The Cowboy Way (MFM)

Carnal Cowboys 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,502
3 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light consensual BDSM, spanking, flogging, HEA] 
Dr. Chey Kirkland’s life is threatened by her patient’s grieving husband. When an armed assailant shoots to kill, the hospital administrators demand she enlist a bodyguard or get out of town.
Cowboy cousins Wy and Mitch Wilson are ready to take Chey to their ranch and keep her protected until the police catch the shooter. With no other options, Chey goes along with the plan. If she has to hide out, why not do it with two sexy cowboys?
Another attempt is made on her life and they wonder if a second killer is out to get her. Keeping her safe just got twice as hard, especially since she’s not cooperating.
Mitch and Wy need to break her like the broncs they tame and keep her under control. But will riding her the cowboy way make them lose focus and endanger her life?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Cowboy Way (MFM)
3 Ratings (4.7)

The Cowboy Way (MFM)

Carnal Cowboys 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,502
3 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Awesome, awesome book!!
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "When Dr. Chey Kirkland’s life is threatened, she has no choice but to accept two sexy cowboys offer of a place to hide in this captivating contemporary romance. Chey has dedicated herself to her career and she not about to let two sexy cowboys to tell her how it is and the reader can’t help but get drawn into all the flying sparks and explosive passion when Mitch and Wy set her out to tame her the cowboy way. The attraction heats up the pages and the sex scenes are scorching hot including m/f/m scenes but the relationship is the combustible part of this romance as stubborn meets stubborn. The characters are strong, compelling and claim attention from the very beginning while the fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on the edge with lots of suspense and passion. This fiery romance builds lots of tension and expectation throughout the story and the danger to Chey’s life from not one but two shooters adds lots of excitement along with some rodeo riding scenes. This story is brought to life with well written scenes and vivid images that ensures that the reader can feel the intense vibrant and passionate energy that flows from the pages while the while the well-orchestrated events ensure that the readers can’t put the story down until they have read every last word. Carnal Cowboys is one sexy passionate series and the cowboys makes the heart pound and ignite some naughty fantasies as well as entertain readers with passion, romance, humor, and suspense. So buckle up and enjoy the ride, I sure did and I am looking forward to riding - I mean reading the next one." -- Evampire, Night Owl Erotica

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“Unless I got kicked in the head and scrambled my brain, I’d say she’s something else.”

Mitch nodded, agreeing with Wy. “You didn’t get kicked in the head and she is something else.”

He hadn’t been too worried about Wy after he’d gotten a look at his chest, but he hadn’t wanted to take any chances. Getting kicked by a horse no matter where the hoof struck wasn’t anything to brush off. Taking him to the ER had been a good choice in more than one way.

They simply watched the doctor as she examined the next patient. If the obvious respect the nurses gave her as well as the way the patient relaxed in her presence was any indication, she was good at her job.

“I’m already starving and it has nothing to do with food.”

Mitch chuckled. If there was any better sign that his cousin was okay, it was his appetite. Wy could put away more food than any man he’d ever known. “Yeah. I’m hungry, too.”

“Let’s grab a cup of coffee and wait for Chey.”


“Yeah. Short for Cheyenne.”

“I like it.” The name Chey sounded laid back, sweet, cute, unusual, and a whole lot of other adjectives she inspired.

“Me, too.”

Mitch would’ve loved to stay in the same room with her, but he doubted they’d be allowed to now that Wy was getting discharged. Instead, they’d have to move out to the main waiting room and stick around until she was off work. “Back to getting that cup of coffee.”

“Right. Let’s do it.”

And yet they still didn’t move.

“Doctor Kirkland!”

Mitch whirled toward the shout, his body tensing and ready to go into action. A young man in his late teens shoved a nurse out of the way, then ran toward the pretty doctor.

He didn’t think twice. As other people moved away from the man, he took off in a run toward the pretty doctor. She stood still, unmoving, as though she wasn’t sure what was going on. Mitch sensed his cousin next to him, ready to do whatever was necessary to keep her safe. They didn’t need to speak. They knew each other well enough to know what the other would do.

They made it to her a moment before the man did. Mitch caught hold of the young man’s left arm, pulling it behind him as Wy grabbed his right arm and did the same. As easily as roping a calf, they brought the attacker to his knees.

“Turn me loose!”

Mitch ignored the commotion around him, vaguely hearing a nurse call for security. “Stop struggling, kid. We’re not letting you go. Give it up before we put you face down on the floor.” Mitch’s training as a police officer came in handy. Although he’d given up the force a few years earlier to take on ranching full-time and to ride the rodeo circuit, his reactions hadn’t dulled one bit.

“What the hell’s wrong with you?” Wy’s injury didn’t seem to bother him as he kept a secure hold on the man.

“Let me go. I didn’t come here to hurt her.” His brown hair was slicked back and pimples dotted his face. “Dr. Kirkland, I’ve got to talk to you.”

Mitch lifted his gaze to Chey’s just as a balding man and two security guards burst into the room. As soon as they were close enough to take over, he and Wy released their holds and backed off.

The guards pulled him to his feet. He didn’t attempt to lunge at Chey who still remained rooted to the same spot. She shook her head at the balding man. “Don’t start, Al.”

“Damn it, Chey.” Al was still huffing, trying to drag in much needed air. “This is what I was talking about. You need a bodyguard.”

Bodyguard? Why would a doctor need someone guarding her?

Mitch’s gaze jumped from Al and back to Chey, trying to understand.

“What if he’d had a gun, Chey?”

Then she’d probably be dead. He frowned at Chey. What the hell’s going on?

