The Dog's Two Lions (MMM)

Cats and Dogs 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,979
3 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting ManLove: Multiple Partners, Alternative, Shape-shifter, Paranormal, MMM, HEA]

Basil of the Redwolf pack survived an attempt on his life, and now he has a whole new surprise to deal with.

As though finding himself the mate of the leader of the lion pride wasn't enough of a shock, he has two mates! Sexy Elias is a warrior of the pride, and he's had his eye on Basil ever since he came to the territory. After saving his life from the shadowy male with the kitchen knife, he can no longer deny his feelings.

Cerberus Anastos might have something to say about another male attempting to take what belongs to him. If they can't learn to share, it could tear the three men apart for good, and when Basil's former pack has something to say about his mating, it seems everyone in the world is out to stop him and his new mates from having the lives they desperately need, before they can get the chance to get along.

Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Dog's Two Lions (MMM)
3 Ratings (4.0)

The Dog's Two Lions (MMM)

Cats and Dogs 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,979
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“Do you want to say that shit to me again?”

Cerberus Anastos was pissed off. He stared at Elias, the guy he’d just one minute before thought of as a good warrior, an innocent kid.

Now he saw a male who was trying to ease in on what belonged to him.

His mate.

Elias put his hands up. He stepped back. “This isn’t what you think it is.”

They were close to the same height. Cerberus had more muscle mass on him, and he wasn’t just the leader of the pride because he was his daddy’s son.

No. He had the power to go with it. Elias knew it, which was why he was looking mighty worried that something was about to happen to him.

Something he would not like.

“You just fucking told me that you think Basil is your mate. Are you out of your fucking mind?”

“I know it’s bad,” Elias kept backing up.

Cerberus shoved him, his hand jutting out hard and catching the other male in the chest.

He wanted to grab him by the throat, lift him off his feet, and strangle him.

“What the fuck else is it supposed to look like? Someone just tried to kill him, Callas is going apeshit over this, and you seriously think I want to hear you fucking with me right now? Is that what you think is going to happen here?”


“You think I would ever let you near him?”


He got Elias up against the wall. The other male had to stop backing up, but he was finally looking up into Cerberus’s eyes with a fight in them, a spirit that showed he was more than willing to go to battle with him if he had to.

The ballsy little idiot.

“I just let Callas fight me. He barely fought me. I let him punch at me and swipe his claws at me because I didn’t want that dumb bastard to get hurt.”

“Because he’s your father’s friend, I understand. I am not Callas and I can fight back.”

Now Cerberus was starting to get pissed off. What he felt when Elias first told him was nothing compared to what this was.

This terrible rage that made him want to kill one of his own men.

Christ, what was wrong with him?

“If you challenge me—”

“That’s not what I said I wanted.”

“I will beat the living piss out of you, leave you out to dry, and just for the fun of it, maybe hand you over to the fucking dogs. William might want a chew toy for his pack if he’s really upset about me taking Basil.”

Basil, his sweet, brave, Basil, an omega wolf who snuck onto the territory to steal some food, who had been too proud and embarrassed to say he’d done it because the omegas were going hungry at times.

Who had done it because he’d wanted something to prove to his alpha. That he was more than a mouth to feed. That he could pull his own weight.

It didn’t matter. Basil was his. Cerberus only had him for a day and a half and it was already enough for him to know he loved the man more than he loved his own life, and he wasn’t about to let anyone, not Callas, not Flora, and not whoever the fuck it was who tried to stick a knife into Basil’s chest in his sleep take the man from him.

Which meant he was sure as shit not going to let Elias get it into his head that he could fuck his mate.

“I’m not lying, and I don’t want a challenge from you. I just wanted you to know.”

“Did you?” Cerberus let his claws out. “You can talk to me about this for a little bit now, but you be very fucking careful with your word choices. Do you understand me?”

Elias nodded, though he wasn’t backing down. He barely blinked.

As though he was refusing to look away.

Did he think he was showing himself to be strong by doing that? Cerberus was not impressed.

“When I first met him, I was curious. You were just introducing him to the rest of the pride, letting us know what happened, and then immediately after, Callas challenged you and attacked. He didn’t even wait for you both to get to the circle. Just, right there. Leaping over the table.”

“I remember. I was there. Get to it.”

“I grabbed Basil and yanked him out of the way before you and Callas could crash into him. I did that because you are the leader of this pride, and I respect you, even if I didn’t understand this. But then I touched him, and…”

Elias looked into Cerberus’s eyes when he growled, but then he kept right on going.

“I had to touch him to pull him out of the way. The clothes you gave him were too big because he’s so small, but I still touched his arm. It wasn’t something I wanted to do, I know the rules about new matings, but I touched his arm and I felt something.”

“So what? He’s a werewolf. You just said you were curious like everyone else.”

He wouldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe it. He needed to share his own mate? No fucking way. He’d just gotten Basil, and now he was expected to take another male to his bed and watch Basil be fucked by him? To have Elias in bed with them?

What if he wanted to take Basil by himself?

Cerberus had to rub at his face, banishing the idea from his mind.

He didn’t want to think about something as terrible as that right now.

It was too fucking much.

“I didn’t smell it on him, or maybe I did and you’re right. I was curious so I blamed my interest on that, but when I touched him, there was no denying it. I mean, I tried to deny it.”

