About Dene (MMM)

Milson Valley 22

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,221
4 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Menage Amour ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifters, Fantasy, MMM, HEA]

Tamid Farsi couldn’t believe it! He had another mate! A very delicious man who preferred spinach smoothies over beer, was skilled with a gun, could flip a person twice his size with little effort, and often couldn’t fathom why people did what they did. As an artist, Tam saw deeper and in Dene Owlington, he saw a gem.

Suspended again from the police force, sharp shooter Dene Owlington is questioning his career choice. When he decided to become a cop, the rules seemed to make sense. These days they didn’t.

Enforcer Baron Sanchez knew how precious a mate was. With Tamid, they had a deeply caring mateship that was passionate and fun. Tam was his special someone. They got each other. What he didn't get was Dene. With a staunch sense of right and duty, Baron worked hard to make a connection with his new mate. Will passion ever burn between them? With his life with Tam on the line, he sure hoped so.

About Dene (MMM)
4 Ratings (4.8)

About Dene (MMM)

Milson Valley 22

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,221
4 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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“Let’s chat.” Tam smiled at Dene then glanced at Seb. “Any cookies in the fridge?”

“No, Dominic and Corey keep eating them all,” Seb said. “And nuts, chips, any food except prunes.”

“It’s late. We’ll chat then drop Dene home, unless he wants to stay with me and Bar?” Tam quirked a brow at their mate. Dene frowned and shook his head. “Okay, we’ll talk.”

Once Dene had finished dragging his feet and plonked himself into an armchair, Bar closed the door and sat in the other armchair. Tam got himself a soda from the bar fridge and contemplated a jar of prunes for a brief moment before sighing in a dissatisfied way and putting them back in the fridge.

“Want a soda, Bar? Dene?”

“No thanks, babe.”

“No, I don’t drink soda.”

“Really?” Tam sat on the sofa. “Okay, I’ll remember that. You don’t have a mate reaction to me or Baron?”

“This again.” Dene tensed.

Bar had been taking a moment to sense Dene fully and study his mate. While his senses were going off telling him he had found his mate, and it would be good to leap on the man, claim and bond, he was also enjoying just looking.

There were a dozen studs in both of Dene’s ears, all the way along the lobes. He wore eyeliner, and his blond hair was high on top and shaved along both sides. Bar was fairly certain that was not a standard police-issue haircut. He liked it on his mate, though. It was a little rebellious and completely individual.

Slender and very fit at five foot six, Dene was a gorgeous man, Bar clearly seeing why his mate got hit on. What those men hitting on Dene might not be seeing, or sensing, is the watchfulness, the constant wariness. Bar was thinking Dene would take a while to trust others.

“Yep. No mate reaction at all?” Tam asked. “How about attraction?”

“I don’t know.” Dene shrugged. “I’ve only just met you.”

“Yes, but the connection is instantaneous. You probably just don’t realize yet. You will soon.”

Dene seemed disgruntled by that, crossing his arms, leaning back in the chair, and frowning. Bar found it interesting, and a little funny. Tam was a fairly confident person and chatty. The only time he felt a bit hurt or uncomfortable was when one of his own kind made derogatory remarks about being born poor.

Baron had nothing but respect and admiration for Tamid. Bar was born into a title and wealth but had been given a lot of life lessons and teachings, which meant he worked hard and wanted to help others. Tam could have been angry or so driven he stepped on others to get what he wanted. Instead, he’d worked a few part-time jobs at a time while developing his art skills. It had taken sixty years before he was even seen as an acceptable artist and another fifty years before he was making a meager living from it. Sure, Tam gave up a few times, cursed and missed opportunities, yet he always came back to art.

“Yeah, that isn’t going to happen.” Dene’s frown turned to a glare. “I don’t have anything supernatural.”

“Well, that isn’t true, is it?” Bar smiled, yet remained watchful. “You’re aging as a paranormal.”

Dene relaxed a little. “Okay, yeah, that’s true.”

Bar was almost positive Dene had a gift but felt his insight might not be appreciated at this time. Instead, he smiled.

“What I would like to know is how you feel about having mates. And be honest. We all deserve to know where we stand and what to expect.”

Bar didn’t see it as pushy or demanding to know where he stood. This wasn’t a simple attraction. What he, Tam, and Dene had was a soul mate connection. Pre-destined. Meant for one another. Without mating and bonding, mates suffered. To stop unnecessary pain and suffering and to respect the Fates’ work and design, there were very strict and specific laws governing mates. While Bar didn’t want to begin a relationship with Dene under orders from mating laws, he would go that route if necessary.

“You grew up as a rogue,” Tam said cheerfully. “Did you know many true mates?”

Dene sighed and uncrossed his arms. “We had a few around. My friend Kit has his mates.”

“Donny Abrams and River Aston.” Bar nodded. “So, you understand soul mates, and you would be aware of the pain associated with rejecting a mate.”

“I’m not rejecting. I’m not feeling a pull,” he said honestly.




