Sharing Their Toys (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 56,603
2 Ratings (4.0)
[Ménage and More: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA] 
When Daniel dies unexpectedly, three of his best friends are thrown together as his heirs. Animosity rears from the start. They agree his distribution of assets, with its specific terms, will turn their lives upside down.
Sandy is ready for the challenge, seeing adventure and a learning experience. Locke wants nothing to do with the business or the inheritance, viewing it as an inconvenience. Penny is ready for a change. She wants to grow the business for her new start.
Their ultimate problem is the private letter Daniel left for them, explaining his ultimate hope that they would become a complete unit in all ways, including as sexual partners.
Aghast at the suggestion, personality clashes prevail. Neither male wants to share his toys with the other. Penny wonders how to get Sandy and Locke to move past their egos. More importantly, she realizes she doesn’t want to choose. Can she have both men — and the business?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Sharing Their Toys (MFM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Sharing Their Toys (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 56,603
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



“So for two years I’m stuck handling the farm business. I don’t have time for this.” Locke was not happy. He didn’t want to be obligated to the farm or the people. The one semester of college when he’d met Sandy, well, that wasn’t a time he preferred to boast about. “Fine, you need a consensus of two. That means I can leave and you two can decide what to do with the place.”

“That’s one possibility,” Frank said, “but there is a provision that if you don’t help in growing the business, you don’t get any of the profits from the sale if that’s the ultimate decision.”

“This is true, Daniel. Fuck everyone and their lives to do what he wants.” Locke’s worst fears were realized.

“Do you really think he did this just to inconvenience you?” Penny asked.

Locke glanced at Sandy and didn’t like the smirk on his lips.

“No matter what his idea, it is what’s happening. Mr. Worth, there’s no out clause in this will?” he knew there wouldn’t be but had to hear the words spoken aloud.

“No. I will admit he figured he’d be a lot older when this happened, but it was his expressed wish that the three of you continue the business he started and hopefully retire on the land. What he was trying to do was give you all a place to call home.”

“I have a home in Manhattan, I don’t want this.”

“Then walk away, Locke. We don’t need you or your attitude. Penny, are you interested in leaving or staying?” Locke watched Sandy look to Penelope. He saw the look that passed between them and suddenly realized he didn’t want Sandy to get Penny. Yes, he’d heard enough about the two of them to know instantly they’d form a bond over this if he didn’t stop it.

“I want more information. I want to see the financials and the layout before I make a life-changing decision.” He let out another exasperated breath. “Just what is the business of the farm?”

“It’s a working farm. We harvest the maple syrup and honey, process it, along with the sale of the fruit from the orchards and some other plantings. I can take you all on a tour whenever you’re ready.” Walt glanced to Rose, and she rolled her eyes at him.

“I have copies of all the information for each of you to study.” Frank handed out the packets of information.

“How long do I have to make this decision?” Locke took the manila envelope that was passed to him. “I’ve already had to reschedule work to get away on a Friday. I have to be back by Monday morning for meetings.”

“The length of time you spend here right now is up to you. What you have to remember is that if you walk away completely, you give all voting power to Mr. Treva and Ms. Orton.”

“Please call me, Penny.”

“I’m more comfortable with Sandy,” Alexander added, glancing around the room.

At the time a dog barked at the back door. Locke watched Sandy stand and move to let the animal in. “Don’t,” Locke hollered. “I don’t like animals. They’re dirty and shed and all have fleas.” Locke wanted to spit when Sandy opened the door and let the dog in. He was surprised when the dog followed Sandy to a corner of the kitchen and sat where he pointed.

“Stay,” Sandy said and rejoined the group. “My dog doesn’t have fleas.”

“Well, I’ll leave you three to think this over. Why not let Walt give you the nickel tour and go over the accounts. Maybe in a few days you’ll all know what the best decision is for each of you.”

Locke watched Rose stand and start collecting the coffee mugs. She noted with a scowl his was untouched, as well as his cake. Penny stood and began to help her. There was a short smile between the women. Locke didn’t like that they, too, were bonding already.

“I’ve got his, Ms. Orton.”

“Penny, please, and I was brought up to help.”

“Of course you were,” Locke whispered under his breath. “Fine, let me change and I’ll take your tour. It’s a means to an end.” He stood and his chair scraped on the old linoleum floor as he pushed from the table. “Is there any reason why there is no furniture in the living room?”

“Yes,” Rose answered quickly. “The floors were just refinished. Daniel’s accident happened before we could get everything put back. It didn’t seem so urgent after his death.”

“Well, somebody get it put back.” It was a declaration, not a request.

“We can all help put it to rights after the tour.” Sandy stood and turned to Rose. “We’ll help you later. Don’t you go moving furniture on your own.”

