The Chronicles of the Shifter Directive Epic Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Chronicles of the Shifter Directive 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 253,048
1 Ratings (2.0)

In Werewolf's Way, in a world where the Shifter Directive is brutally enforced by the draechen, Alpha Graham Powers still hopes to free his people. When he is captured by a draechen patrol, he unexpectedly finds love in his mate, sprite Caelyn Sutharlainn. Can the couple find their way in a world that refuses to accept them?

In Draechen's Mate, an arranged marriage is the last thing black dragon Karein Tersain wanted. But the moment he meets his future husband, he knows his life will never be the same. His fiancé, Sari Norrenddare, is also his true mate. Karein will do anything to protect him, even if that means betraying his own people.

In Warriors' Dream, centuries ago, Princes Talrasar and Kaelezrin died to save the world. When an attack on their descendants brings them back, they are separated again. Talrasar falls into the hands of an unlikely foe, while Kael struggles to find him. Will their sacrifice finally be repaid, or is the warriors’ dream fated to never come true?

The Chronicles of the Shifter Directive Companion Guide can be used for many things—to give you a feel of the series, to make you remember interesting facts, and to help you monitor your favorite characters and their relationships along the way, including not only the names of each characters, but also historical background, complete description of the species involved, family trees, and a FAQ section.

A Siren Erotic Romance
Scarlet Hyacinth is a Siren-exclusive author.


The Chronicles of the Shifter Directive Epic Collection, Volume 1 (MM)
1 Ratings (2.0)

The Chronicles of the Shifter Directive Epic Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Chronicles of the Shifter Directive 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 253,048
1 Ratings (2.0)
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Huge doors opened, and one by one, several men and women stepped into the room. They were all nearly naked, with just a few scraps of material to shield their genitals, or, in the females’ case, also their breasts. One of the servants from before made the announcement. “The newest prisoners of the glorious Ornozian Empire, courtesy of Prince Shtamakarein’s efforts. Bow in front of your leaders.”

None of the men and women moved. Caelyn watched in horror as the servants of the draechen used shock sticks to force them all to kneel. He realized now that they were all either werewolves or vampires, as the pain was drawing out their secondary form.

And there was something even more important that struck him. In spite of the abuse enacted by the draechen, one man in particular refused to submit. He stubbornly withstood all the pain and remained standing, until the draechen practically jumped him and physically forced him into falling. Even then, he looked up, seemingly meeting the gazes of everyone in the room. He spat on the floor and sneered. “Pathetic.”

Caelyn couldn’t speak. He couldn’t even breathe. Every muscle in his body was frozen. His family’s plans no longer seemed relevant in the slightest. There, captive to the violence of the draechen, lay his true mate, his other half. And the man in question was a werewolf. Fuck.

The Shifter Directive forbade matings between shifters of different castes. Caelyn was not a shifter, so he didn’t belong to a caste. He didn’t have to submit to that law. Even so, he very much doubted that revealing the bond between him and the werewolf would go over well. He might not be legally compelled to stay away from werewolves or any other shifter for that matter, but his privileged position and his proximity to the Tersain put the werewolf out of his reach.

Of course, all that seemed irrelevant when Caelyn looked at his mate. Jenarra be praised, he was magnificent, everything Caelyn had ever wanted wrapped in one perfect package. But even his mate’s looks couldn’t distract Caelyn from their situation, for a very clear reason. The werewolf’s dark, chin-length hair was matted with blood, and his bronzed golden skin covered with bruises and abrasions. His honey-brown eyes were nearly black with hatred, and his muscular body tense, coiled to strike.

It took everything in Caelyn’s power not to lunge at them and demand the werewolf’s release. Still, he couldn’t fully control his abilities or his anger on his mate’s behalf. The room began to shake, and several vases toppled, shattering into a million pieces. As if that hadn’t been enough, the heavy crystal chandelier adorning the ceiling was next, collapsing onto the floor with a deafening crash.

