[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, sex toys, HEA]
Being rescued by the Reilly coven not once, but twice, wasn’t in the plan for Ronan. After the first time, he had not only found a family in every sense of the word but also a mate. Russell Reilly was the sexiest man Ronan had ever saw, and it wasn’t just for the insanely good looks and muscular body. Russell was just simply amazing.
Unfortunately Russell held doubts about his mating to the newly named Ronan Reilly. Doubts he couldn’t put into words or eradicate from his mind. 
After rescuing the man from dreaded ones for a second time, Russell couldn’t stop himself from claiming his mate any longer. It was the most amazing thing ever, to fuck and claim the man fate intended for him. It made life perfect. Until Ronan gets sick and dreaded ones attack, successful in taking not only Ronan but also Russell’s baby brother Colin, too. 
Will Russell be able to save his mate from dreaded ones for a third time before it’s too late? Or will he have to kill his mate to save him?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Ronan's Turning (MM)
9 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“You didn’t want me before so why should you want me now?” Ronan shouted at Russell. The vampire was getting on his last nerve. It was either Ronan did something wrong, or he did something the wrong way and he was getting damn tired of it.

“I never asked for a mate, I was not prepared to meet you and all of a sudden, bam! You’re there, hiding under Smith for protection and I was stunned into silence. I didn’t know how to deal with that,” Russell snarled right back.

“How do you think I felt? I had no fucking idea about vampires or dreaded ones or anything of the sort until you completely turned my world apart. I was scared with the knowledge that Smith told me, afraid someone would be out to hurt me even more if I knew such a thing. Yet I was attracted to you, unbelievably so and I tried my hardest to make it work between us. What did I get for my actions? Nothing but a back turned to me. Can you really blame me for running away when the man I was told would be my soul mate didn’t want me? That you didn’t care enough about me to claim me, or even discuss what you were feeling. Great start to a non-relationship.”

Ronan’s face felt red, not out of embarrassment from laying out his feelings and thoughts to a man who didn’t care about him, but out of anger. Russell, sure he had come looking for Ronan but that could have been out of some caveman thought process to get his belongings back. Ronan was most likely a weakness to the vampire anyway.

What did Ronan have that Russell would want in a mate anyway? Ronan was weak muscled, lithe in physique, uncoordinated, an inexperienced virgin with no physical training what so ever. Hell, he had even been home schooled just so he could read and write. He knew nothing of the world beyond what he had seen and felt quite dumb and inept compared to the other mates in the Reilly household.

Smith, Robb Reilly’s mate and Ronan’s closest friend, had not only gone to a real school with other children his age but had also been taught to fight and defend himself very well. Also the man had been taught to cook by his mother whom Ronan now adored.

Greg, Saxton’s mate, was a qualified builder and decorator with a very successful business that ran from one corner of the United States of America to the other. Ronan learned that anything that needed fixing in the house was Greg’s job, he’s needed for any general jobs required around the house as well as being able to contribute financially to the ever-growing family.

Then there was Lou. He was probably the most fun out of everyone in the house yet the man had mad skills when it came to dealing with the administrative portion of the businesses. Ronan had watched the man on the phone just a few days ago. He had said something about legalities, and where Pierce stood as the owner of the business to get the person to tell him what he wanted to know. This in turn had helped Pierce solve a growing problem that was obviously causing the man some stress. Of course Ronan had left the moment Pierce started showing his mate how very happy he was with Lou’s work.

Sasha, Smith’s mother, even helped out with the cooking for seventeen people, which was not an easy task in itself, as well as other motherly duties around the huge house that was now bigger.

But what did Ronan have? Nothing, zilch, zero, nil poi, as Robb Reilly had taught him. Apparently the man loved some contest called the Eurovision song contest and everyone always seemed to use the term nil poi, meaning no points.

Coming out of his morose thoughts, Ronan looked up into the dark, dark eyes of the man he was madly in love with. Seeing the fury on the man’s face though scared him. The last time he saw that exact look on a face was

No, he wasn’t going to think of that asshole any longer.

