[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, vampires, shape-shifters, HEA]
When vampire Dom Viktor, second in command for King Dante Calabrese, meets his natural-born submissive mate, Adam, he wants nothing more than to claim him, but he cannot as long as Adam is bound to his witch, Rory.
They set out on a journey with some of their Angel Pack friends to find a way to break the bond, but the spell they need is known by only one living witch, the mysterious Zane. Along the way they meet some new allies and enemies. When Adam takes it upon himself to follow a lead and goes missing, Viktor turns to his friends to help him find his mate and bring him home safely.  
A new witch in town stirs up trouble as she tries to snag one of the mated wolves as her own and Alpha mate Jesse leaves the pack to find a way to deal with his newfound powers. Viktor tries to save Adam in time and bring him home where he belongs.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Viktor's Familiar (MM)
23 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Once again Maggies holds you in her grip with a wonderful and captivating story. Viktor's strength in his love for Adam throughout is so heartfelt and touching, the fates truly knew what they were doing when they mated this pair. Every page had me wanting more I totally recommend this book to all.
Just love Maggie Walsh books, and she has done again with another great story in the Angel Pack series. This is the second book of the series. It is about Viktor and Adam. We see the up and down of their relationship and the constant problems. Viktor try’s to show that he truly cares for Adam, even with something that keeps getting in the way. Adam’s familiar status Viktor can’t claim him which is heart breaking for them both since their attraction is scorching when together The characters of the series will having you laughing or cry at the drop of the hat. You don’t want to miss out on reading a wonderful series.
Looking for so much more from to come in the next story by Maggie Walsh, what will she brings us with the next couple of the Angel pack series

virginia lee




No, this can’t be happening. No, gods, why? Why would you do this to him? Why in all that is good would you give him me as a mate? He is so beautiful, so sexy, and so freaking big. He must be six and a half feet tall. And look at all those muscles. His muscles must have muscles, because the man is wearing an expensive suit and I can still see all those bulging muscles underneath. And those eyes are so incredible. I have never seen a deep rich blue like that before. Why are you doing this to me? I am not allowed to have my mate. Why would you bring him to me? Adam thought.

“Gods you’re beautiful,” Viktor whispered as he continued to stare at Adam and took a cautious step toward him. His mate took a step back away from him and started to shake. “Don’t be afraid, mate. I would never hurt you.”

“I’m not afraid,” Adam whispered.

Viktor thought he heard the angels themselves singing when his mate spoke. His voice was so soft, so sweet. His face was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his two thousand years of life. He had a slight Asian look to him, with big teal eyes and golden skin. His lips were a deep pink and pouty, just begging for a kiss. Sharp cheekbones and feminine lines, but still all man. His long straight black hair, shined under the lights. And his body, oh holy mother of fate, his body was delectable. Slim and sleek, and so damn sexy. When he shifted, his movements were graceful, like a dancer.

His mate was shorter than his six foot four. He looked to be about five foot nine, maybe a hundred and thirty pounds. Viktor swallowed and took another tentative step forward. His mate took another step back. “Then why do you move away from me? And why do you look like you are about to become sick?”

“Vic, why don’t you come into the other room with us so that we can talk?” Raith said.

Viktor shook his head slowly. “No, Raith. I need to know why my mate looks like he is about to bolt and run from me?”

“There are things you don’t know, Vic. Let’s go into the other room and we can talk about it, okay? Trust me,” Raith said and motioned for the door.

Viktor nodded and started to follow Raith. Raith grabbed one of each of his mates hands and looked at Adam. “It’ll be okay, Adam. Come on.”

Raith headed out of the room with his mates and Adam. Viktor followed them. They entered Raith’s office. He sat behind his oak desk and his smaller mate, Rory, sat on his lap. Aaron stood behind him and placed a hand on Raith’s shoulder. Adam moved across the room and stood by the window. Viktor closed the door behind him and stood there staring at his gorgeous mate.

“Have a seat, brother,” Raith offered.

“I think I’ll stand,” Viktor said softly.

“Vic, Adam is a familiar. He is Rory’s familiar actually. Do you know anything about familiar’s?” Raith asked.

“Only that they are for witch’s. They hold their powers safe for them until the time comes for them to claim their powers,” Viktor explained.

“Yes, but that’s not all. A familiar belongs to their witch. They are bound to them for life or until the witch transfers their familiar to an offspring.”

“What do you mean, Raith?” Viktor asked.

“What he means is that I cannot be your mate,” Adam whispered sadly.

“But you are my mate. I can feel it. I can smell it. Do you not want me?” Viktor’s voice was laced with hurt.

“I do want you,” Adam whispered breathlessly. His face turned sad and he shook his head. “But I can’t have you,” his voice was filled with pain and tears started to form in his eyes.

“Then I don’t understand,” Viktor said.

“A familiar is very subservient, very submissive, Vic. To their master. Their witch,” Raith started to explain.

“Are you telling me that my mate is submissive to your mate and you get to play with all three of them?” Viktor asked in an angry voice.

“No, Vic. Adam is bound to Rory. He must do whatever Rory tells him to do. But he would also be submissive to a mate. So if his witch tells him to do something, but his mate also tells him to do something, he would be at odds with himself. He wouldn’t know who to listen to. In the end, because of the binding spell, he would have to choose his witch. That would cause a lot of problems between the witch and the mate. So familiars usually don’t search out their mate, or claim them.”

