Texas Blaze (MMF)

Club Esoteria Texas 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,898
12 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Menage Amour: Contemporary, BDSM, Cowboys/Western, Menage, Small Town, Public Exhibition, MMF, HEA]

After losing her Master, Blaze Richards’ life spirals out of control until she winds up hospitalized and fired from job as a social worker fighting for children’s protection. Swooping in to rescue her best friend, Jillian, with Gunnar’s help, move her to Texas.

Wyatt Jackson and Levin Taylor, Gunnar and Jillian’s neighbors and co-owners of the Rocking JT Ranch, are involved in a Master/slave relationship while looking for a submissive woman to join their family. Meeting Blaze brings them not only a woman they both want in the bedroom, but also the social worker their ranch, which works with rehabilitating horses and men-in-training, needs.

Will Blaze be able to lay her memories to rest and embrace a new BDSM relationship with Levin and Wyatt? Will the men be able to open their tightknit duo to embrace a third? Will Blaze be able to play rope bunny to her new Masters without melting down?

Texas Blaze (MMF)
12 Ratings (4.3)

Texas Blaze (MMF)

Club Esoteria Texas 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,898
12 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Siren Publishing
What a great start to this spin off series! Blaze was such an integral part of the original Club Esoteria that I wondered how she would end up in Texas with Master Gunnar and Jillian. Well this author places her there with a bang. The beginning of this book was sad, but powerful. Levin and Wyatt are a great couple. What was missing was an understanding of their origin. It was brushed over, but this information would have helped the reader get a better understanding of their dynamic.
Blaze is a hot mess when she loses her Master. After losing her job, her best friend, Jillian, and her husband, Gunner, come to her rescue. She's lost her job and put her health at risk bad enough she is in the hospital. When they take her back home with them, Gunner wants his friends, Wyatt and Levin to take her under their wings. Can Blaze learn to soar again and submit to two Masters? I loved this story and was really happy to get more of Jillian and Gunner. I will be eagerly waiting for the next book in this series!


“I’m not Gunnar, and you will come downstairs for dinner. We will discuss going to the club for the evening afterward,” Wyatt said, adding a hefty dose of dominant power to his voice.

The tiny woman jumped to her feet with a gasp. He had just a moment to take in the swelling and colorful bruises on the left side of her face before she raised a hand to try and hide the injuries. She was a pretty little thing, despite the slowly fading bruises. The T-shirt and leggings she wore hung on her, emphasizing her fragility.

“Who the fuck are you two?”

“Language, pet. I’d hate to have to spank you before we’ve been formally introduced,” Wyatt said, still using his deep Dom voice. The woman’s pain was as easy to read as a neon sign at midnight.

The woman swallowed hard then whirled to face the window once more. “Go away. I told Jillian I won’t be leaving this room until my face heals. Even then, I won’t be going anywhere with you, whoever you are.”

“Turn around, pet. I’m sure Master Z taught you to look at the people you’re talking with.”

Levin shifted behind him, and Wyatt knew the submissive man was reacting to the dominant energy he was projecting. He was actually surprised Levin had not fallen to his knees by now. It took Blaze a few seconds to respond to the order. Taking a slow deep breath, she turned to face him but kept one hand raised to hide the left side of her face.

“Hands by your sides, Blaze,” Wyatt ordered gently. “Let us see you.”


* * * *


Blaze stared at the two men across the room, her gaze flitting from the one giving all the orders to the other, bigger one standing just behind his right shoulder. Both were the three Bs she’d always said a man had to have in order to spark her attention … big, built, and bold. The shorter man seemed to be in charge, giving orders and making demands. She had ignored those same words when they came from Jillian. Gunnar had been harder to ignore when he’d come to her room earlier in the day, but she had. She knew Gunnar would never lay a hand on her in anger, so she felt safe in denying his order to be downstairs for dinner.  

So why did she feel compelled to follow this man out of her sanctuary when her face and body were still a dozen shades of battered?

Slowly, she lowered her hand, knotting her fingers together in front of her bellybutton as she waited for their reaction to her still swollen and colorfully bruised face.

“Good girl,” the dominant one praised with a smile that made her knees weak and her insides shiver with need.

She missed hearing those two words. She missed Master Z. She had to blink several times to keep the sudden tears that filled her eyes from falling and giving away her secret.

