The Battlefield Series 2: Scars Run Deep (MFMMM)

The Battlefield Series 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 57,374
23 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M/M, HEA]
Antonia is new to Repose, a small town that has changed her sister's life in a big way. Will it change hers too? She doesn't know, especially when she gets there, running from an abusive ex, and confronted by the most intimidating men she has ever met. She starts to hear about their rules, and how all women are protected and that she needs to let down her guard and let them protect her. She isn't budging, but her now timid, scarred personality has gained the attention of four dominant, older brothers. It's hard to resist their control and the attraction she is fighting for them. She's determined to start a new life, men-free, and focus on staying hidden with the hope of never revealing her scars, or having to face the man who caused them. It seems the attraction to Cesar, Gino, Fox and Damon is way too strong to fight. It becomes even harder to resist them when she learns of their own scars and how truly understanding they are to hers. It seems she may finally have found men who could love her like she only dreamed about. Because of her past, she's a little insecure, and when evidence is presented to her proving they aren't loyal she never suspects them to be liars, or orchestrated by her ex, the one man who is dead set on taking her back.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Battlefield Series 2: Scars Run Deep (MFMMM)
23 Ratings (4.5)

The Battlefield Series 2: Scars Run Deep (MFMMM)

The Battlefield Series 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 57,374
23 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Very enjoyable the characters were great and it is turning into a very good series.
It's Antonia's turn to have her story told. She holds back because of her ex but with the help of the Cortland brothers, she slowly gets involved with them. Her ex though is planning on getting her back by whatever means possible. Will her men save her? Can she come back from being beaten down again? All things are possible with the love of the right men!!




Cesar could feel Antonia shaking, but he wouldn’t remove his hand from her waist as he guided her from the doctor’s office. As much as he wanted to deny these feelings he had, the sight of her compelled him to be close, to touch her and inhale her shampoo. She was feminine, and looked both sweet and sexy today in her flare skirt and form-fitted cream top that accentuated her large breasts but hid them. There was no deep V with cleavage showing, but he knew from the few times he’d held her close that she was well endowed and curvy in all the right places. That protective, possessive feeling seemed to be growing stronger and stronger, and he didn’t know how to handle it. He was nearly ten years older than her. This couldn’t turn into anything more than friendship.

She turned around to face him, but it was also to place some space between them. “Good luck. I hope it isn’t broken badly,” she said in that soft, sexy tone of hers.

Her green eyes held his, and he hadn’t even realized he was staring at her so intently, eyes squinting. He placed his hands on his hips, one hand resting on his holster. He saw her eyes glance at his hand and his gun, and then she pulled that bottom lip between her teeth and nibbled.

“Thank you for taking care of her until help arrived. Can’t believe those kids were being so reckless.”

“They’re just kids messing around. It was an accident.”

He felt a little anger, or maybe concern, because of her reaction to him yelling at the kids earlier. Those three Willis boys had been making trouble for the past year. If they didn’t get their shit together, he just knew they were going to get into bigger trouble. He felt his chest tighten as he realized Antonia had put him on the defensive about his reaction and his handling of the situation. No one questioned his actions. He was the chief of police and had the entire town to run and every member to protect.

“Those kids have been getting into trouble before today. You wouldn’t know anything about that.” He was a little snappy but couldn’t take back his tone. The way she stepped back from him indicated he scared her. Goddamn, why did that piss him off so much?

He stepped closer and when she went to retreat farther, he snagged her upper arm and pulled her close and against the wall by the building. A few locals passed by, but he didn’t care about that. He only cared about making Antonia look at him and smile, not look at him as though he could hurt her.

“Let go of my arm please,” she whispered, voice cracking.

He squinted at her as she swallowed hard but held his ground. She’d put him on the defensive, gotten under his skin, and it irritated him. Yet, being this close to her, inhaling her scent, made his cock harden, and he pressed closer.

He stared down into those gorgeous green eyes of hers immediately seeing the fear, but as he licked his lips, she stared at his mouth, and damn it all to hell, he wanted to kiss her.