“We cannot be with our mate because of this. I cannot be with you because I am bound to be with Rory and to obey him,” Adam said softly as a tear escaped his eye and rolled down his cheek.

“Can’t you just break the spell?” Viktor asked and stepped closer to Adam.

“The only thing that would break the binding spell to Rory would be if he were to die before binding me to another.”

“Then bind him to me,” Viktor said.

“It does not work that way. Rory would have to bink me to another witch. Usually it’s to his child. If he doesn’t have a child he can bind me to another witch. I am a familiar so I can only be bound to witch’s,” Adam explained sadly.

Viktor continued to walk closer to Adam, and stopped just in front of him. He lifted his hand and slowly cupped Adam’s cheek. Adam closed his eyes at the contact and leaned his face into the touch as a small whimper escaped his lips.

“So what do we do?” Viktor asked as he stared lovingly at Adam and caressed his thumb against his cheek.




Viktor moved across the room. “Stand and come to me, pet.” Without hesitation Adam rose to his feet and turned. Viktor watched as his mate seemed to glide toward him. His movements were so sensual. Adam stopped before him, eyes cast down. “Lie on the your back on the small curve of the chair, with your head hanging down toward the floor,” Viktor commanded. Adam sat in the lower concave of the Tantra chair and leaned back on the small curve. He lay back, allowing his head to drop. This position pushed his chest out and exposed his neck fully.

“Beautiful,” Viktor whispered. “Now raise your hands above your head and keep them there. Spread your legs, allowing them to fall over the sides.”

Adam did as instructed. Viktor moved to Adam’s head, grabbed onto his hair in a tight grip, and kissed him fiercely. He devoured Adam’s mouth, claiming what was his. He pulled back from the kiss abruptly, leaving Adam panting. Viktor held a black silk scarf in front of Adam’s face and smiled. He placed the scarf over Adam’s eyes and tied it behind his head. Viktor grabbed the base of his shaft and ran the leaking tip over Adam’s lips, coating them with his pre-cum. Adam’s lips parted as if begging for his Master’s member. “I love the look of your full lips glistening with my juice. You have been a good pet. Take all I give to you,” Viktor said and slipped the head of his cock between Adam’s waiting lips.

Adam immediately began licking and sucking on his Masters offering. Viktor reached both hands down and grabbed Adam’s head. He slowly and gently began small thrusts, sliding his engorged cock down Adam’s throat. After a few thrust’s he stopped and pulled free of Adam’s luscious mouth. “That mouth is too talented and feels so good. I don’t want to come yet. When I come, I want to be buried deep inside that spectacular ass of yours.”

Viktor moved around to the side of the chair and threw one leg over to the other side. He sat in the concave of the chair and grabbed the tube of lube from the floor. He squeezed a generous amount on his hand and wrapped his fingers around his shaft. He stroked himself slowly as he stared at the stunning view in front of him. Adam truly was stunning. His body stretched out and completely exposed for Viktor to do as he wished.

He released his cock and placed a slick finger at Adam’s pink hole. He ran his finger around the opening and pressed against it gently. He slipped the tip into Adam’s waiting hole and wiggled it around. Adam moaned beautifully from his touch. He slowly pushed his finger into his mate’s silken channel and smiled as Adam arched his back and made an erotic mewling sound. He thrust his finger in again, then added a second finger. He continued to saw in and out of Adam’s hole until four fingers stretched him open for Viktor’s cock. Viktor watched his fingers in awe as they stretched his mate.

Viktor shifted forward, grabbing onto Adam’s thighs as he lined up his cock with his mates hole. He lifted Adam’s thighs as he entered his mate and slid in all the way. He placed Adam’s legs over his and grabbed his hips. He began a slow rhythm as he thrust in and out of his mate. He looked up at Adam’s face and saw that he was biting his lip, trying to hold in his cries of pleasure. “Don’t hold back, pet. Let me hear your pleasure. Let me hear how much you enjoy my cock in you.”

He increased his thrust’s and Adam released a loud moan. “That’s it, my pet, let me hear you,” Viktor said through clenched teeth. Viktor tightened his grip on Adam’s hips and pulled him down to meet his upward thrusts. They both began to pant hard and Adam’s moans became louder and more erotic. His body writhed and undulated in front of Viktor, and he couldn’t take his eyes off his man. Every movement was sensual and fluid.

Viktor lifted Adam’s legs and pulled from his body. Adam whimpered loudly from the loss. Viktor shifted and grabbed another scarf from the floor. He lay his body over Adam’s and wrapped the scarf around his own wrist and tied it off. He then wrapped the other end around Adam’s wrist and brought their wrist together and tied it off. He entwined his fingers with Adam’s and entered him again. He removed the scarf from Adam’s eyes and entwined his finger of his other hand with Adam’s. “Look at me, pet.”

Adam blinked his eyes open and met Viktor’s gaze. Viktor continued to thrust into Adam’s body as he stared into his eyes. “I may not be able to bite you to claim you, but I am claiming you now in another way. We are connected. We are one. You belong to me, Adam, and I belong to you. Do you feel it?”

Adam’s eyes filled with tears as he stared into Viktor’s eyes. He nodded at Viktor’s words. “Tell me, pet. Words.”

“Yes, Master, I feel it. I am yours. I belong to you and only you for the rest of my life,” Adam answered through his tears of joy.

“Then come with me, Adam. Claim me with your seed as I claim you,” Viktor said and claimed Adam’s lips in a heated kiss. Viktor thrust into him harder, faster, as he claimed Adam with his cock and his mouth.

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