[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, werewolves, M/F/M, HEA]
Jeanie’s attraction to both Dax and Erik is exhilarating but puzzling. Do they hold the key to her recovery from her past?
Leading a life on the dark side of the law has colored the way Jeanie sees herself. Now, with a new chance at life, can she build a new future with Dax and Erik?
Both men know that Jeanie is their mate and the only woman for them. They can forgive her past but can they help her heal what she’d been forced to do so that she will accept them as her future?
The two men will do anything it takes to get her to move on with a new life with them. They make it their goal to court her like the woman she is and fight the mating call in order to give her time. Unfortunately, time isn’t on their side.  
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.


It Takes Two to Heal (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I loved it. Marla Monroe is wonderful as usual and it shines through.




“A bar? Really?” Jeanie couldn’t believe it. They weren’t going to be bedding men anymore to make their living. They were going to have a real, respectable job.

“A bar. I’m going to keep the name, Creature Comforts because it still fits,” Kay told the women gathered in the club’s front room. “It’s going to take some hard work to get it set up, but my ma–, um my husbands are having some of their employees do the hard part and the carpentry for us.”

“And we’re not going to do anything except wait tables and tend bar?” Andrea asked.

“That’s basically it. I’m toying with the idea of some type of entertainment, like maybe bring in a band on weekends and maybe some dance contests or an electronic bull. All of that’s still up in the air though. First we have to get the building ready,” Kay said.

Jeanie’s heart nearly raced out of her chest at the thought of a real job and maybe one day find someone who wouldn’t look down on her for her previous profession. Maybe… She needed to get rid of the nightmares first.

I’m not crazy. I know what I saw and Kay says that just because it seems impossible doesn’t mean it is. Hell. I’m going from being a whore to a barmaid. That’s progress and I never would have thought it would be possible a month ago.

She tried to block what were horrible nightmares from her mind as she listened to Kay talk about liquor licenses and bartending. She’d done some bartending during the year she’d been able to spend at college before her mom got sick. Maybe Kay would let her do that. It would be nice not to have men pawing at her while she waited tables.

“I’ve done some bartending at college,” she said. “I’ll go ahead and brush up on my drinks.”

“That’s great. The good thing is all we’re going to serve is beer, whiskey, Tequila, and gin. We’re not going to do any specialty drinks except on special occasions when we’ll create one or two for holidays or something,” Kay told her. “Keeps things simple and easier to handle.”

Jeanie smiled. That would be great. Women tended to order all sorts of things that they’d heard or read about somewhere. Keeping up with the “in” drink of the month would have been a nightmare.

“So, who would like to work on setting all of this up and then working at the bar once it opens?” kay asked.

Everyone in the room raised their hand. Hell, Jeanie raised both of hers. If they had enough spots open her kid sister might be able to get a job there as well. She was twenty-one, so she would be old enough to be legal. Looking around, she realized that of the eleven women who’d worked there while it had been a brothel, only nine had shown up for the meeting. That didn’t mean that the other two weren’t interested, though. She’d just have to wait and see who was left when they got finished with getting the place ready for business.

As Kay talked with some of the other women, she walked over to the plans of what they wanted to do to the place. As she studied them, a shadow fell over the papers. Jeanie looked up to find Dax, the head security guy that Kay had hired just before everything changed. One day Kay had come in and announced she was married to not one but two wealthy men and the next thing she knew, she was closing the place down and promising to set something else up so everyone would still have a job. They were all given a very generous severance pay that would take care of her bills for at least the next four months. When she’d gone to pay extra on the hospital and pharmacy bills for her mom’s cancer treatments, most of them had been paid off.

I still need to talk to Kay about that. I won’t accept charity from anyone, not even her—especially her. She’s already done more for me then she could afford to when she was trapped like the rest of us.

Jeanie was ashamed of what she’d had to do, but one thing her mom had taught her after their dad died was that survival was for the strong who weren’t afraid to do whatever it took. That’s what she’d done and Jeanie wasn’t about to apologize to anyone over it.

“What do you think?” Dax asked her.

His dark brown hair was pulled back today like it had always been when she’d seen him before. She loved how his hazel eyes contrasted with the hint of Native American that leaked through now and again. It was the straight nose and long face paired with his smooth tan skin that told her he had some of their blood in him.

“It looks like it’s going to be a lot of work to get it ready by July. That’s right at three months away.” She watched the way he smiled as if he knew a secret. Maybe he did.

