Kilted Cowboy Dom (MF)

Club Esoteria Texas 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,035
6 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Classic: BDSM, Contemporary, MF, HFN]

Celebrating her discharge from the Army, Ella Fairchild allows her friends to dress her up as a cartoon character and drag her to Club Esoteria Texas. An avid BDSM reader, she’s never been to a club, and never expected to find herself in trouble for knocking a Dom on his ass.

Duncan Stewart, head of club security, is intrigued by the bevy of princesses the boss’s wife invited to the club. Especially the dark princess who he must punish for retaliating after one of the dominants slaps her.

Unemployed and worried about the future, Ella accepts a job as a mechanic on Gunnar McNeil’s ranch. Her vow to not get involved with coworkers is sorely tested when finds out Duncan is the ranch foreman. 

Will Ella fit in on the ranch? Will Duncan be able to convince her to change her no dating coworkers policy? Will Winslow the goat end up as dinner while Jillian is away?

Kilted Cowboy Dom (MF)
6 Ratings (4.2)

Kilted Cowboy Dom (MF)

Club Esoteria Texas 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,035
6 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Siren Publishing
This story was a good read. Club Esoteria Texas is turning out to be a great place. Meeting Duncan in Texas Blaze I knew he would have an interesting story. But just like the first installment this story seem to leave out much of the background knowledge that would add necessary depth to the story.


She had taken a seat on the end of the couch so she could watch various scenes across the room without too much obstruction. When a pair of black leather pants moved in front of her, blocking her view, she could not help but frown as she tilted her head to look up at the man wearing them.

“It’s not good form to frown at a Dominant, little bitch. Get on your knees,” the man fairly growled as he grabbed her arm and jerked her off the couch.

Acting out of fourteen years of martial arts training and instinct, Ella jerked her arm from his hold while at the same time punching him in the stomach with her free hand. When he bent forward, she lifted her knee and smashed it into his face.

As the man fell to the floor with a cry of pain, she heard the collective gasp from the other submissives behind her.

“Oh, shit, are you in trouble now,” a blond twink in a fuzzy pink onesie predicted.

“How did you do that?” a young woman said, sounding awed. “I’ve never seen anyone move so fast.”

Before she could answer, the submissives all fell to the ground and adopted the kneeling slave position she’d learned about through her reading.

Taking a slow breath, Ella turned to find herself eye to collarbone with the Viking Dom who owned the club. Beside him was his wife, who stared wide-eyed at the man struggling to regain his footing. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Master Duncan approach from the back doors.

“I want her ass,” the brown-haired Dominant wheezed as he grabbed the railing around the submissives’ corral to maintain his balance.  His nose was bleeding and tilted to the left, obviously broken.

While Ella was proud that the defensive moves she’d practiced for so many years worked effectively, she was also horrified by her actions. 

“What happened?”

Before Ella could open her mouth to explain, the injured man cut her off. “She punched me in the gut and then broke my nose on her knee. I want retribution. A harsh beating and expulsion from the club should be enough.”

“Master Anderson, please allow Keller to escort you to the emergency room. You’ll need that nose tended to tonight,” Gunnar said, remaining amazingly calm considering the situation. “And, of course, the club will cover the cost of the visit.”

Master Anderson blinked and accepted a clean hand towel from Jillian. Holding it to his nose, he continued glaring at Ella. “Well, all right, but I want her ass beaten by someone. Master Duncan, perhaps? He knows how I like to deal with my subs. I’m sure he’ll give her a proper punishment that she won’t soon forget.”

Ella watched as Duncan locked eyes with the other Dominant before he nodded with a slight smile. “’Twould be me pleasure, Master Anderson. I’ll make sure the lassie does nae soon forget the punishment fer her transgression.”

Master Anderson nodded before allowing himself to be guided away by one of the big, built men wearing black vests with “SECURITY” in big white letters both across the back and over his heart. Once he was well out of earshot, the two men turned their attention to her.

She flinched and wondered if begging for leniency right now would be a good idea.

“My office,” Gunnar said, his deep voice so filled with power Ella’s knees went weak.

Before she could collapse to the floor from rubbery legs that wouldn’t hold her up, Duncan wrapped a hand around her arm. “Easy there, lassie. Deep breath. Now place one foot in front of the other.”

She did as the kilted Dominant ordered, breathing in and out on his command as they started across the club. Without another word, they followed Master Gunnar and Jillian across the room to a closed door in the far corner of the open main floor.

Ella had a feeling her first visit to Club Esoteria Texas was about to come to an abrupt end. She just hoped that Cassandra, Lesli and Sally wouldn’t be too upset at leaving so soon.

Glancing up at the man whose grasp on her arm was snug, but much gentler than that of the last man who’d touched her, she wondered if he’d be interested in possibly meeting up again at some future date. That was, if she stayed in the area, and if she wasn’t banned from the club for life.

* * * *

Duncan had to force himself not to grin as they crossed the main room and approached Gunnar’s office. He felt Ella trembling and wanted to assure her everything would be all right, but he didn’t have that right. While he was the head of security and a member of the board of directors, Club Esoteria Texas belonged to Gunnar and it was his decision what happened next.

