The Battlefield Series 3: Trusting Love (MFMMM)

The Battlefield Series 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,891
27 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M/M, HEA]
Trust in love, and it will never do you wrong. Carina learns the hard way that sentiment isn't always true, and in fact could be deadly. After escaping an attack by two men, one she loved who betrayed her in the worse possible way, Carina is determined to survive and get lost in another town, another place, landing her in Repose, Texas. People are caring, she makes friends easily, and works in a cool place called the Filling Station. She doesn't trust men in uniform, soldiers, or just about ninety percent of the people she sees on a daily basis. So when she gains the interest of four men who remind her too much of her troubled past, she's ready to hightail it out of there.
The Cortland men, all retired soldiers, set their sights on Carina and can tell right away she is fearful and resistant to an attraction they all feel. Jack, Milton, Jesse, and Dr. Nevin Cortland will do whatever it takes to make Carina smile, and ultimately win her love and affection. When she confides in them the wrong that was done to her and how she may still be in danger, it's a little too late, and they'll need to use all the resources of their professions to not only save her life, but also save one another.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Battlefield Series 3: Trusting Love (MFMMM)
27 Ratings (4.3)

The Battlefield Series 3: Trusting Love (MFMMM)

The Battlefield Series 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,891
27 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I love all of Dixie Lynn Dwyer books. And this series is no exception. It had me emotional and crying throughout the book but in the end ass is kick and the heroine is safe again. a recommended read for those of you who like ménage books.
Carina escapes to Repose to get away from the danger in her life. She's terrified of uniforms so when the Cortland brothers set their sights on her, she is unsure on what she should do. Slowly with the patience and love of her men, she finally tells them what has happened to her in the past. I laughed, I cried and this was an emotional read for me. Will the Cortlands get to her in time and will she overcome her fear of men in uniforms? Get this book and find out. As always, Dixie engages us with another wonderful read.




Repose was the complete opposite of Starling Grove. Women were cherished, honored, respected, and safe. My God, when will I ever feel safe? When will I ever not have to look over my shoulder, lie about my real name, live without the fear of being forced back, taken against my will, and raped once again?

The tears fell, and she shook her head. She thought about Milton, Jack, Nevin and Jesse. No matter how hard she tried not to, she thought of them. It was some fantasy because they were older, mature, fierce, sexy men who made her heart pound, her palms sweat and her body actually react, which was wrong. So damn wrong. How could she ever let a man touch her again? The thought scared the hell out of her, and she blamed Steven and Collin for that, too.

Milton, Jack, Nevin and Jesse were perfect and mysterious, plus the rumors around them and their capabilities made for a lot of fantasies for any single woman with a working libido. They were incredible men. Older by ten years or so, and experienced in many ways which made her feel silly for having a little crush. That was the best way to describe it.

She couldn’t deny the attraction. No, it was so damn strong. Way stronger than what she’d thought she felt for Steven. Being that they were older, perfect in every sense, then they would expect her full submission to them. She would have to try and get through the fears she had of a man’s touch. Their large hands and how demanding they might be of her body. More tears fell. I couldn’t fight them. I couldn’t do anything, Steven and Collin were stronger, bigger, determined.

Could these men be like them? Could they get angry and lash out? Were there secrets in this town, true practices that she would only learn about after it was too late? She swallowed hard. Starling Grove gave the illusion of small town, deep family connections and a police force set on securing every rule and regulation beyond typical police work. She hadn’t seen the corruption, the control like a cult that ran deep under cover.

She looked at the beautiful scenery before her. Was Repose truly the safest place on earth for her to be right now, or was she better off on the run? What happened to Antonia scared the hell out of her. She couldn’t pretend that the danger was over. She couldn’t get so comfortable and trusting in this town that could turn on her as Starling Grove did. She didn’t want to believe that Cesar wasn’t legit. She believed that the people of Repose were exactly who they said they were, but that didn’t mean she could let down her defenses. Steven and Collin’s actions had lasting effects. Long after the bruises healed, the pulled groin muscle and scratches and marks, a part of her was so damaged, so wounded she didn’t think it would ever change. She wasn’t foolish enough to expect it to with time either.

She swallowed hard and listened to the sounds around her. This was her life now, until that gut instinct, that need to move on, to run again, became too strong to ignore. She’d have to leave this town, leave her friends she learned to truly care for, and start all over again. That would be her life, her destiny, her continued battle in search of freedom.

She gripped the arms on the chair and stood up. No. I’m tired of being a victim and being scared. I don’t want to leave this town. I’m safe here. She walked inside and locked the door, then grabbed her things. There’s a determination, a fight slowly simmering inside of her. She wished it were stronger. Hell, she wished she were stronger instantly but realized it was taking time. Little steps. She had to keep reminding herself she was doing the right things and taking precautions for good reason. She could do this. She grabbed her bag and headed out the front door, locking it behind her. She got on her bike and took off for Antonia’s house.

When Carina looked back at the mistakes she made, she realized that by not following her gut instincts, she was setting herself up for trouble, even danger. So she started training herself to be aware. To learn to always know what was going on around her. Taking notice of people, of vehicles, or the everyday things out of place, or the watchful eyes of those around her.

As she approached the corner she saw the blue truck, and instantly, her chest tightened. It was so natural it took her mind a moment to catch up with her reaction and the fear that gripped her chest. It wasn’t him. It wasn’t Collin or Steven. Mr. Melborn had the same type of vehicle. She relaxed and continued on her way, that fighting feeling, the need to move on and take control of her life and the fears simmered stronger.

