Slaves to a Voice (MMM)

Elementals 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,246
5 Ratings (4.2)

[Menage Amour ManLove: Adventure Alternative Fantasy Menage a Trois Sci-Fi Romance, MMM, HEA]

Ferno, god of fire, has a problem.  His stars are dying.  Enlisting the help of Fross, god of snow and ice, a deity he's already in love with but knows that their union can never work, he and Fross are flung into a dastardly plan to destroy all things Elemental.  Ferno meets an old foe, Ibi, who's on a revenge mission, determined to destroy everything Ferno loves...and put the Elementals out of business.  Heading for Igneos, a volcanic world whose core has cooled, Ferno meets Moth, an Enigmuss worker.  He and Fross fall headlong for the cutie, and in their Enigmuss disguise are able to kiss one another for the first time, setting sparks flying.  In the midst of trying to reverse the weapon Ibi's set in motion, Ferno, Moth, and Fross must figure out a way to co-exist after their mission is completed...if they survive Ibi's murderous plot.

Slaves to a Voice (MMM)
5 Ratings (4.2)

Slaves to a Voice (MMM)

Elementals 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,246
5 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“You’re melting my floor.”

Ferno curled his lip. “Bite me. I’m the god of fire.”

Fross, the Elemental responsible for ice and snow, scowled. 

“I don’t come into your home and freeze your faucets, do I? A little respect here, if you don’t mind. Step onto the mat, for frost’s sake.”

Ferno rolled his eyes, but obeyed the instruction. “Respect? You froze my north and south poles. Now I have ice caps on each of my planets, including my home. Scaldor doesn’t have quite the same ambience when it has polar regions.”

Sipping a cup of a frosted substance the color of sapphires, Fross winked. “I love your polar regions.” 

A blush tinged Ferno’s already flame-colored cheeks, and he scuffed his black-and-red boots on the heat-resistant mat. “Quit flirting, Fross. You know it won’t come to anything.”

“Come whenever you like, Sparkles. I’ll watch.”

The blush became a blaze, smoke pouring from Ferno’s pointy ears, and he shuffled on the mat, swallowing hard. “You’re doing it again.”

Fross smirked, gliding closer along the sheer floor, graceful as an ice dancer, his feet adapted to his climate.

“I can’t help myself. You’re just so gooey inside.”

Ferno felt a cool blast of air against his heated skin, damping the scorching heat. Steam erupted and he shuddered.

“One of my stars just died,” Ferno blurted. Fross’s flirtatious smile turned upside down.

“That’s the third so far this year. What the frost is happening?”

“Flash only knows. I need to find out. Without those solar systems, I can’t help Vivus create life. We’ve lost essential minerals, vital to the Enigmuss. If they can’t mine, the rest of the universe is in trouble. Already the planets in those galaxies are changing.”

“How fast?”

“Too fast. Ice caps are forming already on Igneos, the furthest planet from the star, and the oceans are cooling on the planets closest. If it continues…”

“The core is still molten, Ferno.”

“That’s the other thing, Fross. The core is cooling too. Those worlds are dying and I don’t know how to stop it. Enigmuss are blaming us for ignoring their plight. There’s talk of a rebellion.” 

“Are we to blame somehow?”

“I’ve considered everything, and nothing springs to mind. Eternus and Ocus have tried reversing time, throwing magic at the galaxy to stop what’s happening. Nothing’s working,” Ferno repeated, shoulders slumping, his molten hair dimming to bronze as his misery increased.

“Put up your shield,” Fross ordered. Ferno looked up, startled. “Put. Up. Your Shield.”

Ferno obeyed, then gasped when Fross stepped onto the mat, enfolding Ferno in a cool embrace. He stared into Fross’s vivid blue eyes, tracking the shimmering ice crystals on Fross’s skin, and the lattice of pale veins pulsing with life. Fross sported a frosted blue Mohawk, tipped with silver, his rapier-thin body athletically toned. His beauty was a ray of light, dazzling Ferno.


Fross grinned and planted a kiss on Ferno’s mouth that had smoke rippling again. The necessity of the shield to prevent Fross melting was a relief. If they ever got to kiss without it, Ferno may just explode.

“We’ll figure this out, Sparkles. We’re gods, not mud-gumps.”

Ferno laughed at the analogy. “No. Mud-gumps would turn their snouts up at this planet. Not enough dirt for them to wallow in.”

“Yeah, and they’re ugly frosters. Dull as ditches.”

“You’re still holding me,” Ferno said.

Arching an icy blue eyebrow, Fross kissed him again, nibbling Ferno’s lower lip. “So uncomfortable still? What are you afraid of?”

Ferno shifted back a step, hissing when his feet hit the snow, and lurched back into Fross, almost toppling them both. Grabbing his friend, he shuddered at the full-body contact with only a thin shield separating their nakedness, steam billowing as ice met fire. Fross’s eyes darkened to sultry ocean blue, his cock wedged against Ferno’s thigh. Oh god. Ferno was in so much trouble. This couldn’t work. No matter how much he desired Fross, it could never work. He stepped back, dropped the shield, and fled.


* * * *


Fross sighed as he repaired the damage caused by his fiery friend. He knew Ferno’s worst fears. Their unity could create imbalance in the universe, something neither wanted to risk. Fross was unconvinced there was a risk. Elementals had built the whole of creation around opposites. North and south. Left and right. Hot and cold. You couldn’t have one without the other. They balanced each other. Ferno had suffered before, though. He blamed himself for the explosion that had followed their first meeting. The sexual excitement had caused an explosion…and people had been hurt following their encounter. Fross dreamed of having just one night in Ferno’s arms.

