In To Take a King, Nicolas Callon had no idea that his life was going to change the day he turned twenty five. He had simply been hoping to spend a little time with his best friend and secret crush Cooper Walsh. But nothing turns out like he had hoped. From interfering ex-girlfriends to aliens from outer-space, Nicky’ day just goes to hell.

In To Keep a King, there have been a lot of changes in Nicky’s life recently. Cooper stands by his side as his lover and his champion and Nicky is learning what it means to be king of the galaxy. But not everyone is happy that Nicky has become king. Some want the throne for themselves, and some just want Nicky.

In To Love a King, learning he was king of the universe was traumatic, but Nicky learned to deal with it. He even learned to deal with the fact that his lover was more than he was before. But, apparently, someone else is interested in what Cooper has become and they need Nicky out of the way to get to him.

A Siren Erotic Romance
Stormy Glenn is a Siren-exclusive author.


The Venusian Trilogy (MM)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffet




“Well, fuck a duck.” Nicolas Callon glanced down to see what had tripped him.



Not a damn thing.

Rolling his eyes, Nicky turned and continued walking around the outdoor tables of the seaside café. This wouldn’t be the first time he had tripped, and it most certainly wouldn’t be the last. If there was something for Nicky to trip over, or nothing at all, he tripped. He was a certified klutz.

He was just glad the bottled waters he carried hadn’t been opened. More times than he cared to remember, he had ended up tossing his drinks all over whoever was around him when he stumbled.

Nicky’s gaze darted to where his best friend sat as the jazz music played softly in the background. They were sitting outdoors of the café, but Nicky had had to go inside for the water. It wasn’t quiet summer yet and a gentle breeze blew off the mountains to stir strands of his hair. He tucked them behind his ear as he stopped at their table.

“Here you go, Coop.” He held one of the bottles out to his best friend—and the man he secretly dreamed of every second of every day. Cooper smiled up at him as he took the bottle, the deep dimples on either side of his face surfacing.

And that right there would be why Nicky lived and breathed for Cooper Walsh.

He was the most gorgeous creature ever created. Taller than the average man by more than a few inches, Cooper was the epitome of masculinity. From his wide shoulders and broad chest to his thick thighs and long legs, Cooper was every gay man’s wet dream in one big bear of a package.

His raven black hair curled around his face as if trying to caress his golden skin. His copper eyes twinkled when he laughed. And his lips…oh, Nicky had fantasies about those plush lips, and all of them involved the two of them being buck ass naked.

Unfortunately they would never be more than fantasies.

Nicky sighed as he took a seat next to his friend and he unscrewed the cap on his water. He took a long sip, never taking his eyes off of Coop as the guy talked to a few of their friends.

Cooper Walsh was the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for. He had taken Nicky under his wing after defending him in the sandbox when they were five years old, and had been defending Nicky ever since. Cooper was also a compassionate friend who never batted an eye when Nicky cascaded through his turbulent and sometimes erratic emotions.

But friendship only went so far and the buxom blond on the other side of Cooper was proof enough that the man was most decidedly not gay. One fateful kiss when they’d both had way too much to drink—a kiss that Cooper quickly put an end to—did not make the man gay. And that meant that Nicky could dream until his balls turned blue and shriveled up but it wouldn’t get him any closer to living out a single one of his fantasies.

Cooper waved a hand in front of Nicky’s face. “So, what do you think?”

“Huh?” Nicky blinked rapidly, his eyes darting around to find all eyes on him. Heat suffused his face as he crossed his arms over his chest. “What?”

Cooper chuckled as he playfully bumped their shoulders together. “We thought we’d head on down to the lake and go swimming. You game?”

Nicky glanced at the blond bimbo hanging onto Cooper as if he’d escape if she let go. The calculating gleam he could see in the woman’s blue eyes unnerved him. She might seem bubbly and clueless but there was something about her that set Nicky on edge.

He didn’t like her.

“No, you go on ahead. I’ve got some painting to do.” Sort of. It was true he had painting to do but he always had painting to do. That was what he did. But he could have taken the afternoon off if he really wanted to. He really did, but not with an entourage of other people.

