The Huntingtons of McKenna Downs (MFMMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 100,709
11 Ratings (4.4)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, with M/M, exhibitionism, spanking, whipping, flogging, cropping, sex toys, HEA]
The torrid romance of Charlie Huntington and Kendall Laurie is torn apart by his scandalous proposition. Years later she goes to McKenna Downs to see her sister, Melanie, hoping to avoid him while she's there.
Fate has a sense of humor when it thrusts her into the arms of the very men Charlie wanted to share her with. His best friend, Quentin Adeniji, and Charlie's brothers, Shane, Justin, and René Huntington, are determined to keep her there. Falling for them is easy. Giving up a fashion career in New York is out of the question.
The men aren't the only ones with plans for her future. A hit-man has made her lovers his target. Even if he doesn't pick them off one by one, can she handle the town secret?
A wolf in disguise poses a more insidious threat. Someone has set their sights on one of her men and is determined that Kendall will never have him.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Huntingtons of McKenna Downs (MFMMM)
11 Ratings (4.4)

The Huntingtons of McKenna Downs (MFMMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 100,709
11 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A very good book
I had been waiting for this one since reading the Men of McKenna Downs series. Kendall is different from her sister, sassier where Melanie was sweeter, but I liked them both. Hot book with alphas and a nice big read!




Quentin walked toward the house on the Huntingtons’ property that Charlie and Shane lived in. He had to smile when he saw Charlie seated on the sprawling porch with his boots propped up. Now there was a sight for sorry eyes. Seeing him quickened Quentin’s pulse and warmed his loins.

The morning air was cold and brisk. Fall was definitely coming. The rising sun cast a glorious light behind him and spilled its colorful guts across the horizon.

Charlie smiled as he drew closer. “Now there’s a nice thing to wake up to.”

“I’m glad you’re happy to see me.”

“I was talking about the sunrise.”

Quentin stepped onto the porch with him. “Feeling ornery today?”

“Only for you.”

“You shouldn’t trouble yourself just for me.”

Charlie took a sip of coffee from his mug. “Don’t you know you’re special?”

Quentin gave him a friendly smile and took up a seat near him. “I have something to tell you.”

“What’s that?”

He leaned forward with his elbows resting on his legs and one hand balled loosely in the other. “I thought you might appreciate knowing who the woman was that I shared with you the other day.”

“You already told me. She’s your squeeze. I already fucked her mouth. I don’t need a name.”

“I think if you knew who the woman was, you would feel differently.”

“Then you don’t know me at all, Quen. One woman is the same as another.”

Quentin studied him, silently calling him out.

“Just spit it out already.”

“There was one woman who stood out to you from the rest.”

Charlie gazed off into the dawn. “That was a long time ago.”

“If she ever came to South Dakota, would you want to know?”

“If she ever came to this town, I would know. It’s too small for her to hide in. The only way she would be able to is if she went out of her way to hide. I’d still find her.”

“I see.”

A tranquil silence filled the heated void. It was comfortable and tense at once.

It occurred to Quentin that Charlie might be mad at him for a while when he found out that Quentin had kept Kendall’s arrival in McKenna Downs a secret from him. Well, he couldn’t have that.

“Let’s fuck.”

Charlie looked at him quizzically before letting out a little snicker. “Nice and to the point. I like that. What makes you think I’m in the mood?”

“You’re always in the mood.”

“Well, that’s true. What happened to telling me her name?”

“You said you didn’t want to know.”

He took another swig of coffee. “Since when has that stopped you?”

“I thought we would fuck first and then I will tell you.”

Charlie eyed him suspiciously. “What the hell are you up to, Quen?”

“You really want to know her name?”

“Well, I do now. When you tell me I doubt I’ll give a damn, but your bait and switch is irritating. I don’t think I’ll let you fuck me today.”

“I could seduce you.”

“You’re welcome to try.”

Quentin took that as an invitation and put his hand on Charlie’s thigh.

“Slow down, you eager bastard. First tell me the name of that woman who sucked my cock the other day.”

He pulled his hand away slowly from Charlie’s thigh. “As you wish.”

Charlie watched him, calm but attentive as he waited.

Quentin scrutinized his face closely, not wanting to miss a single detail of the man’s reaction as he spoke in a gentle tone. “The woman that René and I have been sleeping with and who also sucked your cock the other day is the same woman you fell for years ago in San Francisco.”

Charlie stiffened. His features were tense, voice harsh. “What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that Kendall Laurie is in town, and she is not over you.”




