Unwilling Dragon Love (MM)

Dragon Hearts 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,475
15 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Jason Foreman spent the last several months dancing around the strange relationship he has with Dragon warrior Kraigan Snow. First he can't stand Kraigan, his threats or attitude, but then Jason loves nothing better than to tease the man and stay close. After Kraigan saves Jason's life, he's started to look at Kraigan in a whole new light, and the way Kraigan kissed him isn't helping his growing fantasies.
Kraigan wasn't sure when it happened, this feeling he has for the annoying human that built into lust, but now he wants Jason, desperately. When Jason finally gives in, Kraigan's feelings, the ones he'd buried so deeply he'd forgotten they existed, grow so quickly that he pushes Jason away.
But it's too late. He loves Jason, that bratty human with the smart mouth, and he might be too late to confess it to the man after Jason is attacked by a radical who wants humans and dragons to stay separate forever.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Unwilling Dragon Love (MM)
15 Ratings (4.0)

Unwilling Dragon Love (MM)

Dragon Hearts 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,475
15 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I love this series and will continue to follow it.
Professional Reviews

"Jason and Kraigan’s story has been “brewing” for a while, so I was relieved to see them finally get their due and a volume dedicated to their somewhat tumultuous relationship. They have battled it out in theory so far, and in this book the “fight” for each other’s affection gets physical. It’s very, very hot, and only the beginning of a whole different set of woes. But there is even more to the two of them being able to figure out what’s what – the radical dragons who are against humans intermingling with them have by no means given up. Jason is Adam’s best friend, and has been accompanying him since book one. He has a harder time adapting to living with the dragons – without a warrior mate to look after him he has to work like all the other humans. He has no filter between his brain and his mouth, so he ends up in enough trouble for two men on a regular basis. It’s a good thing he is liked so well… at last by humans. But when his and Kraigan’s lives are threatened and they have to depend on each other yet again, the true nature of their relationship (or at least its potential) becomes quite clear. I loved watching Jason and Kraigan dealing with the fallout of their volatile tempers! Kraigan starts out completely disliking humans (back in book one). Over time, however, he seems to soften somewhat, and even though he doesn’t admit it initially, he begins to fall for one of them in particular – not that he is ready to admit it. When he goes to Adam for advice on wooing humans I had to laugh, yet thought it was very cute of Kraigan to “expose” himself like that. Jason is a handful, though, so even though Kraigan begins to succeed, he shies away again - until events force him to confront his true feelings once and for all. And what a showdown that ends up being! If you like stories about men who begin on opposite sides of a confrontation only to learn they have far more in common than they’d ever thought, if you believe a warrior dragon and a human brat can figure out how to live together, and if you believe that love is stronger than stubborn resistance to emotions, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Giddy with glee, Jason offered the man a bet. If he would do one of his precious warrior exercises for more than an hour without stopping, Jason would release him from his debt.

He hadn't expected the man to actually do it! What the hell? This wasn't even fair!

Neither was the way that drop of clean sweat trickled down from the soaked part of Kraigan's shirt, getting caught up in the grooves of his abs, and then sliding home into the curve of that V shape.

Down, down, and now it was gone, vanishing into Kraigan's leggings and beneath.

Jason groaned.

Kraigan stopped. “Are you all right.”

Jason shook his head. “I'm fine. I—” he finally noticed what Kraigan was doing. He was holding himself up to the bar, perfectly still know, with his chin at the same level as the metal.

He did that, and he hardly appeared as though he struggled with holding the position. Shouldn't his body be trembling from the effort?

Asshole was just showing off again. Jason scowled at him. “I didn't say stop. You have five more minutes until your time is up,” he snapped, pointing to the hourglass that was very nearly out of sand.

Kraigan grinned, of course, and continued on. “What say we start another competition?” he asked.

“Why, are you tired?” Jason asked hopefully.

On a second glance, there was no chance of that, and Kraigan even chuckled, as if the suggestion was something of a funny joke.