“Ah, come on, Nicky,” Coop wheedled as his smile spread wider, “get out and smell the fresh air. I’ll bet it gives you some inspiration.”

“Oh, let him go, honey,” little miss Barbie boobs said as she pressed said boobs into Cooper’s arm until they threatened to pop right out of the top of her pink-and-white striped string bikini. How she stuffed those voluptuous breasts into a top that small was beyond Nicky, and probably most of the scientific community.

Nicky’s eyes narrowed when she trailed a finger up Cooper’s neck to the bottom of his ear before leaning in to whisper—rather loudly—”We could have a good time, just the two of us.”

The smile slid from Cooper’s face faster than Nicky could blink. “I told you when you showed up that it was Nicky’s birthday and I’d be spending the day with him. You said you understood.”

Judie took a step back, obviously feeling the heat of Cooper’s anger. It was never good when the big man became heated. “Well, I…” Judie smiled sweetly, her voice lowering to what she probably thought was a sultry tone. It wasn’t. For Nicky, it was more like fingernails down a chalkboard. “I just thought since he wanted to go paint that we could…”

Nicky tuned her out and stood, heading toward the street when Judie began trailing her hot pink nails over the edges of Cooper’s gray tank top. There were some things a love-struck man shouldn’t have to deal with. Watching Barbie boobs fawn all over Cooper wasn’t one of the things he could stomach.

He’d rather have his balls snipped with rusty sheers.

After walking two blocks, a black truck pulled up beside him and slowed. Nicky’s lips twitched when the truck kept pace with him, which was a slow stroll. Cooper didn’t say a word as he pushed the passenger door open.

Nicky kept walking.

Cooper kept driving.




Cooper could barely get the question past his lips. The words caught in his throat like a wad of cotton. He knew he stood on a precipice. The whole course of his life was about to change. It was up to the pale man sitting on the seat in front of him whether it changed for the good or for bad.

“I don’t want you to hate me.” The words were barely above a murmur, shaky and frightened. Nicky’s beautiful grass green eyes spoke for him. They spoke volumes. Nicky was afraid but there was a glimmer of something in them that Cooper prayed was hope.

He had been waiting so damn long for Nicky to acknowledge the growing attraction between them. It was there, humming between them like negative and positive magnets that drew them together and yet kept them apart.

It was time for them to be together.

When Cooper reached for the hem of Nicky’s shorts, he heard a soft inhale and Nicky’s stomach muscles stiffened. Cooper paused for a moment to give Nicky a chance to deny him. When he didn’t, Cooper grabbed the waistband and slowly lowered it until the reddened head of Nicky’s cock popped up. A couple of more inches and the entire glorious length was exposed to Cooper’s hungry gaze.

“Oh, Nicky, that’s—” Cooper didn’t even have words to describe how sexy Nicky looked. His cock was a good seven or eight inches. Cooper would have to measure to make sure. But what he did know was that it was nice and thick, and oh man, it was luscious looking.

Nicky stiffened again, his hands moving quickly to cover his exposed groin. Cooper grabbed Nicky’s wrists, holding them up and away. Nicky pulled but it wasn’t a powerful jerk, more like a request to be let go.

The sob that fell from Nicky’s lips, however…

“You look so hot, Nicky.” He had to say something so he might as well go with the truth. Nicky looked freaking awesome. Cooper’s entire body tingled and throbbed as it came to life, lust burning through him at an alarming rate.

Silence met his admission.

Cooper glanced up. He almost chuckled when he saw the wide-eyed disbelief on Nicky’s face. The man had no clue how much Cooper wanted him, how much Cooper had been holding back.

“Kiss me, Nicky.”

Cooper refused to take no for an answer. He knew once Nicky forgot to be afraid and realized Cooper was truly interested, the man would accept what was between them. Cooper leaned forward and covered Nicky’s mouth, using his tongue to tease Nicky’s lips apart.

Nicky groaned and within seconds, he was pressing into the kiss, opening his mouth and allowing Cooper in. Cooper devoured Nicky’s lips, licking, sucking, teasing. He kissed a trail from Nicky’s lips, to his chin, to the tender skin of his throat, time and again, teasing Nicky. His hands swept over Nicky’s naked chest and down to his hips.