That’s when Ronan heard a growl. It was low, dark and made the hairs stick up on his body, yet it was also the sexiest sound he had ever heard. Goose bumps rose across his skin and his dick hardened, painfully pressing against the zipper of his jeans before it struck.

Russell bit him on the nape where shoulder meets neck, his vampire fangs sinking deep into his flesh, and began sucking, pulling blood toward the open wound and drinking it down his throat. Ronan felt only bliss as two arms wound around him from behind, pulling his back up against Russell’s chest. A hard cock poked him in the ass, causing a long moan to escape his lips before his cock erupted. He came with such force that he could only go along for the ride, humping air before driving his ass back against the thick rod poking him from behind. He felt the wet spot grow and grow in his jeans until Russell pulled his fangs out from his neck.

The vampire licked his wound slowly, leisurely, which caused Ronan to shiver as he grasped onto the arms surrounding him. He needed an anchor right now and Russell was it.

Just as he was starting to come down from his euphoric high, Russell turned him around. The man looked hungry as Ronan looked into those eyes that reminded him of deep dark pits. Nobody would know for sure what was in them unless they bit the bullet and dove into them. But Ronan could see the longing in them, the hunger for blood, for sex, the pure male need to consume himself in Ronan. It went a long way to help healing Ronan’s achy heart.




When Russell kissed him for the first time, Ronan gasped in surprise. It opened his mouth, though, which Russell took as permission to use tongue. As their tongues dueled Ronan lost all coherent thought except the idea of finally being claimed by his big mate. Man, was his mate sex personified.

Russell Reilly, at six foot four and two hundred and fifty pounds of lean hard muscle definitely was sex personified. He wasn’t too muscular like a bodybuilder, no. Instead, Russell was slenderly built, Ronan thought Russell looked perfect as he was. Russell was toned with the perfect athletic physique. He made Ronan drool every time he saw the man.

But now wasn’t the time for seeing, it was the time for feeling. Ronan couldn’t wait to feel his mate fuck him into any solid surface. Russell was currently feeling everywhere his hands could possibly reach. Ronan’s hair, his neck, especially where the man lingered over the site where he had bit not ten minutes previous, his shoulders and down his back to cup Ronan’s ass, a cheek for each hand.

Ronan was feeling amazing right about now. Feeling his mate touching him, kissing him was the best thing to happen in his life. Between the kiss and the bite earlier Ronan was started to feel light-headed. In fact his feet became light and airy and Russell must have noticed because he picked Ronan up and carried him somewhere. His eyes were closed but the cool feel of silk bedsheets was obvious and Ronan knew he was finally in his mate’s bedroom.

Cool air brushed across his chest and then his abdomen as his shirt was slowly opened, one button at a time. Once that was out the way and the kiss stopped, Ronan took in lungfuls of air just as he opened his eyes to watch Russell strip naked for him.

If Ronan thought the man good looking before then now he was breathtaking. Golden tanned skin was revealed to him before those sinfully tight jeans were removed, one button at a time. Springing from a nest of black curls was a long, thick cock. How did Ronan know this? That monster must have been twice as large as Ronan’s, and Ronan thought his cock was pretty big to begin with. Instinct was telling him to remove his own jeans and present his ass to the vampire. His back entrance trembled, wanting that cock to penetrate it. Damn, did Ronan have it bad.

The heat in his body was almost excruciatingly painful yet Ronan wanted more of it. Russell looked at him like a predator would at his prey.

Ronan was soon completely naked and Russell pushed his legs back. Thighs touching chest exposed Ronan’s darkest hole, his most intimate point, then a rough tongue touched him there.

Ronan moaned as Russell licked down the cleft of his ass, the crack between both mounds, until he reached Ronan’s balls. There the man seemed to get fascinated with the two orbs that already were pulling up against the skin between his legs. There was a pull and a cry as Ronan felt, first the right, then left be sucked up into a warm concave, that hot mouth doing delicious things to his body.

It stayed that way for a long time. His balls were sucked into his mate’s wondrous mouth and that tongue licked them like they were a double ice cream cone. First he would lick all around the circumference, before lapping them up and then suck them deep into his mouth. When he sucked it pulled the skin taut and Ronan went wild.

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