“No,” he said, puffing out another breath on his way back up. “If I can do this for another hour, you will have to take your clothes off.”

It was both the bet and what he would have to pay that made Jason's eyes bulge. “You can do that for another hour?”

Kraigan glanced at him, his mouth crooking up, white teeth exposed in a wicked grin.

This had all been just play time for him. He didn't need to go through with this at all.

“Why do this if you didn't have to?” Jason asked. If you knew you could do that for an hour, then why take me up on the offer?”

“Because it was so easy,” Kraigan said.

Jason felt like that information slammed into his head with all the pain and force that something so obviously missed could cause.

“Should've seen that coming,” he muttered.

“So? Will you do it?”

Jason looked back at him. Kraigan wasn't looking at him anymore, his eyes were focused up and ahead, as though he was staring at some invisible thing that he needed to help hold his focus.

Jason was reminded of that kiss. The one where Kraigan had grabbed onto him, his hand, warm and yet calloused from years of battles and hard work, wound around the back of his neck. It had produced a delectable shiver that hadn't matched anything Jason had felt before it, and then magnified it by a thousand when Kraigan had put their lips together.

Then moved his lips in the kissing sense.

The worst part about it had been how immediately needy, how horny Jason had become. He'd had to run the hell out of there, back to his shared room with the other servants where he could hide, and even that hadn't been enough because Jason couldn't get any sleep.

He'd had to get up and head into the newly installed shower room for some private time with his right hand.

A long, drawn out private time that didn't seem to end, even after shooting three times.


Jason jumped. Not just because his name had been called, but because of the harsh bang that sounded, echoing throughout the large room.

Kraigan had dropped down from the bar he'd been holding himself up on. Catching himself on only the one good leg. He was walking fine now on his other leg, even though it still needed a wrap, but it was probably best for him to not be putting over two hundred pounds of pressure on it. Or, however much the man weighed multiplied by the force of gravity.

“Why would you expect me to agree to something like that when you've basically said that you can do it? What makes you think I want to take my clothes off for you?”

He crossed his arms when he said it, just to make himself look all the more serious, even though he did want to take his clothes off.

Yes, please, right now would be great because his dick was starting to feel pretty damned tight in his leggings right about now.

And for whatever reason, he'd worn the good pair. The pair he'd commissioned because it made his legs look amazing, as well as his ass. He was also wearing the new leather boots he'd bought a while back.

All of these had been made with the intention of impressing his almost boyfriend, the asshole who'd just wanted to lure Jason into his room so his friends could gang up on him.

Jason hadn't been interested in impressing anyone since then. Except for Kraigan.

Oh yeah, Kraigan had saved him on that night, too.

Kraigan seemed to be studying him, the both of them silent as he rubbed his hand over his jaw, then his mouth curled upward.

Fuck, that was sexy. So amazingly fucking sexy.

Kraigan had a perpetual scowl on his face. Even when his mouth wasn't scowling, his eyes were, but this only added to his appeal for whatever magical reason.

Then he started walking forward, limping, really, but he even made that look good. Kraigan Snow got all up in Jason’s personal space, forcing him to lean back and look up at the much taller, much stronger man, and the air around him became warm, warmer than it should have been, and the smell of clean sweat and spice wafted into Jason’s nose.

Fuck, more




Kraigan muttered something just then, but Jason had no idea what it was because he was too preoccupied with grunting and moaning in pleasure, thrusting his ass back and humping against those fingers that were driving him wild.

“Don't you come yet. Don't you dare come,” Kraigan said, growling the words as though he really would be angry if Jason did spill before he did.

He kind of wanted to do just that, just to see Kraigan's outraged reaction that Jason had dared to come before he did.

That would be funny. Jason gave it a try, but Kraigan pulled his fingers away before he could reach that pinnacle that would toss him over the edge.

He moaned at the loss, and the sudden shock that pulsed through his body when Kraigan pulled back.

“What the hell are you doing?” Jason snapped, glaring over his shoulder.

