[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Cowboy Menage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, HEA]
Bailey James flees New York to Lusty, only to meet two men from home who touch her heart.   Chance and Logan Benedict never dreamt they could share a wife until they came to Lusty and discovered their family history. They’d had a special relationship in college with a woman who only wanted the experience for her bucket list. Now, learning ménage runs in their family fills Chance and Logan with hope.
When they meet Bailey, they know they’ve found the woman destined to be theirs. But there’s a catch. As forensic accountants, they’ve been assigned to an investigation, the target of which is Bailey’s late boss. Bailey comes with a catch of her own. Her boss was murdered and the killer believes she has something of his.
Chance and Logan know that before they can build a future with Bailey, they must do something about the killer on her trail.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Covington is a Siren-exclusive author.
Love Under Two Accountants (MFM)
18 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Once again I'm delighted with this latest Lusty book and sad that I read it so fast. But, ah, now to go back and re-read to catch more subtleties. Love how plot circles within circles tie together throughout the series. The international criminal mentioned in Love Under 3 Titans, also in Love Under 2 Navy Seals. And of course Grandma Kate. Love.
An awesome addition to the Lusty, Texas series. I wanted to get in my car and drive until I reached Lusty just so I could become part of the family. It didn't disappoint. I am ready to head back to Lusty and meet everyone all over again.

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“What made you decide to come to Texas, then, Miss James?”

Bailey had to admit that after those two heart-pounding, butterfly-jitter-inducing handshakes not that long ago, this lunch hadn’t gone anything like she’d thought it would.

She met Chance Benedict’s blue-eyed gaze, reading only polite interest on his way-too-handsome face. She knew they were twins because they’d told her that much. Both men bore the look of the Benedicts, too. She’d met Laci’s husbands and some of their cousins, and she had to say all the Benedict men had a similar level of attractiveness. Perfectly smooth complexions, cheekbones that were not quite prominent, and noses that were the perfect size for their faces. Chance’s hair was cut fairly short and a color that some called dirty blond while Logan’s was a dark brown and a bit longer. His brown eyes seemed to be trained on her, and even though she only saw them peripherally, their gaze felt intense.

Bailey couldn’t say what it was about these two men that set her off balance, maybe even a little jittery.

That certainly wasn’t a reaction she’d ever had before. But the attraction she’d felt at first meeting was being nipped at by another, equally unfamiliar emotion.

Chance and Logan had been nothing but polite since she’d met them not a half-hour before. And yet…there was something about the way her two fellow New Yorkers conducted conversation that made the experience seem more like she was being interviewed…or interrogated. They had the art of the tag-team down pat, too. Logan had just asked her if she had family in the area. It had been the—what—sixth or seventh question asked under the guise of polite conversation.

Maybe I’ve just become used to the more relaxed and genteel Texan mien. Bailey had spent a lot of time thinking about the differences between New York brashness and understated Texas charm over the last few days. Perhaps this was yet another form of culture shock, encountering these two men at this point in her life.

Bailey focused on Chance, his question still echoing in the air or, at least, in her ears. The longer she stared at him, the more unsettled he seemed. Beside her, Jake Kendall coughed. Or was that a laugh disguised at the last moment as a cough? Hard to tell because his napkin, held close the way it was, pretty much obscured her view of his lower face.

Regardless, she opted to answer Chance’s question honestly. “I literally tossed a dart at a map on the wall, Mr. Benedict.” She’d cottoned enough during the lunchtime conversation to understand she could turn this around and ask a question right back. “What made you decide to come and visit your grandmother after a lifetime of never having done so?”

“Boy howdy, she has you there,” Ginny Kendall said. Her wide grin told Bailey that perhaps her discomfort with all the questions hadn’t been so off base, after all.

“Y’all best be sticking with being bean counters.” Sheriff Kendall laughed. “You make awkward investigators.”

“Certainly the FBI won’t be knocking on your doors anytime soon,” Jake Kendall agreed.




Hands and lips caressed and kissed, fingers pinched and teased and delved between her legs. They’d opened her and begun to explore. Her nectar coated their fingers, which they then used as a natural lubricant on her clit. Chance’s cock brushed her hip as he worked his way down her body, and it thrilled her to know she wasn’t the only one leaking horniness. An urge to taste that tiny trail of pre-cum painting her body nearly leveled her.

Logan used a finger to direct her attention to him. He placed a soft kiss on her lips, glanced down her body, then met her gaze again. “Watch Chance as he pleasures you.”

Bailey looked down. Chance lay between her open thighs, the heat of his breath brushing her pussy.

He placed gentle kisses on her thighs, met her gaze, and holding it, extended his tongue and licked her from the bottom of her slit to her clit.

Bailey moaned, her hips lifting of their own accord and her eyes closing as a wave of orgasm exploded over her.

Pleasure upon pleasure flooded her, body and soul, the joy sharp and full. Bailey became a creature of sensation, relishing not only the exquisite sexual thrill from Chance’s mouth on her pussy but the equally primal thrill of Logan’s strength holding her down, capturing her so completely.

“You’re so fucking tasty and so damn responsive.” Chance’s words drew her newly opened eyes. “I’m going to guess that was a long time in coming for you.” His sudden grin acknowledged the pun. “Now, I’m going to get down to business.”

He put his lips on her pussy, using his tongue and teeth to lap and nip. She felt Chance’s fingers sliding up and down in their combined juices. Bailey moaned when he thrust those fingers into her. Logan turned her face toward him and covered her mouth, using his tongue to pillage and plunder, to suckle and take and give.

There was only this, only the heat and the wet and the rhythm of these two men devouring her. The faint impression of being gobbled down flitted through her mind, but she released it.

Logan lifted his lips from hers and kissed his way down to her chest. He tongued her nipple, the moist abrasion hardening that small nub until it felt impossibly tight. Then he sucked it into his mouth at the same time Chance sucked her clit, and Bailey flew apart once more.

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