“You should try that a little harder.”




“You were really eager, weren’t you?”

“I think I was. Dumb, right?”

Basil shook his head, walking towards the other man, pressing his hands to Elias’s chest.

“Not at all. I like it. You’re a guy who’s prepared for anything.”

Elias looked right into his eyes, and he looked a little lost in that moment. But in a good way. “Yeah, I try to be prepared.”

There was something else said in that, but Basil didn’t need to know what it was. They had said all they needed to say, and as Basil pushed Elias towards the sofa, no one had to say anything else. This is what they wanted. This is what they needed.

So they were going to take it.

Well, they were going to take Basil, but it was basically the same thing.

“Pants off. Hurry up.”

Elias did as he was told. He scrambled to get his pants down, around his ass and down his legs as he sat on the sofa, his cock springing up and pointing at Basil as though making its demands known.

Basil sank to his knees. It was a good thing there was a rug here. The rest of the room was hardwood floor, and it didn’t look as though it would be pleasant for his knees.

He stroked Elias’s prick, watching as his cock pulsed, enjoying the little vein that curled around the shaft, and the darkness of the head.

“Give Cerberus the oil.”

Elias did that too. He might be a warrior, and he was definitely stronger than Basil was, but he seemed to have no problems with obeying commands when in bed.

Basil glanced back at Cerberus. “I know it’s not an ideal position, but are you able to get behind me?”

Cerberus sank to his knees as well. “I think I can make this work.”

And he did. Cerberus stayed on his knees, allowing Basil to sit on them, pulling him up and into Cerberus’s lap.

Basil could feel the heat of his cock sliding against his crease. He shivered, just as he did every time he felt it. The heat of the shaft pulsing against his backside. It left him with the feeling of being empty once more, wanting to be filled, no, needing to be filled with the man’s prick.

Needing to feel the heat of his pleasure inside of him.

Christ. They had just fucked that morning when they woke up. How long did these mating heats last?

“Do you want my dick inside you?”

Basil was already breathless from that question alone. He nodded, feeling as though he were in a hot room and breath was difficult to come by.

He had to remember to take Elias’s cock into his hands, stroking it, giving the man some attention.

It was only the polite thing to do after he’d suggested this position in the first place.

“I think you got him a little scrambled there.”

“I think you’re right,” Cerberus said. “Basil? Are you still in there?”

Basil growled a little. “Yes I am, and no, I am not scrambled. Whatever that means.”

“It just means that you’re having a little trouble thinking while Cerberus teases you with his cock.”

Basil let his forehead fall onto Elias’s thigh. “I hate you both so much right now. But in the best possible way I promise,” he added, not wanting the fun to come to an end before he was ready.

He said it, but then he moaned softly as Cerberus pressed the head of his slick cock against his already stretched hole.

He must have slicked himself when Basil wasn’t paying attention.

He did have a lot of sex lately. If he didn’t need to be stretched again just yet, then Basil would trust both of his lovers to know that.

Cerberus let the head of his cock slide so nicely against his hole, teasing him, torturing him with the promise, with the rush of tingling pleasure that was getting ready to hit him hard over the head.

“Tell me what you’re thinking,” Cerberus said.

Basil struggled for a minute. He couldn’t think of anything, but then as he looked up and saw that smile on Elias’s face, the best idea in the world came to him.

“I was thinking about how much I wanted this in my mouth,” he said, taking Elias by his prick and letting his lips slide around it.

And in one swift motion, he was going down on the other man, on his mate.

The sound of his low moan, the shiver that passed through his thighs, was enough to let Basil know he’d succeeded in shocking the other man.

Which was exactly what he wanted before Cerberus grunted, and the thick crown of his dick pushed forward, taking Basil to his limits.

* * * *

It was better than Cerberus thought it would be. He looked down at himself as he pumped his hips, watching as his dick vanished in and out of Basil’s body, his cock slick from the oil, Basil stretched tightly around the shaft.

And what made something that had seemed perfect just this morning even better, were the sounds Elias let out as his dick was sucked so sweetly by Basil.

Cerberus groaned, clenching his teeth until his molars hurt. He had to remind himself not to grip Basil’s waist too tightly or else he would bruise his mate.

The good kind of bruising, but he didn’t want to leave the other male in pain after the deed was done.

He didn’t want to leave the man too sore to have a sequel to these events.

But God, it was so damned hard to keep himself under control when he moaned so perfectly, his mouth muffled with Elias’s cock.

Basil did a good job at the task at hand. Cerberus could see the look on his face that he was enjoying himself, the sharp groans and moans as Cerberus teased his prostate.

But he kept his mouth moving. Basil tightened his lips, bobbing his head up and down, making Elias throw his head back and moan softly.

That was such a show.

Elias put his fingers through Basil’s hair, stroking his scalp, looking at him with all the love and affection Cerberus felt for him.

Matching it.

For a brief second, that terrible jealousy surged up within him.

Cerberus had never had any romantic interest in Elias before today, but watching as the other male received his pleasure from Basil was a beautiful thing.

Elias looked at him, his cheeks rosy with lust and pleasure. His lips were only slightly parted, but it gave him a sexy, helpless sort of look.

As though he was all for Cerberus. All for Basil. Theirs for the taking.

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