Baron smiled. “In no relevant order, one of my favorite things to do with you is sharing our lives. I love holding you. I love lying in bed laughing and talking. I love it when you’re excited about a new art piece and want to share that with me. I like our movie and popcorn afternoons and how we end up napping. I love chopping up the ingredients in our cooking sessions and our date nights that lead to some pretty unusual dining experiences.” They both grinned. “I love when you freak out over a stray hair daring to grow in your goatee, and I find your collection of soldering irons impressive. I love the way you never interfere in others’ business but will always lend an ear and hand without being asked, and I love when you freak out over anyone touching your sculptures.” Baron lowered his head and brushed his cheek against Tam’s. “And I love scenting your arousal.”

“Like now.”

“Yeah, right now.”

“First…” Tamid slipped his fingers through Baron’s short, crew-cut hair. “Thank you. I love you more than I can ever say. But I’ll try. You are my heart, Lord Baron Lutherie Sanchez. And wow, my heart, you make me tingle.”

“Why don’t I make those tingles become shock waves,” Baron murmured, lowering his head to Tamir’s neck and nibbling.

“I’m all for that.” Tam shivered. “We don’t want to be late for Dene.”

“We don’t want that.”

“I’ll set my watch.”

Smirking, Baron raised his head. “Now I’m on a timer.”

“Yep, so make it good, babe.”

The afternoon sun streamed through the large double windows and covered the bed in golden light. Baron had chosen this room specifically for the windows and had the entire suite remodeled to turn this into the master bedroom.

He was a tiger shifter and, like his kind, enjoyed stretching out in the sun for an afternoon nap. What he had discovered since mating with Tamid, even better than napping in the sunlight, was having sex with his mate with the sunlight touching their naked flesh.

For a moment, as Bar stripped off his shirt and tossed it aside and toed his boots from his feet, he imagined what Dene would look like in their bed, stretched out with the sunlight kissing his naked body. The new mate had one helluva fit form. He was short and slim, every muscle toned and trim. Bar’s cock ached, and his mouth longed to latch onto Dene’s neck and leave his mark.

Undoing his pants, he pushed them down and freed his hard, aching cock.

Tam casually placed his clothes over the armchair that was positioned to the side of the built-in floor-to-ceiling paneled wardrobes spanning one wall of the bedroom. He smiled at Bar and reached into the side drawers for lubricant and wipes.

Tam was a sexy man. Fitness was important to Baron. In his job, he needed to be physically fit and mentally ready at all times. He hadn’t considered artists being physically fit, but he soon learned that the type of art Tam undertook could be grueling, strenuous work. His works could be large, and he used different materials, like steel and marble, which he manipulated both manually and with the aid of tools.

It kept Tam’s solid form fit. But it wouldn’t have mattered, except for health reasons, the shape of Tam’s body or what he looked like physically. What was inside was more important. They were soul mates, and Baron would always be attracted to his mate.

“I love you, mate.” Bar took Tam into his arms, his hands sliding over his mate’s warm creamy mocha skin.

“Love you, too, my jungle cat.”

Their cocks rubbed together as they kissed, quickly becoming heated. Bar thrust his tongue deep into his mate’s mouth as he maneuvered them to the bed, their mouths reluctantly separating as Tam lay down and slid up to the headboard.

Joining Tam on their bed, they enjoyed leisurely kisses, fueling their powerful needs yet savoring this time together, the feel and sensations of their bodies pressed close and the sexual intimacy they shared.

Trailing a hand over Tam’s side, brushing the backs of his fingers over smooth skin and a few old scars his mate had attained from years of manual labor and working with sharp tools, Bar glided over sensitive spots that caused Tam to quiver or moan.

His mate was precious to him. Baron had a large family, whom he was close to, a best friend who he had things in common with, and a few good friends to hang out and grab a beer and pizza, but Tam was his, and he was Tam’s. They knew each other. They cared so deeply there was always trust and love, time together was always important, and they really knew what the other wanted, enjoyed, and needed.

Breaking away from Tam’s mouth, he used his own to trail kisses along Tam’s neck, nipping here and there and licking his claiming mark, which had joined them for all eternity. He made his way down Tam’s body, stopping at his mate’s shoulder to nibble as he stroked his hands from Tam’s lower back to the curve of his well-rounded ass, which he gripped firmly then kneaded as he latched onto a pebbled brown nipple and sucked hard, just like his mate enjoyed.

“Yeah, my tiger, get me ready while your hands are down there.” Tam dropped the lube onto the bed near Bar.

Grinning, Bar nipped his mate’s nipple lightly. “Cheeky.”

“You love my cheeks.” Tam shuddered, smiling.

“That I do.” Releasing his mouth and hands, Bar scooped up the lube and flicked the lid open. He poured a generous amount onto his fingers, feeling it heat up as he rubbed it.

“Only two fingers,” Tam ordered and flipped over so he was on his stomach, legs spread for access and a pillow thrust beneath him.

It was a great view. Rising onto his knees, Bar placed one hand on the curve of Tam’s left buttocks and slid his fingers along his mate’s ass crack, sliding over his hole then up, relaxing the muscles.

Tam liked only a small amount of stretching, liking to feel a burn. Bar was happy to comply with his fae’s wishes, but his cock was long with a thick girth, and he didn’t want to cause pain. What he’d learned was that Tam enjoyed his hole being played with. It turned him on fast and had him dripping and needing.

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