round-up crew. No way in hell was Sierra to be returned to the slave markets. He was far too valuable to the three who had waited a thousand years to find their mate.


* * * *


Sierra finally relaxed as he sought the sanctuary of a narrow cavern. Cut into the solid rock of one of the muscular mountains which surrounded him, it was not obvious from the narrow trail below.  He had climbed up the sheer side of the rock face to get to it, finding he had an ability to cling like a mountain goat when the need arose—and it had arisen. Cautiously entering the small shelter as a light rain began to fall, he looked around at his surroundings. He didn’t want to meet a hungry predator which may have made the cave its home. Then he relaxed even more. This planet had no predators, only lizards, rodents and small felines.

He felt chilled, his entire body aching from having travelled so far. His normally sleek, smooth and well-conditioned fall of silver hair fell in a tangled mat to his waist, rivulets of moisture from the rain making his skin cold and clammy. The cold soaked right through to his bones, making him think he’d never be warm again. He felt tears of misery well up, the utter despair of his situation almost making him give up hope, but hope was what drove him. His people had perished. He would live, if only to find someone who could hunt down the evil slavers and reduce them to ash. His silver eyes glowed with the heat of his resolve, his anger warming him ever so slightly.

The cave provided much-needed shelter from the rain, but Sierra had no means of keeping warm. He would have to strip out of his wet garments. The sheer harem pants and tunic were now completely transparent from the moisture and useless as a provider of warmth. He stripped them off quickly. Sierra shivered violently, draping the garments over a rocky overhang before wringing out his long hair to get rid of the worst of the water. His small pink nipples peaked in the chill, and he shivered again as goose bumps flared all over his smooth, pale skin. His cock shrank to the size of a walnut. Damn, it was cold.

His body was not the most athletic. He was slender as a reed, and was average height…if he was a woman. Five foot seven inches of slim, pale-skinned flesh over a skeleton that was fine-boned and almost delicate. His muscles were toned but not well-defined. His abs hinted at the wiry strength beneath, his chest rising just a little over tight little pecs and his arms having a sinewy muscle that had enabled him to scale the walls of his prison, and so allowing his escape.  His hips were narrow, surrounding a smooth belly leading to a slim, long cock—once it warmed up.

He looked down ruefully at himself. He didn’t think anyone would be too impressed by the little nub that sat between his thighs.




“Make the hurt go away,” Sierra whispered, his hand moving down between his legs. He began stroking his engorged cock, his arousal turning it a juicy red in color. A little drop of pre-cum oozed from the slit and his thumb brushed against it, rubbing it around the spongy head of his perfectly cut cock.

 Slater knelt between Sierra’s outstretched thighs, parting them further with his knees. He growled hungrily as he viewed Sierra’s pale body flushed with passion. Silver eyes glinted, half-lidded, as the smaller man pleasured himself. “We’re going to make you feel so good, sexy man.”

Slater pushed Sierra’s thighs up, draping them over his thick forearms. Palming the soft, smooth butt cheeks exposed to his hungry perusal, he watched Sierra stroking himself as he used his thumbs to widen the man’s shadowy crease, revealing the little pink rosebud there.

“Well, now. Look at this beautiful prize, mates.” Slater pressed one thumb to the side of the hole, rubbing it gently. He felt Hemp and Nullvon kneel beside him, could hear their heavy breathing as they watched the sexy sight before them.

“Damn, that looks tasty.” Hemp growled, winking at Sierra who was panting now, as he stroked himself harder. Brushing the hand aside, Hemp fisted the slim cock himself, eyes locked with Sierra’s silvery one. The fingers on the other hand played at Sierra’s ball sac, teasing the skin of Sierra’s perineum. “How does he taste, Slater?” Hemp’s blue eyes darkened as his mate slid to his stomach, nuzzling Sierra’s crease with his nose before swiping a slick tongue across that tempting hole.

“Hmmm, delicious.” Slater murmured, lapping greedily, humming with pleasure.

Sierra’s breathing became labored, his back arching at the dual assault. His head fell back to the floor, his hips pumping jerkily as Hemp and Slater found their rhythm, playing him like a finely tuned instrument.

“I think I’ll get a closer look.” Hemp lay down as well, lowering his massive shoulders so he could dip down, inhaling the sharp scent of pre-cum and the musky odor of arousal. “Beautiful.” His head dipped, his fist leaving the lovely, wet cock as he inhaled the pulsing member to the hilt.

Sierra cried out, hips bucking violently as he felt his cock surrounded by wet, searing heat. He cried out again, his mind in a daze as Hemp began a slow, sensual suckling, his head bobbing up and down along Sierra’s aching cock. Saliva dripped as Hemp slurped and sucked greedily, coating Sierra’s balls. Rubbing the tight sac in his fingers, Hemp soon had Sierra in a mindless, writhing mess.

“Well, now, my love. Looks like I’ll have to get a taste of you as well,” Nullvon murmured, lying beside Sierra, his face achingly close to Sierra’s. His fingers gripped Sierra’s chin gently, turning the contorted face to him before lowering his mouth to the succulent opening, his tongue sliding inside immediately.

A muffled groan escaped Sierra, the sensual kiss lazy and delicious. Nullvon was savoring Sierra’s mouth, his tongue investigating every sweet recess before swirling it around Sierra’s in a dance that had Sierra wanting to come just from that.

“Hmmm, so good, darling.” Nullvon began nibbling an erotic trail from mouth to ear, then down Sierra’s slender neck and back again. “Look at what Hemp and Slater are doing. Watch as they pleasure you.” Sierra’s eyes opened halfway, and he looked down his body. Hemp was feasting on his cock, head bobbing, cheeks hollowed as he swallowed again and again. Below, Slater’s dark head was buried between Sierra’s ass cheeks, his tongue fucking Sierra’s hole relentlessly.

All of a sudden Sierra’s senses overloaded, his body convulsed violently and he came hard, shooting ropes of hot cum down Hemp’s throat. Nullvon covered Sierra’s mouth, inhaling the scream of pleasure as he kissed his mate hungrily. Before Sierra knew what was happening, all three men were kneeling upright beside him. Slater between his thighs, Nullvon beside his head and Hemp to one side.

The three were completely naked now, Sierra having no clue when their clothing had disappeared. He watched in dazed pleasure as they began jacking off. Slater and Hemp gripped each other, kissing passionately. Nullvon suddenly arched his back, spurting cum all over Sierra’s face. Mouth wide open, Sierra desperately tried to catch the delicious feast. Immediately Slater and Hemp followed suit, coming hard and heavy and splattering their seed in thick ropes. Sierra cried out, his cock spurting again as his balls and cock and ass and torso were lashed by the hot cream, mixing with the mess already there.

Nullvon lay down again, snuggling against Sierra as the silver-haired man recovered. Hemp lay on the other side, his fingers swiping through the mess of cum on Sierra’s slim body and feeding them to Sierra erotically. Sierra sucked on the thick digits, moaning as he tasted their passion, chest heaving in the aftermath. Placing a sexy kiss at the side of Sierra’s mouth, Hemp removed his fingers gently. His tongue lapped at the creamy spatters coating Sierra’s skin before he shared the taste of their communal passion, his hand smearing their seed into every inch of Sierra’s lower torso.

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