“Don’t look at me like I could hurt you, Antonia. You should know me by now and that I’m not the kind of man to ever hurt a woman. I’m sorry if I scared you by raising my voice at those boys. What you don’t know is that those boys have been getting in and out of trouble for a while now, and the path they’re headed on isn’t a good one. I’m in charge of this town, responsible for the safety of each member. That includes my own family and you, too.” He eased his hand on her arm and caressed her skin. He couldn’t help but to smooth his palm along her shoulder then under her hair and against her neck. She swallowed hard.

“I like you, Antonia. I want you to feel safe in my town, in my presence.” He looked at her lips. He longed to taste her, to pull her close and take all her fears away. It was wrong of him to feel this attraction. She was too damn young. He didn’t even know who’d hurt her and made her this fearful.

She looked away from him.

“I need to go.” She pulled back. His hand dropped, and he placed it onto his holster again to lean on.

“Thank you again for taking care of my mom. I’ll see you later tonight at work.”

She nodded but looked at him with that same fearful expression. Goddamn did that piss him off so much. He watched her go, his eyes glued to her sexy body as she made her way quickly to her beat-up car, the sound of the muffler loud, and instantly, he was concerned over the vehicle she drove.

He ran his fingers through his hair and exhaled. Jesus, he was becoming obsessed with her. He didn’t have the right to worry about whether her car was safe or if she might break down at night or somewhere alone on a highway, but he did, damn it.

“Anything you want to tell me about?”

He swung around to see Fox standing there with his arms crossed. How long had he been standing there? What had he seen?

He gave his brother the once-over. Fox stood about an inch taller than him.

“Not a thing. How is Mom?”

Fox gave him that look. His brothers Fox and Gino had such dark eyes and expressions that made them appear like killers, men without emotions. It was disconcerting even for him, a man who’d served in the military and was now in law enforcement.

“She has a slight fracture. Enough to be soft casted for now, and she isn’t very happy about it.”

Cesar snorted low. “I bet she isn’t.”

“She likes Antonia, just like you seem to.”

He held his brother’s gaze.

“Who wouldn’t like her? She’s shy, sweet, and very kind. She didn’t have to stay and help Mom, and even bring along Mom’s things.”

“She’s beyond shy. She’s fearful.” Cesar’s chest tightened. He licked his lower lip and then looked at Fox.

“You noticed?”

“Who wouldn’t?”

“Well, she’s been through a lot. The guy who was after Brooklyn did break into her house. That was only two months ago.”

“It’s more than that. Mom mentioned she had to get stitches when she first got into town.”

Cesar felt his anger immediately. He looked away and exhaled.

“You like her, and she’s got trouble written all over her. Not too smart, you being the chief of police and all.”

Cesar glanced back at him. “That’s my business. I’ve got it covered.”

“Then how come you don’t know the details? Anyone else and you’d have demanded by now to know their story, their trouble, and what precautions needed to be taken.”

“You think I’m not doing my job with her?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “You tell me.”

Cesar’s radio went off, and he was actually thankful for the interruption. He didn’t want to explain what he was feeling to Fox of all people. His brothers were harder than him, more determined to keep to themselves and just keep working.

“I need to take this. Let Mom know I’ll call later.” 




“Are you sure you’re ready for this? We don’t have to go all the way. You can stop at any time.”

She gave him a smile, touched by his willingness to sacrifice his needs for her own and her fears.

“I want to keep feeling like this. You all make me feel beautiful, cared for and safe. I want more, Cesar. I want all of you.”

“Then all of us you’ll get. I’ll run out to the truck for condoms,” Gino said.

“No. Wait,” Antonia stated. “I’m safe. I always used condoms in the past, but then a few months back, I went on the pill as extra precaution when things got…scary. When I knew he was cheating.”

Cesar shook his head as Gino clenched his teeth, in anger.

“No more talk of him. He’s over. He’s in the past,” Cesar said to her.

“Damn straight,” Fox added.

“We’ll talk about him and where he is later. Right now, you focus on us, on what’s happening here, sugar. It’s the real deal, and we’re going to make sure you always feel beautiful safe and happy,” Damon told her, and she smiled.

She looked at Fox and Cesar. “I’m ready.”