He tracked Ferno back to his volcanic lair, using his nifty little Ferno detector-cam, admiring the bronzed skin that rippled with health, the live-fire hair falling to his waist. Ferno’s muscular body was the subject of many an erotic fantasy, most often involving steamy sex on every horizontal surface Fross could think of. Fross would savor their stolen moments a few seconds ago forever.


* * * *


Trudging back through the Ice Palace, Fross brooded over the disturbing news, putting his frustrations away for the moment. Before he had reached the first level, a towering rainbow vortex swirled into view, hit him square-on like a fist, then tumbled him off into another dimension. Frost, but he hated vortex travel.




Ferno returned to his chambers and paced. What was he thinking? Moth had lost everything. His family, his home, his source of income. Ferno couldn’t believe he was so attracted to the man. So inappropriate, having erotic thoughts about an Enigmuss. Ridiculous. Enigmuss and gods made poor bedfellows. Ferno would incinerate the poor man if he ever got too excited. A bad idea. Terrible idea. Except, Moth was apparently immune to his excessive temperature. Did that mean they had a chance?

Groaning, he tore off the covering over his groin, seeking relief by massaging his dick. Sinking to his knees, head flung back in tortured ecstasy, he played images of Moth and Fross, fantasizing about having both men in his bed, making love to them until too exhausted to move.

A cool hand touched his shoulder, then moved to cover his and pumped his aching cock, the combination of hot and cold adding a whole new level of eroticism. Through half-slitted eyes he peered at the hand, following it along a blue-tinged arm, connected to the muscular body of his best walking wet dream.

Fross grinned back, crouched in front of him, his own cock rigid and damp with his natural lube. “You started without me.”

Ferno moved to meet Fross’s lips, then began kissing him hungrily. The Creator’s gift remained, allowing them to mingle without fear of Fross melting.

“I need you,” Ferno moaned, the words muffled as he chewed at Fross’s plump lips.

“You have me,” Fross murmured, shoving Ferno back onto the cool sandstone floor. Their kiss deepened, limbs entwining as they lay full length facing one another, both masturbating Ferno until he came with a sharp yelp, steam spewing from his ears. By now Fross would normally be reduced to a puddle, but the shield held. Encouraged, Fross straddled his lover’s face, guiding his rigid cock between Ferno’s sumptuous lips.

Moaning, Ferno sucked hard, opening wider, gaze locked with Fross’s as his snow god shallow-fucked his mouth. The cool rod speared deeper, driving to the back of Ferno’s throat. Working his throat muscles, Ferno massaged his lover, glad he had no gag reflex to worry about, since Fross was in a frenzy of lust now. The sight of Fross’s slim body, flushed deep blue with passion, was a cock-thickening delight. He wanted to feel Fross’s cool depths, wanted to fuck Fross through the floor.

Fross’s loud roar preempted the flood of cum that spewed down Ferno’s gullet. Drinking it all, Ferno delighted in the taste, like an iced-crème snack, sweet, salty, and addictive.

Before Fross had recovered, Ferno flipped him and moved in between his spread thighs. Clicking his fingers for lube, Ferno magicked a large jar of the stuff. Unlike Fross, he couldn’t produce his own, and had just swallowed the alternative. He focused, imagining sinking his fingers into Fross’s snug hole. The telekinetic ability proved useful, and soon Fross was moaning loudly as Ferno loosened him carefully, without even touching him. There was no actual need for the consideration, since deities were always ready for fucking, but Ferno wanted to make it as enjoyable as possible for Fross.

“You’re driving me insane, Sparkles,” Fross whimpered writhing helplessly.

Ferno grinned, deciding he wanted to feel Fross’s reactions, and sank one slick finger deep inside his lover, relishing the sharp grunt on entry, then the sultry sighs and come-hither look as he slid in and out, nailing Fross’s inner pleasure center each time. Leaning down, he kissed Fross passionately, adding a second finger to help stretch his lover more, then, impatient, replaced fingers with cock, driving home with a shout of pure joy.

Fross bucked beneath him, back arching in ecstasy, clutching at Ferno’s shoulders. “Ferno! Don’t stop, baby. Fuck me through the floor, Sparkles.”

Ferno lifted Fross’s thighs, draped them over his shoulders, and began powering into his lover. The friction was incredible, fire and ice blending in a scorching clash of elemental heat. Steam billowed, and the floor trembled as they moved together in perfect sync.

“Please, please, please.” Fross was babbling now, shooting icicles from his fingertips. Snow fell in a thick blizzard, sizzling on contact with Ferno’s hair. Ferno gave a low growl, throwing his head back in bliss as he came, dousing Fross’s insides with thick ropes of cum. Fross howled, coming seconds later, painting his abs with creamy goodness that froze on contact, then shattered, sending shards of frozen cum everywhere.

Falling to the side, Ferno gasped out a laugh. “What the frost just happened?”

“Two elementals collided, Sparkles.”

They chuckled, perfectly in sync. “Yeah. Talk about explosive.”

Ferno turned to his lover and stroked Fross’s cool blue locks, kissing him tenderly, then looked around in wonder. “Whoa.”

Fross laughed loudly. “You did say ‘through the floor.’”

Cracks had appeared in the stone beneath them, one pillar shattered by the impact of their union.

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