[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Romantic Suspense, M/M, light bondage, spanking, whipping, sex toys, HEA]
Asher "Ash" Davies has been called a romantic who knows how to bring couples together. However, having been hurt, he’s determined to keep his heart as far away from the fires of love and romance as he can, condemning himself to loneliness. 
Cortez "Cort" Grays is the advertising mastermind behind Ash’s company, and he’s been in love with Ash for nearly as long as he’s known him. Still, he refuses to make any moves until one night of sensual heat makes him realize a temporary affair might be the key into Ash’s life.
Ash has been able to fight the attraction between them, but watching Cort flirt with another man forces Ash to realize the time has come to purge Cortez from his system with a fling. However, he quickly realizes that his past hurts are no match for the healing balm of love. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Temporary Affair (MM)
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




He rarely failed in making love connections, but Ash was no advertiser. Cortez knew that was why he’d been hired. He did his job well and refused to allow Ash to run over him.

“No.” He sighed deeply.

“Rush wouldn’t lead you wrong either so, just give the guy six months free and let him do his job.” He played his fingers lightly over Ash’s neck. Ash sighed again.

“Sometimes I think you do this just to put a spell on me,” Ash joked. “Are you a little voodoo priest, baby?”

He laughed. He loved that sexy edge in Ash’s voice. It made him hard. “Voodoo’s not my thing.” He bent so he could whisper in his ear, “You know what is?”


“Intuition, just like you,” he said, and drew in Ash’s scent. He fought the urge to nibble Ash’s neck as he took in the clean masculine scent of him of his cologne.

 Ash grunted. “There is no way you’re more intuitive than me,” he replied, humor in his tone. “If you were, you’d know that I—”

“Oh, I know you don’t like advice on the business,” he cut in, squeezing Ash’s broad shoulders. “I also know you’re going to do it because you trust my judgment, and my skills.” He didn’t know how much of it was trust and how much was due to the obvious attraction between them. The attraction Ash fought to ignore.

“That’s all true,” Ash agreed and then sighed deeply. “I just don’t think giving the guy free service is the way to go.”

“You’re good, Ash,” Cortez murmured. He’d love to find out just how good he was. “This guy will make the company better.”

 “Give me his contact info, and I’ll give him a buzz.”

“You are smart,” Cortez complimented him with a smile.

“I still feel like there was something I should have seen.”

“Stop it, Ash,” Cortez ordered. He squeezed his shoulders harder. “You did your job.” Cortez hated to hear Ash beating himself up, and he had for days after the detective first came to see him. Ash gave the impression of cool confidence the entire time, but he’d seen the sorrow and regret in his beautiful sapphire-blue eyes after the cops left. Ash didn’t appear to show his true feelings very often to anyone, not even his good friend Calvin.

“You did your job, and Lawry will ensure you have better help doing it from now on,” Cortez told him firmly. “Now, I was thinking we’d go ahead and start the Boyfriend for Christmas campaign a little early and offer some stronger discounts for the first two weeks. I also think you need to plan a few really hot mixers and hire a few good planners to help you host these things. They’ve gotten so big that you can’t continue to do them on your own.”

“Yeah, I’ve already hired two people to help with that.” He moaned. “Damn that feels so good. Maybe I should just hire you as a full-time ma—”

“No suga,” he cut in, in an amused tone. “You’d never be able to hire anyone to replace me.” He grinned at the sound of Ash’s grunt. “You know it’s true. No one will be able to tolerate you as well as I do.”

“Right.” That single word held a wealth of humor.

“Why don’t we go out for Mexican tonight and you can tell me your plans, and I’ll tell you how we can make them work.”

“Cal invited me over to his cousin’s for dinner. You can come with me,” he said.

“Oh, uh, great.” What he wanted was some one-on-one time with Ash, but he supposed he could do with a little socializing too.

“Come with me,” Ash said and looked up when Cortez stopped massaging his shoulders. “It’s going to be the four of them. I always feel so out of place around the four lovebirds. I was going to decline, but Cal thinks I’m hiding.”

“You are in a way.” He perched on the edge of Ash’s desk, facing him, and had to catch his breath. The man was gorgeous. His face had the perfect symmetry and his sensual mouth made Cortez think of sex. “You’ll probably have a good time. They’re a great bunch of guys.”

Ash leaned back in his chair, studying him, and Cortez wondered what he was thinking. His beautiful blue eyes gave nothing away unless he was laughing, which he didn’t really do enough of in his opinion. He was so driven, so obsessed with being the best in his field and being a Fortune 500 company.

“What’s the difference, Cortez?” he asked quietly. “Cal’s cousin’s or a restaurant?”

“We can’t talk about business there, you numbskull,” he explained. “That will be all about fun and socializing, which you need more of these days. You’re too serious sometimes, Ash.” He nudged Ash’s knee with his own. He loved touching him, but he had to be careful. Ash tended to retreat if he got too touchy-feely.