When Cooper glanced down at Nicky, the man’s golden blond eyebrow were ups somewhere around the top of his head. His eyes were wide and round. Shocked.

“Did you like that, baby?”

Nicky nodded wordlessly.

“Then you’re going to love this.” Keeping his eyes locked with swallowed Nicky’s straining erection, wrapping his lips around the flared head of the man’s cock. The taste of pre-come exploded on his tongue and he knew he wanted more. The drops of pre-cum pooling on the head of Nicky’s cock trickled over his tongue. Cooper prayed he was doing it right as he licked those drops away. He had never given a blow job before. Cooper might have had his fair share of sex in the past, but only with women. He had kept this part of himself for Nicky.

Cooper slowly pushed forward until he felt the cock nudge the back of his throat, and further still, letting his throat muscles relax until pubic hairs tickled his face. He heard a swift intake of air and then Nicky shuddered.

Encouraged by Nicky’s response, Cooper began to suck, his tongue tracing the veins, his cheeks hallowed as he moved Nicky’s thick erection further into his mouth, bobbing his head up and down. He ran his tongue over the slit at the top of Nicky’s cock and then under the edge of the crown.

Wanting more contact, Cooper grabbed the edge of Nicky’s shorts and worked them the rest of the way down the man’s legs. He released Nicky’s cock and leaned back, his breath catching at the sight of the debauched angel in front of him. Cooper seriously doubted he would ever see anything so stunning again.





Nicolas Callon’s breath stuttered in his chest when he caught sight of Cooper Walsh, hands down the sexiest man in the world—or several worlds as Nicky had recently discovered.

Finding out that he was king of the galaxy had been a little hard to grasp, especially considering he thought he was human, and he wasn’t. He was Venusian, which meant he was born on Venus. Saturians came from Saturn. Terrans came from Earth. Neptunians came from Neptune. And Martians came from Mars.


The world he had known for twenty-five years ended almost two months ago when he was kidnapped by the Guardians of the Royal Bloodline and taken to Venus. Granted, there had been a lot of chaos along the way, and one really psychotic ship commander that used Nicky as a punching bag on several occasions, but Nicky was pretty sure that was all behind him.

He had Cooper—the man he had been in love with since forever—his brother, an advisor that seemed to truly want what was best for their people, and a really big guardian that dared anyone to threaten a hair on Nicky’s head.

Life was not that bad.

“I’m not going to fight you on that one.”

“Not going to fight him on what one, Coop?” Nicky asked as he walked up and wrapped himself in Cooper’s arms, leaning back into Cooper’s bigger frame. He loved that he could do that now. He had spent so many years hiding his desires for Cooper. Being able to touch him or hold him, or be held by him whenever he wanted, made life worth living.

“Those NSA agents being assholes.”

Nicky’s eyes narrowed. The anger he felt at how Cooper had been treated grew every time he thought about it. “If I ever get my hands on them—”

His eyes widened when he suddenly found himself the object of Cooper’s attention, and one of his mind-boggling kisses. He seriously doubted there was anyone in the entire galaxy that could kiss like his Cooper.

Nicky’s head swam by the time Cooper lifted his head. He blinked several times to clear his vision. The only thing he could see was Cooper’s smiling face.

“No getting mad at the NSA agents for doing their job, baby.”


Cooper chuckled.

Nicky peeked up at Cooper, once again voicing the question that plagued him almost constantly. “Are you sure you don’t have a problem with me being king of the galaxy?”

Cooper had given up everything to be with him, and Nicky just wasn’t that much. He was geeky, klutzy, forgetful, and got sick to his stomach in social situations. He still couldn’t figure out what Cooper Walsh saw in him, but he wasn’t going to complain. Cooper was the man of his dreams and had been since he was five and the guy saved him from playground bullies.

Cooper carefully extracted the lip Nicky was chewing on and rubbed his thumb across the abused flesh. “I love you, Nicky.”

“Oh.” Nicky’s eyes brightened as his heart filled. “I love you, too.”

He had always loved Cooper, dreamed of him, fantasized. There had never been room for anyone else in his heart.

