Accidental Dragon Spell (MM)

Fury 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,883
9 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Fantasy Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]
Sebby is a talentless warlock. He's so bad at magic that his coven has decided to use him in a ritual. Sebby has no interest in dying for the greater good, so he does something a little rash. Like cast a temporary servant spell onto a dragon who can fly him the hell out of there. Except he didn't cast a servant spell. He spelled the dragon to mate with him. Oops.
Gold is furious. He might even kill the little idiot for daring to shackle him. Sebby has much to make up for. Just because he's good in bed, and has a nice body, and a cute face, doesn't mean Gold will go easy on him.
For better or worse, they're stuck with each other. When the option comes up to remove the mating, Gold needs to decide whether he will sever something he's come to enjoy, or forgive Sebby once and for all before it's too late.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.


Accidental Dragon Spell (MM)
9 Ratings (4.6)

Accidental Dragon Spell (MM)

Fury 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,883
9 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Sebby just needed one. Just one, anyone would be good.

He watched the sky, keeping his circle ready for when he had to make his catch.

Tim had escaped, right out from under Sebby’s nose. The dragons could be coming, hopefully soon.

Before the rest of the Warlocks came to dish out his punishment.

Fuck, his hands were sweaty. Where the hell were they? It had been almost three days. Or was it four? Sebby was starting to lose track of the time, and the excuses he was making to keep the others off his back.

There was only so much he could do to keep them off his back, because he’d heard the grumblings. He knew what they were planning for him.

Useless Warlocks tended to get ground up into powders and potions. Letting Tim run away from them, and to take one of the omegas with him, was a pretty useless move.

He checked his watch and looked up at the sky again. Sebby wasn’t even supposed to be out here. He was still technically on the property, but after the wards had been set up after Tim escaped with that omega, there was no way Sebby could make a decent run for it and hope to escape.

He was shit for running, and the wards would let the coven know immediately that he’d bailed.

They’d catch him. They’d lock him up and he’d lose his chance.

He needed someone to protect him. He needed a bodyguard.

A dragon would make a perfect bodyguard. If only he could catch one.

Sebby’s phone rang He ignored it. He knew who it was. The High Wizard was finally calling him in. He’d ask to talk, say he wanted to go over Sebby’s performance.

No fucking way. Sebby had seen what happened to other witches and warlocks who fucked up as badly as he did.

Bags over their head, screams for mercy that were ignored, and then thrown into an actual metal pot over a fire and left to cook until dead.

The sweat trickling down his back and forehead worsened.

He couldn’t do this This was too damned much. The dragons weren’t coming to fight back. He’d miscalculated. Of course he had. He always did. He could barely get his spells right, let alone plan out dragon revenge ploy.

They weren’t coming and Sebby’s phone was still ringing.

He was completely and totally screwed. What was he going to do?

Jesus Christ, he was only twenty-three. He was too damned young to die.

Sebby turned off his phone. He looked out towards the distance. If he ran, how far would he get? His cloaking spells were next to useless and it would be a simple matter for the High Wizard to track him down.

The tattoo that had been branded to the back of his neck would make sure of that.

There was still the chance. It was better than nothing.

A heavy shadow passed above, blocking out the moonlight for less than a second before it was gone.

Sebby’s heart stopped. He didn’t dare to hope. Should he look up? Should he check?

Another shadow passed silently above, and this time he did look up. Sebby turned his eyes to the sky and his mouth dropped as he spotted a few more dragon sized, and shaped, shadows block out the moonlight.

He couldn’t believe it. Sebby could barely take in a breath. That was more dragons than he’d expected to see. He only needed one.

Shit. He’d been right about the direction they would be coming in, but Sebby had completely miscalculated how many there would be.

What if he called one of them down here and they all came? He could only cast this spell on one. Too many coming down here at once…

And he wouldn’t have the chance to do what needed to be done.

