Training Evan (MM)

Hard Hits 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,631
5 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, public exhibition, fisting, spanking, paddling, sensation play, sex toys, HEA]
After his cover is blown, Detective David Anderson is reassigned within the department. As a Dom he’s always had control, but now he loses it. He throws himself into training, trying to forget that he has an ex-wife and just came out to his family.
When tactical photographer Evan Thunder meets David for the first time, he immediately falls for the chief’s son. He knows he’s playing with fire but wants a taste of the sweet burn. Evan is a sub in need of a good Dom who can take control of him in the bedroom. He has yet to find a Dom who knows how to handle him and get him off. Is David the Dom he’s always been waiting for?
David is a Dom without a sub. He knows he shouldn’t get involved with someone he works with, but he can’t resist the temptation. Will David realize what he has before it’s too late?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Training Evan (MM)
5 Ratings (4.4)

Training Evan (MM)

Hard Hits 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,631
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Fabulous as always!!! I love these men and love this series!
David and Evan were sweet loving dark kinky and sexy hot hot hot!!! Im happy they both got their happy ever after?
donna b buccella




Undercover police officer David Anderson was about to commit a crime. He was going to buy a shit load of cocaine to get closer to the distributor and to gain their trust. He sat in his Jeep in Washington Park, waiting for his contact to show. If all went well tonight, he’d have the name of the man moving cocaine into the city. Things seldom went well when it came to David’s life. Taking down this crime ring was a risk worth taking as far as he was concerned. He was a man with absolutely nothing to lose.

Rain misted down from the sky, hitting the windshield with long winding patterns. Music Hall glowed within the darkness, warm and inviting. It was in the high forties this evening. They were calling for bad storms later on in the week. David was so not ready for the white death to hit Cincinnati.

Headlights cut across the front of the windshield. It was time to move. A shiver of fear raced down his spine as David gripped the wheel one last time before getting out of the Jeep. He was going in without backup. It was against protocol, but David trusted his snitch to some extent. The feeling of unease didn’t shake as David stood beside his Jeep mentally adjusting his balls for feeling like a pussy. David took a deep breath and headed down the sidewalk to his contact. David went to the car and tapped on the tinted window. The passenger-side window powered down and a gun was pointed at him. There were three assholes in the car who worked for the guy in charge.

“Get in the fucking car.”

David didn’t dare take his gaze off the gun pointed at him. Getting into the car was part of the plan, but it suddenly felt like one big mistake. The kind of mistake that would leave him with hard choices to make in the morning. Despite his trepidation, David opened the back door of the BMW and slid his ass inside. A fist came flying at his temple before he had a chance to react and connected hard. David’s temple hit the window with a solid bang. David’s eyes were watering as he blinked the pain away.

“Search him.”

The guy in the backseat frisked David, finding nothing. “He’s clean.”

A black cloth bag was thrown over David’s face, causing his heart to race.


The muscle behind the wheel put the car into gear and pulled out into downtown traffic. David started to count within his head as they drove, taking note of the turns the car made. From the distance and the route they were taking, David knew that they drove across town toward the outer docks along the riverbank. The car stopped. The black bag was yanked off his head.

They had pulled into an open garage at an old pig slaughtering house. The metal garage door closed behind them.

“Get out of the car.”

Several other cars were parked in the lower level of the warehouse. A chill raced up the back of his neck as David followed the men as they headed deeper into the building. They went toward an open metal stairway that led upstairs to a second level. David was shoved into a room from someone behind him. The man in charge of running the business was walking around a table of packed cocaine. He was tall, heavily muscled, and heavily armed. Four bodyguards watched David’s every move.

“So this is the cop.”

Fuuuuck. David’s cover was blown. “I’m not a fucking cop.”

The man’s heavy accent was Polish. It was then that David knew that his case was definitely international on two continents.

The man came to stand in front of David. At six three, David felt short in front of this guy. “You, my friend, are a fucking cop.”

A newspaper was shoved in front of David’s face. On the cover was a picture of his father and his brother, Reed. Beneath the picture was an article about the collaboration between Homeland Security and local law enforcement. The man pointed at Reed, hitting the paper several times.

“This is you.”

David’s heart started to race out of his chest. “Not me. That’s my brother.”

“Do you take me for some type of fool?”

David knew it was best to keep his trap shut as the guy moved away. “Beat him within a few inches of his life and drop him on Chief Anderson’s steps.” The guy came close to David. “Make no mistake, my friend. You shall pay for this transgression.”

David tried to fight, but two guys grabbed him by the arms from behind. The boss moved away. One of the muscle moved in front of him and started throwing punches at his face. The first rang his bell. The second rattled his teeth and buzzed his ears. Warmth flooded his mouth as he started to bleed. The punches kept coming and coming. David could no longer stand on his own. They dragged him down the stairs, causing his ankles to knock against the metal. They took him to the car and tossed him into the backseat.