“My head is where it needs to be,” he replied. “We’ll talk about business on the way.”

Cortez scoffed at him as he pushed himself to his feet. “You need a man in your life,” he said. “And I don’t mean a sixty-second fling.”

“Hey!” He glared. “I can keep it up longer than that.”

Cortez snickered. “Yeah, I bet you can, big guy, but seriously. Ash. You need someone special to be there for you.”

“I’ve got you,” he teased.

“Yeah. I’ll call down with his CI.”


“Contact info.”

“Just speak English,” Ash muttered and Cortez smirked.

“I’m serious about you coming with me,” Ash replied casually as he got to his feet too. “Besides, it’s not like you don’t know them. I’ll pick you up at seven.”




Cortez’s eyes shone with wild hunger and Ash smiled. He was going to enjoy every moment of this. He knew it, but the certainty of it slammed home to him when Cort’s lips trailed kisses along his shoulder down to his hairless chest.

“You wax?” Cortez asked, and then traced a well-defined pec with the tip of his tongue.

“Ohh, yeah.” The words were rough breaths. “No.”

Cortez’s tongue point teased the tawny bead of Ash’s nipple before swirling around the areola. He licked and scraped the tender flesh with sharp teeth before sucking at it.

“Fuck,” Ash cried out. It was so crazy good he thought he was going to come.

Cortez pressed a line of kisses to the other nipple to lave at it before scraping it with his teeth. He sucked hard and then traced kisses down Ash’s solid chest to his hard-packed abs. He bit the firm skin and Ash’s fingers sank into his hair. He slowly went to his knees and dragged the zipper of Ash’s pants down before releasing the button. He reached inside and pulled Ash’s heavy cock free. It curved in his hand, jutting out thick and long.

“You have a beautiful dick. The head looks like a huge macadamia nut.”

Ash laughed. “Just don’t bite it too hard.”

Holding his gaze, Cortez’s lips closed over the tip of Ash’s cock and his mouth sank down on it. His head moved up and down, his tongue working on the shaft and head, teasing, licking and sucking.

Ash gritted his teeth as pleasure washed over him, turning his blood hotter. His fingers tightened in Cortez’s hair. “Shit,” he breathed. “God that’s so damned good.” His hips pumped even though he tried to keep them still. He didn’t want to gag him, but Cortez knew how take him even as he worked his cock with one hand as he cupped his balls in the other. His fingers stroked the tight orbs in a light motion that drove him crazy.

Cortez’s tongue worked down his shaft and over one orb. He sucked it, laving his tongue over the sensitive flesh before caressing the other and sucking it into his hot mouth. Ash’s breath hitched, his pulse rushed.

Damn the boy knew what he was doing, and how to turn him into a pool of fire.

“I think I like macadamia nuts,” he said before taking Ash’s dick back into his mouth. He sucked him deep into the moist heat of his mouth before taking him down his throat. He swallowed and the action had Ash’s eyes crossing in pleasure.

“Ohhhhh!” He hissed.

Cortez’s head came up and sank back down, taking the swollen length down his throat again. He took him nearly to his root and Ash lost his load on a harsh cry.

“Mmm.” Cortez hummed as he sucked every last bit of seed from him. He lifted his head and swiped his tongue over the tip of Ash’s cock. “You taste so good.”

Ash’s knees were weak, but he pulled Cortez from the floor. “That was good. Now it’s my turn.” He kissed Cortez and then shoved him onto the bed. “Condoms? Lube?”

Cortez looked up at him as he struggled up to lean on his elbows. “Nightstand. I use the condoms on my toys.”

Ash pulled the drawer open and removed a box of condoms, a tube of lube and a dildo. He laid them on the top and toed off his shoes before disposing of his pants and briefs. He grabbed the box of condoms, removed a string and tossed them onto the bed to Cortez who was stroking his cock. He grabbed the other two items and put a knee on the bed.

“Sit up,” he ordered. “Put the condom on me.”

“We’ll get it later,” Cortez murmured as he leaned forward and swiped his tongue over the leaking head. He stroked his hands over Ash’s hips. “I want to suck you off again. You have such a big gold cock.”

“Now,” Ash ordered. “I might not have the presence of mind to do it later.”

Cortez tore open a condom and rolled it into place before stroking his hands over Ash’s thighs. “Ash, you’re so perfect and hard.” He kissed his inner thigh. “I want you.”

“Lay back, baby boy,” he murmured. Cortez did and Ash moved over him, taking his mouth softly.

Cortez sighed and stroked his hands up Ash’s back. He raked his nails over tough flesh and spread his legs. Their naked cocks brushed against each other, inciting a harsh moan from them both.

Ash broke the kiss to trail kisses over Cortez’s chest. His fingers caught one nipple between them while his lips closed over the other. His tongue teased while his fingers drew harsh cries from Cortez.

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