Operation Resurrection (MMM)

Spirit of Sage 18

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,456
4 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Publishing Menage Amour ManLove: Contemporary, Adventure, Paranormal, Menage, Alternative, Shape-shifter, MMM, HEA]

Brodie has found two mates, Dino and Isaac, both with tragic pasts, but now has a target on his back, a hitman on his tail, and is desperate to stop his mates finding out that he was responsible for killing Dino's brother, trying to prove to his father he was a gangster and to protect his brother. from being beaten up.

Years later his past catches up, and he finds himself in a battle to stop a deadly assassin taking Dino, a rare shifter breed, back to Japan.

Mr. Osaki, a collector of rare shifters has already bought and paid for Dino, and will stop at nothing to secure his prize.

Brodie tries to push Dino away, frightened his mate won't want him when he finds out what Brodie did. Now Brodie has to prove he's worth saving.


Operation Resurrection (MMM)
4 Ratings (4.8)

Operation Resurrection (MMM)

Spirit of Sage 18

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,456
4 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


On a scale of one to petrified, Boomer was closing in on the latter. How the fuck did dreams get so messed up so quickly? He’d thought they’d turned a corner, now finding they’d ducked into a cul-de-sac, and were right back where they started. They sat at one of the tables in the bistro after the evening rush, sending Dino off early while Boomer confronted his brother about his distracted state all through service.

“You never told me you’d killed Giulio.”

Brodie was pale, looking everywhere but at his brother. His reply was barely audible. “I was sworn to secrecy. Clancy knew you wouldn’t like it, and he’d lose his leverage over you. When you’re pissed off about something, nothing sways you.”

“You have to tell Dino.”

Brodie jerked his chin. “I know. This will finish it before we’ve even got started.”

Boomer felt faint. “You’re mates.”


“You, Dino, and Isaac? That’s what Goran tried to tell me earlier. But we got busy. No wonder there’s been an atmosphere.” Boomer rolled his eyes. “Talk about spaced out.”

“I’m not spaced out,” Brodie grouched. “But yeah, I am trying to deal with finding two mates. Isaac knows I killed Giulio. He heard Marzio confront me when you were in Forest Glade when Ruskin’s mob attacked. He’s the one who killed him, saved my life. Marzio wanted me dead.”

“Can we backtrack here?” Boomer said, scowling, his brain already fried by all the bombshells. “What about Giulio? Dino’s brother was murdered and left on the fucking street. The gang war it started led to us running away. They wanted our heads on a railroad spike. I always thought it was because we were gay…apparently, it was because you graduated to hitman while I was their drugs guinea pig.”

“Graduated?” Brodie asked bitterly. “I had no choice. Trust me. Dad put the gun in my hand. He had his boys watching me the whole time.”

“You should have told me sooner. We could have left before you had to do it.”

Brodie grimaced. “No. It was right after…you know.”

Boomer looked sick. “After I killed those people.”

“See how fucked up we were? No way could I have told you back then. It was all I could to get you to safety. Remember how long it took for you to get off that stuff, and you’re still having counseling? It could have finished you off. I was terrified you’d top yourself. Your depression was so bad.”

“We have to tell Dino, bro. We can’t leave him unaware…especially since you think he’s your mate.”

“He and Isaac went to his place,” Brodie said, staring at his toes. “I don’t think I can do it now. I hurt him trying to be a smart-ass after finding out about Ringo being here.”

Boomer hugged his brother, tears in his eyes. “How did our lives get so fucked up? Whenever things start going in the right direction, there’s always something bringing us back to the gutter we started from. We’ll never find happiness, will we? The past won’t let go.”

Brodie explained that Joe, Ryder, and Goran knew about his crime too. “They were really good about it…and now have a search going for Ringo…and the Picariello’s chief enforcer, Simon.”

“Simon’s here?”

“Ryder said there’s been a contract out for Giulio’s killer…and it just caught up with him.” Brodie looked sick himself. “Said it also had something to do with Peppy trying to sell Dino to a buyer in Japan. You remember that Peppy was into trafficking—his main source of income apparently. So perhaps Ringo’s here for Dino, and Simon’s here…for us.”

“Fuck. We have to get out of here, Brodie.”

“No! We have to take a fucking stand, Boomer.”  Brodie’s scowl was fierce. “Why should we live in fear?”

“Because you murdered Dino Picariello’s brother!”

A gasp behind had them whirling around to find Dino standing beside Isaac, both men showing varying degrees of shock, Goran behind them looking grim. Boomer figured he’d brought Dino here, knowing Brodie may never talk to him unaided.

“That was you? You killed Giulio? On his sixteenth birthday.”

“Oh fuck,” Brodie whispered, slumping in his seat and folding his arms over his head.