Fuck. Had he done that? If so, he had no idea how he’d managed. Sprites had telekinetic abilities, but not quite to that extent. It seemed clear though that he must have had some involvement in it. There was no other explanation that would make sense.

The so-called accident distracted everyone, and Caelyn was awfully tempted to rush to his mate’s side, following the futile idea that he might be able to free the wolf. No, not the wolf, singular, the wolves, and the vampires, too. No matter what the ancestors of these people had done, this had gone too far.

But there were too many people between him and the prisoners. He couldn’t hope to succeed in his self-appointed task. Just trying would be a fool’s errand.

He might have done so regardless had his mate not looked directly at him. There was true realization in those brown eyes, the same one that burned through Caelyn. That knowledge kept him rooted in his seat. It almost seemed like a voice was screaming in his head, “Don’t go. Don’t come to me. It’s too risky.”

It couldn’t have possibly been real. Yes, true mates could communicate telepathically, but only once the bond was in place. Caelyn didn’t even know his mate’s name, for crying out loud. And yet, he could see the message so clearly in the werewolf’s eyes. They weren’t really brown, he realized. There were specks of green and gold in those haunted orbs, and distrust right next to the need to reach out. Pangs of sorrow assaulted Caelyn. His mate didn’t trust him. It was a sobering, crushing thought, and it stopped Caelyn from moving.

At last, the draechen staff snapped out of their trance and rushed to corral the prisoners together once more. As the werewolves and vampires were led out, Caelyn watched his mate go with a yearning he’d never once experienced in his life. There was nothing he could do but watch in distress, knowing that his mate was right there, so close and yet so far away.

Everything inside him screamed to follow, and he might have, in fact, done exactly that. Sweet Jenarra, he wanted it so badly. But then, Shtamakarein appeared by his side. “Please remain calm,” the draechen said. “You mustn’t let this get to you. I’ll figure out what happened at once.”

It was only at that moment that Caelyn realized he’d actually gotten up. For a brief moment, he turned toward Shtamakarein, meaning to explain, to tell the draechen to free his mate. But that instant was enough for his other half to be taken away and the doors to close behind him.

Caelyn released a soft noise of distress, his knees buckling at the knowledge that his hesitation had very clearly earned his mate more pain at the hands of his captors. Shtamakarein caught him before he could fall. “It looks like this is our cue to leave,” he said to a guard. “Take care of this situation. I’ll be right back.”

As the draechen prince carried Caelyn out of the room, Caelyn’s mind and soul went out to his mate. What was he going to do?




Smiling slightly, Graham started to pepper Caelyn’s face with butterfly-light kisses. He brushed his lips over Caelyn’s eyelids, his forehead, his sharp, aristocratic cheekbones, his nose, and that sinful mouth that seemed made to suck cock. With each kiss, the tension inside Caelyn started to dissipate. But Graham was only beginning. He went on to nibble on Caelyn’s ears, then directed his attention toward his mate’s collarbone.

Strangely, he lingered there far longer than he’d have expected. He’d never considered collarbones sexy, but again, with Caelyn, it was different. And there seemed to be something particularly fascinating about the hollow of Caelyn’s throat.

It was only when Caelyn’s pert nipples drew his attention that Graham finally managed to abandon his exploration of his mate’s neck. The little buds of flesh had already peaked, as if demanding Graham’s touch. Who was he to deny them, to deny his lover?

As he engulfed one of the nubs in his mouth, Caelyn arched his back and cried out his name. “Graham… Oh, sweet Jenarra… Please, fuck me! Claim me!”

Clearly, whatever thoughts had made him hesitate were vanishing now, pushed aside by the passion. Even so, Graham didn’t immediately release Caelyn’s nipple. He was enjoying this exploration of his mate’s body very much. He wanted to find each and every one of Caelyn’s sensitive spots, preferably with his mouth.