“Because I love you, I will support anything you choose to do with your life, even stand beside you while you rule the universe.”

Nicky prayed with everything in him that Cooper spoke the truth but the man was giving up so much…his home, his work, even his friends. His friends…

“Oh.” Nicky started to bounce. “I talked to the healer and she said that Patrick and Aaron are responding to their treatments. She thinks that they will come out of their comas in the next couple of days.”

“Oh, thank god.”

The second Nicky had turned twenty-five, he went through his transformation from just being Nicky Callon to High King Nicolas, ruler of the galaxy. Apparently, that came with a few perks but no one would know what they were until they manifested themselves.

What Nicky did know was that at the moment of his transformation, he had just gotten done having sex with Cooper for the very first time. Hell, the man’s cock had still been lodged inside him. Their souls had merged, becoming one—another side effect of him being king. Apparently, as king, he got to choose the man he wanted as his mate. Once he decided—and there had been no contest there—their souls became one, entwining their lives for all eternity.

Nicky suspected that his transformation happening while his soul was merging with Coopers, their ability to speak mentally to each other was a side effect. He hadn’t asked anyone about it yet because he couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that that was one secret he needed to keep to himself.

The transformation Nicky had gone through had some negative side effects as well, and unfortunately, Cooper, Brian, and their friends Patrick and Aaron had all suffered the backlash.

The force of the power behind the recoil from Nicky’s transformation had stunned everyone to the point of unconsciousness. Only Cooper and Brian’s strong bond with Nicky had allowed them to come out of the coma so quickly. Because Patrick and Aaron weren’t as tight with Nicky, their condition had been worse and would take longer to fade.

“We can see them when we get back to Earth,” Nicky continued. “Baylor said he should have the Royal Court set up by then and we can move in.” Nicky winced as he glanced up at Cooper. “I was hoping we could have Mom move in with us.”

Cooper’s jaw firmed. “I won’t live with Frank, Nicky.”

“No, just Mom,” Nicky said quickly. He didn’t want to live with his adopted father either. The man was an abusive ass. “I’m hoping if we give Mom an out, she’ll divorce his lazy ass.” Nicky had only recently told Cooper everything that had happened with his father, or the man he thought was his father until a few weeks ago. Cooper knew Frank was a jerk and a drunk, but Nicky doubted he ever knew how bad things had gotten at home.

Frank Callon had always been careful to never abuse Nicky in front of anyone else, not even Brian, so no one really believed Nicky when he tried to tell them that Frank was beating him. It was only after Frank had sold pictures of Nicky to the media to fund his booze that others began to see what an asshole the man was.



Cooper smiled as he rubbed his knuckles over Nicky’s cheek. “Anything for you, Nicky.”

“I just want you.” Nicky blinked. “And Brian and Mom, and maybe Baylor and Turlock.” His face flushed. “And a cheeseburger. I’d do anything for a cheeseburger.”

Cooper cocked an eyebrow. “Anything?”

Nicky swallowed hard as he pressed his body against Cooper’s rubbing against him such a way that Cooper was left with no doubt as to what the man was willing to do for a cheeseburger.

“Baylor!” Cooper called out as he kept his eyes pinned on Nicky. “How soon until we land?”

“About six hours, sire,” Baylor replied.

“That just might be enough time.”

Nicky laughed with pure joy as he was grabbed and tossed over Cooper’s shoulder. He had seen the heat in Cooper’s eyes and knew exactly how he was going to pay for that cheeseburger. He couldn’t have been happier, even if he would have to wait until they got back to Earth to get his prize.

Baylor frowned as if he couldn’t understand what Cooper was saying. Nicky did and his cock was so hard he thought it might break off if he bounced too hard.

“Enough time for what, sir?” Baylor asked.

Cooper grinned as he walked off the bridge. “To take a king.”




“Kiss me, Coop,” Nicky whispered as he leaned up toward Cooper’s lips. “I’ve missed your kisses.”

“Nicky,” Cooper groaned.