“It will get done. Are you planning to stick around and help?” he asked stepping closer to her.

“Um, yeah. I want a job as a bartender. I’m hoping Kay will let me do that,” she admitted.

“I’m sure she will if that’s what you would like to do. Have you asked her yet?” Dax walked around the table where the plans lay spread out across the smooth surface.

It put him much closer to her. One thing she’d started worrying about was when she met a man and he showed an interest in her was how she would know if he was interested in her as a woman to date or only screwing around to get a free roll in the sack because of her profession. Something about this man said he’d let her know right up front how he felt about her.




“Please. I can’t stand it. I need you,” she finally gasped out.

“We’ll take care of you, Jeanie. Wait a little longer. It’ll be so good when you finally come.” Erik’s entire face was wet from her juices.

He grinned up at her then sucked in her pussy lips before stabbing her aching pussy with his tongue. She swore she felt it deep inside of her, but she needed something more substantial there. As if reading her mind, Erik used one of his fingers to enter her needy pussy. It felt so good. He licked over her clit and she nearly screamed. He pushed his finger in and out of her cunt while circling her clit with the tip of his tongue.

Dax continued to suck and pluck at her nipples until she was a squirming mess on the bed, wanting more and worrying that it would all be too much.

“Please, Dax. Please, Erik. I need to come. Don’t make me wait.”

She watched as they smiled at each other then she couldn’t think of anything but what they were doing to her. Dax twisted her nipple as he bit down on the other one while Erik sucked hard on her clit and used two fingers in her pussy, pumping as she flew apart between them. She was sure their neighbors would hear her scream. At the moment, she didn’t care. All she could focus on was the massive orgasm that exploded through her body. Her blood burned with it, her pelvis quivered with it. She’d never felt anything like it in her life.

Before she’d even come down from the staggering high, Erik and Dax were undressing at a speed she thought was almost dizzying. Then Erik was between her legs once more grasping his cock in one hand and spreading her legs once again with the other. She was sated from her climax, but couldn’t wait for him to enter her. She reached out to Dax and fisted his dick in her hand. His moan said it all. He liked having her hand on his shaft.

“I bet you’re going to squeeze my cock tighter than a vice, honey. I can’t wait to get inside of you.” Erik nudged her pussy with the blunt head of his shaft until he finally began to enter her.

“Oh, fuck. She is tight. Wait until you get inside of her, Dax. She’ll burn you alive. Hot and wet and squeezing me as hard as a tight fist.” Erik pulled back then surged forward.

Jeanie gasped at the sensation of him filling her. She fought to stretch around him as he tunneled in and out of her wet pussy. It was too much yet not enough at the same time. She thrashed her head back and forth trying to adjust to the invasion of her body.

“Are you okay, honey? Is Erik hurting you?” Dax seemed overly concerned.

“No, I’m not okay, I’m burning up but he’s not hurting me. Oh, God it feels so good.”

“Good. I need my cock in your mouth. Can you suck it for me? Make me feel good?”

Jeanie licked her lips and pulled him closer to her so she could lick at his cockhead. His groan urged her on as she sucked the bulbous head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. Then she sucked hard on just the tip before sliding the tip of her tongue over the slit. His taste exploded over her tongue. A slightly salty taste with a hint of bitterness. She sucked him in deeper then came nearly off of him only to sink down again.

“Holy fuck, Jeanie. That’s so good. Just like that.” Dax threw his head back with a low guttural growl.

Jeanie knew that growl from earlier, but wasn’t the least bit worried as she drew closer to yet another climax as Erik pumped in and out of her. Nothing could have pulled her from the amazing feeling of having two men making love to her.

Her climax hit her before she was ready. It tore through her much like the first one had but felt deeper, more substantial. She had to back off of Dax’s cock so she didn’t bite him by accident as she screamed. She panted as Dax jerked at his cock. When she took him back in her mouth, he came, filling her mouth as she swallowed around him. He’d just pulled out of her when Erik roared out his release, pounding into her two more times before holding himself still deep inside of her.

Jeanie had never felt so loved and so complete as she did in that moment. Her body was sated and her only thoughts were of how good the two men had made her feel. All thoughts of having only known them a short while disappeared. They were keepers. They were hers.

Then she looked up at Erik and saw his eyes. They glowed an amber color that she’d seen on one other man. The one who’d attacked her before. The one she swore started to change into something that fateful night all those weeks ago. She did the only thing she could in that moment. She screamed.

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