Graham used his fingers to tweak Caelyn’s other nipple, and the sprite went wild. As much as Graham would have liked to prolong this, it was only a matter of time until the scent and feel of Caelyn’s desire would become too much for him to bear.

With a wet pop, he released the bit of flesh and somehow managed to speak. “Are you sure, angel? Are you sure this is what you want?”

He almost didn’t recognize his own voice since he sounded like he’d swallowed sandpaper. Still, he managed to convey the message well enough. He had coaxed Caelyn out of his misgivings, but he truly didn’t want the sprite to have any regrets after that.

Obviously understanding him, Caelyn took a few deep breaths. His eyes were a little clearer when he answered, “Yes. Yes, beloved. No matter what happened or what happens, this is what I want.”

That was the answer Graham had been waiting for. At last, he could claim his mate. Sadly, in that moment, Graham realized he’d completely misplaced the lubricant. He’d put a tiny bottle in the pocket of his jeans, but now, the garments were in pieces all over the room. The gods only knew where the lube had ended up.

Cursing under his breath, Graham left the bed. “Graham?” Caelyn asked.

“Just a sec, angel,” Graham replied, rushing to the bags they’d brought into the room. They’d decided to carry all their supplies here, just in case, especially since there were so many valuable items inside. Graham had placed another bottle of lube there, but it seemed to take an indecent amount of time to find it.

When he finally set his eyes on the elusive thing, he released a victorious sound and retrieved it from the bag. As he returned to the bed, though, he found Caelyn had either decided to start without him or to give him a show. He was moving his hand up and down his own prick, once again biting his lower lip as he watched Graham with wild, nearly desperate eyes.

Graham’s brain practically short-circuited, and he almost dropped the lube. Fumbling, he managed to keep his hold on it. In a daze, he walked toward the bed, completely hypnotized by his mate’s surreal beauty.

When he climbed onto the bed again, Caelyn exposed his nether opening to Graham, bending himself in half in the process. Holding onto the lingering traces of his resolve, Graham supported Caelyn’s legs on his shoulders. Gazing deeply into his lover’s eyes, he searched for any signs of doubt. There were none, just anticipation, lust, and need.

Reveling in that emotion, Graham opened the tube of lubricant and squirted a generous amount of liquid on his fingers. Slowly, so as not to spook his sweet mate, he reached behind Caelyn and rubbed the tiny opening that tempted him so very much. Caelyn gasped lightly, his body opening up to Graham’s invasion, practically demanding it. One finger slid inside Caelyn with ease, and Graham’s choked groaned echoed Caelyn’s. The tightness that engulfed his digit had him wild with the question of how his mate’s little ass would feel around his prick.

At this point, his head was swimming with the desire to be one with Caelyn. He was so very close to snapping that it frightened him. He tried to focus on Caelyn’s desire to distract himself from his own. Predictably, it didn’t really work. If anything, it aroused Graham even more.

In the end, there was nothing he could do but embrace it and follow his natural instincts. Caelyn was still moving his hand up and down his dick, and Graham’s wolf decided that it simply would not do. It was his job to pleasure his mate, and he refused to fail in that more than exciting duty.

Slapping Caelyn’s hand away, Graham replaced his mate’s palm with his own. As he did so, he added another finger into his new lover’s channel, scissoring them gently and preparing his mate with plenty of lubricant. He was a big boy, even for a shifter, and he didn’t want to hurt Caelyn in any way.

Caelyn seemed to be enjoying Graham’s ministrations quite a bit. He clenched his fists into the sheets, writhing underneath Graham, apparently torn between which touch he wanted more. He thrust into Graham’s fist, seeking the friction with wild abandon, and then impaled himself on Graham’s fingers. The passionate response made Graham increase the intensity of the touch. He found Caelyn’s prostate and mercilessly rubbed it, the cries of pleasure he drew from his mate flowing over him like a caress.





