[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Being a single dad isn’t easy. Blake balances work and caring for his toddler, Shaylee. But Blake is hiding a secret—a secret that could get him and his daughter killed. He’s more than interested in the man who keeps coming into Beans and Buns, flirting, trying to get Blake to go out on a date with him. But Blake must keep the secret at all costs, even at the expense of his love life.
Colt can’t understand why his mate keeps turning him down until he volunteers at the local daycare and discovers Blake has a daughter. He can deal with that. Colt loves kids. Until he sniffs Shaylee and discovers she’s not entirely human. Colt convinces Blake to come to the pack house, where the two bind themselves to each other.
Things are starting to finally work out, until Colt learns that Blake might be hiding another secret—one that could tear them apart.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Perfect Blend (MM)
34 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole




“How long you gonna clean that knife?”

Blake tensed at the sound of Colt’s voice. He told himself not to turn around, not to give in to his desire to look at Colt’s gorgeous blue-gray eyes. But Blake’s coworker stuck his damn nose in.

“I think he’s talking to you.” Owen took the knife from Blake’s hand. “I’m pretty sure this is clean. Things have slowed down. Go talk to Colt.”

Blake clenched his jaw. Owen was a sweet man, and fun to work with, but he needed to mind his own business.

Wiping his hand on a towel, Blake pressed his hip into the back counter. His gaze worked its way up Colt’s body before reaching his eyes, then Blake quickly looked away. “Did you need something?”

Colt jerked his head to the side. He clearly wanted Blake to come to him. The man must have a solid ego if he kept coming back after being shut down. Maybe rejection flipped his trigger, because the harder Blake tried to ignore Colt, the more determined Colt became to get a date with him.

Or maybe Blake was just a challenge to him.

Blake pushed from the back counter and headed around the display case of pastries. He drew a fortifying breath, ready to turn Colt down again…even if he didn’t want to. “What do you need? I’m at work, and I have things that need to get done.”

Colt gave him an amused smile. “You do get breaks, don’t you?”

Blake spent his breaks on the phone with the daycare, checking on Shaylee. He stayed in constant panic because—

“Hello?” Colt waved a hand in front of his face. “You know how to make a guy feel invisible.”

“I’m gonna clean the tables off,” Blake told Owen before turning back to Colt. “I’m busy.”

He moved around Colt, but Colt just didn’t know how to take a hint. He followed Blake around the shop as Blake picked up coffee mugs. After the second table he realized he should have grabbed the bus tub for the dishes.

As if Owen could read his mind, he slid the tub across the counter. Blake went for it, but Colt beat him there. He grabbed the tub and headed to the next table that needed cleaning.

“I got this.” Blake took the wet towel out and wiped the tables down as he cleaned them off.

“I don’t mind helping.” Colt was so close that his hip damn near touched Blake’s. Blake curled his hands around the cloth to stop himself from touching Colt—from running his fingers through that thick hair, from tweaking his nipples to watch Colt’s reaction, from grabbing his ass and lining their bodies up.

Blake took a deep breath, forcing the images to go the hell away. “Don’t you have a job?” He set some bowls and a plate in the tub and tried to take it from Colt’s hands, but the guy wouldn’t release it.

“I’m off today.” Colt started helping him clear tables. Blake became irritated. Not only was Colt a persistent son of a bitch, but, damn…being so close stirred Blake’s body to life. He ground his teeth against the urge to kiss him. Colt was so sinfully appealing that resisting him was getting harder to do.

Colt leaned against one of the tables and set the tub down. He crossed his arms over his chest, making the bulge in his biceps more prominent. Blake wanted to peel Colt’s clothes off and press him against one of the love seats, lick him from head to toe, and hear Colt call his name as he fucked Colt senseless.

God, he needed to get laid. The longer Colt stared at him with those dreamy eyes, the more Blake’s resistance wavered. He kept his gaze averted so Colt wouldn’t see just how badly Blake wanted him.

He wouldn’t mind getting naked and crawling over Colt’s body, rubbing against—

“Hey, you’re ignoring me again.” Colt picked the tub up and followed him as Blake tried to put as much distance as he could between them. “It’s starting to hurt my feelings.”

Blake sidestepped him, grabbed a few napkins from the floor, and headed toward the trash. “That’s because I’m working.”

Too bad he couldn’t find a sitter after work so he could blow off some steam—so he could sink balls-deep into Colt. But that wasn’t a possibility. He trusted no one with his daughter’s secret.

“Look.” Blake sighed as he took the rubber tub from Colt and set it aside. “You’re nice-looking, and I appreciate the attention, but I just don’t have room in my life right now for…complications.”

One of Colt’s auburn brows rose. His blue-gray eyes were warm, inviting, and Blake had to look away so he didn’t give in to his body’s demands. “Who said anything about making things complicated?”

“I just can’t. All right?” Flustered, he picked up the tub and headed behind the counter. He curled his fingers around the edges as he fought against his body’s demands again. “I have dishes to wash and work to get done. Just…go away.”

Blake looked up in time to watch Colt walk out of the shop. Guilt and regret ate at him. He wasn’t trying to be a prick. He was more attracted to Colt than he’d been to anyone in his life, including his ex-boyfriend of four years.

