Delicious Surprise (MM)

Interracial Heat 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,989
1 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Paranormal Romance, M/M, bondage, spanking, HEA]
Koji Snow is certain a black man could never be his perfect match, but a dating service says otherwise. Their first meeting brings back memories of a past life filled with a powerful love and a dangerous obsession that costs him his life. Confused Koji rejects Jamal Jameson without question.
Jamal is a man who never holds back and goes after what he wants. He has Koji in his sights and is determined to have him in spite of Koji’s resistance. So, he tricks Koji into being his temporary lover, but soon the ugly head of a centuries old obsession rises, upping the stakes.
Making his move, a stalker threatens to ruin Koji’s life and end Jamal’s, but Jamal has never been one for losing anything he might miss. So the two determined men go head-to-head knowing only one can survive. When the dust clears, will Koji finally get his happily ever after?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Delicious Surprise (MM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Delicious Surprise (MM)

Interracial Heat 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,989
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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4 STARS: "When Jamal’s date through the dating agency ends on a sour note, he doesn’t think he will see Koji again. But when his last call of the night brings Koji back into his life, he decides to find out what went wrong. Koji is afraid to date black men. So when the dating agency pairs him with Jamal, he is rude. Seeing Jamal again was not in his plans but when his computer is hacked and locked, he needs his files. Then Jamal makes a house call and dares him to move outside his comfort zone. But when someone from Koji’s past threatens him and Jamal, will the budding relationship withstand the added pressure? Delicious Surprise by E. A. Reynolds is second in the Interracial Heat series. I liked Jamal throughout this tale. He was a strong male character with honor and loyalty. He had a feeling that Koji would be important to him and worked to give Koji time. Especially once he learns why Koji has problems with black men. Koji is struggling to move beyond his past. Added to that he seems to have a connection to a past life that ended horribly. This was my first time reading this author. I thought the author did a good job of building both the characters and their world. Koji was a submissive man but not one willing to be a pushover. He stood up for himself and worked to better himself and those around him. Jamal was dominant but caring. I loved seeing him around his family and friends. He fought for what he wanted and stood by those he cared for. He was open minded and perfect for Koji. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and am looking forward to reading more from this author." --Manic Readers

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Jamal strolled on to the front porch with its distressed red oversize planter of flowers and creeping ivy trailing down the side. The green porch swing with green and white awning boasted a thick cushion. The entire look was a little rustic and gave him the impression of a laid-back guy who liked comfort and beauty.

 He hadn’t seen any of that, he mused as he knocked. The door opened a moment later and Koji’s gaze flared with surprise that quickly turned to suspicion.

Jamal almost laughed. This was an interesting little prank of the fates.

 “Good evening Mr. Snow.” Jamal gave him a congenial nod. “You called about your computer?”

“I called Electro Shocked.”

 “Yes you did, and I am here to see how I can help you.” Jamal kept his tone professional.

 His gaze darted out to his smoothly paved driveway. “But you’re not in a company car,” he protested, narrowing his eyes with increased suspicion. “How am I supposed to know you really work for Electro Shocked?”

 “That ole pickup is my company car,” Jamal replied patiently, his lips curling in an amused smile. He could afford better, but he loved his old pick-up. It was comfortable and familiar. It ran great too. “Do you want me to check your PC out or do you want to call someone else in the morning?”

Koji frowned. The little jerk was actually considering it?  Just let him go ahead. He’d loved to find out what it was about Koji Snow that had brought on what had seemed to be a shared vision, but he  had better things to do than stand around waiting him to make up his mind.

“I need the files tonight,” Koji insisted urgently.

Jamal glanced at his watch casually. “Good luck with that.” He turned to go back the way he came and heard the put-upon sigh behind him. He didn’t want to hurt or offend this man anymore than he’d want to offend a random stranger. On the other hand, he was no one’s whipping boy either.

“Okay.” Jamal turned back around and their eyes met.