The draechen throne room was almost obscenely huge, just like the palace itself, and for good reason. A red dragon sat curled on a pile of jewelry, eyeing their approach with shrewd, intelligent eyes. Sari would have been surprised, but he distantly remembered now that the draechen emperor never shifted to his legged form in public, instead using a form of telepathy to talk to his people. This must have been what had happened earlier, with the guards. Still, in spite of the remarkable presence of Emperor Kavehquader Tersain, Sari almost didn’t see him at all. As if on instinct, his gaze went to a tall, muscular man, waiting silently next to a slightly shorter one. Both of them stood by the two thrones, one of which was occupied by a draechen woman.

Dressed in a majestic black uniform, the mysterious man watched them approach with an impassive expression. At first, the size of the room and the somewhat tricky lighting prevented Sari from taking in every detail of the stranger’s face and body, but as he and his companions walked closer, that changed. The man’s midnight-black eyes met Sari’s, and a flash of awareness seemed to course through them, echoing deep inside Sari.

He didn’t even know how he kept walking, how his knees didn’t buckle right then and there. Everything inside him screamed “mate.” This man was his true mate. Could it be true? Could he be so lucky so as to believe that, by some miracle, the man he was supposed to marry just happened to be his other half?

Distantly, he spotted the woman who’d been sitting on the throne, obviously the empress, gesturing them forward with a regal wave. She said something, and Misael replied, but the words didn’t really compute for Sari. The only thing he could focus on was the overwhelming presence of the dark-haired man. He wanted to taste those stern, sensuous lips and thread his fingers in that dark hair, to see if it was as soft as it seemed. He wanted to undo the buttons of that uniform and trace the muscles it hid with his tongue, to kneel at the draechen’s feet and take the other man’s cock in his mouth.

Sari realized he was staring at the draechen’s groin, and felt his face flame. Taking a deep breath, he struggled to calm his racing heart. Just in time, too, because finally, the empress turned her attention toward him. “Prince Sareltae,” she said, “I’d like you to meet my sons, Prince Hareematek, and your future mate, Prince Shtamakarein, General of the Chrysalidian Wyverns.”

Oh, Jenarra... She was pointing to Sari’s mate and the man next to him. Her introduction had made clear which was which and shattered Sari’s last doubts. Now trembling, Sari still managed to focus and said, “It’s a pleasure and an honor to meet you, Your Highnesses.”


* * * *


The soft words went straight to Karein’s dick, and his dragon reared inside of him, roaring in lust and anger. Karein found himself taking a step forward, then another, until he reached the fae who was to be his mate. Taking Sareltae’s hand in his own, he kissed it, lingering on the gesture for longer than it would have been strictly appropriate. “The pleasure is all mine,” he said lowly.

He didn’t miss the shiver that passed through the fae, nor could he hide the reaction it had on him. But he was in the presence of his family, and if he didn’t get a grip, they would realize something was wrong. He didn’t doubt that if they learned the truth, they would prevent his mating. So he stepped back, straightened his spine, and did his best to look as cold and aloof as possible. “Ornoz welcomes you,” he finished formally.

The fae’s face fell at the chill in his tone, his silver eyes flashing with pain, but it couldn’t be helped. Karein’s dragon lashed its tail out furiously, demanding what in the world Karein thought he was doing. Because Karein, as a man, and as a beast, knew all too well that the lovely fae standing in front of him was his true mate.

His instinct was to lunge forward and touch Sareltae, to crush his lips to Sareltae’s full ones. He wanted to free Sareltae’s white-blond tresses from the elegant hairdo and hold onto those locks as he thrust his dick in and out of the fae’s body. He wanted to brush his fingers over the gem glittering in the center of Sareltae’s forehead. He’d already realized that his fantasy hadn’t been about Prince Talrasar at all, but about Sareltae, so he knew that it might have not been just imagination after all, and he understood how good he and Sareltae would fit together.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, his brother intervened before he could do any of the things he wanted. Hareem stepped forward and made a courtly, appropriate bow. “Your presence honors us,” he said. “Should you want for anything during your stay, either I or my siblings would be more than happy to provide it.”