Sebby lit some candles quickly. He had no idea how many dragons there actually were coming. A couple more shadows passed over head, and he knew they were planning a fight.

Tim definitely made it to that dragon clan. He might have lied to them, or told the truth, either way, they were here to fight.

They’d fight him, too.

Unless he could get one of them down here alone.

That meant a little more guesswork and calculating and luck on his part.

He was never very good at all three of those, so he could only hope.

Sebby waited for two more dragons to pass by, and then, by his count, that was usually more than what was needed for a dragon clan to bring to a fight. They had their warrior dragons and then their casual dragons, the family types. This clan either had a lot of warriors, or they’d brought more males in from the family dragons.

Sebby was probably going to get some poor bastard who had bene drafted for this battle, who had a family back home and wasn’t all that powerful, but it was no matter.

So long as he got someone who was capable of defending him and flying him out of here, he didn’t care.

He put the salt rocks spices in his bowl, setting it over the small fire he’d made in the middle of his circle.

Sebby grabbed the flowers he’d prepared. They were incredibly rare and needed to be stolen from the High Wizard’s personal dried collection.

A Wild Blue Heart Tulip. It had been flattened within the pages of an old book, but the petals were in good condition and they were all he needed.

He set them into the bowl as well, fanning the smoke that wafted up with the dove’s feathers.

Just one dragon needed to smell this and come down to his circle. Please, let there be one more up there who was trailing behind. Sebby knew enough about war and battles to be aware that there was always at least one in the rear end.

This had to be it. This had to be that one.

And he was right. There was one more. The creature flew overhead, and Sebby could do nothing but pray that the creature would catch the scent and come down to investigate.

Turn around. Please, turn around.

He waited, breath bated.




Gold’s hand curled around Sebby’s throat. He leaned in, pressed his lips to his neck, and then thrust inside.

The sudden rush, the sensation of being filled, of being stretched, claimed, was almost too much for him to bear.

Sebby cried out. He was pushed against the counter. It dug into his lower belly while the force of Gold’s body shoved against him.

The power of the man, what Sebby thought he had, was nothing compared to this. This…was bliss.

“Oh God. Oh fuck,” Sebby moaned, completely forgetting about Gold’s rules for him. Those rules didn’t matter so long as the man fucked inside him so well.

Sebby held tightly to the counter. If it wasn’t there to hold him up, if Gold wasn’t right behind him to hold him up from that end as well, he might not have stood a chance of keeping to his feet.

And he wanted more. He wanted to participate. Sebby wanted to feel the lips of the dragon on his back as he was fucked, and when he didn’t feel them, he pushed his hips back against Gold’s cock.

He glanced back, just to make sure the man was still in his human shape because the way he moved seemed so animal.

No. He was definitely still human back there. Though his eyes were a bright shade of red, and some of his golden scales were coming in through his skin on his cheeks and shoulders. When did he take his shirt off?

It didn’t matter. Especially when those eyes looked right into his.

Sebby’s breath caught in his throat. He wasn’t sure why. He couldn’t exactly explain what it was about that stare, but something just…clicked.

Then, finally, Gold kissed him on the mouth.

The heat. The sweet sensation and heat was almost too much. Sebby moaned into that mouth and his body couldn’t contain the rush of pleasure that hit.

He was shoved clean off that edge and into orgasm. He felt as though he was drowning in sensation. In pleasure. In Gold.

“God damn,” Gold muttered. His hands fell to Sebby’s hips. He gripped so tightly there was a good chance he would leave hand prints later.

Sebby wouldn’t mind that.

“You got a hair trigger in there or what?”

Gold asked that even as he still fucked into him.

Sebby wanted to laugh, but the pleasure was too much. Even as he emptied himself, even as he felt his body convulsing and clenching with the release of adrenaline and pleasure that had been building in his stomach, he felt more coming.

He felt as though he was still on the verge of orgasm. He was still reaching.

And he wanted it.


