Inhibitions 4: O'Grady (LoveXtreme)

Inhibitions 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,827
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren LoveXtreme Special Edition: Menage, Contemporary, Multi-Menage, Action-Adventure, LGBTQ, Interracial, Multiple partners, FFMMMMM, HEA]

Drew and her crew, a rock band, have been attracted to Ellie, a fan of the band, O'Grady, since the start. Hesitant to pursue a relationship at first, thinking it may ruin their career, the band throw caution aside and invite Ellie on tour.

Drew has ditched her boyfriend, Ross, intent on discovering how deep her attraction goes with Ellie. Drew's been in love with her crew for years but never acted on's the perfect time to let her inhibitions go. Except Ross has other plans, and brutally attacks Drew, hospitalizing her for months. Meanwhile, Ellie's sister, who also dumped a boyfriend recently, goes missing and she lets her lovers go, knowing she can’t find happiness for herself with her sister in possible danger.

Drew, Ellie and their boys discover their sensuality, and the art of multi-menage loving on O'Grady Island, but find old foes again on the warpath, threatening to ruin it all. Drew, Ellie, and their five sexy men, Jock, Mick, Sully, Gordon, and Moose are determined that Ross and his uncle are stopped in their tracks.

Inhibitions 4: O'Grady (LoveXtreme)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Inhibitions 4: O'Grady (LoveXtreme)

Inhibitions 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,827
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


The crowd surged and I lost my footing, tumbling to the cold, wet concrete, squealing as I lost my purse. My skirt hitched up to my ass, and my camera went skidding forward, landing against a booted foot. There went my pride, too. The foot’s owner glanced down, picked up the camera, and peered through the rabble.

Our eyes met, his gray eyes gleaming with concern, and just a little amusement. Sully. Wow! He gestured to one of the security guards, who dragged me to my feet and helped me gather my purse and dignity while the other guards kept the fans from crowding too close.

“Hi.” I connected again with warm, pewter eyes framed by a face that was just a little too sharp to be beautiful, framed by lush locks of dirty blond, falling in artless waves to his shoulders. “I’ve never had a woman fall at my feet before to get a photo.” His grin was cute, his gaze scorching as he studied me. This was the first time I’d managed to get so close…and my pulse rocketed. Oh God. I knew that look. I felt warm and sexy under his regard. A boon to my ego, battered by a bad breakup.

“I’m Sully.”

“Ellie.” Of course, I knew his name. An idol since I’d first seen him, Drew, and Gordon rocking out in a little bar in Seattle three years ago. Their chemistry had been electric. They were truly talented, their lyrics hitting me in the feels, singing about forbidden love, rebelling against the norm, and being true to your own heart. They had earned themselves life-long loyalty through their unswerving loyalty to their fans. I swallowed, unable to look away, and his gaze warmed further, an edgier look entering his eyes. His face was displayed to perfection on the tour bus right behind us, fiery drumsticks in his hands as he played a flaming drumkit. The graphic didn’t do his sex appeal enough justice…he oozed it from his pores.

He handed over the camera, grazing my fingers with his, and my heartrate etched up to dangerous levels. Damn! He looked concerned suddenly and knelt before me, looking at my knees…which I realized were throbbing like a bitch. Shit.

“Everything okay, Sully?”

Drew wandered over, causing a ruckus as the fans screamed again. Tall, long black hair, and stunning green eyes. A walking wet dream in her tight leather pants and tiny t-shirt. Her tits pouted invitingly, and my mouth watered. I met her cool stare, saw a glimmer of awareness there as her gaze fluttered over me, and ducked my head, flushing. The lead singer radiated sensuality without trying. The bus graphic had her wielding her black Fender guitar, edged with green lightning, which sparked from her eyes too, her body encased in form-fitting black leather…with a black panther at her side, baring fangs, his eyes the same exotic emerald shade.

“We caused a riot, Drew. Ellie got caught in the stampede.”

“Are you hurt?”

I realized Drew was talking to me and peeked up again. Her gaze held the same warmth as Sully’s. And something deeper. Earthier. I licked my lips. “I skinned my knees, is all. No problem. I should have been paying attention.”

“Why don’t you bring Ellie along, Sully? We have a first aid kit on the bus. Least we can do. You’ve been coming to our gigs since the start pretty much, lovely. Can’t leave one of our top fans to go home without tending to those scraped knees.” Her grin flashed, entrancing me. “The lawsuit would be fucking embarrassing.”

Flashes fired off en masse as Sully helped me up, an arm around my waist, his hand cupping my hip. I shuddered a little at the brush of his thumb on my thin dress. His callused thumb created a delicious friction. I’d fantasized about this band in ways I’d probably be arrested for. And now I was heading into their private domain. Up close and personal. I hoped I didn’t embarrass myself too much, but damn, my pussy was already throbbing. Those sultry glances weren’t helping any.


I shook my head, blushing. “Warming up?” he murmured as we approached the bus. I nodded. “Good.”

“Easy, Sully. She’s already had one accident.” Drew’s wry comments had me smiling. Our gazes met again as she climbed the steps, holding out her hand to help me up, Sully right behind.

“Distracted by my stunning good looks,” Sully teased.

“Whatever, stud.”

I smiled at their banter, the affection between them obvious.

The bus was beautifully appointed. Neutral colors edged with splashes of vibrant red and navy blue. The front section had a few airline-style seats with couches halfway down leading to bunk beds. Aft, I noted a large rear cabin, the door wide open, dominated by a huge bed.