Karein wanted to punch his brother. Why was Hareem always the charming one? He should keep the smooth-talking for the werewolf he’d stashed away from their father.

“Your generosity humbles us,” the Ivenian princess, Charlize, answered.

Karein honestly didn’t want to hear any more of the lies both parties were spouting. He just wished he could drag Sareltae away from this room and fuck him until neither of them could walk. His dragon craved it more than anything in the world, even his freedom, even peace between the nations.




Faster than the eye could see, the draechen climbed on top of Sari and crushed their mouths together. Sari parted his lips, moaning as his mate thrust his tongue inside his wet cavern. He fulfilled his own earlier wish, fisting his hands in Karein’s soft, dark hair. Karein groaned wildly, rubbing his hard erection against Sari’s hip, no longer trying to hide what he craved.

If Karein’s earlier ministrations had been soft and relaxing, the buildup that had gathered during the sensual massage made their current actions frantic, almost desperate. Karein practically devoured Sari’s mouth. There was no other word that could have explained the way Karein kissed, like his life depended on it, like Sari was the last drop of water in an endless desert. When they broke apart to breathe, the draechen proceeded to map the rest of Sari’s body with his mouth. He peppered Sari’s face with butterfly-light kisses, although when he reached Sari’s ear, he bit down on the lobe instead. As he continued to explore, he alternately sucked, nipped, and licked. Sari’s collarbone seemed to fascinate him, but when he reached Sari’s nipples, the real torture began. Briefly, he lifted his head to say, “These naughty things are going to be the death of me.” He tweaked one little nub—the left one—hard, causing Sari to cry out in pleasure. “I don’t know how I managed to touch them at all without losing it.”

Sari didn’t get the chance to reply because Karein engulfed his right nipple in his mouth. More inarticulate sounds escaped him, although they were likely far louder than the ones he’d made in the bath. A small part of Sari was aware that he probably sounded like a cheap harlot, but he couldn’t care less. In fact, if he had to judge by Karein’s own groans, the noises Sari was making seemed to excite Karein a great deal.

But they were only just beginning, and Karein seemed to have far more elaborate plans in store for Sari. He released Sari’s nipple with a wet pop and licked his lips. “I love how you taste,” he said.

Sari wanted to argue that likely, half of the flavor Karein had sampled could be traced back to the oil used for the massage. But Karein obviously didn’t care about that, or if he did, he planned to solve the problem in the simplest way imaginable, by tasting Sari where the oil hadn’t touched.

When Karein took Sari’s dick in his mouth, Sari thought, for a few moments there, that he was simply going to die. He then thought that he was to climax embarrassingly soon, just at the delicious suction around his cock. Miraculously, neither of those two things happened.

Sari could only find one reason behind it, well, behind why he hadn’t come yet. He had to taste Karein, too. He wanted to feel the weight of Karein’s cock on his tongue so much that his own pleasure was secondary. Pulling on Karein’s hair, he somehow managed to gasp out, “Please... I need... Come here.”

Those couple of words must have come out a hundred syllables long, but Karein still understood. Without even releasing Sari’s dick from his mouth, Karein changed positions, straddling Sari’s face. As his mate’s dick and plump balls hovered over him, Sari moaned and reached for his prize. He took Karein’s prick into his mouth, greedy for the taste of Karein’s pre-cum.

The first time he tried to suck Karein’s dick in, he gagged and was reminded of his previous assessment of Karein’s package. But Sari was never one to give up just like that, so he persevered. It was a little awkward, and not at all the skilled blow job he’d have liked to give. Sari almost regretted asking Karein to do this now, because he couldn’t possibly focus on pleasuring Karein like he deserved. Jenarra above, the way Karein was swirling his tongue around Sari’s prick had to be illegal in some countries, because Sari had flashes where he couldn’t even remember what he was doing—something quite remarkable, indeed, given the hard cock in his mouth.