“Our father ordered it, Dino,” Boomer told him. “If you knew Clancy, you’d know that’s nonnegotiable. I’d just killed three people while I was in a Venom rage. Our dad was brutal when we refused him.” He cursed. “Things were fucked up back then. Dad wanted us to be just like him. He called it ‘conditioning.’” He looked into Dino’s distraught face, read the grief there, and felt tears in his own eyes. “I’m sorry we weren’t braver, and I’m so sorry we’re the cause of your loss. Both of us should have run from Clancy. We were cowards. If we had just left sooner, your brother might have lived.”


The couch was two feet away, and they tumbled onto the rumpled sheets, writhing like eels. Isaac’s control strained. Dino’s body was so alluring, his taste so addictive, he blew Isaac’s mind. For the first time in recent memory, Isaac didn’t think of anything else. The only thing on his mind was claiming his mate. Dino was his. His panther snarled in agreement. Fuck, but he wanted Dino.

“I want you,” Dino whispered, his nails clawing Isaac’s back, his breath hissing from his throat as they parted. “I’ve never felt this needy before. It’s incredible.”

Isaac smiled. “My panther’s going crazy. Are you sure you want this?”

“I want this.” Dino tugged Isaac’s face down to his, their kiss igniting in a way that stole Isaac’s senses, his dick aching, heart pounding, and his whole being invaded by Dino’s touch.

Isaac tugged Dino’s loose PJ bottoms down and off, tearing at his own boxers until they were in shreds. He nearly lost his mind at the feel of skin on skin, their cocks sliding together intimately, pre-cum providing natural lube.

“Easy, darling,” Isaac murmured, hearing Dino’s keening cry as he probed gently at Dino’s hole, tapping the clenching rosebud. “I’ll be gentle.”

Dino nodded, breathing through his nose as Isaac inserted one finger to the knuckle.

“Lube?” Isaac asked, smiling when Dino pointed to the bathroom. He left the warmth of his mate, hurrying to grab the lube, and took a quick leak, too, giving himself an even quicker wipe-down. Returning, he saw the sultry look on Dino’s face, the sweat glistening from his slender body, and nearly came. So fucking sexy

Isaac eased between Dino’s legs, kneeling and draping Dino’s legs over his thighs, then spread Dino’s legs wider, tilting him up higher. “Gorgeous,” he said approvingly.

Dino wailed when Isaac lubed up, smearing the stuff along Dino’s crease, and probing at the same time. Isaac gently stretched his mate, distracting the little panda shifter by sucking on his big toe. Dino’s wails grew louder, his body trembling, and he came on a thin cry, clutching at the sheets, shredding them.

Isaac stroked his mate’s thigh, soothing him, then leaned forward, lapping at the sticky cum, humming with pleasure. “You’re tasty,” he said.

“I came too soon.”

“Who says? We’re only just getting started, baby. Get ready for an encore.”

Dino smiled shyly, his body flushed with pleasure, his climax spattered over his chest too. Isaac scooped some up, feeding his mate, enjoying the wide-eyed wonder, the lusty groan, and crooked the finger he had in Dino’s ass, finding the little gland there.

Dino cried out, convulsing. “What was that?”

“You thought the pleasure was over?”

Dino moaned fluidly when Isaac nailed his sweet spot repeatedly. “Ringo never…”

Isaac snorted. “My finger’s in your ass, I just made you come sucking your toe, and you want to talk about past mistakes?”

Dino giggled breathlessly. “Sorry. Bad timing.”

“Oh yeah.” Isaac teased his lover some more, adding a second finger as he felt Dino’s chute relax. He took his time, enjoying the myriad of expressions flitting over Dino’s face. So gorgeous in pleasure, Isaac wanted to capture the moment forever.

Struggling for control again, Isaac replaced fingers for cock, soothing his lover with slow caresses along his thighs, and punched past the loosened ring of muscle guarding his hungry hole, pausing as he felt Dino tensing.

“Relax, baby. We’ll take things slow, okay?”

Dino met his gaze, his eyes limpid with pleasure. “I love that feeling. A little pinch. A little burning. You’re big, and it’s been a while. Once I adjust, I don’t want slow. I want it hard and fast. Like you can’t get enough of me.”

Isaac growled, pinching the root of his cock before he embarrassed himself. “Deal. I don’t want to hurt you, though.”

“You won’t, darling. I trust you.”

Isaac closed his eyes, breathing through his nose, head lolling back as he sank forward, inch by inch, tortured by each quivering adjustment as Dino accepted him, his chute so tight it had Isaac reciting poetry to prevent himself coming too soon. God, but he knew he’d just found paradise.

“Bingo!” Dino chortled as Isaac bottomed out. Isaac’s heart ached with burgeoning emotion, unwilling to admit it might be love since they’d only known each other for a few days. But each moment with Dino was a balm to his soul.


Dino nodded enthusiastically, curling his hips in a rolling motion, forcing Isaac deeper still. Isaac moved with strong, sure strokes, gripping Dino’s hips firmly to hold him in place, relaxing them a little when Dino began to thrust back. Isaac ramped up the tempo, watching Dino come apart beneath him. Their bodies moved in perfect sync, made for each other.

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