She was broken and wasn’t sure she would ever be able to put the many pieces of herself back together again.

“Who are you?” she asked again, this time without the expletive.

“Much better,” the bossy one said, his smile growing by degrees. “I’m Wyatt Jackson, and this is Levin Taylor. We own the Rocking JT Ranch next door.”

“Uh-huh,” Blaze grunted, still feeling confused about so many things. “And you are in my bedroom because?”

“Because Jillian looked distraught, and as a man, a Texan, and a sexual dominant, it is in my DNA to fix things. So, I offered to fetch you down for dinner.”

His answer confirmed her thinking, though she still didn’t understand why she was capitulating to him. Yes, he was broad-shouldered, narrow-hipped, and wearing cowboy boots, everything she loved in a man, but that was no reason to give in. His dark brown hair was cut military short, and he had the posture of a man who had once served his country. Having lived in New Bern and dealt with military personnel on occasion, she could easily read the signs. This man was former military, a Dom, and, for some reason, wanted her submission, at least on going downstairs for dinner.

She shifted attention to Levin, the silent one. He was a few inches taller and broader than Wyatt, with golden-brown hair that looked overdue for a haircut. His posture was also military straight, but he seemed to take his cues from Wyatt. While he looked concerned, he remained silent as she battled wills with his friend.

“As I told Jillian just a few minutes ago, I’m not hungry, and I’d rather not visit the club until the bruises have faded,” she said, waving a hand from the left side of her face down her body where the other bruises were hidden by her clothes.

Wyatt shook his head. “Not an option, pet. Tonight, you will be coming downstairs for dinner, and afterwards, the three of us will be going to the club. We will show you around the club and get you back into club life. You’ve crawled into a dark place, and we’re here to help you rise back out of it.”

Not sure why she was tempted to give in, Blaze crossed her arms over her chest, pushing her tits up and out. While both men’s eyes dropped to her chest, they rose to her face again a second later.

Then both men took two steps closer.

“And why would I do that? You two are strangers, and my mama taught me when I was a very small child not to go anywhere with strangers.” Blaze worked to put some snark in her voice, but failed. Instead, she sounded pitifully lost.

“Why don’t we all go downstairs so Gunnar can introduce us properly? Then we won’t be strangers any longer,” Wyatt said with a smirk, though Blaze could tell he was beginning to lose patience. “You have five seconds to get your ass out into the hall.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then Levin will be carrying you downstairs, and you’ll be spanked for disobedience later tonight at the club,” Wyatt answered easily. “Five … four …”

Blaze’s eyes widened at his confidence, though she found her body starting to move toward the door.

“One,” Wyatt said as she was still two steps from the door.

In the next instant, she found herself lifted into a pair of thick, muscular arms.

“Hey,” she said, trying to struggle against his hold. Problem was the arms around her tightened just enough to keep her secure, which pressed against several still sore spots.

She sucked a breath as she immediately stopped moving. Turning her head, she looked up at the big man holding her. “You’re his slave, aren’t you?”

Levin paused long enough for Wyatt to nod before he said, “It’s complicated, and we’ll explain it all later tonight.”

Levin did not set her down until they reached the living room. As soon as he did, she stepped away from the two men, moving around the table to stand beside her best friend. Before she could say a word to protest their actions, Gunnar took her hand. He led her back to stand in front of Wyatt and Levin. He laid his big hands gently on her shoulders to keep her from escaping.

Bending down until they were eye to eye, he said, “I’m sure they’ve already introduced themselves, but I also know you need to hear this from me. Wyatt Jackson and Levin Taylor are good men and good friends. For the rest of the evening, I am placing you in their care. Trust me, trust them, and, most of all, trust that famous sixth sense of yours. Okay?”

Blaze took a deep breath and released it in a whoosh. How could she reject these men when they had apparently been handpicked by Gunnar?

Blaze met Gunnar’s dark brown eyes before she softly said, “Yes, Sir.”




“Well, boy, what are you waiting for? You’ve got a woman to please.” His voice had a rough edge to it as he rubbed a hand down Levin’s back to his ass.

Levin did not respond. At least not verbally. Instead, he leaned down and gently, delicately stroked the tip of his tongue from her taint between her cunt and asshole up, up, up the center of her groin to the knotted-up ball of flesh of her clit, which he batted back and forth several times, driving her closer and closer to the edge.