“Take a seat, I’ll get the first aid kit,” Drew said, removing her jacket as she went, moving with a lithe grace that had my mouth drying up fast.

I planted my tush on one of the couches, Sully sliding in beside me, close enough to feel the heat of his body. “The rest of the boys are on their way,” he said. “Jock and Gordon like to dawdle. They enjoy the adulation,” he added, smirking.

“So do you, butthead.” Drew snorted as she returned from the aft cabin carting a large kit. She knelt before me, startling me. Our eyes met again, a clash of emerald and blue…sending a zing of desire right to my groin.

“Alright with me taking care of you?” Drew murmured. “We almost know one another. I’ve seen you dozens of times over the last few years, almost from the start of the band. You’ve been to a lot of gigs.”

I nodded, swallowing hard as she dabbed gently at my stinging knees. The antiseptic wipe distracted me from the throbbing of my clit. Drew packed a punch.


I boarded the plane, a small jet the band had bought two years ago. Moose smiled, hugging me, his dreads swinging freely, his hard body warm against mine.

“Hey, we missed you.”

I smiled back, kissing his cheek. “Ditto.”

We locked gazes, serious again. “Are you okay, baby?”

I cupped his cheek, feeling his strong hand on my hip. I’d known Moose for a couple of years, attracted to him, but hesitant to cross a line. He and the boys frolicked, I knew…and I thought about what Ellie and Jess had told me. To follow my desires, not lock them away because of societal constraints.

“I still have flashbacks,” I admitted. “I hate what he did. Now I’m looking over my shoulder, terrified he’ll come back.”

He growled. “Boss lady, if he tries, I’ll squash him like a bug.”

“Hi, Drew.” Mick, the senior pilot, an ex-Navy flyer with a hint of French Caribbean in his tone. He kissed my cheek, the spicy scent of his cologne tingling my nostrils, and hugged me from behind, sandwiching me between him and Moose. I lifted my head, meeting his caramel latte colored eyes vivid with desire. “You feel it, too,” he husked. “You are a woman who defies conventionality, repressed by the values others hold dear. Ross was a fool to treat you so badly.”

I inhaled shakily, trembling in their arms, and leaned into Mick’s embrace, Moose wrapping his long arms around us both. Trapped, I felt warm and safe, and sighed dreamily as I listened to their steady heartbeats, their soft murmurs a welcome balm.

“Come, chérie. Come aboard,” Mick urged, easing back. He kissed my cheek, his tongue flickering against my skin, and I realized I was crying, letting go of months of torment. “Let Moose and I ease your pain, bébé.” He lifted me carefully, transporting me into the cabin as Moose secured the door.

“I’ll do the honors,” Moose said, heading for the cockpit.

Mick lowered me into my pew for take-off, strapping me in and securing my belt, then took the seat beside me, grasping my hand. He squeezed firmly, his beautiful eyes sad as I sobbed, feeling broken inside. How could I feel attraction for someone when I felt nothing but disgust for my own body? The scars Ross had left were ugly, but my shame that I’d allowed him to bamboozle me so effectively cut deeper. I was a fool.

“There, there, bébé,” Mick soothed, suddenly on his knees beside me. “You will come back from this. Trust me. Why don’t you see your beauty? You wear your sexuality as another woman wears perfume. But you keep suitors at arm’s length.”

“I’m not beautiful,” I protested. “My boobs are too big, my ass too plump. And my eyes are a funny shade of green…like a witch’s cat.”

“Who the fuck told you that?” He growled. “Someone with no brains, clearly. Someone jealous of you, I am sure.”

“My mother,” I said, and began to cry again. He lifted me, moving to a bench seat on one side, and cradled me like a baby, rocking me gently.

“Well. Your mother, let me say, is blind...and stupid if she cannot appreciate you.” He peppered kisses over my face, lapping up my tears. “And your boobs are just perfect,” he uttered, stroking the underside of one with his thumb. “A little more than a handful gives a man all kinds of fantasies. I wonder how they would look painted in cum,” he whispered, turning my face as he met my lips with soft, searching kisses.

I moaned against his mouth, opening wider, and he took immediate advantage, tasting me with a thoroughness that had my pussy throbbing double-time. “Take what you need, darling,” he said. “Take what I give to you. Take your freedom.”

I sobbed against his lips, clutching his short dark hair, and felt his hard dick against my hip. I straddled him, sitting upright in his lap, my mouth fused to his. Mick cupped my butt, grinding up into me. With one hand, he lifted my t shirt over my head, nibbling a sensuous trail down my throat. I arched my back, rocking languidly, and gasped as he sampled my tits, lapping at my cleavage, then mouthing my lace-clad teats. He spread my thighs wider and found my clit bare beneath my short skirt. His groan reverberated against my tits, and I shuddered as he ran a finger along my slit, lifting up to allow him better access.

“You are exquisite,” Mick murmured, unhitching my bra. My boobs spilled out, my nipples pouting excitedly. “So beautiful.” He sucked my teats, mouthing them with all the finesse of a connoisseur sampling a new delicacy. Flicking with his tongue, then swirling around each bud, he drove me wild. He fingered my clit, sinking one finger inside me, gently exploring. I sank down, impaling myself, meeting his darkened gaze.

He added a second finger, clutching my hip with his free hand, kneading my plump ass as I fucked myself, my pleasure ramping up tenfold. I keened, needing relief, needing to reach a place I’d rarely visited...wanting to freefall in the fog of bliss. “That’s it, Drew. Take what you need. Come for me, darling.

”I rocked harder, his thumb at my clit, firm and mind-blowingly good…

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