[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, voyeurism, public exhibition, HEA]
Jeremy Cahill will stop at nothing to find his missing love, Angelica Brice. Not even crossing into the Forbidden Zone to retrieve her prevents his illegal search. Not even if she can’t remember him or what they mean to each other. Not even if she also loves William, who’s saved her repeatedly in mortal combat during her absence.
Parisa wakes up in a gladiator’s arena chained to a stranger and with no recollection of her identity. She and William fight for their lives in the gladiator ring to earn their freedom. Named by the man who saved her life, Parisa has only one memory, a very satisfying sexual memory with another man, or is he only a dream?
William is falling hopelessly in love with Parisa as they battle mutant monsters in this primitive world. His only recollection is dancing with a beautiful bride in a castle at sunset, but is it his wife? Or can he keep Parisa once they’re free?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Elle Saint James is a Siren-exclusive author.
Sexual Memory (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
An excellent book
A great story which kept you riveted until the end.




A tug at her waist was the first indication that she had a something wrapped around her torso. She tried to get up, but fell right back to the dirt. Moving her head in any direction made her dizzy and nauseous, so she reached down with a hand and felt a thin metal chain looped through the belt loops of the skirt she wore. Interesting.

“Why am I chained?” she asked the air around her, because no one else seemed to be listening. A cheer rose behind her head in deafening wonder. Where the hell am I?

Taking a deep breath in, she exhaled, rolled to her back, and took stock of her circumstances. She was flat on her back, resting in dry, packed dirt, feeling as weak as a newborn Ugrian Crater fox. The metal tether tugged hard at her waist and took her breath away in the next instant. She reached out and pulled at the tautly stretched links.

The man sliced his sword down on another beast, dispatching it to hell or wherever it had come from, and finally turned to her. “You’re awake. Good. Now get your ass up before you get us both killed.”

“What is going on here?” She was at a loss and still puzzling over the chain at her waist. Until she noticed that the chain around her was attached to another longer chain which was connected to the chain around “his” waist. Shit. They were chained together.

What the fuck?

The man, wielding the sword with deadly efficiency, barely glanced down as he reached out his free hand down in her direction. She grasped it because otherwise she couldn’t get up. All her muscles felt melted, and her legs barely functioned to support her as she straightened.

Above her head the crowd suddenly let loose a chorus of boos, obviously unhappy about something. Once on her feet, the dizzy feeling remained. She swayed and pressed hard against the muscular chest and shoulder of the stranger she was attached to. He clutched her close and moved them—her stumbling—backward against what looked like a curved wooden wall. Above her head a couple feet she saw partial views of various and sundry spectators cheering once more. A second look and she realized they were inside a large wooden fence of some sort.

Were they in a sports arena?

She opened her eyes, squinting as she surveyed her surroundings. It looked like they were in a stadium, an open air one. The sky above the highest seats was a lavender blue shade and there wasn’t a single cloud marring the view of the heavens. In fact, it was a perfectly lovely day to kill beasts while chained to a strange man.

The noise level around her was deafening. The people in the stands were dressed crudely in drab-colored tunics suggesting humble lives, but most of them also stood up and shook their fists, screaming, “Kill. Kill. Kill.”

The man against her squeezed her around the waist until she looked into his eyes. He mouthed something she didn’t hear. She shook her head and squinted again. Every time the man chained to her had spoken, he’d had to scream his words. Even then she only barely heard him over the din of the others.

He glanced over his shoulder as if to assess the immediate threat. There were other beasts, but they were across on the other side of the stadium involved with other chained people. Instead of screaming in her direction, he lowered his sculpted mouth to her ear. His breath ruffled her hair and tickled her flesh. A flash of desire drove inappropriately down her body. “Are you hurt?” he asked, his voice deep and sensual, sporting a slight accent. Sexy.

She started to speak, but knew she wouldn’t be heard in this loud venue. She simply shook her head again, mouthing the word “no” so that he understood. She wasn’t hurt exactly, just weak and disoriented.

He nodded and the hint of a smile curved one corner of his attractive mouth. Given the sexy dream she’d had before waking up here, she decided she shouldn’t get too attached to this man even if he had saved her.

The man in her dreams—the one she’d been enthusiastically fucking—had several tattoos etched across his chest. One in particular stuck out in her mind. It was located right below his collarbone and she remembered kissing one particular alpha-numeric mark, knowing somehow that it was special as her dream man’s cock thrust deeply inside her pussy. A small shudder ran down her body as the sexy memory coursed through her.

The gladiator man hugging her—while he also had a few tattoos on his impressive body—didn’t possess the same ones as the man in her foggy memory, and none of them were below his collarbone.

Across the circular arena the sound of an uproar caught their attention. She noticed two other pairs of combatants fighting various mutant gigantic animals. However, the other pairs of fighters didn’t fare as well as she and her gladiator had.

A tiger-like beast with brown, gold, and white stripes stepped toward a pair of men as if he wanted to play with them. Instead, the huge animal swiped a massive paw at one man and took his arm off cleanly at the shoulder joint. Unfortunately, it had been the hand holding his sword. Rich, red blood spurted from the fighter’s shoulder where his sword arm used to be attached. He turned his head to look at his arm on the dirt ground and started screaming. But only until the beast took another swipe and his head went flying in the opposite direction.