A thick finger sliding into her open, wet pussy was all it took to shove her into the first orgasm she’d had in nearly a year. It rolled over her with the strength of a charging bull, causing her to cry out with the instantaneous intensity. Her hips began to move, canting up to press harder against that magic tongue while, at the same time, she tried to fuck herself on the finger that slid out, only to return with a friend, stretching her channel in the most delicious fashion.

In the background, she heard smacking. Levin’s breath grew heavy against her pussy as he received and accepted his punishment. He impressed her when he didn’t bite her or cause her pain in response to the pain being given to him. Instead, his tongue batted her flesh a little harder, his fingers fucked her with a little more power, and he kept her orgasm rolling through her.

When he did take a break to breathe through a pain, it gave her a moment to try to catch her own breath. She was gasping and panting so hard and fast she was certain she would be passing out from it at any second.

She heard Wyatt when he said, “Bring her down slowly, boy,” but did not understand the meaning until Levin gentled his touch. His fingers slowed as they twisted back and forth while easing in and out. His sucking became gentle licks, which grew lighter and lighter until he finally lifted his head from between her legs, kissed her bare mons, and then rested his chin there.

“Feel better?” he asked softly. She saw he had tears tracking down his cheeks, but he looked nearly euphoric from his punishment than anything else.

She was still trying to get her brain to function after he’d blown it up, so she nodded with a grunted “Uh-huh.”

“Would you be interested in a little more fun?” Wyatt asked as he emerged from the closet having returned the belt to its place on the wall.

“As long as I don’t have to jump up and run anywhere,” Blaze answered with a touch of snark in her tone, still feeling a little loopy.

“Oh, no, pet, you’ll stay right as you are, but I want to fuck you while you suck Levin’s cock. The boy took his punishment well, and I want to give him a treat before we head out for the day.”

Blaze nodded. “I could do that, Master Wyatt.”

“Good girl. Now just relax while we reposition you just a bit,” he said.

The two men worked together, and in less than a minute, she was lying across the foot of the bed, her ass in one corner as she held her bent legs to her chest. Levin stood but did not move closer, keeping his long, hard, angry-looking cock well out her reach.

“Okay, pet, now can you pull your legs farther apart? Yes, just like that,” Master Wyatt instructed as he gently eased her legs so her knees were on the outsides of her breasts, pressing the fleshy mounds closer together. “Damn, that’s a beautiful sight. When you’re feeling better, I’m going to suspend you tied just like that.”

Blaze could not help the moan that emerged at the image or the gush of fluid that spilled out of her pussy and down over her back hole. Her hips began to move up and down in supplication as she watched Wyatt sheathe his cock in a condom.

A moment later, she moaned as his mushroom head found its way into her pussy, pausing a moment at the entrance as Wyatt leaned over to look her in the eyes. “Are you sure about this, pet?”

“Oh, yes, please fuck me, Master Wyatt. It’s been so long.”

He nodded before his hips begin to press forward. Their moans harmonized as his cock pushed smoothly in, in, in, slowly filling her completely. Once he was buried deep, he stilled, giving her body time to adjust to the intruder.

Closing her eyes, Blaze took a breath and tried to relax when her sore muscles twinged, reminding her that she was still recovering. She opened them again when warm fingers stroked across her cheek before turning her head. She looked up into Levin’s hungry face, still glistening with the remnants of her juices. Her gaze then dropped to the long, thick cock that was just inches from her nose.

Smiling, she parted her lips and stuck out her tongue in an invitation, which he immediately answered, easing forward until his cock filled her mouth. She closed her lips around the head as she licked at the tip, savoring the drops of precum that covered it. With a soft moan, she moved her head in an attempt to take Levin deeper.

At that moment, Wyatt moved, drawing her attention back to her pussy. Then Levin shifted deeper, filling her mouth completely as Wyatt pulled back until only the head remained inside.

The two men moved slowly, one moving in as the other pulled out before then reversing directions. Then hands began to trace over the rest of her body, stroking over her belly, covering her breasts, and playing with her balled-up nipples.

She had never been the focus of two men before, and it quickly drove her back up the mountain of arousal. Releasing one leg, she reached up and cupped Levin’s balls, rolling and playing them as she continued to suck and lap at his cock. At the same time, she clenched her pussy around Wyatt’s driving cock, determined to give these men as much pleasure as they were giving her.

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