Growing Up Hard (LoveXtreme)

Warriorville 19

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,809
7 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Romantic Suspense, MFMMM, HEA]

Milwaukee Leigh has grown up hard and coming from a broken family of violence it's a miracle she got out and fought for the life she has. She evaded becoming a victim and worked her way through college to achieve her teaching degree.

Now a kindergarten teacher in Warriorville, she is used to being alone, to not trusting many people including men, but is always ready to help others in need. She knows what it's like to struggle, to live in fear and to feel all alone.

When she meets brothers Toro, River, Colton and Ox Sterling everything changes. She feels things she never felt before, and she's more than willing to take a chance because being in their arms feels so perfect. She never felt protected or cared for until these men came along and showed her what love is.

Just when a whole new world of love and relationships begin their lives are suddenly turned upside down. Oblivious to what is really going on, they all realize too late that a criminal mastermind lives amongst them, and he is about to skip out of town and take what he believes belongs to him. Milwaukee.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Growing Up Hard (LoveXtreme)
7 Ratings (4.1)

Growing Up Hard (LoveXtreme)

Warriorville 19

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,809
7 Ratings (4.1)
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“Are you always this flirty?” she asked and Colton chuckled.

“Let’s go,” Colton said and took her hand and they headed toward the door.

“You think I’m just flirting?” River asked. She looked over her shoulder.

“I think you’re pro at it, and perhaps barking up the wrong tree as well. I don’t play games,” she said with a little more attitude than she intended. She was trying to stay in control here but it seemed like she was losing control by the second around these two men.

When they got inside of course it was busy and people looked at them together and greeted not only River and Colton, but a few people recognized her as the kindergarten teacher. It was nice, and she kind of regretted not coming around town too much. Of course with men as good looking as Colton and River, she really felt like kicking herself in the butt, but she avoided relationships for a reason. She didn’t trust.

“I need to just go wash up and use the ladies’ room,” she said to them.

“We’ll do the same before we head to the table,” Colton said and then she walked into the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror. She wore very little makeup. A little mascara, some lip gloss, that about summed up her prep routine. She also had on a loose-fitting floral dress, very teacher-like attire, and she needed to be able to move around, to bend and yet also look professional and proper. She was teaching kindergartners and she wanted to be a positive role model. Not that she had any positive role models but she got through on her own. Some of these kids were luckier than others. She thought about Stevie Barnes, Eric Lowes, and a few others. Their families were struggling, but she was helping them, because she knew what it was like to go hungry.

She took a deep breath and exhaled. Her dress had a V style in the front but didn’t show off her very large breasts. She had taken off the light sweater she had on earlier, so maybe she didn’t look so hidden and plain? She smoothed her hands down the dress, took a deep breath and headed back out to the two gorgeous older men that somehow got her to accept dinner with them. She still didn’t know how and why she said yes.

As she approached both men were at the table in the back of the restaurant. A few men she passed gave her nods and smiles, looked her over with interest, and she took that as a sign that maybe she didn’t look half bad. When her eyes landed on two very stern faces, she almost stopped walking. Colton and River, in his uniform, looked angry. As she got to the table both men stood up and offered her the chair between them. Then she noticed their eyes go past her and back to the other tables. Were Colton and River jealous because other men were looking at her? Her belly quivered and holy God, her pussy clenched. Was that even normal? She cleared her throat as the waitress came over and took their drink orders. She crossed her legs and then exhaled. She actually felt tired. It had been a long week, and even a bit emotional as she had gone to deliver food to the Barnes home and found out that an uncle of Stevie’s had gone in and stolen some money Stevie’s parents had. Apparently he would come by all the time and when he needed help as much as they were struggling, Stevie’s dad would give his brother twenty dollars or something. The uncle figured out where the money was and went in while they were working and stole it. They couldn’t prove that though, and they didn’t want any trouble from Tatum Lantern or the police. They really didn’t trust them. It was sad. Milwaukee got them gift cards for the supermarket and gave them a hundred dollars until she could get some help from social services. Ella Press was supposed to be working on that for her.

“You okay?” Colton asked, placing his hand on her knee under the table. She tightened up as River put his arm over the back of her chair. She sat forward.

“Oh yes, I’m fine, just a bit tired. Some food will help, and it’s been a long week.”

Colton looked into her eyes as River stroked her shoulder. She was feeling way too much for two men she didn’t even know.

“What made it a long week?” he asked her.

“Oh, several things.”

“Like what?” River asked and she had to lean back in her chair in order to talk to both of them. As she started to explain about work and then some of the families, including Stevie’s without mentioning names, both men were concerned.”

“Wait, are you talking about the Barnes family on Locust?” he asked and she nodded.

“Tatum was over there this afternoon. Wait,” he said and leaned forward and smiled at her.

“You’re the guardian angel they were talking about. You got them gift cards for the supermarket and farm stand, plus cash to buy food and things they needed for their bills. You even got social services involved to help them.” Her cheeks warmed and she lowered her eyes and was going to reach for the glass of water but River touched her chin and gripped it between thumb and pointer. She looked up at him.

“I knew I liked you from the moment I laid eyes on you.” He started leaning closer and she turned right before his lips touched hers and instead hit her cheek.

“River,” she said to him and he released her chin.

