The Lion's Pet Dog (MM)

Cats and Dogs 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,003
4 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifter, MM, HEA]

Basil of the Redwolf pack got himself into some trouble.

An omega wolf with no ability to shift outside of a full moon, he wants to prove himself, and stealing from the rich lions seemed like a good idea.

Until he got caught.

Cerberus Anastos - yes, he is a lion shifter - was none too impressed with this little beast, but the dog smell that usually disgusts him is absent. Instead, he finds something much more pleasant. Something that demands he make a claim.

A loud, pleasurable claim that has Cerberus rethinking all his ideas of the relationship between cats and dogs.

The rest of the pride are not exactly thrilled by the new addition, and when one of the lions takes matters into his own hands, Cerberus might not be in time to save the life of his mate.

Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Lion's Pet Dog (MM)
4 Ratings (4.3)

The Lion's Pet Dog (MM)

Cats and Dogs 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,003
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Find the scent. Claim the scent.

Yours. Yours. Yours.

Was the lion talking inside his head? Or was that the edible he’d eaten?

No, wait, he hadn’t eaten one of those things in years. He hadn’t eaten one now, so what was making him think these things? None of this was making any sense.

But he kept following along with it, until Chronos all but vanished from his side.

Cerberus couldn’t tell if the male had really gone into another direction to search on his own, or if Cerberus just wasn’t aware of him anymore.

And he decided in that moment that he didn’t care.

It didn’t matter, because then he was practically on top of that smell. He almost tripped over it.

Then he did.

Literally. It caught him by the feet, much the same way that Cerberus had caught Chronos earlier, and it sent him falling down, down, down.

The warm lump beneath him made a grunting sort of noise, and it was as though everything stopped being hazy and became so clear as to make him need to squint his eyes against how bright it felt.

“We got him!”

Cerberus growled, swiping his claws out at the lion before it could get close.

Chronos yowled and jumped back.

Such a baby. Cerberus didn’t even scratch him. The other male had moved too quickly.

“What the hell is your problem?”

He couldn’t answer. There was nothing to say.

He just leaned over the lump that had been covered by branches and leaves, claiming it for himself.

“This is mine,” he said.

Cerberus didn’t recognize the sound of his own voice.

It was crazy. What was doing this to him? And why could he not seem to get himself under control?

“Get off me.”

The lump began to move, began to fight, as though it suddenly realized it had been captured and was trying to make an escape.

No way. Cerberus didn’t care who or what this thing was, he was never letting it go now that he had it.

Chronos circled, though he stayed out of swiping distance of Cerberus’s claws.

“Thief. What were you doing on our territory?”

The lump didn’t answer.

Cerberus fought to get all those leaves and branches off the guy.

Definitely a male. A small one. Small compared to Cerberus.

In truth, the guy was probably closing in on six feet tall. He didn’t have much bulk on him, but he did have some muscle definition.


The smell of a wolf was on him, but this was no alpha. Not even a beta.

Which meant he could not shift unless under the light of a full or blood moon.

There were a few other moons in there that the wolves were slaves to, but it was difficult to keep track of everything.

They were always a strange bunch.

And as Cerberus threw all those sticks and shrubs away, he finally caught sight of those pretty brown eyes.

And he was captivated by them.

He had the longest, darkest lashes alive for a male. Cerberus couldn’t believe how…how attractive he found it, but he couldn’t look away from it now that it had his attention.

“Get off me.”

Cerberus had pinned the male down at some point, but he barely realized that he’d done it.

He looked down at himself, then back into those lovely eyes.


The male had freckles. A neat dusting of them over his nose and cheeks. There was a mole on his neck, and Cerberus found himself just as fascinated by that as the rest of him.

As well as the sudden, and unmistakable urge to put his mouth on it.

Chronos watched the both of them. He sat on his lion ass, observing what they were doing, and he did it until Cerberus couldn’t take it anymore.

“Go away.”

Chronos sat a little straighter. His eyes narrowed. “What?”

Cerberus looked at him. “I said, go away. Get away from us, right now.”

Chronos did no such thing, and that made Cerberus even angrier than he’d been before.

He wanted to rip the man’s head off for that slight. How fucking dare he not do as he was told?


That infuriated him more than seeing Chronos sit there like an idiot. “No?”

He was about to pounce on the man, dig his claws into those eyes of his, and yank them out before throwing them as far away as he could.

Maybe he’d let one of the filthy squirrels eat them.

“No, because I know what you’re doing,” Chronos said.

Cerberus could have sworn he saw the man growl down a little bit at his prize, but then he stood.

“If you’re going to pick a wolf, of all things, you need to do it properly. At least come home.”

“Do what properly?” The wolf shifter beneath him tensed. He looked around, a light panic in his eyes.

Cerberus ignored him, coming to a stand and yanking the other man over his shoulder.

The smaller male grunted, shouting from the pain.

Cerberus almost didn’t hear it. He stared at his friend, still not quite feeling like himself, but knowing that when he finally got what he needed everything would make a little more sense.

He hoped.

“When I’m finished with him, you and I are going to talk.”

Chronos nodded, as though that was going to be the end of it.

Not even close.

“You’re not taking me back!” screamed the male, flailing and trying to push himself off Cerberus’s shoulder.

Cerberus barely had to grip him in order to make him stop.

The fool was hurt enough that he didn’t have the strength to get himself going.

Which was when Cerberus saw it.

It must have happened while the male had climbed the fence to escape the territory.

A long slice down his side. The fence was iron, pointed. Not all shifters were allergic to certain metals. There were many werewolves who had no allergy to silver anymore. Not after so many generations of breeding with the humans.

But sometimes there could still be an effect.

It looked like it hurt, but it was not deep, thankfully.