One day I’ll be strong enough to face everything and move on with my life. I’ll achieve any goals and dreams I’ve ever wanted. One day at a time, one achievement, another step, a greater success, and I’ll be there. I can do it. I want to do it. I’m not defeated. I’m just working to get stronger and I will do it, no matter what or who stands in my way. This is my life, and no one is going to take it away from me. No one.




“This is stunning in here. I can see all the way across the land and to the flowering trees that line the woods. My God, it must be glorious at night with the moon and the stars,” Carina stated as she stood by the large window looking out.

Jack stepped behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck. She leaned back against him.

“Maybe you’ll stay over and enjoy it with us?” he said to her and ran his hand up her waist to cup her breast, as he turned her slightly to kiss her lips.

Milton was shocked when she kissed him back, didn’t push Jack’s hand off her breast but instead pressed closer to him.


* * * *


Jack couldn’t hold back his desire to make Carina their woman. What better place, better moment than right now, up here in the bedroom they planned on renovating to share their woman, their wife with. He knew that maybe he was jumping the gun, but this desire he had for Carina was so different than anything else he ever felt before. He wanted to claim her, protect her, make sure no other men but his brothers and him made love to her and possessed her.

When she accepted his hands exploring her body and kissed him back, he hoped that tonight was the night they officially made Carina their woman.

He loved the feel of her in his arms. He felt desperate to inhale as much of her pleasant scent into his nostrils as he could. He moved his hand from her breast to her neck, cupped her cheeks and neck and kissed her deeply. She ran her hands up and down his forearms and then she tightened momentarily as Milton joined in. “You’re so beautiful, Carina. So giving, and sexy. I love seeing you in our house, seeing you here in this special place.” He must have begun to touch her because Carina moaned softly into Jack’s mouth and then began to rock her hips.

Jack pulled back, releasing her lips, and she moaned and bent slightly forward. Jack could see her eyes glaze over, her cheeks flush and Milton’s hands were between her legs from behind, and her dress was lifted to her waist.

Jack held her gaze and lowered down as Milton unzipped her dress and her breasts poured from the top. She wore no bra, shocking him.

“Gorgeous,” he whispered then licked the pink tip and circled his tongue over her breast.

“Oh God, Jack, Milton, what you do to me,” she said in a raspy, breathless voice.

“What you do to us,” Nevin said as he and Jesse stepped closer. Nevin cupped her other breast, and Jesse kissed her on the mouth.

They all lowered down to the floor. She was on her hands and knees when Jesse released her lips and he and Jack removed her dress, lifting it up over her head.

Milton pressed her panties down and then wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her back as he sat on the floor and spread her thighs over his thighs so she was completely open to them. There was no bed in the room, just a brand new rug, and no furniture, just open space waiting to be filled. In previous months and days it felt empty, but right now it felt amazing and perfect.

“Oh God, Milton, please. Please, Milton.” She moaned and tilted her pelvis up as Milton stroked fingers over her mound.

“What a gift you are, Carina,” Nevin said to her and Jack focused on her body. Her full large breasts, her taut belly, the belly ring in gold, and her sexy toned thighs, that perfectly trimmed cunt glistening with cream just waiting to be feasted on.

“Sweet Jesus, you look edible,” Jack said and lowered down to his belly. He ran his palms along her thighs and then licked her pussy lips.

“Jack,” she cried out, tightened up, and lifted.

Milton cupped a breast and then ran that palm up to her throat.

“Say you’ll stay the night. Say you’ll let us make love to you,” Milton asked her, and she moaned and came on Jack’s tongue.

“Yes. Oh God, yes, I want to. Please. I need all of you,” she said.

Jack was so incredibly happy. As she accepted them and proclaimed wanting to make love, he turned up the desire and allowed himself to show her what she did to him and how wild she made him.

He pulled back and looked up at her.

“You taste fucking delicious. I’ve wanted to feast on you for months. For fucking months, and tonight you’re going to become all ours, Carina. Don’t hold back. Let go and love us as we love you.”

“Yes. Yes, Jack, I want that, too. I can’t hold back. I can’t fight the need anymore,” she admitted and ran her fingers through his hair.

Milton pinched her nipple.

“Then don’t,” Milton said and suckled her neck, making her close her eyes and come a little more.

“Are you on the pill, Carina?” Nevin thought to ask, but Jack didn’t even care. He could see her pregnant with their child, living in this house and loving her every moment of every day. He thrust fingers into her cunt and nipped her pussy lips as she told Nevin she was on the pill.

“Jesse.” Jack heard her exhale Jesse’s name, and as Jack opened his eyes, he saw her reaching out to stroke Jesse’s cock and brought him closer to her mouth.

“Oh God, baby. Oh God,” Jesse moaned as she slid her tongue over his shaft and began to take his cock into her mouth. Jesse ran his fingers through her hair and Milton grunted.

“My legs are starting to tingle. We need to change positions,” he said, and Jack lifted up, and Jesse held her head so she wouldn’t stop sucking him down.

“Shit, I am not moving, this feels too fucking good.”

They chuckled and began to move around. Milton lifted Carina up to her knees. She assisted and wound up on all fours with Jesse in front of her as she bobbed her head up and down over his shaft.

Milton got undressed quickly, as did his other brothers. The sight made Jack swallow his emotions. Milton’s large hands on her hips, stroking over her ass and thighs, then up under her breasts, cupping them as he took his time waiting for her to adjust to all of them surrounding her naked.

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