It was for the best that Colt had finally left him alone. So why did Blake feel as if he’d just passed on something special? 




“Nice room.” Blake stood by the dresser, gazing around as his nerves got the better of him. He hadn’t had sex in nearly a year and a half.

“Thanks.” Colt closed his bedroom door. He stood there, his hand resting on the knob. Blake waited for him to move, but he didn’t.

“So, about those dangers.”

Colt slowly shook his head. “Nu-uh, sweetheart.” He released the knob and moved toward Blake in a sexy-as-fuck stride. “You know exactly why I brought you up here.”

Blake shuddered at how deep Colt’s voice had gone. “Remind me.”

Colt glided his hand up Blake’s side, his lips close to Blake’s neck. “I’d rather show you.”

That was all Blake needed. Just that little bit of encouragement and his shyness fell to the wayside. He didn’t care that he’d just met Colt. He didn’t care about the mate thing Colt had mentioned. Blake didn’t give two shits about anything besides getting his hands on Colt.

He kicked his shoes off, tore his shirt over his head, and dropped his jeans so fast he nearly fell over. Lastly, he peeled off his socks and underwear. “Why the hell do you still have clothes on?”

With a deep chuckle, Colt stripped. As soon as he was naked, Blake grabbed Colt and shoved him toward the bed.

“It’s like that?” Colt eyed him with a smirk.

“Haven’t had sex in so long I think I forgot how my cock works.” Blake palmed his erection. “Get ready to ride me, cowboy.”

Colt burst out laughing as he pushed to his elbows, his pretty, blue-gray eyes shimmering with amusement. “Slow down, Blake.”

“No slowing down now.” Blake glanced around. “Where do you keep the lube and condoms?”

“Glad to see you like playing coy.” Colt nodded toward the nightstand. “Where else would I keep the lube?”

“Condoms?” Blake asked when he opened the drawer and pulled the lube out, but kept shuffling around.

Colt got up and placed his warm hand on Blake’s lower back. He moved in so close that his hard cock touched Blake’s side. “Don’t need ’em. Nonhumans can’t catch or transmit human diseases.”

“And I’m supposed to trust you at your word?” Blake tossed the bottle of lube on the bed and crossed his arms. He wanted to be deep inside Colt, but his health wasn’t worth the risk, even though he was so primed and ready he was seconds away from tackling Colt to the bed. He sucked in a breath and shuddered as Colt’s hand glided lower, ghosting over his ass as his finger slid over Blake’s crease.

Blake was wound so tight that he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to top or simply bend over and beg Colt to fuck him. Either way worked for him as long as they got started. Standing there with a throbbing cock was making his brain cells shut down.

Colt moved until he stood in front of Blake. Their cocks brushed and Blake had to grit his teeth. He’d never wanted anyone this badly in his life. “You’ve seen that I’ve been telling the truth so far.” Colt cupped Blake’s unshaven jaw. “Do you trust me?”

Oddly enough, Blake did trust him. It could also be that Blake’s ability to think straight was slowly diminishing. Colt rubbed his thumb over Blake’s jaw, the touch sending ripples of need through him.

Blake swallowed. “Then let’s get this started.”

“Glad all the questions are over.” Colt grabbed Blake and spun him before shoving him down toward the bed. Blake stared at Colt’s hardness, his mouth watering for a taste. But he was too amped up to take his time sucking that beautiful cock.

“Time to get down and dirty.” Blake yanked Colt down, unconcerned with the weight pressing against him. He spread his legs, gripped Colt’s ass, and ground their cocks together.

“Now you’re speaking my language.” Colt wiggled until he was straddling Blake.

“Have you bottomed before?” Blake asked.

“Not in a while,” Colt admitted. He grabbed the lube from the bed, opened the cap, and spread some of the clear gel on his fingers. “But since it’s been a while for you, how about I fuck you into a coma?”

Blake shoved Colt off him and moved farther up the bed. He lay on his back and spread his legs. “Be my guest.”

With a throaty growl, Colt settled next to Blake. Blake rolled to his side, threw one leg over Colt’s hip, and kissed his way to Colt’s lips as Colt’s fingers slid along his crease. He fingers circled Blake’s hole right before he plunged two in deep.

Blake whimpered into Colt’s mouth, rocking his ass on Colt’s fingers. The invasion of fingers burned like a bitch, but no way would he stop Colt.

He curled his fingers around Colt’s cock, squeezing, but Colt quickly moved Blake’s hand away. “Keep that up and I’ll come before we even get started.”

“Wouldn’t want that.” Instead, Blake slid his hand over Colt’s back. Blake was burning up with need. He nibbled his way around Colt’s jaw, gasping and moaning as Colt added another finger.

Hell, if Colt kept this up, Blake would be the one who blew his load before anything got started. “I’m ready.”

Colt removed his fingers and lubed his cock, then moved until he was between Blake’s legs. Blake automatically cupped the backs of his knees, pulling his legs to his chest.

“Fuck, that’s beautiful. Your hole’s glistening and ready for me.”

Blake gave his own little growl. “Just fuck me before I get violent.”

With an amused smile, Colt grabbed his cock and moved closer, pressing the head against Blake’s hole. Colt dropped over him, his hands on either side of Blake’s head as he drove his cock in to the hilt. 

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