Electricity sizzled down his spine and just for a moment he was someplace else. His eyes beheld a gaze so full of love and affection it made his weak-kneed and his breath catch.

“Fusahira.” The word played in his mind evoking a time long ago in Kyoto, Japan where two warriors in training fell in love.

“Come in.” Koji’s voice brought him back to the moment and Koji stepped back eyeing him warily.

 Jamal’s black gaze slid slowly down his lean compact body before cruising back up to Koji’s. He saw trepidation in those eyes just before they darted away from his. Jamal stepped inside to strawberry scented air.  “Okay then, what seems to be the problem with your laptop?”

“I’m locked out of it,” Koji snapped impatiently.

“Password protected?” Jamal asked. Koji had been a little snappish on their date after that vision, so maybe what’d seen and heard just now had been from what Koji had seen. If so he surmised the man got a little impatient when he was frightened.

“No,” Koji said, annoyed. “That is the crazy thing, and the damned machine keeps prompting me for a password.”

“Okay, I’ll take a look.” Jamal glanced around the entryway taking in the pastel tangerine that reminded him of the colors in last week’s vision as did the simple wood table standing next to the door. The clay pot was distinctly modern Japanese art though. 

 Koji turned and led the way into that room and over to the couch, which faced a large, wide-screen TV mounted on the wall. The spacious room was well-appointed and the nearly punch red flowed seamlessly into each darker blue and accent shades of brown and green that were a throwback to forties shades and combinations. Curious the man seemed sentimental about a time that obviously scared the shit out of him.

 “This is my laptop.” Koji  pointed to the open laptop.

Jamal sat down in front of it and turned it on. He studied the password screen and frowned. “Are you sure you don’t have a password? This doesn’t happen unless a password has been installed on the computer.”

“I’m not stupid,” Koji snapped.. “I’d know if I’d put a password on my computer.”

Jamal glanced at him with lifted brows. He did think this was kind of freaky. Most people just came out and said they’d forgotten their password. “I’m just stating a fact,” he retorted patiently.

Koji rubbed his arms and Jamal followed the gesture noticing very little hair on olive skin that invited him to touch. “If you can’t fix it, say you can’t fix it,” he said coldly, glaring down at him with a challenge in his warm, amber eyes.

Jamal snorted and shook his head. “Cool your jets.” He dragged his eyes from Koji’s skin and  removed his tablet from the small neoprene case and booted it up.

“This won’t take long I hope,” Koji drawled impatiently, hands on his hips.

Jamal looked up at him  in vague amusement. “Right.” He began to type once his keyboard came up. If that sexy little thing didn’t quit…

This wasn’t a difficult task. He could hack a locked computer in his sleep now. “Okay, Mr. Snow. Rattle off some possibilities.”


Did the man expect him to do all the work? He didn’t even know him well enough to do more than make assumptions and Jamal doubted he’d password protected with rude or scared little rabbit. “For a password, and please don’t remind me that you didn’t use one,” he remarked dryly.

Koji glared at him. “I didn’t, jerk,” he snapped. “So how would I know?” He tapped his barefoot on the carpet as he looked down at Jamal angrily.

Jamal sighed softly. “Mr. Snow, please allow me to help you by—”

“By treating me like I’m stupid?” Koji demanded.




He reached up and swept Koji’s hair to his left shoulder before urging him down to him. He traced kisses along the side of Koji’s neck up to his ear. His teeth closed over the lobe and gave it a light tug before Jamal nipped lightly at the sensitive flesh of his neck and then he sucked.

A soft moan escaped Koji, and he curled a hand around the back of Jamal’s neck. Jamal sucked harder and Koji arched into him. He was getting harder and the fire of desire spiked inside him as the fire from the standing fireplace warmed him. “Jamal.”