“Don’t worry. I wasn’t about to.” She laughed at him. “Go on. Your rooms are all upstairs. You can figure out whose is whose by the luggage.

“I need to freshen up,” Penny said. “Walt, can you give me ten minutes?”

“No problem. It will take us that long to saddle the horses. We’ll meet you at the barn.”

“Horses and barns? Can’t we just drive around?” Locke’s exasperation slipped again.




Sandy started to laugh. “I wish I’d seen the look on the guy’s face when Locke came in and started accusing him of sleeping with you. It must have been priceless.”

Penny let herself laugh too. “It was kind of comical,” she told Locke. “You were cranky and rude and condescending.” She put her hand up to fend off Locke’s reply. “Before Sandy says it and starts another fight, I understand that is your general mood. But you have to lighten up. Women are usually the high-maintenance one in a relationship. You are over the top with jealousy. We have to temper that for the three of us to survive.”

“I agree,” Locke said, surprising her and apparently Sandy.

“I never thought I’d hear that come from you,” Sandy told him.

“Yeah, well, me either.” Locke shuffled the papers in his hands. “What are we going to do?”

“I have an idea, but I’m not sure either of you will like it.” Penny knew her moment had come. It was now or never. “I’m sick of wasting time. I’m horny, and I want to get laid by both of you.”

She stared directly at Locke when she said it. Sandy, on the other hand, tossed the pages in his hand to the floor and turned on his side to face her, using his hand to hold his head while, with his other hand, he slowly unbuttoned her shirt. He pushed it slightly off her shoulder and let his fingers run along her throat.

From that moment on, she didn’t care what happened or with who, she just knew she wanted it all. Locke’s warm hand snaked up her leg, his fingers tracing along her calf to her thigh. His touch was just short of reaching her pussy. Sandy had begun unbuttoning her shirt, his fingers teasing at the top of her lace bra.

Penny wanted to yell at them both to just do her. That foreplay wasn’t a factor right now. She was already in the mood—wet, hot, and needy. She looked to Locke when he pulled his hand from her leg and only relaxed when he came to lay on her other side, propping his hand on his hand as Sandy had done. Then, after what seemed like a lifetime, he dropped his hand over her leg again, this time using his fingers to gently push her thighs wider.

She turned to Locke and kissed him lightly. Then she turned to Sandy and repeated the kiss. It seemed as if that one kiss finally pulled down their last defense. She turned her head from side to side, kissing each man deeper. Locke rested his fingers heavily against her pussy lips while Sandy finally flicked the plastic clip on her front close bra. It sprang aside, revealing her berried nipples, full and plump and needing attention.

Sandy didn’t wait, he simply leaned down and captured one between his lips, licking and sucking on her. Locke began stroking her pussy, the pressure from his finger heavy against her.

“Your pussy is already wet, Penny,” Locke noted.

“I’ve been waiting for the two of you,” she managed to say as Sandy shifted to take her other nipple with his lips.

Locke ran his palm along her belly and down to the waist of her panties, then slipped his fingers under the elastic, and dragged them down her legs as he went. Locke moved beside her on the bed and drew them down until they were tossed on the floor. She didn’t need any instructions. She simply drew her knees slightly forward and to the sides, giving him full access to her.

Neither man needed her instructions. Locke dropped his hand to her pussy again and began to spread her damp lips, using his index finger to penetrate her only slightly. Then he’d pull back and start again. He’d circle her clit and rub along her lips. At the same time, Sandy was making it his mission to make her come by sucking her nipples. He shifted to lie across her and tossed the pillows from behind her to the floor. As he did, she wondered if he’d find her toys tucked away along the headboard. Yes, she had others in the nightstand drawer, but she always kept a few within reach.

She didn’t have to wait long. Sandy stretched his arm behind her neck, and she felt him hesitate. Then she felt him moving his hand along the frame. While he didn’t pull his hand away, Sandy relinquished her nipple but kept palming her breast with his free hand.

“Locke, you interested in using this on her?” Sandy moved back and came out with a glass dildo. He held it up to the light and smiled. Then he handed it to Locke. She knew when he reached behind her a second time, what he’d find. This time he brought out a large plastic vibrator. “Are you interested, Penny?”

“For a start,” she said, closing her eyes and turning herself over to the men. “I’d prefer live men to toys, but I’ll take what I can get.”

“Are you sure about that,” Locke asked, running the glass toy around her lips. “Suck on this,” he told her, moved down her, and settled between her legs.

He dropped his lips to her clit and sucked and licked it. There was no innocence left, and she took the glass wand between her lips and began to suck it as if it were a live cock.

“Damn,” he said, watching her, and mimicked her motions with his finger in her pussy. 

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