Blood pooled in David’s mouth. He spit it out onto the back seat of the BMW. David was floating in and out of consciousness as he was pulled from the back of the beamer, dragged across the sidewalk, and dropped on the steps to District Four police station. At the last second, David blocked his head with his arms to keep from headbutting the steps. He tried to get up, but he just couldn’t convince his body to move.




David groaned, running his hand down the front of his jeans to adjust his cock. “Crawl to me.”

The order was like a rough spank to Evan’s rim. Evan immediately jumped to his feet and got on all fours on the floor. He crawled to David, taking his time and watching him as he moved. When he got to David’s legs, he was rewarded with a stroke through his hair.

“Good, sub.”

Evan loved the feel of David running his hands through his hair. He pressed his face into David’s crotch, inhaling deeply and loving the scent of his skin coming through his jeans. David groaned when Evan used his teeth to bite David through his jeans.

“You’re misbehaving, sub. You need to wait until I give you an order.”

“Fucking give me an order,” Evan begged.

David chuckled. “Eager?”


Evan sighed happily as David unzipped his jeans, pulling down his boxers as he pulled his jeans down. David’s cock slapped out against Evan’s face as his prick sprung free from his jeans. Evan groaned.

“Let me lick you.”

“Suck me, baby. Suck me hard. I want to stick my cock in every hole you have.”

Evan moaned, grabbing hold of David’s cock with his right hand and sucking it deep within his throat. With his left hand, Evan made a fist, circling his thumb and pulling it tight. Evan didn’t know how or why, but when he did this with his hand he didn’t have the gag reflex that often hung him up when giving head. Evan took him deep, moaning and groaning to send vibrations over David’s swollen prick and down over his balls. Evan grabbed David’s balls with his hand, rubbing and pulling on them as he sucked him off. He ate him hungrily, taking everything David was giving. Evan loved how David thrust his hips, sliding his dick deep within Evan’s throat. David’s balls slapped against his chin as Evan sucked him hard. Evan slipped the tip of his two finders back over his perineum, rubbing it hard. He slipped them further back over David’s rim, loving how eagerly David spread his thighs wide.

“Rub my rim, sub,” David said.

Evan groaned, enjoying how the order came on a husky, breathy note. He rubbed his two fingers over David’s rim, pushing the tip of one inside. David moaned. Evan could sense that this was going faster and further than either one had expected and planned on, but Evan was not about to stop. He was loving what he was taking. He was loving what he was giving to David. He still was wrapping his brain around the fact that he was David’s first sexual experiences with a man. That made Evan’s fucking cock swell to the point of bursting. Pre-cum wept from his aching cock. He needed all of it from David. He used his teeth to scrape gently on David’s shaft as he shoved his big cock in and out of his mouth. Giving deep blow jobs was one of Evan’s favorite sexual sports.

David’s cock hit him in the back of the throat. It made Evan hard. It made him wanting. It made him ready. It was obvious to Evan that David was becoming undone, but he was not about to stop sucking him and thrusting the tips of his fingers in and out of his ass. He loved all of it, he wanted more.

Abruptly, David flexed his fingers into Evan’s hair, pulling Evan off his throbbing prick. “Open your mouth.”

Evan opened his mouth on a hungry moan, sticking his tongue out to accept whatever he had to offer. David slapped his cock against Evan’s face, lips, and tongue, over and over again. Pre-cum shot out of David’s cock, skipping across Evan’s tongue. Evan sucked and swallowed that sweet nectar down his throat, savoring every salty and sugary drop. All the while, Evan wished he could have more. Evan pulled on his balls, twisting and grabbing them hard. David cried out, shooting his spunk from his throbbing prick. Cum shot across Evan’s lips, over his tongue, and rolled down his throat. Evan opened his mouth wide as David shoved his dick down his throat, taking him deep and fast. Hot cum continued to erupt from David’s dick as Evan sucked him dry.

Evan’s gaze was full of lust as he finally lifted his eyes to David. He wanted more, and he wanted to know if David was going to give him more.

“You need to be punished for not coming to my house at seven like you said you would,” David said.

“Punish me,” Evan begged.

“Bend over the chair,” David ordered.

Evan stood up on shaky legs and bent his ass over the leather chair. He braced his palms against the seat cushion. David came up behind him, flipping the button open on Evan’s fly. He pulled his boxers and jeans down, leaving his ass open and exposed to David’s touch. David slapped his ass with his hand, spanking him hard. Evan’s balls slapped against his cock like a church bell ringing. Evan’s cockhead knocked against the back of his chair. A stinging warm sensation flooded over his ass as David continued to spank him hard. He fucking loved how hard David was smacking him. David came up behind him, grabbing both ass checks with his strong hands. He bounced his ass cheeks up and down, causing his balls to jerk back and forth again.

“Do you like that?” David asked.

“Fuck, yes. Don’t stop.”

Evan hoped David didn’t stop anytime soon. He loved the way David was taking control of him. After several long minutes of spanking, David stepped away.

“Don’t move.”

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