[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, vampires, werewolves, M/F/M, HEA]
Kay is serving a sentence as a madam looking for a way out. Shade and Cain are wolfen who see her as their mate. How can she trust them when they are keeping something from her, and what is the use in trying when she’s tied to her job until she’s paid her father’s debt?
Cain and Shade see only their mate and don’t care what she’s doing for a living. They risk everything to get her to trust them to handle her problem. The fact that they are shifters in a world that doesn’t know about them makes their revelation dangerous but worth the risk to have her as their mate.
Can Kay trust them? They’ve agreed to help her take care of her ladies, and say that they can get her out of the mess she’s in, but they're wolfen. Creatures that can shift into wolves at will.   Which is better: being eaten by the wolfen or working as a madam for a mob boss?
Note: This book contains double penetration and forced seduction.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Alphas Claim Their Mate (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“What did he do, hon? Tell me what I can do to help you,” she said.

Jeanie stared down at the floor when she spoke. “I—I think I’m going crazy.” She looked up again. “H—he started changing or something. His eyes t—turned yellow and his hands got hairy with long c—claws.”

“Oh, Jeanie. Did he drug you? Did you drink anything while you were with him?” Kay asked, smoothing down the frightened woman’s hair.

“No. I never drink or eat when I’m with a client. Not unless it’s one of my regulars. I’ve never seen this one before.” Jeanie looked up at Kay. “Am I crazy?”

“No. You’re not crazy. I’m going to have you taken to the hospital to get the cuts on you checked out. The one on your foot must be pretty deep. It’s bled through the towel they wrapped around it.” Kay stood up and kissed the top of Jeanie’s head. “Don’t say anything to anyone about what you saw, hon. They’ll automatically think you’ve been drugging it up. Especially considering where you work. I don’t want them harassing you.”

“D—don’t worry. I don’t want to end up in the psych ward.” She looked up at Kay again. “You won’t let him come back, will you?”

“No, Jeanie. He’s not allowed in here again. I’m going to send one of the security team with you and find one of the other ladies to go with you. If you’re not back by the time I get things cleaned up here, I’ll come see about you. Okay?” Kay prayed the woman’s injuries weren’t serious enough she would need to stay overnight. She was safer there at the club. Kay didn’t want her to go home yet either.

“I need to see the owner or the manager immediately,” a deep voice was saying when she walked out into the hall again.

“Sir. I’ll get the manager, but could you please remain up here? Please, sir.” Mike sounded really spooked. That didn’t bode well.

Kay hurried to the front to find Mike standing in front of two amazingly handsome men who were even larger than the biggest men on her security team. One had shaggy black hair that hung loosely just grazing his shoulders. His dark eyes followed her as she walked toward them. The other one had thick bright, fiery red hair that curled in spirals just a few inches longer than the first guy’s. His light blue eyes could easily be described as icy cold except for the spark of fire that flickered there.

She realized she’d been staring at them for a few seconds when it registered that Mike had his head bowed and looked defeated. Who were they? What power did they wield that would cow her best security man? She narrowed her eyes. Something wasn’t right. Even as she thought this, Kay could feel the heat and weight of their stares. Places in her body she’d never allowed free began to burn as well. Why were they having this effect on her? She didn’t react to men’s stares or their attentions.

“What can I do for you gentlemen? I’m afraid we are closed for the rest of the evening,” she told them. “I’d offer you a drink, but the bar is closed as well. Maybe you’d like to return tomorrow night?”

“We are here to see the manager and pick up our employee. I understand he’s made something of a nuisance of himself,” the redheaded Adonis said.

“I’m Kay McKennie, the manager of Creature Comforts. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr.…?” She held out one hand and waited for one of the two men to clasp it.

Finally, the one who’d spoken smiled and took her hand. Instead of shaking it though, he bent over and, after taking a quick sniff at her wrist, hesitated before turning it over and kissing the back of her hand.

“My name is Cain, and this is my business partner, Shade. It is indeed a pleasure to meet you, Kay McKennie.”

Shade, the dark one, stared hard at her before holding out his hand as well. She wasn’t expecting the same treatment as his partner, but Shade followed the same process of first sniffing at her wrist then turning her hand over and kissing the back of it. Both men stepped back, but with them, it didn’t look like a retreat, more like a preparation for a fight.

“It’s good to meet you both. If you will give me just a second to take care of something, I’ll be glad to discuss your employee’s little indiscretion.” Kay took Mike’s elbow and led him a few feet away to whisper what she wanted him to do with Jeanie and who she wanted to accompany the traumatized woman.

Once she’d accomplished that, Kay watched Mike step away with one hand to his ear as he talked to one of his men to give him instructions. Kay ignored the rest of what was going on and returned to the two men waiting somewhat impatiently where she’d left them.

“Okay. Let’s go to my office where we can talk,” she began.

“There’s no need to talk. We’re just here to pick Timothy up,” Shade told her.

His raspy voice thrilled down her spine and centered at her clit where she moistened to the point she was sure she’d need new panties. Even as she grew wet, her clit began to throb. What in the hell was up with that? A man couldn’t just look at her or say something innocent that made her panties wet. She shook her head slightly.