Still, Karein didn’t seem to mind his lack of experience. Once Sari realized that, he stopped overthinking everything and just went with it. He allowed himself to enjoy the natural flow of things, the simple pleasure provided by Karein’s sinful mouth. At the same time, he took Karein’s dick as far as he could and used his hands on the girth he didn’t manage to accommodate.

The taste of Karein’s pre-ejaculate made his head spin with lust, and soon, nothing else mattered but their simple chase for their orgasm. And then, a slightly slick finger wormed its way into Sari’s ass, somehow managing to zero in on his prostate. His eyes widening, Sari came, an explosion of bliss rushing through him. Karein grunted, drinking Sari’s spunk down with no hesitation. Moments later, hot streams of cum filled Sari’s mouth as the draechen followed Sari over the edge.

Sari did his best to swallow his mate’s jizz—after all, it had to be a sin of sorts not to do so. For the most part, he managed, although a small part of it did dribble down his chin. He released a moan of protest when Karein started to pull away, half because he wasn’t done with Karein’s cock, but also due to the fact that... Well, Sari really did like the feel of Karein’s mouth on his dick.

Karein, however, refused to be thwarted. As the draechen freed himself from Sari’s grip, his finger left Sari’s ass. Almost seeming oblivious to Sari’s dismay, Karein scanned Sari’s face eagerly, as if seeking the answer to questions Sari couldn’t hear. “What?” Sari asked when he thought he could speak.

“Nothing,” Karein answered. Climbing on top of Sari, he brushed his thumb over Sari’s lips. “You have cum over your face.”





“This is ridiculous.” Orvan huffed and took another sip of wine from his goblet. “What are we waiting for? We should be hunting down those wolves and bats already.”

Kael scanned the map he’d been given and absently replied, “We need the cooperation of the fae if we’re going to have any luck with our task.”

“That’s another thing that pisses me off,” Orvan answered. “Why did they insist on meeting us here? Why not invite us to their capital? Don’t they trust us?”

“We’ve given them no reason to,” Kael answered. Hmm… It seemed that the vampires and the wolves were far more numerous than he’d thought in the beginning. He needed a good strategy if he was going to tackle this problem and expect success.

 Meanwhile, one of his commanders, Lord Cordellien Zager, approached and said, “I have that census report you requested, Prince Kaelezrin.”

Cordell’s tone finally made Kael look up. “And?”

“The numbers aren’t encouraging.” Cordell handed Kael the scroll. “We hope to find more people, but for the moment, these are the soldiers we can count on.”

Kael took one look at the report and groaned. “Damn it. If what the fae king told us is accurate, this is never going to be enough.”

Orvan scoffed. “For all we know, it’s complete nonsense. They have to be exaggerating. Not even the humans could succumb to a disease so quickly and in such large numbers.”

Kael threw a glare toward his sibling. Sometimes, it awed Kael how a draechen could be so ignorant of basic historical facts. “It’s happened before. Or have you forgotten?”

“Hundreds of years ago,” Orvan pointed out. “The situation was different then.”

There were a lot of things Kael could have said to that, but before he could reply, a sudden strange emotion gripped him, unsettling his dragon. Kael reined in his beast, frowning. The last thing he needed now was to lose control over his powers.

Before he could come up with a reason for his strange feeling, the doors of the meeting room opened, revealing the cause. A lovely male fae walked in, immediately providing an answer to Orvan’s comment. “Not much has changed in human settlements, in terms of hygiene and medical advancement.” The vision of beauty offered them a small, polite smile. “Greetings. I’m Prince Talrasar. I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

This was the Ivenian general famous for crawling in ditches with his men to honor the dead and giving every drop of power he had to heal the sick? Somehow, Kael had imagined him less… delicate. No, that wasn’t the right word. He simply had never thought that someone on this world could be so impossibly beautiful.