“I’m sorry. Are you not feeling the attraction like we are?” he asked and she looked at Colton who was leaning back, seeming untrusting and on guard. God, they were older and she wondered by how much.

“I don’t know you. Either of you. I keep to myself and have been for the better part of the year. This right here, meeting two men and having dinner with them in the same day, is not normal routine for me.”

“Kind of figured that, but know it isn’t normal routine for us either,” Colton said and she glanced at him.

“You expect me to believe that, when you told your brother about Gracey wanting to bring dessert and be dessert for you and your brothers? Listen, let’s have something to eat and leave it at that,” she said to him and then reached for her glass of water.




“Not any more you don’t. From now on, we’re your personal trainers,” he said and eased his hand under her hair and kissed her. She kissed him right back and she felt him slide his palm up under her dress right to her bare ass.

“Sweet Jesus, look at that ass,” River said and moved to the side of the bed. Toro kissed her deeper as he adjusted his body so that his legs and feet were on the rug and River moved her dress to her waist then ran his fingers under the string of her thong panties.

“Holy fuck she is hot,” Colton said and the bed dipped

“Let go, sweetie, and let us explore a little. You got us all riled up, you sexy sweet woman,” Ox chimed in. Toro cupped her breast and she ran her hands up under his shirt just as River stroked a finger into her pussy from behind. She pulled from Toro’s lips.

“Easy, baby,” Toro said.

“Oh fuck, she’s coming like a faucet,” River said and then she felt Colton place his hands on her.

“Taste her, bro. Get these off of her,” Toro said and eased her panties down.

“Oh God please, we should slow down,” she said over her shoulder.

“Fuck slowing down. Let go with us. This whole damn scenario is hot and natural,” Ox said and cupped her cheeks and kissed her on the mouth. River was stroking her pussy from behind. Colton was kissing her spine and then licked the crack of her ass and her asshole as Toro pushed her dress higher and cupped her breast.

“Holy fuck,” he said.

“Get this off,” Colton added and he unclipped her bra. They stopped kissing her and pulled off her clothes and bra.

“Oh my God,” she cried out and came, hard. She fell to Toro’s chest as River licked and suckled her pussy and clit. He sucked harder and harder then licked along her pussy and asshole.

“My turn,” Colton stated and River stepped away and Colton took his place. He stroked her pussy and ran his palm up and down her bare back. “Lift up. I want to taste these gorgeous breasts of yours,” Toro said to her and Ox cursed.

“She’s a fucking goddess,” Ox said and she lifted with Toro’s help and he began to feast on her breasts. He suckled hard on her nipple on one side while he cupped and stroked the other side.

“Oh.” She cried out another release and Colton lifted up.

“She’s delicious.”

“My turn,” Toro said and then rolled her to her back, slid down off the bed and then pulled her to the edge. She was completely naked and these four huge, sexy men were fully clothed and completely in charge. As she went to cover her breasts and protest that maybe this was going too far, Ox grabbed her arms by caressing them from behind her. She tilted back to look at him as he loomed over her, covered her upper part as Toro began to feast on her cunt and he kissed her mouth. When he released her lips he cupped her breasts and stared down into her eyes.

“Your body knows. It’s comfortable, safe with us, and knows that you will belong to us as we will belong to you. You’re incredible and so sexy and beautiful. You hide this body well, sweetness. That makes my dick so very hard,” he said and licked along her nipple. She felt Toro’s fingers thrust in and out of her cunt and then over her asshole. When she felt him slide a finger into her asshole she cried out and came.

“Holy shit. Did you finger her asshole?” River asked.

“Look,” Colton said and she moaned and rocked her hips. She could feel so much.

“God, that is a gorgeous sight. She’s made for us men, that’s for shit sure,” River said.

“I need a taste,” Ox said as he licked each nipple and slowly lifted up to kiss her chin, her lips, her nose, her forehead and then gave her a wink.

Toro moved out of the way and Ox shifted between her legs. He caressed along her thighs and she shivered, looking at how big he was. She reached down and he shook his head.

“You trust us because you know that we’re the real deal. This body, this pussy and ass are going to belong to the four of us. Understand me, Milwaukee?” he asked her. Tears filled her eyes. She felt entirely too much.

“Let go,” he said and stroked her pussy, rubbed his thumb along her clit as River and Colton climbed up on the bed on either side of her and raised her arms back as they massaged her breasts and began to feast on them. She felt wild, needy and so ready for sex it was insane. She wanted them inside of her, claiming her, thrusting their thick, hard cocks into her and making her their woman.

“Oh!” she cried out as Ox was relentless with his fingers’ thrusts in her cunt and asshole. In and out he stroked both holes and as she screamed out he pulled them from both places and covered her pussy with his mouth and feasted on her. He placed her quivering thighs over his hard, thick shoulders and she continued to come.

When Toro leaned over and suckled against her belly and twirled his tongue into her belly bottom then nibbled along her hip bones, she really started to shake and come some more. They were all touching her, arousing her, getting her to come over and over again.

Ox lifted up and placed her thighs back down then slid his palms up to her hips and kissed the top of her pussy and then her belly, her chest, and held her gaze.

“I say we ditch the barbecue and we make this relationship official. Let us make love to you Milwaukee. Become our woman and we’ll become your men.” She swallowed hard as all four huge men surrounded her on the bed.

“I want to,” she whispered.

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