Once they were in Gunnar’s office with the door closed, he guided Ella to one of the chairs sitting in front of the big desk. Gunnar stepped around the desk and settled in the oversized executive chair that would dwarf most men, but fit him perfectly. Once he was comfortable, he pulled Jillian onto his lap.

“Thank you, Ella,” Master Gunnar said as he stroked a hand up and down Jillian’s arm.

With that as an icebreaker, Duncan felt safe to relax his hold over the grin he’d been fighting back. Anderson Finch was an ass and he had a feeling he knew where Gunnar was going.

“Thank me?” the woman asked, sounding nearly as confused as she looked. “Why thank me?”

“Yes, thank you. You did what I and a number of Dominants had been itching to do since the first time Anderson Finch came to the club,” Gunnar said, giving the woman a small smile. “Unfortunately, your actions will have consequences. But before I make the decision on what they’ll be, I’d like you to tell me what happened.”




“Open yer mouth, lassie. He’s in need of a good suck,” Duncan said as he took another step closer.

His cock was in perfect alignment with Ella’s mouth, so he shifted forward just enough to trace the wet tip across her bottom lip. When her tongue emerged and flicked at the head, he sucked in a breath as his cock twitched in anticipation. He spread his legs and planted his hands on his hips before pushing for entry into her mouth.

His breath whooshed out of him when she closed her lips around the broad head of his cock before swirling her tongue over the flesh of his knob.

“Damn,” he breathed as he fought the need to thrust forward until his cock was buried deep in her throat.

Needing to take control, he wrapped one hand around the back of her head and held it steady as he slowly eased in until he hit the back of her mouth. When she choked, he eased out again until only the head was in before reversing and sliding back in again.

He purposely kept his movements slow so that he wouldn’t come too soon. His plan was to be buried deep inside the dark princess’s pussy before finding his pleasure. But from the way his balls were pulling up, and the tingles racing down his spine, his body wasn’t going to wait that long.

On the next slide forward, she took his full length and swallowed, shoving him cock first over the edge into eminent orgasm.

“Suck me, lassie. Suck hard and swallow me down,” he said, both hands now holding her head steady as he thrust himself faster and deeper.

Another swallow and his orgasm triggered. His head dropped back and he roared as his cum raced up his length and down her throat. He was impressed that she did not hesitate to swallow every drop down. Once his cock finished pulsing, she gentled her touch, but continued to lick and suck and swab his length as she slowly eased back until only the head remained in the heat of her mouth.

When he tried to pull free, she tightened her lips, though he could see the corners were turned up in a naughty smile.

“Release me, lass, or ye’ll earn yerself a spankin’,” he threatened with a smirk of his own.

Instead of opening her lips and letting him go, she moved forward to take another inch of his now sensitive cock in.

Though his legs were a bit wobbly from the intensity of his orgasm, Duncan pulled free with a pop and then reached down and scooped Ella up from the floor.

Without a word he carried her to the bed and sat down, positioning her ass up over his lap. “Ye’ll learn soon enough that when a Dominant tells ye somethin’, ’tis best ye do as he says, quickly and without argument.”

With his left arm banded around her waist holding her in place, his right hand lifted and peppered ten spanks across her ass. He only spanked at half strength since her ass was already pink and no doubt tender.

She tried to fight her way out of his hold, but he held her securely. He smiled when she stopped struggling for freedom after the fourth slap. Instead, she relaxed and even arched her back, lifting into the strikes as she began to cry.

Once he’d reached ten, Duncan ran a finger down the cleft of her ass to find her pussy was wide open and overflowing with her juices. “Someone liked their spanking,” he said as he slid two fingers into her pussy.

A long, low moan was her only answer.

As he fucked his fingers in and out, he looked down and found his cock was still hard as a cedar post. “I need ta be in ye, lassie. Are ye up fer that?”

He could not help but smile as Ella looked over her shoulder and nodded. “Yes, please, Master Duncan. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

With a pat that earned a squeak of protest, Duncan helped her to her feet. “Hands and knees on the bed, ass toward me. Knees spread wide,” he ordered briskly.

While she crawled onto the mattress and positioned herself, he crossed to the armoire and collected several condom packets, as well as a packet of wipes. Opening the first condom, he rolled the latex down his length as he crossed back to the side of the bed.

Tossing the supplies on the night table, he moved to stand between Ella’s lower legs.  “Ahh, lassie, ye’re just too damn beautiful,” he said as he fit the covered head of his cock into her wet, waiting pussy.

Pushing deep, he slid back and with his next thrust buried his full length in her channel. Once his pelvis was pressing against her ass cheeks, he closed his eyes and focused on breathing. She was so tight around him he was afraid he would embarrass himself by coming again so quickly. Never before had his cock reacted to anyone this intently.

Leaning over her back, he brushed a kiss on the back of her neck. “What have ye done ta me, lassie?” he asked softly.


“Ne’er mind. ’Tis nothin’,” he said as he straightened and began to fuck her.

Reaching around her hip, he slid a finger up and down between her lips, riding her clit in a manner that would add a nip of pain to the pleasure his cock was giving her. She might be a baby submissive, but he already knew the woman liked her pain as well.

She was just the type of woman he’d been looking for.

Their moans harmonized as Duncan continued to piston in and out of her pussy while playing with her clit, relentlessly driving her toward her orgasm.

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