Nicky pressed his lips against Cooper’s even as he pushed him back against the mattress. The moment Cooper’s back hit the bed, Nicky threw his legs over him, straddling Cooper’s waist. Even with his lips plastered to Cooper’s, Nicky wasted no time before pulling Cooper’s shirt up to his neck then going to work on Cooper’s jeans. He had every intention of having both of them out of their clothes as fast as possible.

“Nicky,” Cooper whispered as he pulled his mouth away from Nicky’s. He grabbed his hands. “Slow down, baby.”

Nicky shook his head. “Don’t want to slow down, Coop. Want to feel you inside of me.”

And now! It might have only been a few hours but it felt like an eternity since he had felt Cooper’s dick in his ass. It wasn’t just the sexual gratification, though. Nicky needed that intimate connection with the man he loved, almost as if he needed to reaffirm the bond they were building between them.

 “Then get up.” Cooper rolled them both to the side of the bed before setting Nicky on his feet, grinning down at him. ”Get naked, your majesty.”

Nicky’s eyes widened. His reached for the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head before tossing it across the room. He started laughing as he watched Cooper peeling off his own clothes just as quickly.

Nicky was dressed in loose flowy pants, a tunic type shirt, and shoes as soft as slippers. Cooper had on a shirt, jeans, socks, and boots. Nicky was sure he was going to be the first one naked.

At least, until he saw Cooper push his jeans down his legs, his hard cock bouncing as it was freed from his pants. That gorgeous sight froze Nicky in place, his pants halfway down his legs. He could only stand there and stare, licking his lips.

He so wanted to feel that cock in his mouth.

Dropping to his knees, Nicky leaned forward and wrapped his lips around Cooper’s thick cock. Oh damn. Nicky groaned. Cooper tasted like heaven, rough, dominant, and all male.

Cooper’s groaned immediately followed his. “That’s cheating, Nicky.”

Nicky pulled back long enough to look up at Cooper. “Want me to stop?”

“Hell, no!” Cooper gave him a look that said he had lost his mind. “Suck my cock, baby. Show me what you can do.”

Nicky grinned and then wrapped his lips around Cooper again. He lavished Cooper with his tongue, licked and caressed him. He sucked until Cooper’s hands tightened in his hair, holding him still. Nicky glanced up. Cooper’s jaw was clenched, his eyes closed, as air hissed out between his teeth.

“Enough, Nicky,” Cooper growled as he opened his eyes and glanced down. “I want to be inside of you when I come.”

Nicky was all for that. He quickly got to his feet and pushed his pants the rest of the way down his legs before climbing onto the bed and rolling over onto his back. He turned and watched eagerly as Cooper pulled the rest of his clothes off and climbed onto the bed to kneel between his legs.

Cooper chuckled. “Get the lube.”

Nicky rolled over and reached under the pillow to grab the lube. He handed it to Cooper.

Cooper winked as he patted Nicky’s hip. “On your hands and knees, baby. I want to play.”

That plan was fine with Nicky. He climbed back into the middle of the bed and positioned himself on his hands and knees, burying his head in his hands.

He could hear Cooper squirting lube out. His body trembled in anticipation. After getting kidnapped and watching Cooper get shot, thinking he was dead, Nicky had been so afraid he would never feel what it was like to be loved by the man again. The waiting was almost more than Nicky could take.

“Cooper,” he pleaded.

“Slowly, baby.” Cooper chuckled. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t, I swear.”

“We’re going to do this at my pace, Nicky, or not at all.”

“Fine,” Nicky huffed, “just—oh god!” Nicky nearly came there and then as he felt Cooper press a lubed finger into him. Oh yeah, this was what he had been missing. Only a couple of times with Cooper and he was hooked for life. He couldn’t imagine being this way with anyone else.

Nicky thought he might go out of his mind when Cooper pressed another finger into his ass. He pushed his hips back against Cooper, impaling himself on Cooper’s fingers. He could feel the tip of his cock brushing against the comforter. Each pass teased him, aroused him, drove him out of his mind.

Nicky didn’t know what to do. He wanted to push down and hump against the comforter but if he did that he couldn’t push back against Cooper. The indecision was killing him. Nicky whimpered.





“Baylor, we all take orders from Nicky, whether we know it or not.”