Jamal bit him lightly and licked over the sting before trailing kisses over Koji’s jaw to his throat. A light nip beneath his chin and soft lips brushed over Koji’s throat to play in the hollow and Jamal licked up the slim column to Koji’s chin. Their eyes met at that moment, and Koji’s  heart skipped a beat at the unbridled heat reflected back at him.

Jamal’s lips brushed Koji’s softly, teasing, and Koji’s lips parted. He was eager for another taste of the man who was turning out to be quite a surprise. The kiss was easy and sweet at first, and Koji leaned more heavily against Jamal. He loved the solid strength of his chest and the hardness of his frame as he cushioned him.

Jamal deepened the kiss and Koji groaned as heat tore through him. His hips moved of their own accord as Jamal’s tongue slowly teased him undone.  “Mmm.” Koji ground harder against Jamal as his fingers scraped lightly at the back of Jamal’s neck.

One large hand glided down Koji’s back to cup his ass in an encouraging fashion, and Koji moved more sensually as he raced toward orgasm. He knew he should stop, but he was burning, and raging with hunger that threatened to consume him. His cock was leaking, and he knew he’d cum his pants any second.

A light whack landed on his ass and Koji went still for a moment. The vibration coursed through him and ricocheted off every nerve ending in his lower body. The next whack set off a chain reaction of pleasure, and Koji’s hips slammed into Jamal’s. Their engorged cocks bumped together and their slacks were no buffer against the pleasure that tore through Koji. He’d been curious before, now he was definitely interested in having his ass spanked.

The kiss turned into an eating, devouring kiss with teeth nipping, tongues dueling and stroking together. With each second of harsh breathing and heavy beat of his heart, Koji grew closer to  his climax. One more grind against Jamal’s cock was coupled with  a harder whack, and he came. His body shuddered and he tore his lips from Jamal’s to cry out as the power of his orgasm took him over.  He couldn’t contain it, couldn’t deny how much his body buzzed even without penetration.

He’d never had an orgasm this strong without a man inside him.

 “God,” he breathed out roughly. “What’d you do to make that feel so good?” He buried his face in Jamal’s shoulder, his breathing still harsh.

Jamal stroked his hair with one hand and Koji’s ass with the other. “I think you liked being hit.”

Koji’s lips pulled into a smile. “I started fantasizing about it six months ago,” he admitted and then added, “I have this recurring fantasy where I’m laying over my lover’s knee, and he’s spanking me with his hand. My cum shoots all over his pants leg. He treats me like I’m his bad little boy.” He looked up at Jamal, wondering what he’d think. Mason had told him no. He’d told him that was for pervs who needed to be hurt to feel during sex.

 “S&M isn’t a problem for me. I engage in light play whenever possible.”

“So, you don’t think I’m a perv because I want to…” He shrugged.

“Say it, Koji,” he commanded in a firm tone. “Tell me what you want baby boy.”

“I want to be spanked.”

“Not all scenes lead to sex,” Jamal told him. “Sexual release might occur, but I prefer to fuck my partners during a scene. I need you to understand that and to tell me what you’d expect.”

Koji considered his words a moment, his gaze straying past Jamal. Did he want him? His body screamed yes and his mind whispered it. His fears had kept him away from black men even though  his earliest realization of being gay was sparked by seeing a black man naked. 

He had wanted to us this time with Jamal to come to terms with his fears, to overcome them. Having sex with him would be part of the process since he thought a relationship with a black man could only ruin his life. Now was the moment of truth. To fully embrace this “relationship” to its fullest or take a step back and go through the motions.

“I understand,” he said, meeting Jamal’s gaze again. “I won’t say no.”

 Jamal nodded. “You’re going to trust me?” he asked carefully.

Normally that would be too much for a black man to ask of him. However, there was some part of him that already trusted Jamal for reasons he didn’t or understand. Maybe he just wasn’t willing to accept the truth yet. He was Edward and Jamal was Tyrone.  “No tying me up.”

“Not until you fully trust me,” Jamal agreed. “But I will tie you, Koji, when it’s time to push your boundaries.”

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