Kraigan's arm was pushing pack and forth, stroking his cock, and Jason realized what he was doing before the man even answered him.

“what do you think I'm doing?” he snarled.

Jason scowled back, but just because he wanted to hide how embarrassed he was to not realize.

Right. This part was coming up.

Adam had explained how he and his mate, Novik had sex. He'd mentioned about how the insertion the first time was the worst, was painful, but then easy to get over once the bulb was inside.

It wasn't the same as having a human's cock inside of him, that's what Adam had said. According to him, however, it was also easy to get used it when done enough.

Jason and Kraigan wouldn't be getting used to this. This was a one-time thing so that Jason could get Kraigan out of his blood. The man's kiss was still thrumming through him, and if this was what Jason needed to realize he was just like any other man, then so be it. They could go back to sniping at each other tomorrow.

Heart lurching, Jason bit down on his bottom lip. He didn't want to think about tomorrow.

Then he wasn't. There was no way in hell he could think about something as inconsequential as that when Kraigan pressed the large head of his swollen cock against Jason's stretched hole. Jason cried out before the man even had the chance to push it inside of him.

Kraigan stilled, his body completely freezing up. “Are you all right?”

“Fine,” Jason said, shaking his head for his own stupidity. “I'm fine, keep on going.”

Kraigan didn't keep on going, however. Jason felt the man's fingers at his asshole one more time, and he looked behind himself. “What are you doing?”

“Easing the way inside,” Kraigan said, not looking at him, his attention completely focused on what he was doing.

Jason didn't understand right away, and then he did. Kraigan needed to use his fingers to leverage the bulbous head of his dick inside. This was Jason's first time with him, with any dragon. That would need to be done.

Jason resolved himself to take it, to handle it like a man and let this happen.

Even though it was extremely uncomfortable. He had no words for the burning of it. It felt like the first time getting fucked all over again, only this time he wouldn't be with a lover.

Not a real lover, anyway.

All the same, Kraigan showed much more care than Jason's first lover had. The both of them had been young at the time, fumbling and not really knowing what to do, aside to see to their own pleasure.

There was nothing fumbling about the way Kraigan's finger eased inside of him, holding him open as he started to push his cock forward.

Jason sucked in a breath. At first he held it, then realized that was the absolute last thing that he should be doing. He forced himself to breathe. In and out, in and out. If he held his breath then that would just make his body tighten up without his meaning for it to. He relaxed his body, his muscles, and his asshole to the best of his ability, even against the pain and the burn.

Yes, it really did feel like losing his virginity all over again. That seemed kind of nice, now that Jason thought about it, and then the burn came to a high point before melting away into almost nothing, leaving only the memory of it behind as Jason sighed and pushed back.

Kraigan was inside. The bulb of his cock had been pushed through, and all that was left was the rest of his shaft.

Kraigan did not immediately push forward, however. He waited for the rest of Jason's body to open up to him, and Jason couldn't take it anymore. His hands turned into fists on the floor, and he growled over his shoulder. “Move.”

“Not yet,” Kraigan said.

Jason nearly yelled at him for that. How dare he not move? The bastard was just doing this to tease Jason. This wasn't about getting off and Jason would lose his damned mind on the man and find the most horrifying method of killing him if Kraigan was just doing this for his amusement.

Then Jason's body did open up. The inside of him seemed to be sucking Kraigan forward, instead of trying to push him out. Jason opened his mouth and let out another silent sigh when he felt that forward push, that slow and easy glide until he could feel the rough hairs of Kraigan's pubic area against the back of his ass.

He laughed a little at that.

“What?” Kraigan demanded, panting.

“That tickles,” Jason said.

A brief silence. Jason could just imagine the man behind him frowning at him, wondering what he was talking about. “What tickles?” he said, and then seemed to realize. “Oh.”

Jason burst out laughing. He couldn't stop himself, and he could feel the tightening of Kraigan's grip against his hips, right before the man pulled back, back, back, all the way until the bulb of his cock prevented him from moving anymore.

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