“What?” Kay couldn’t remember what they’d been saying.

Shade said, “We just want to take Timothy off your hands. Then we’ll leave.”

I don’t want them to leave.




This time when she ended up on the massive bed, Kay wasn’t out of her head with the mating heat. But the second the two men crawled up from the foot of the bed to lie next to her, she began to heat up all over again. They were gorgeous. She ran her hands over their hips, stroking her fingers down their muscular thighs before reaching between their legs to wrap her fingers around their hard, thick cocks.

“Fuck, that feels good, Kay. Squeeze me tighter,” Shade demanded.

“Yeah, just like that.” Cain hissed out.

She pumped their shafts with long strokes, making sure to run the palm of her hand over the flared cockheads before tightening her grip to squeeze down again. It felt like holding a hard piece of steel covered in a velvet glove.

“Hell, stop, Kay. That feels too fucking good. I need to be inside of you. Will you let us in?” Shade asked.

“Yes.” She didn’t have to think for one second. She wanted them.

Both men moved too fast for her to see, covering her with their bodies while they each claimed a nipple with their hot mouths. All Kay could do was moan and take the pleasure they were giving her. Someone had a finger exploring her pussy. The tip tapped her clit then circled it before sliding down toward her slit.

The combined sensations of breast and pussy had her cunt clenching while she dripped with arousal. Foreplay had never been like this before. Her entire body was on fire and felt connected to her clit and nipples. Every cell vibrated with the need to be filled.

“Please! Don’t tease me. I need you.” She didn’t know who she was talking to, but as long as one of them answered by giving her some kind of relief, Kay didn’t care.

Cain growled with his teeth rasping over her breast. The vibrations tickled until he bit down a little harder, then they aroused. When he released her breast, Kay nearly sighed at the loss of his touch. It wasn’t long until he’d latched on to something a little lower, her clit.

“Yes! Oh, God, Cain. So good!” She was pretty sure she’d screamed when he first sucked it into his mouth and rested his pointy teeth on the little nub.

“Easy, Kay. We don’t want to hurt you, princess. We’ve got to make you ready for us,” Shade said.

The next thing she knew, Kay was turned to her belly with Cain still under her, giving her clit and pussy a thorough exploration. She felt odd laying there with her ass in the air while Cain sucked on her juices. Then her mind seized as Shade rubbed a greasy finger over her back entrance.

“Easy, Kay.” He pressed inward then out again. More of the lube dripped onto her ass. “I’m going to loosen your ass some so we don’t hurt you.”

Shade massaged the lube into her little hole then slowly pressed his finger into her until he was finally able to move the digit in and out of her ass. She relaxed when she realized there was no pain with the intrusion. More lube and a second finger joined the first. The burning started as he stretched her even more.

“Are you okay, Kay?” Cain asked, making her realize that the other man had stopped tormenting her pussy.

“It burns, but it’s okay,” she told him.

“I’ll help take your mind off of the discomfort then,” he said with a soft chuckle.

The next thing she knew, Cain was sucking on her clit with one finger stroking her pussy while Shade pumped two fingers in and out of her ass. The dual sensations had her ears ringing as she struggled to keep from hyperventilating.

“Oh, God! I’m so close. How can I come just from this?” Kay gasped as they both twisted their fingers inside of her.

“Take it, darling. Fly for us,” Shade told her.

The next thing she knew, Kay was doing just that. Her body seemed to explode from the inside out as waves of pleasure and something so close to pain she wasn’t sure what it was rolled over her. It seemed to go on and on as she floated on thin air.

The next thing she knew, Cain had turned around beneath her and had her straddling his hips while he lay on his back. His big hands held her in place until she managed to pull off of him and take his thick dick deep into her pussy. She was so wet from her orgasm and his earlier attentions that she slid right down over his shaft, taking all of him inside of her.

“Holy hell!” Cain gasped with a growly edge to his voice. “She’s hotter than a gas fire. It feels like she’s scorching my dick, Shade.”

“Hold her down while I finish getting her ready. I can’t wait to feel her ass around mine,” Shade told him.

“Hurry, Shade. Please. I need you!” Kay demanded.

Kay had an itch inside of her that just wouldn’t go away. She squirmed on top of Cain in hopes of finding it with his huge cock, but no such luck. Maybe when Shade worked his shaft inside her ass, he’d find it. One way or the other, someone had to find it or she was going to die with need.

Pressure at her anus let her know that Shade was finally working his dick at her back door. She expected it to be bigger than his fingers were, but hadn’t been prepared for just how much bigger his prick really was.

“Ohh,” she moaned before she could stop it from coming out.

Shade froze. “Kay? Are you okay? Do I need to stop?” he asked.

“No. Just give me a second.” She prayed she could relax again, so it wouldn’t be so painful. She really wanted this. Maybe she should ask him for more lube.

Almost the instant she thought it, several drops of cold lube plopped down near her back hole. Shade rubbed it in then began pressing forward with his shaft once more. This time, it slipped through the resistant ring a little easier then pushed past the second ring of muscle to finally fill her ass to capacity.

“Yes!” she hissed out.

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