“But he doesn’t,” argued Chey. “Do you, Warren? Do you have a gun or any other weapons?”

The young man shook his head. “No. I didn’t come here to hurt you. I just need to talk to you. You’ve got to listen to me. I have to warn you about my father.”

“I was hoping your father had started to understand what happened. Should I speak to him again?”

“No way, Chey.” Al turned to Warren. “What are you talking about? What’s he planning? Is he here?”

“No, but I know he’s planning on keeping his promise to ki— hurt you. He’s coming. He’ll be here soon.”

Someone’s out to kill her.

“Did you call the police?” Al got in Warren’s face. “Why didn’t you call first? You should’ve called me.”

“I-I didn’t think about you. I just headed over here. I tried to call her, but the hospital operator wouldn’t put me through.” Warren shook his head, his face a mask of confusion. “I don’t know. I guess I thought if I could warn her first, I could keep him out of trouble. Then I could have more time to talk him out of it.”

Mitch came to Chey’s side and wrapped his arm around her waist in a protective hold. He didn’t care what anyone thought. Only that she was trembling. “You’re going to tell us what’s happening, but first, we need to take care of you.”

“Can you handle him?” Wy positioned himself between Warren and Al.

“Who the hell are you two?” If Al’s face got any redder, he’d turn fire engine red.

“We’re her friends and we’ll take care of her. Do you have this under control or not?” Mitch shot Al a pointed look, giving Al a chance to answer.

“Chey?” asked Al.

She dragged in a ragged breath. “It’s okay. They’re friends.”

“My father’s headed this way. You have to get out of here.”




He went to his knees in front of her and pushed her legs even farther apart. “I like a woman who wears thongs.” He fingered the lacy material and loved the way she again reacted to his touch. As though his finger was a spark of lightning licking at her pussy.

Her nipples were up and ready, mindful of Wy’s continued massages. Her tits were perfect, the best he’d ever seen. Full, but still perky.

Keeping his gaze to hers, he slipped his hand under the thong and down between her folds. “Good. You’re wet and ready for me.” She jumped again at his touch and closed her legs, catching his hand there. “Uh-uh, doc. Spread ’em wide.”

She swallowed and the glint of stubbornness lit in her eyes again. “No.”

“Don’t go telling me no, woman.” Truthfully, if she said no and meant it, he’d back away. They’d never take a woman against her will.

She squeaked then lifted her head to glare at Wy.

“Baby, you’d better listen to him. If he tells you to do something, then you’d damn sure better do it.” Wy put his palms to her nipples, soothing his earlier pinches. “Unless you like it a little rough.”

She was silent long enough for Mitch to check his cousin. Wy was just as pleased as he was. The only question was to see how rough she took her sex.

“Chey, I told you to spread your legs.” His words were measured, leaving no doubt he expected her to obey.

“Make me.”

She’d challenged him. Not only now, during sex, but with her intelligence and independence. She had to know he wasn’t one to back down from a dare. He skimmed his palm along her legs up until he was slightly above her knees. Then, giving her a look, he forced her legs apart.

“Keep them that way.”

“And if I don’t?”

Wy grabbed a chunk of her hair, making her lift her gaze to his. “You will. Got it?”

“Got it.” Although her voice was strong, it held a whisper of fear.

“I’ve had a taste of you already…”

“Is that right, cuz?” Wy wasn’t complaining. He was just interested.

“Yeah. And she tastes amazing.” Mitch ran his fingertip along the top of the thong. “This time I’m not stopping. Not for anything. I’m going to love fucking your tight pussy.”

Wy bent lower and flicked his tongue along her ear. “We’ve waited for this from the first moment we saw you. You’re going to take both of us and you’re going to love it. We’re going to make you scream and cream.”

She squirmed, her yearning filling the air around them. “Please, do what you did before.”

He dipped his fingers below the top of her thong. “It’s a shame to waste such pretty panties, but it won’t be the last time you’ll have to buy new ones.” He yanked, tearing her thong away. Her mouth parted in a silent oh.

“On second thought, don’t buy any new ones. I don’t want you wearing any panties from now on. Not while you’re here.” It pained him to think she might really leave. In his mind, in his dreams, they’d already gone past the point of deciding whether she’d stay or go. They’d keep her with them, even if it meant they had to sell the ranch and go to San Antonio.

The realization that he’d move for her hit hard. Would Wy feel the same way? But what good was living on the ranch without her? A life without her, even in their own home, wouldn’t be any kind of a life at all.

But he couldn’t, wouldn’t think about that right now. The time was meant for pleasure, not for worry.

He traced a wet path along one of her legs toward her pussy. She trembled.

“Yes,” she whispered. “Please.”

Wy tortured her tits. He’d added clothespins to each nipple and was toying with those. Mitch lifted his head away from her crotch, her fragrance still filling his nostrils and watched as Wy brought her mouth to his.

He couldn’t have his cousin outdoing him. Tugging the thin material aside, he caressed her mons. Her pussy was soaked, wetting his fingers. Pressing a quick kiss to her smoothness, he thumbed her folds apart.

She moaned and spread her legs a little farther apart. Her pussy was so sweet, pink, and ripe for his taking. He whipped his tongue out, flicking over her bud. She whimpered and squirmed even more.

“You still want me to drink you, pretty lady?”

She couldn’t have answered. Not with Wy still lavishing her mouth, but her moan was enough for him to know. As if there’d been any question.

He teased her, skipping his tongue over her clit. She bucked, a precursor to how she’d buck against him once his cock was inside her. “Take it easy, doc. We’re just getting started.”

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