[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Thanks to his stolen childhood, werewolf Alpha Nash believes no one will accept a broken Alpha for a mate. He’s seen his brothers find their mates but knows the same happiness doesn’t apply to him...until a tempting and gorgeous intern, Neil, enters his life.
Neil is an intern at Alpha Wrecker’s Inc. To get away from his negligent ex, Neil moves to a new town with his daughter. Neil wants a fresh start, but he’s having work problems from his abusive superior. An accident leads him to Nash, the company CEO, who becomes his unexpected savior. It’s not just a job Nash offers him. Neil can tell from the start that Nash is different, that their relationship has the potential to be something more.
Both men are afraid to cross that line, but once they take the step forward, sparks are inevitable. Will Nash lower his shields to let one determined human into his heart?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Nailing Neil (MM)
15 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Neil’s scent lured his wolf out in the open, sheer temptation, but Nash refused to act on his primal emotions, to crush his lips against Neil’s, tuck that lean body against his, to see if they fit.

He put those emotions aside because Neil wasn’t like any of his ex-lovers. Neil was one of their employees, certainly a valuable one.

“Yeah, I didn’t even hear you,” Neil muttered.

“Why are you still working? It’s seven thirty,” he pointed out. “Why don’t you leave that for Monday?”

It was a push, because Nash saw the signs of physical fatigue. Under those thick-framed glasses, Neil had shadows under his eyes, and the human was too thin for Nash’s liking. Was Neil eating right?

“I can’t,” Neil instantly replied, the determination and frustration in his voice surprising Nash. “I mean, I need to finish this. That’s all. Chester didn’t know how to organize.”

Nash frowned. “Do you need additional help? I can get one of the interns to help you.”

“No thanks.” The answer came out rather abruptly. Nash raised an eyebrow as Neil explained, “I mean, I was one of them a few days ago. Some of them—”

Neil didn’t continue, as if not wanting to implicate the other interns. Nash approved of Neil’s loyalty to his former fellow interns, even if it was misplaced. 

“Have there been complaints?” Nash queried.

“There have been rumors,” Neil muttered, not meeting his gaze, and his wolf didn’t like that at all. He reached out unthinkingly, to tip Neil’s chin so the human looked directly at him. Surprised brown eyes met his. 

“Explain,” he stated, thumbing the day-old stubble on Neil’s jaw.

Curiously, the human didn’t jerk back, didn’t tell Nash to stop touching him. Oh, he was well aware he was crossing the boundaries, lines he’d drawn in the sand. Nash had promised himself he’d keep his distance. It had become apparent to him that Neil was lethal. 

Neil might be human, didn’t have claws, teeth, or the physical strength to best him, but he possessed a greater weapon, one capable of undoing Nash. His wolf wanted this human, yearned to feel Neil beneath them, to do what he liked, but he couldn’t have that. 

“Are you always this bossy?” Neil demanded. 

Oh, despite Neil’s frightened reaction three days ago, this human clearly had steel in his spine.

“It’s in my nature,” he replied.

“Alphas,” Neil grumbled, then had the gall to roll his eyes.

Delighted, he pulled his fingers away. “You sound like you speak from experience.”

“I was raised in a werewolf pack in the city.”

That explained why the firm had hired him. They didn’t practice preferential treatment, but it was best if a potential employee had some experience working with shifters and were comfortable around them. Despite the paranormal coming out of hiding a century ago, prejudice wouldn’t easily be wiped away. Nash ought to know. 

He’d hated humans right after his rescue, even Isiah, but slowly, that hatred dissipated the longer he spent time with Isiah. 

Intrigued, he asked, “Oh?”

Neil nodded. “My mom remarried and the pack took me in too. The Sharp Fang pack accepts humans and their families, who’ve mated their pack members.”

Nash sensed old hurt there though. Something had happened to Neil that prompted the human to move out of his pack and into this town. As a werewolf, he knew of the surrounding packs in the areas, even the nearest cities. The Sharp Fang pack sounded like it had a decent Alpha. Curiosity prickled at him.

“Sorry. I don’t know why I’m sharing this with you. You’re my boss.” Then Neil blushed. “Oh God. Was I out of line?”

Nash told him the truth. “You’re refreshing actually. Don’t you have a daughter to get home to?”

Neil’s eyes widened. “How?”

“I make it point to know all my employees.” Okay, it wasn’t normal for him to dig so much into an employee’s background, but he needed to know more about Neil. He knew Neil lived with his mother and stepdad, and was a single dad. Very interesting. 

“I see. Of course.” Neil stared at his screen. “How about a compromise? If I really can’t sort this out, can I ask for that intern?”

“Alphas don’t compromise.”

Neil sucked in a breath. 

“But I accept, on the condition you head home early tonight.”

Neil thought about it some more, then saved all his open files and shut the PC down.

“Good boy.”

Neil glared at him. “You always pushy with all your employees?”

Just you, except he didn’t say that out loud. “I’ll drive you,” Nash said instead.

“Um, what? I’m fine, really. I usually take the bus,” Neil said quickly. “Besides, you might be busy.”

“I’m free. Why, little human? Scared to be alone in a car with your werewolf boss?” Nash didn’t know what possessed him to say those words. 

Fuck. He was actually flirting, a first for him. Usually, when hunting for a hook-up, he didn’t need to do much. He’d enter one of his usual bars, and sooner or later, a few unattached shifters would approach him and he’d have his pick. Nash might not possess Malik’s exotic good looks or Cole’s charm, but they were drawn to him nonetheless.

