Survivors (MFMM)

Slick Rock 27

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 78,821
8 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Cowboys, Western, Menage, Romantic Suspense, Reverse Harem, Military MFMM, HEA]

Jacquie ‘Jac’ Regan is heartbroken when she finds her boyfriend in bed with another woman. Breaking up with him then and there, she didn’t expect him to beat her so badly, she almost died. Left with permanent damage, the left side of her face paralyzed and now drooping slightly, Jac’s self-confidence is almost zero and she swears off men for good.

After seeing a newspaper article and a photo of her estranged sister, she heads to Slick Rock, Colorado.

The moment she meets twins, Kody and Kalen Sherwin and their younger brother, Jagger, she wants nothing to do with them. However, they won’t be deterred since they know Jacquie is a perfect fit for them. The Sherwin brothers convince Jacquie to give a relationship a try and just when things appear to be on an even keel, peril strikes.

Jac’s missing and it’s up to Kody, Kalen and Jagger to find and rescue the woman they all love. But the three men aren’t sure they’ll find her in time.

Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

Survivors (MFMM)
8 Ratings (4.6)

Survivors (MFMM)

Slick Rock 27

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 78,821
8 Ratings (4.6)
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Great story about not only surviving but also using tragedy as a stepping stone to something better. Jac and the Sherwin brothers each need to learn how to trust again. I really liked how the men did not see Jac’s injuries they saw the person inside before all the other things. A very enjoyable read.

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“If you think I’m going to hang around to watch you screw another woman, you’re fucking insane.”

“You’re mine, bitch. If I can’t have you, then no one else will,” Hadley yelled.

When she saw him clench one of his hands into a fist, Jac loosened her muscles, readying herself to fight. She might be smaller than him, but she’d taken a couple of self-defense lessons in her lunch breaks the few times she’d been scheduled to work during the day, because of the mostly late hours she worked. She’d been worried about being mugged walking home from work and wanted to at least have a couple of moves to defend herself.

Hadley had changed over the last few months and not for the better. He was always telling her there was something wrong with her. At first, she’d apologized and tried to change herself and whatever grievance he had about her, but when she’d realized she was trying to placate him and he was the one with the problem, she’d stopped. If he loved her like he’d told her he had, he would have accepted her the way she was. His anger and nitpicking had started to make her angry, and she’d been contemplating leaving him. He was nothing but a bully, and she didn’t need to put up with his controlling ways. However, that wasn’t the only reason she was finally coming to her senses. Hadley wasn’t being honest with her about what his did for work. She’d overheard him and one of his goons who regularly visited their home, discussing a shipment with hidden cargo in a false room in a shipping container. Hearing that had made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end and her gut had tightened into an anxious knot. She’d barely stopped herself from gasping loudly when her boyfriend’s crony had started talking about the firearms and other contraband they were sending to buyers overseas. That had only been yesterday and she’d been planning on leaving as soon as she could and then going to the police.

Today was the last straw though. When she’d come home from work because there was no need for her to be there since the manager had scheduled too many people, and she’d caught him screwing their neighbor, she was done.

This time when he raised his arm and shoved it toward her face she moved without thought, glad that with all her training it was about to pay off. She blocked his arm, quickly grasped his wrist, twisted his hand, and brought her knee up hard and fast between his legs. Her aim was true, and he groaned as his knees buckled just before he hit the floor and rolled up into a ball, his hand cupping his abused balls.

Jacquie didn’t waste time and spun away from him, then raced toward the bedroom she’d shared with the bastard for the last six months. The bedroom she’d found him naked in with that slutty bitch next door. She glared at the bitch cowering against the headboard of the bed, but the slut never once met her eyes, just sat there with the sheet pulled up high over her breasts, her legs up against her chest with her arms wrapped around them.

She’d fully trusted him but not many other people, and after her horrid abusive childhood in the foster system, she’d always made sure her run bag was packed and ready to go. She’d never thought she’d need it after she’d moved in with Hadley, but old habits were hard to break. Right now, she was glad that she’d kept that bag stuffed in the back of the closet for just-in-case situations.

She tugged the closet doors open, shoved clothing items aside, and grabbed the duffle bag from the far corner near the back of the cupboard then hurried down the hallway again. After snatching her car keys off the hook in the kitchen, she jogged toward the back door and freedom.

She didn’t make it.

Hadley grasped hold of her long blonde hair and yanked so hard her neck snapped back, straining her muscles, and though she tried to remain on her feet, she dropped her bag, and started falling backward toward the floor.

The wind was knocked out of her, and although she tried to suck air into her lungs, they wouldn’t work. She tried to roll onto her side so she could get up off the floor, but Hadley was on her before she could get her shocked body to cooperate.

He grabbed her wrists in a hard, cruel hands, lifted her arms up over her head, and pinned them to the floor while straddling her hips and sitting on her. Air finally filled her lungs, but it was too late. Though she gained a bit more energy with each breath and she tried to buck him off of her, it was a losing battle. He was so much bigger and stronger than she was.