Talrasar Myrthylar wasn’t a short man. In fact, his frame likely reached Kael’s shoulder, which was remarkable given Kael’s own height. The robes he wore did nothing to disguise his slender but athletic form. A lovely blue gem shone in the center of his forehead, but his silver eyes seemed to glitter like jewels themselves. His long white-blond hair appeared to be wet, and Kael imagined that he must have just come from taking a bath. That sent Kael’s mind to how Talrasar looked like naked and how much Kael wanted to bathe him, with a washcloth or preferably with his tongue. It also made him frown at the thought of how many servants had assisted Talrasar in the washroom. That wouldn’t do. It wouldn’t do at all. No one got to see Kael’s mate naked but him.

Wait, what? His mate? Overlords… It couldn’t be. But it was. Kael’s dragon reared inside him angrily, demanding that he reach out and touch Talrasar, to make sure that this was real and not just some dream Kael had conjured. As most of his friends—or rather, acquaintances—found their mates Kael had become increasingly convinced that he wouldn’t be so lucky. After all, who would want a black dragon? He carried a curse, one that could drain the life of any living being. Some people had taken to calling him a blight, a plague, at least until the real plague had started. And even now, he wasn’t exactly popular. To this day, he hadn’t met his own mother, and had only seen his father a handful of times, in an official capacity. His brother was the only member of his family who kept in contact with him at all, albeit reluctantly.

This was one of the reasons why Kael had insisted that Ornoz needed to get involved in controlling the plague. His two hundredth year was rapidly approaching, and he wanted to at least leave the world a better place when he was gone. But now, his previous resolve had become irrelevant. By some miracle, his mate had appeared in his life. That changed everything. Or so he hoped. His mate could always refuse to acknowledge him. Kael honestly wouldn’t be surprised if that turned out to be the case.

As their gazes met, though, Talrasar’s eyes widened and his breath caught. There was no disgust in those silver orbs, just recognition. Talrasar could tell that they were mates.

Kael forced himself not to get too enthusiastic. Draechen had virtually no contact with the fae until now, so Talrasar might not be aware of Kael’s curse. Overlords, he must not even know who Kael was since, in his dumbfounded infatuation, he hadn’t even introduced himself.

He opened his mouth to correct his mistake, but Orvan stopped him before he could do so. “Greetings, Your Highness,” he said, smirking as he scanned Talrasar from head to toe. “I am Prince Orvandel Tersain of Ornoz. I must say it is a great honor to meet you.”

As he spoke, he took Talrasar’s hand and brushed his lips over the fae’s fingertips. Kael simply saw red. As the older brother and commander of the troops, he should have been the one to say that, not Orvan.




Kael looked torn. “No one should force you into anything, Tali. This is dangerous. Besides, you already need to handle too much on a regular basis without me pushing you into—”

Talrasar didn’t allow his mate to finish the phrase. Instead, he pressed his lips to Kael’s just like he had before. This time, though, he also reached for Kael’s dick, engulfing it in his fist. Whatever Kael might have said, he was very much aroused and still wanted Talrasar. It was the first time Talrasar had held a dick not his own, but he went with his instincts and brushed his thumb over the leaking tip. He actually felt the moment when his mate gave up the fight.

Not that it was very hard. Kael released a sound that seemed like a cross between a groan, a growl, and something unidentifiable and very animalistic. Before Talrasar even knew what was going on, his clothes started flying off, ripped apart by an increasingly zealous Kael. If Talrasar wasn’t mistaken, the draechen even had claws now, but somehow, they didn’t touch Talrasar’s skin. His garments weren’t so lucky, though, and soon, Talrasar found himself completely naked and at his mate’s mercy, which was exactly where he wanted to be.