All they cared about was the fact he was a good lay, not caring Nash was broken underneath. It was clear there was physical attraction between him and Neil. He had smelled a hint of Neil’s need three days ago, and he couldn’t stop thinking about what it was like, having the human in his head, but things would have been simple if it had just been desire. Lust could be easily sated—no harm, no foul—except Neil challenged him, intrigued him on so many levels. 

“F-fine. I accept the free ride.” Neil gathered his bag, resolute expression on his face. “I never back down from a challenge.”

Nash flashed him a smile, showing teeth. Something about those words triggered something in him, broke his ridiculous rule about staying away from this particular human. The wolf was done waiting, stalking. 




“W-we shouldn’t be doing this,” Neil said, panting after Nash released his mouth.

“Too much?” he asked. God knew his control was frayed, his skin seemingly stretched tight over his body.

“It’s just, you’re dangerous. I want…” Neil whispered.

“What exactly do you want?” Nash edged them to the closest wall, until he caged Neil with his body.

Neil leaned in close, and he plundered the human’s mouth once more, savoring the taste of him. Mine, his wolf all but screamed inside him. Nash held the animal back, urged it to let him take over the reins and miraculously, the beast retreated. Neither man nor wolf wanted to rush the courting process and end up losing Neil right after they found him.

“You,” Neil replied. “I’ve had a crush on you for ages, frequently fantasize about you.”

“Do you, now?” So, the little human was thinking of him, as much as Neil preoccupied his thoughts. “Tell me some of your fantasies.”

“One was exactly like this, you pressing me against the wall, stripping me bare, fucking me.”

He growled, aroused by the words, driven to make them true, because he shared the exact same fantasy. Nash began uncorking the buttons of Neil’s shirt, unveiling a creamy line of lean flesh.

“Yes,” Neil murmured, just like that. Oh, Nash was liking this confident, sexual side of the human who always seemed wary around him. He always thought it was because he was a shifter, but he finally understood that some careless fucker had messed with his human, made Neil afraid to trust again.

Well, trust worked both ways, and he didn’t intend on breaking his anytime soon. 

“What’s going to come out of this?” Neil asked, still not making a move to stop or indicate they should slow down or talk. 

Good, because Nash didn’t think he was capable of either.

“I don’t know,” he replied honestly. “You wanted to find out. No regrets.”

“No regrets,” Neil agreed. 

“I can’t stop thinking of you, ever since that day.” Nash ran a possessive hand down Neil’s chest. Neil helped him along by tugging off the rest of his shirt and chucking it aside. The human grabbed the hem of his plain white tee, and he jerked it out of the way. He didn’t fail to notice Neil admiring the hard planes of his chest for a couple of moments. “You like what you see?”

“Oh, absolutely. You’re even better up close than the guy in my dream.”

“Time to show you the real thing’s better then.” 

He nuzzled Neil’s throat, scraping his teeth against the spot where the neck flowed to the shoulder. Neil tensed up. The human had been raised by werewolves, so he knew the significance of that stop. Nash reeled in his animal. The wolf wanted to mark, make Neil forever theirs, but this thing between them—whatever it was—was so new, uncertain. He forced his mouth away and took Neil’s lips again.

The human relaxed, began working at his belt buckle, and he did the same. Both of them were in a hurry to get out of their clothes. Once they were fully undressed, Nash kicked the pile of clothing aside, because he didn’t have any spare clothes that might fit Neil’s frame in case they made a mess. 

Flesh to flesh was a lot better. He curled his fingers around Neil’s shaft and started to stroke, liking the little moans that spilled from Neil’s mouth. 

“God,” Neil whispered. “Just like that.”

Nash flicked the pre-cum from Neil’s tip, circled the cock head, before he started sliding his hand up and down Neil’s shaft. He worked the human faster, until Neil’s breathing changed.

“If you keep doing that,” Neil began, “I won’t be able to hold back.”

“You’ll come on my command.” 

Neil stared at him for a couple of moments in disbelief, before throwing his head back when Nash gave his balls a squeeze. 

“Do it,” Nash urged. “Come for me. I want to see you undone.”

A few pumps and tugs at Neil’s prick and the human came, groaning, spilling his seed all over Nash’s fingers. The sight of Neil’s languid expression, those eyelids fluttering shut, made his own dick hard as steel.

“I haven’t fucked you,” he stated. “Don’t fall asleep yet.”

“Then fuck me. Please?” Neil sounded like a lazy, sated cat. 

Nash grabbed his jeans from the floor and took the lube from his wallet. He always carried it, along with condoms, just in case he wanted a little action after a tiring day at the office. Not that he’d had any action since Neil came into his life. Nash didn’t miss those one-night stands that left him empty. The wait was sure worth it though.

“No condom,” Neil said in a clear voice, the post-orgasm bliss clearing. “I know shifters don’t catch anything and I’m clean. I even have an app that has my medical records. Need to see?”

“An app?” Nash couldn’t help it; he laughed, which was a mistake because Neil glowered at him.

“I’m serious.”

“Good then, and no, I believe you.” Nash dispensed with the condom and began uncapping the lube. “In this fantasy, how did I take you?”

Neil’s eyes widened. “I still get a say?”

“Of course, but remember, I’m the one in control. Always.”

“You dominant wolves and your need to be the driver.”

“You like it,” Nash said simply.

Neil swallowed, nodded, then whispered, “From behind. In my dreams, you pound me against the door and shoot your load inside my ass.”

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