There was a ghost of a smile on Baylor’s face when he turned back. “I suppose you are correct, sire.”

Cooper leaned closer to Baylor. “Just don’t let Nicky hear you say that. We’ll never hear the end of it.”

Baylor paused for a moment, a thoughtful expression furrowing his brow as he glanced from Nicky to Cooper. “May I speak freely, sire?”

“Yes, please do.”

“I am unused to this manner in which you speak of King Nicolas. I know it is due to your familiarity with him added to the fact that you grew up with him merely being a friend and not the king of the galaxy, but are you sure this is not insulting to him?”

“I’m sure.”Cooper was actually warmed by Baylor’s concern. Baylor seemed to care for Nicky’s well-being above and beyond him being king. “Granted, there is a fine line between what is appropriate and what is not, and not everyone is the same on where that line is drawn, but Nicky is cool with it. He knows I love him even when I joke with him.”

“I admit that I am confused by your familiarity with His Majesty, but I also see how happy he is just to be with you. That bond is rare, sire.” Something hardened in Baylor’s dark eyes, giving them a dangerous glint that told Cooper under no uncertain terms that a predator lay just beneath the surface. “Do not abuse the gift you have been given. It will not come again for a thousand years.”

Confused, and admittedly impressed that Baylor was standing up for Nicky, he asked, “What do you mean?”

“Remember that I told you a true bond is rare?”

Cooper nodded.

“It is said that once someone has found their true bond, their souls are entwined for all eternity. If one dies, the other soon follows, unable to be bear the separation. If they are separated, they won’t find each other again for a thousand years.”

Cooper felt a pang in his chest as he glanced at Nicky. He couldn’t imagine living one second longer than his love, but a thousand years without him? “That seems kind of unfair, Baylor. If this love is so great, why a thousand years?”

“No one knows, sire,” Baylor replied, “but I believe it is because this love is so great, and because there is no greater bond, the price is higher.”

That actually kind of made sense. The bond he felt for Nicky was beyond anything he had ever felt in his life. It felt stronger than steel and yet as fragile as a flower. He knew it had to be nurtured in order to grow, and he intended to do just that.

“I appreciate your words, Baylor.” Cooper gave the man a slight smile so he would know there were no hard feelings. “Nicky is the most important thing in my world and I’ll do anything to keep him safe.”

“I worry that it may not be enough, sire.”

Cooper cocked his head as he tried to read the silent message in Baylor’s words. “Why?” he asked when he couldn’t solve the puzzle. “What aren’t you telling me?”

“I worry what will happen when others learn that you are Marsovian.”

“I thought the Marsovians were great warriors.”

“They were, but they have been myth for so long, I fear many have forgotten their existence. If word gets out, many will not believe that it is true. Those that might know of the legend and believe you are Marsovian might try and use you in some manner that is in conflict with the High King’s needs.”

“I would never go against Nicky.”

“You would not want to,” Baylor said, “but if your total loyalty is to King Nicolas, what would you give if someone tried to use him?”

“You’re talking about that situation with Melakon Tempest, aren’t you?”

“That is a good example, yes.”

Unfortunately, Cooper understood where Baylor was coming from. He just didn’t like it. He crossed his arms, his unease growing by the second. “Do you have a suggestion?”

“As much as I dislike saying it, you might consider talking to that monk at the Monastery of the Sourak.” Baylor’s lips thinned for a moment as he paused, a hard glint coming into his eyes. “I don’t trust this monk. I don’t like the fact that he is demanding your presence. That feels wrong to me, but he may be the only man alive that truly knows of the Marsovians.”

“If my being a Marsovian is such a problem, why would we even bring it up?” Cooper asked. The answer seemed simple enough. “Why not just keep it a secret?”

“People will know, sire. Secrets never keep. There will come a point when something will happen and you will not be able to hide what you are. It is better to be prepared for that eventuality than to think it will never come.”

Cooper glanced across the room to where Nicky was chatting with Brian and Councilman Turlock. As much as he hated to admit it, he knew Baylor was right. He just didn’t know what to do about it.