The moment Kael’s greedy hands touched his skin, Talrasar forgot about anything that resembled shyness and lost himself to the desire. He touched back, mapping his mate’s body with his fingers, acquainting himself with every delicious muscle. Every inch of Kael was like a treasure just begging to be discovered, so much so that Talrasar didn’t even know what to focus on first. With one hand, he went from Kael’s hair to his neck and his pectorals. The other simply refused to leave his mate’s dick. Not that Kael seemed to mind. If anything, he grew even more frantic with every second that passed. When he tore his mouth away from Talrasar’s, his gaze was feverish, desperate. “I’m sorry, love. I have to take you. I promise I’ll stop if anything’s off.”

His voice was so low that it nearly sounded scary. Talrasar loved it. Kael was unlike anyone he’d ever met before, so strong, so intense, an untamable force of nature. Talrasar wanted to be claimed by him, to lose himself in his power. And yet, in spite of the lust consuming them both, Kael still worried about him. That emotion made Talrasar’s heart clench, pointing out that Kael had been right all along. This wasn’t just about the sex, not at all.

He’d have loved to somehow vocalize how much he wanted what Kael offered. But at this point, he was beyond words. He could only nod and desperately reach out to Kael, wordlessly begging for Kael to have mercy of them both. Fortunately, Kael understood, although he didn’t do at all what Talrasar had expected. Well, Talrasar hadn’t exactly known what his mate planned, but Kael’s choice certainly didn’t disappoint him.

Unexpectedly, Kael lowered his mouth over Talrasar’s dick and took it deep, all the way into his throat. It was Talrasar’s turn to release an inarticulate noise. He’d never felt such sinful pleasure in his life, never even believed it possible. The volcanic heat that surrounded Talrasar’s aching prick awoke every nerve ending in Talrasar’s body. His vision went white, and for a few moments, he thought he’d come right then and there. Miraculously, he didn’t, although he couldn’t for the life of him figure out why that was. Perhaps the pleasure itself was so intense that the orgasm was simply short-circuited somewhere within his body.

He ended up threading his fingers through Kael’s soft hair, fucking the draechen’s mouth in jerky, uncoordinated motions. He truly wished he could have been more experienced and seductive for Kael, but that seemed about as likely as him giving up this mind-melting pleasure.

Kael, however, appeared to actually enjoy Talrasar’s loss of control. He groaned around Talrasar’s dick, making deep sounds of enjoyment that caused delicious vibrations to flow through the shaft. He kept bobbing his head up and down Talrasar’s prick, devouring him, just like he had earlier, during the kiss.

Under the circumstances, it truly came as no surprise that soon, even with the incredible resilience Talrasar had demonstrated, he was on the verge of orgasm. He lingered at the edge of the abyss for what seemed like forever, burning, writhing, dying, and yet unable to fully succumb to the ecstasy. And then a dry finger wormed its way into Talrasar’s passage. At the unexpected sensation of fullness and the surprising burn, the heat that had been gathering inside Talrasar finally exploded. As he came down his mate’s throat, Talrasar had the foresight not to close his eyes, and was therefore regaled with the sinful sight of his mate swallowing his seed. At the last moment, Kael pulled back, making some of the spunk land on his face and hair.

In all honesty, Talrasar suspected he could have come again just from that had he not been in the throes of orgasm already. As it was, the sight of it prolonged Talrasar’s pleasure. And even as he started to descend from the high of it, his dick didn’t actually go fully soft. But Kael wasn’t done with him yet, oh, no. He gathered Talrasar’s cream off his face and slicked his fingers with it. The angle didn’t allow Talrasar to see too well, but he suspected some of the seed went on his mate’s dick.

“You ready for me, love?” he asked.

“Oh, yes,” Talrasar gasped out. “I’ve been ready for ages.”

It was completely true, and Kael knew it. He lifted Talrasar’s legs on his shoulders and positioned his dick at Talrasar’s opening. Slowly, ever so slowly, Kael pushed inside.

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