Gold’s hand came up. The man slid his palm along Sebby’s neck. The grip was just tight enough to make his heart jump without actually cutting off his air, and then Sebby thrust two fingers into Sebby’s mouth.

Sebby sucked on them without being told to. He wasn’t sure why he wanted to suck on them so much, or why the act of having them thrust back and forth against his lips and tongue made his dick jump even more. Made his body hotter. Made his hands scramble down for his dick.

Gold yanked those fingers out of his mouth, grabbing Sebby’s wrist and pulling it back onto the counter. “I said you don’t get to touch that.”

Sebby moaned, as though he was in mourning from such a cruel decision. “I want to. I need it!”

Gold leaned in. Sebby felt sharp teeth sliding against his throat. He shivered when Gold’s warm breath followed. “You want me to touch your cock while I’m inside you.”

He accented his thrusting, until his body was practically punching inside of Sebby.

Sebby clenched his hands onto the counter. A thin layer of sweat began to build on his forehead. This was almost too much to bear. The pleasure. It was scrambling his brain.

“Answer me.”

Sebby nodded, pulling enough brain cells together to get what he needed. “Y-yes.”


Sebby thought for sure Gold would touch him, that Gold would end his suffering, but he didn’t. He continued to fuck into him.

He was teasing Sebby. It seemed almost cruel, but at least Sebby was getting this much relief. Honestly, it could be so much worst than it already was. At least Gold was fucking him at all.

Then Sebby felt it coming again, his second orgasm. He was being rushed back up that steep plateau for another nose dive into such pleasure unlike anything he’d ever known, and he couldn’t wait to get there.

Until Gold finally took ahold of his cock, gripping tight enough at the base that his orgasm was cut off at the head.

Sebby moaned out loud. The disappointment, the shock, it hit him hard and he looked back at the other man, confused.

“What are you doing?”

Gold looked right into his eyes, those red orbs flashing as he continued to slowly punch his hips forward, giving Sebby pleasure as well as denying him it.

“You’re out of your damned mind if you think I’m letting you come before me again. Two times before I come once? Forget it.”

Sebby gasped for breath with each thrust. Despite how much he wanted it, needed it, he couldn’t help but think that this was fair.

Also, at the very least it got him and Gold to be intimate for a little while longer. Sebby got to enjoy the feeling of having this man inside him for a few more minutes.

But now, instead of desperately wanting an orgasm, Sebby was left desperately wishing Gold would come inside him.

He wanted to know what that felt like before they did anything else.

He felt it, as well. Just as clearly as he felt the power within the other man, Sebby felt the need for him to reach his pleasure.

Something inside him, possibly the mating, made Sebby want to give Gold the best damned orgasm he’d ever had in his life.

Sebby put more effort into pushing back against the other man. He clenched his hole with Gold’s rhythm, always whenever the man pushed inside him, again and again.

“That feels good,” Sebby moaned, because it was the truth, and because he’d heard that talking during sex could be a real turn on for some people. “I like that. I,” he didn’t know what to say. “I want you to fuck me harder.”

Gold growled, but at least he did as he was asked, and Sebby’s toes positively curled.

Was this what sex was supposed to be like for more people? Was this how they felt whenever they were being intimate with their partners? Or was this sensation brought on by the mating only.

He didn’t know and in that moment he didn’t care. Sebby existed to please this man. He existed for no one else but Gold, and he wanted to give him every bit of pleasure Sebby was getting in return.

Then Gold groaned for him, his already powerful thrusts going to a whole other level as his pulsing cock teased Sebby’s prostate again and again. Even the sensation of having the man’s hand around his dick wasn’t enough to stop him from feeling this kind of pleasure, or to stop his orgasm from coming to him again.

“G-Gold, I’m coming. I’m coming again.” Sebby tried to warn the man, then cried out when the force of his pleasure pushed beyond Gold’s hand. He came hard. Harder than the first time. That should have been impossible, but it happened.

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