“Oh god,” she cried and turned her head into her partner’s neck. But she couldn’t un-see the carnage.

“What is going on here?” she asked again, but knew she couldn’t be heard over the loud cheering. Her inclination was to dart away screaming in any direction away from this horrid violent place.

If any of her muscles had been capable of cooperation, she might have made a run for it. But the man she was chained to was the only thing keeping her upright. If she ran, he’d have to be willing to come along. And where would she go? She didn’t know this place. It was unfamiliar. Alien. A place she’d never been before, right?

Then a very sudden and so much more disturbing thought occurred. Where am I suddenly shifted to who am I?


She didn’t know who she was!




William devoured her mouth, thrusting his firm tongue between her willing lips. She fairly hungered for his attention. His kiss. His cock.

Her breasts tingled and swelled even as she pressed herself closer and closer still. William wrapped his arms around her body and pulled her tighter. Soon his hands slid down to cup her ass, holding her in place so he could bury his growing cock against the warmth of her center. Being melded together simply wasn’t enough. Parisa wanted more.

With a groan, she tore her lips from his and searched their immediate location for the direction of the bed. She wanted to get comfortable.

Together they turned their heads in synchronicity to the crude sleeping surface. A thin mattress on top of a flat stone ledge jutting out from the wall was the accommodation.

Parisa pushed William backward toward the simple bed, not caring if it were comfortable or not. They just needed a place to fuck.

Two steps from the bed, William slid an arm around her waist and held her from the destination she raced to. “Not that I’m going to turn you down, but the kiss was the only boon I’d envisioned.”

“Well, I need more.” Parisa flung herself on him once more and pushed her mouth against his sculpted lips again. The flavor of his ardor was apparent in his kiss. He wanted her, too.

“I need you,” she broke away long enough to whisper. Her tongue swept back into his mouth to convince him. His cock pressed into her skirt, as if in response. She reached down and unfastened the toggles along his fly. His hips lurched forward, bumping his rigid arousal against her belly. She slipped her fingers into the opening of his pants and grasped his cock with her bare hand.

His growl of appreciation and the insistent kiss increased her ardor to near desperate levels of desire.

William secured his hands to her face and deepened the already volcanic kiss. Moments later, and without even realizing he’d moved, his fingers caressed her ribcage beneath her shirt. He pushed the garment up until her breasts slipped free. His knuckles glanced across the underside of one breast, bringing that nipple to pert attention.

The next touch was his palm glancing along the tip of her breast as his fingers rubbed and squeezed the tip of the other. The sensation was so acute, she shuddered. Her pussy lips moistened and then gushed in anticipation of what was to come next. Sex.

He broke the urgent kiss and trailed his mouth to her unattended breast. He latched onto her nipple, swirling his tongue across the surface. The suction he exerted was excruciatingly perfect. She wanted more, more, more.

She squeezed his cock again. He sucked her nipple harder even as he pinched the other tip. Tingles of desire raced through her body from his ministrations. A gush of fluid released from her pussy the scent of which even she noticed.

Her shirt was pushed up under her arms, but she was distracted by his attention to her nipples when suddenly she realized she was horizontal. One moment they were touching each other while standing, and the next, she was flat on her back alone on the bed. Her skirt had miraculously flipped above her waist in the process.

Parisa sent a startling lust-filled gaze to William’s beautiful blue eyes.

“Come here,” she commanded. Her voice had deepened as her sexual desire had increased ten-fold in the past few moments.

William smiled and bent over the bed. His head lunged toward her crotch. The second his lips fastened to her pussy and he licked her clit, she came in a wondrous glow of pleasure. Hips bucking and back arching, Parisa moaned her release long and loud. The sounds of her elation echoed off the stone walls.

Before the constrictions of her pussy subsided, William had climbed onto the bed and straddled her thighs. She locked gazes with him. His expression was that of question. His trousers were unbuttoned, now gaping open where she’d freed him.

His cock, thick and long, jutted from a thatch of dark curly hair between his muscular legs. And she wanted him inside of her.

“Please,” she said and grabbed him. His cock throbbed in her hand. He lowered his hips until his cockhead pushed inside her body. The sensation of his wide dick penetrating her with slow deliberate care sent a new friction of ecstasy along her spine and to the still-pulsating walls of her pussy.

The weight of his chest flattened her breasts with delicious pressure. At first, he moved slowly inside. It was nice, but she urged him to go faster with the uplifted surge of her hips against his. She met each thrust with one of her own.

“Harder,” she whispered. He accommodated her. His heated breath, scented with her first orgasm, rushed against the side of her head with each penetration, breathing and stroking as if in synchronized motion. Like one couldn’t happen without the other. The sweet scent of fresh-cut flowers drifted around them along with the musky flavor of sex, bolstering her desire into the stratosphere.

The friction of his movement brushed against her clit with each stroke of his cock within her body. Parisa was fast headed to another pinnacle.

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