And in that moment, he found himself glad that Chronos had betrayed him and was making him take the male home.

He was right. Out in the middle of the woods was not the place to fuck his new mate.

“You stole from me. Your pack is in my service, and you will be punished.”

The male tensed, a panic entering his eyes, but Cerberus could see, and smell the lust the male had for him.

“What are you going to do?”

“Nothing you would not enjoy.”




“No fucking way that is going to fit.”

Cerberus stopped himself just as he began pouring an oil into his palm. He looked at Basil.

“Are you a virgin?”


He was not about to let this guy think he was inexperienced just because the sight of his monster cock was enough to make him nervous.

Cerberus grinned at him, and Basil inhaled a sharp breath when he felt the touch of fingers against his hole.

“Then you are more than all right to handle me.”

Basil’s prick twitched again. He felt that intensity of interest picking up within him, and he couldn’t hold it back.

It was as though he didn’t just have an orgasm that left him weak and nearly breathless.

It felt nice. Kind of warm and tingly in all the right places.

What sort of oil was that?

“Just…just make sure you’re not shoving away too fast back there. I don’t want to get split wide open.”

He heard Cerberus’s snorted laugh. “What the hell do you think I am?”

“A titan, from the looks of things.”

He didn’t really mean to say that out loud, but it was just another one of those things he couldn’t seem to help.

Cerberus seemed pleased with that, but all Basil could focus on was the feeling of his blunt fingertips pressing against his hole.

Basil’s breathing picked up. He wet his lips, feeling that pleasure rising, and then he knew he was done for.

His dick was hard, pulsing once more with the need for release. He had to be fucked. He had to get off.

And all because this damned lion was just touching him a little.

That was insane.

But it seemed Cerberus didn’t have any intention of teasing the life out of him this time. He moved quickly, pushing his slick fingers into Basil’s pucker.

He howled. It was such a stupid and stereotypical thing for him to do and he was totally ashamed of himself for doing it, but there was no mistaking the noise that escaped his throat.

A howl, because he had been breached.

“Don’t even think about shifting when I’m inside you.”

“I can’t, asshole,”

He knew that, right? Because if he didn’t know it, all right. That was still strange, but if he did know and he was making fun of him for it, Basil would get him back for that.

The next moon he could shift under wasn’t for another three days anyway.

Cerberus didn’t respond. He scissored his fingers instead, pressing them against the sweet spot deep inside Basil that made him want to howl all over again.

He almost did.

But nope. He was holding that back. He wasn’t going to let another howl like that slip by ever again if he could help it.

Cerberus pushed his fingers deep, letting them linger against Basil’s prostate before he finally decided he’d tortured Basil enough and pulled his fingers back in one quick motion.

A motion that left him feeling empty and burning for more.

He moaned, looking back, waiting for what else the man would do, but he didn’t have to wait long.

Cerberus held on to Basil’s hip with one powerful hand while the other gripped his cock, and he inched forward, pressing the fat head of his dick to Basil’s stretched hole.

Basil breathed deep. His heart slapped as he waited for this to hurt, even if it only happened in a flash and lasted for just as long.

He was such a wuss about these things. He really was.

Cerberus pushed in. That flash of pain hit him.

Too much. Too much and it was too big. Basil couldn’t accommodate the size of his giant cock inside him, he couldn’t!

Just as soon as the thought entered his head, it flew right out of it, too.

In a flash. That’s as long as it had taken for the pain to come and go.

As it faded, Basil gasped for breath, the pleasure rising up in its place.

Instead of wanting this to stop, he wanted it to keep going. In fact, it now felt so good that if Cerberus did stop, Basil was going to punch him.

“Still want me to take it slow?”

Cerberus asked it mockingly, as though he already knew what the answer would be.

Basil was feeling too good to be upset with him for the teasing. He just growled at the man.

“Do whatever you need to do. Just make it good.”

Cerberus grinned, and he pulled his hips back, then slammed them forward.

Basil opened his mouth in a wide shout. It was as though Cerberus were shooting heat into his body, rockets firing off inside his lower abdomen and sending sparks all along the back of his neck and behind his eyes.

Cerberus didn’t move too quickly, but he did slam his hips in powerful thrusts, again and again. Their skin smacked together, creating a lewd sound that Basil loved.

He gripped the sheets beneath his hands, wanting to tear them, pushing his ass back against that beautiful cock.

Because otherwise he would feel just a little too selfish. He needed to participate in this, right?

Cerberus let loose a low growl of his own. It took Basil a moment to realize how tightly the lion shifter gripped his waist.

Tight enough that it hurt, but the pain was good because it offset the pleasure and made him feel as though he could take more.

“That’s it,” Basil moaned. “Just like that. Oh God!”

He struggled to keep his arms locked so he wouldn’t fall onto his face. Was the bed screaming? Holy shit, that banging was from the bed smacking against the wall. At first he’d thought someone was trying to get Cerberus’s attention.

Cerberus moaned low in his throat. He ruined the moment by pulling his cock free from Basil’s body, but then he flipped Basil back around onto his back, yanking his legs up and onto those wide shoulders.

His heavy dick pushed inside once more, and Basil decided he could forgive the interruption.

“That’s nice… That’s really, really nice.”

He knew he should probably shut up. Why was he even talking? He might say something that would ruin the moment and make the other man stop for real.

But he couldn’t seem to keep his mouth shut. This was amazing. Was all sex with lion shifters as good as this? Or was it just because he was being a stereotypical omega and responding to someone so much more powerful than he was?

Didn’t care and he wasn’t going to examine that while Cerberus pumped his hips back and forth.

Basil tried to reach out and touch the man’s chest. He wanted to trace his fingers over every muscle, every scar.

“You’re amazing. That’s really nice. L-lions and wolves should fuck more often.”

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