Fox gave Cesar a wink, and before Antonia knew what was going on, Cesar moved out of the way and Fox rolled her to her back and shifted upward, placing her arms above her head. She should have been freaked out by being restrained, but she wasn’t. She was utterly turned on by his control as he swept down to kiss her deeply. She widened her thighs, felt his cock against her pussy, and tilted upward, trying to get the tip inside of her. She felt so desperate to connect with him, to make love and feel him inside of her, but he had other plans. When his brothers knelt down around her and began to join in, naked, with thick, hard cocks waiting to penetrate her body, she moaned into his mouth. Fox released her lips and trailed his mouth down her breasts, taking his time to suckle each mound, teasing her nipples by not licking and suckling them like she yearned for.

She tilted her pelvis up and wanted to run her fingers through Fox’s hair to bring his head and mouth to her breast, but Damon and Gino clasped their hands with hers and raised them above her head higher before taking over feasting on her breasts.

Fox’s mouth singed her skin, trailing lips and tongue along her belly and ribs then to the v between her legs.

Damon licked circles around her breasts, torturing her and making her beg for him to suck on her nipples and continue the sensations, but then Fox licked along her clit.

“Oh God please. Oh!” she exclaimed, feeling her pussy clench and release her first orgasm.

“So responsive and sexy. Look at you, woman. Tilting your body up toward us, needing more. Tell us what you need, what you crave,” Cesar commanded.

She opened her eyes and shivered and shook as Gino and Damon continued to torture her while Fox teased her clit and pussy.

“My breasts, please, oh please, my nipples,” she said to them, shocking herself.

Both Gino and Damon blew warm breath against the tips.

“Damn you,” she blurted out and pressed upward. They chuckled.

“I think our little woman is getting angry at your teasing. Give her what she wants. Always what Antonia wants,” Cesar said, and as Gino and Damon twirled their tongues around her breasts, getting closer and closer to her nipples and finally tugging on the tips, Fox pressed two digits to her pussy, and she came undone.

She screamed and shook and came so hard she thought she blacked out. Fox thrust faster and faster and then pulled his fingers from her cunt and suckled her cream with his mouth and tongue. It was overwhelming, and she felt like a wet noodle by the time they were done.

“Goddamn, I can’t wait. I need you, baby. Fuck,” Fox said as he adjusted his cock to her entrance and held her gaze while his brothers released her arms. He began to slide into her tight channel.

He rocked his hips and moaned, his cock so thick and big she thought he might tear her channel.

“Let me in, baby. Let me in so I can make you mine,” he chanted.

He rubbed her clit as Gino pinched her nipple on one side and Damon pinched her nipple on the other side.

“Oh God. Oh!” She exploded again, and Fox thrust all the way into her cunt and held himself still.

“Antonia. My God, woman, you’re perfect.”

She was trying to catch her breath, and he reached down and clasped their hands together, placing them above her head as he began to slowly rock into her, making love to her softly, deeply, and taking his time.

She stared at the intense bold-colored tattoos on his arms, the scars along his chest, and the sincere care and desire in his eyes. Her breasts rocked with every stroke, and this deep itch grew stronger and stronger.

“Fox, please. Please move faster. Faster,” she begged of him.

He gave a little smirk and lifted up then began to thrust deeper, faster, making her hold on for the ride. He was over her and pulled her thighs higher against his legs as he pounded into her pussy. She was moaning and screaming for more, and then she cried out her release, and he grunted and shook as he came with her.

“Mine,” he exclaimed, and she felt his palm smooth over her ass and grip her ass cheeks as he thrust a few more times possessively. He kissed her neck, her breast, tugging on her nipple with teeth and tongue, making her gasp and then giggle, giving him a slap to his arm.

He growled low against her neck as he slid from her pussy and pulled her up onto his chest when he rolled her to the side. He couldn’t stop touching her, and she loved it, cherished it until their gazes locked and he covered her mouth to kiss her. She knew this was different. She knew life was going to get only better from here on out, and nothing was going to change it. These men were experienced, powerful lovers, and she was determined to let all of them make love to her tonight and claim her as their woman, even if it meant not being able to walk tomorrow at all.

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