He transferred both of her wrists into one of his large hands, scooted down over her body until he was straddling her knees while still keeping her arms pinned to the floor, and then he started punching her. No part of her body was off limits, and while she screamed, kicked, shouted, “Help!” as she twisted and turned her smaller frame, trying to escape, it was futile.

If only that whore would do something, like call the cops or maybe even get the asshole off her.

Jac hurt all over, but at least she knew she was still alive as he rained down blow after blow. Agony exploded in the side of her head, but she didn’t see stars. All she saw was the darkness of oblivion as it enveloped her until she knew no more.




Jagger cupped and lifted a breast then swirled his tongue around her areola before swiping her nipple with his tongue, then he sucked it into his mouth, drawing on the sensitive tip strongly.

“Oh,” she gasped when Kalen released her lips.

Tendrils of heat sparked under Kody’s hands as he caressed them up her legs, getting higher and higher and higher. The first touch of his finger to her folds had her crying out and bowing her pelvis toward him. She met his gaze as he nudged her thighs wider, then she squeezed her eyes closed when he moved between her legs and flopped to his belly. Her breaths came in fast, choppy pants when he hooked his arms around her legs and parted them farther.

When he leaned down, placing his nose at the top of her slit, then inhaling, she was shocked. She hadn’t noticed that she’d opened her eyes again until she blinked.

“You smell so fucking good, baby. I can’t wait to have a taste.”

She didn’t even get the chance to reply—not that she could have since she was sure her brain had just fried—before he was licking her pussy from bottom to top. When he swiped then laved his tongue over her throbbing clit, she jerked and moaned.

* * * *

“Fucking delicious,” he said against her pussy, the vibrations of his voice traveling deep into her womb causing her to shiver. Her sweet-spicy honey tasted so delicious he could hardly wait for more. He wanted to make her come and fill his mouth with her juices. His heart was so full of excitement and love, he felt as if it was going to burst. He’d never felt so much joy or so connected to anyone else other than his twin and Jagger, but their connection was much weaker in comparison to what he was feeling now.

He felt as if he’d never get close enough to her, and he wondered if that feeling would be appeased when he was inside her. He doubted it. She’d stolen his fucking heart from the very beginning, and though he wanted to tell her how much he cared for her, she wasn’t ready. Nevertheless, she was ready for this next step, for him and his brothers to make love with her, and he was going do everything he could to blow her mind and make her crave more.

Emptying his mind, he licked, lapped, and suckled at her pussy until she was writhing under him. He glanced up her body and smiled when he saw both of his brothers were suckling at her tits. He was grateful they were there because they’d let him know if she got scared or she didn’t like something he did. He trusted them with his life, so he’d trust them with Jacquie’s too.

He flicked the tip of his tongue over her clit while rimming the entrance to her cunt with his finger, then he dipped into her drenched pussy. As she moaned, her pussy rippled around his finger as if trying to pull it further inside. He complied and pressed in deeper, before pulling back and entering her again. He gradually increased the pace, pumping his finger in and out of her faster and harder. Her gasps, whimpers, and groans told him she was enjoying his lusty attentions.

When he had his finger buried as far as if would go, he twisted it around and crooked it, searching out her G-spot. She jolted as he rubbed over the swollen flesh and he groaned. Now that he’d found her hot spot, he added another finger to her cunt and started pumping them in and out. Her legs trembled in his arms and her muscles tautened. He shunted faster, rubbing her firmer until her insides swelled even more. Jacquie was strung as tight as a bow string, only seconds away from climax, and since he wanted her screaming his name, he upped the ante.

He curled his fingers, applying more pressure to the top wall of her pussy, and got to work. He lashed her clit with his tongue and rubbed faster. When he looked at her, he was spellbound. Her neck was arched, her back was bowed, and her chest, neck, and cheeks were flushed. She was right on the cusp.

Kody caged her clit gently between his teeth, flayed his tongue harder and faster over her clit, and sent her over the edge.

“Kody!” she cried out as she came.

She quivered and quaked, her legs shaking as her inner muscles clamped around his fingers, released then gripped him again. Her sweet juices sprayed into his mouth, coated his fingers, and pooled into his hand. He gulped down her cum, grunting and growling in approval like a man dying of thirst.

He kept his fingers moving inside of her until the last wave of pleasure faded and she sank into the mattress with a replete sigh.

Kody licked his hand and fingers clean, wiped his lips and chin, then rose up onto his knees between her legs. After ridding himself of his boxers, he skimmed his hands over her legs, hips, and belly, soothing her until her breathing calmed again.

Jagger was making shushing noises while combing his fingers through her hair. Kalen was caressing his hands over her arm and breasts. When she whimpered as Kalen rolled one of her nipples, Kody decided he couldn’t wait any longer.

He needed to feel her wet heat around his cock. He needed to make her his for all time. Grasping the base of his dick, he rubbed it up through her folds, covering himself in her cream, then lodged the head at her entrance. Just as he was about to push into her, she opened her eyes, locking her gaze with his, and lifted an arm toward him.

He froze and held his breath, hoping she wasn’t about to push on his chest to get him to stop.

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