She jolted, doing her best to suppress her wanton sounds as he eased the plug out of her ass while Shane observed this. Her head dropped to the bed and her breathing accelerated when Shane came to stand closer and then leaned up against the wall with his arms folded. God, that was hot.

She heard Charlie behind her armoring up his dick before wedging it into her crack.

“Deep breaths, baby,” he cooed.

She took his advice while he nestled into place. The delectable feel of his jeans against her legs told her he’d left his clothes on and only pulled his pants down enough to get his penis out.

Try as she might she couldn’t conceal her noises this time. She felt a dull burn as she was stretched out and he slowly advanced, then a familiar sting when his cock passed her sphincter and sank into her bowels. Clutching on an erection buried deep in her ass always took her breath away. They were so filling. Her anus pinched around the root of his shaft, and his pubes almost drove her crazy. Her clit was begging for them to tickle it. Just a tiny bit of pressure...

Charlie fucked her cautiously or rather what was likely his idea of caution. He really was an animal, but the energetic thrusts felt invigorating after the flogging session.

“You keep your ass up, woman,” he gritted out when she began to sag.

She kept her hips up, whimpering when he gripped her hair in one hand and battered into her harder. It wasn’t a damaging pace, but it warmed her up good inside. His balls slapped her sore bottom, causing her discomfort that registered as a dull burn, but lord, those swinging testes felt great on her swollen pussy.

She would have thought having someone there watching would have been embarrassing. True, Justin had watched her get it on with Quentin and René, but she didn’t know Shane as well. The blush in her cheeks might be from exposure, but the heat in her chest that made her breasts swell and her nipples tighten was for the same reason he had that feral look in his eyes like he wanted to devour her, claim her.

She cried out in pain at Charlie’s harsh jabs into her ass as he climaxed. He lingered inside her long enough to catch his breath, but just before he evacuated, he teased her pulsing clit with a few lazy circles. She whined when he pulled out and then rolled her onto her back.

This time he lay on his belly with his legs off the bed toward hers. Shane came over and reclined on the bed. Her pulse jumped.

“Make out with him, baby,” Charlie murmured against her leg. “I want you to let him kiss you while I kiss your pussy.”

Kendall saw Shane’s face hover over hers. His cologne filled her senses. She smelled the masculine essence of his skin and then felt his lips press against hers.

Charlie’s humid breath feathered over her skin before his lips molded against her overheated flesh. She gasped in response, her cunt leaked with a light spasm, and Shane’s tongue slipped into the divide her parted lips gave him. The slow kiss made her hot and woozy. Her toes curled and everything both men did with their mouths burned her up inside.

Shane swallowed her pitiful whimpers when Charlie started licking the seam of her pussy. Her sex lips prickled with sensation, channel quivering with emptiness. She shrieked into Shane’s mouth when she felt Charlie nibbling her labia. He slurped and lightly gnawed on her chubby lips, but damn him, he didn’t use his tongue where she needed it most.

Her squeal seemed to bring out the beast in Shane. He wadded her hair in his hand and ravaged her mouth liked a starved man. His dominance and the strength she felt in his grip awakened the nerves in her scalp and sent a rush of cream into her pussy. She sobbed when Charlie’s tongue dipped into her nether lips for a taste. His carnal growl made her belly clench.

She felt around in search of his head. If he didn’t lick her flipping clit in the next five seconds she was gonna go all crazy bitch on him.

Shane must have felt her move since he grabbed her wrist and pinned it down to the bed. She groaned in protest, feeling a heat wave of surrender at the conquering act.

“I need it,” she whispered when he broke the kiss.

He let go of her hair, still holding her wrist down with his other hand. “You need to do what you’re told, doll.”

Oh my god, the suit, the fedora, and him calling her Doll…

“Okay,” she breathed.

“Say ‘Yes, Sir’.”

A shudder of hot need rolled through her.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good.” Shane’s tone dropped in pitch as he traced her bottom lip with his finger. “Now say you’ll obey.”

He was killing her and freakin’ Charlie was torturing her. His devilish tongue lashed at her with heat and steam all over her damned sex but on her clitoris. It was absolutely maddening.

“I’ll obey.” The words made her blush, but god, they made her wet.

Charlie grunted with approval and closed his mouth down on her sex, but goddamn it, he avoided her clit even then. The heat of his mouth made the nub swell and ache.

“Good.” Shane’s words died on her lips and his tongue swooped into her mouth again to reclaim hers.

When his hand abandoned her wrist and went to cup her breast, she arched. Part of Charlie’s tongue grazed her clit. The light pressure and slippery heat broke her control. She choked on a gasp that quickly became a frantic scream of rapture as immense pleasure tore through her.

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