“I’m not sure going to see this monk is the best plan, Baylor.” Reluctantly pulling his eyes away from Nicky’s laughing face, he looked back at the man. “Isn’t there anyone else that knows about Marsovians?”

 “I’ll look into it, sire, but I do not believe so.” The man clasped his hands behind his back, once again looking like the confident captain that he was. “The myth of the Marsovian is so ancient that most only know about it from obscure history books and legends told down through the ages.”

“I’m starting to feel like a fossil.”

Baylor blinked. “I’m sorry, sire. I do not understand your reference to preserved remnants of the past.”

Cooper chuckled. “You keep referring to my Marsovian DNA as something ancient, a myth. It makes me feel old.”

“That was not my intention, sire. I merely wanted to point out the danger of not learning everything we can about being a Marsovian.”

“No, I got that part, Baylor.” Cooper drew in a breath, his eyes going back to Nicky. “I just hope whatever we learn doesn’t make me extinct.”




Cooper grinned at Nicky for a brief moment before retrieving the man’s pants. Sure enough, there was a tube of lube in his pocket. Cooper quickly popped the top and poured some out, liberally lubing his fingers.

When he moved back between Nicky’s thighs, the man spread his legs wide. Cooper almost swallowed his tongue. Instead, he put his tongue to good use, licking Nicky’s hard cock from root to tip while pushing a finger deep inside the man’s tight ring of muscles.


Cooper winced when Nicky’s hands fisted in his hair. While he relished the man’s high cry of pleasure, the hair-pulling hurt. It got even worse when he pushed a second finger into the man’s tight hole.

Finger number three nearly made Cooper bald, but the added stimulation had Nicky climaxing within seconds. Cooper felt Nicky’s entire body tense. Hearing Nicky’s low cry of release as he arched his body, Cooper almost came himself.

He moved back to watch, because it was quite a sight. God, he was so responsive. Cooper loved that about Nicky. “Oh yeah, baby, come for me. Just like that.”

Cooper knew he had to get inside Nicky in the next few seconds. He was ready to blow now and it was all he could do to hold himself back. He quickly pushed his boots off with his feet as he reached for the buttons of his pants, unbuttoning them before shoving them down his long legs.

As his pants hit the floor, he settled himself between Nicky’s slick thighs, his hard cock rubbing against Nicky’s groin. He quickly lathered his cock up with more lube and then drizzled a little between Nicky’s ass cheeks.

To get his love nice and lubed up, Cooper used the tip of his cock to spread the lube around. Each time he moved his hips, he slid along Nicky’s hard cock, arousing Nicky until he arched again, moaning out his pleasure as yet another orgasm swept through his body and ropes of pearly white cum shot out of his cock to coat his abdomen and chest.

God, this beautiful man climaxed at the drop of a hat. Cooper found that to be so exhilarating. He always knew when he was making Nicky feel good.

Cooper grabbed Nicky’s leg with his arm, pulling his hips up. He drove into his tight hole in one quick lunge until he felt his balls slap against Nicky’s ass. Nicky was so tight, Cooper thought his head would explode.

Nicky’s hands braced themselves on his shoulders as his head swung back and forth on the mattress, his cries growing louder by the second as Cooper drove into his silky depths over and over again.

“Cooper,” Nicky whispered as he reached for him.

Cooper’s eyes were half closed with arousal. He was so turned on by the sight and feel of Nicky as he pumped his cock in and out of Nicky’s tight ass that it was all he could do not to come right there and then. Cooper leaned down to kiss Nicky, pinching the man’s nipples between his trembling fingertips.

“Nicky,” he whispered when he could catch his breath again.

He reluctantly pulled himself from Nicky and flipped his body over so that he was on his knees. Nicky moaned as Cooper sank into his tight hole again, holding still with his cock fully lodged inside his mate.

He reached under Nicky to grab his cock, stroking him from root to tip. He used his other hand to pull at his nipples again, wringing a low moan from Nicky.

That sweet sound snapped the tether Cooper had on his control.

He grasped Nicky’s hips with almost bruising force as he thrust in and out as hard and as fast as he could. He could feel each and every little quiver of Nicky tightening around his throbbing cock as he pounded into him. He knew Nicky was on the verge of another orgasm.

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