Human Sacrifice (MM)

Dragon Hearts 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,499
12 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Adam Rivers is about to be sacrificed to the bloodthirsty dragons for the crime of not paying his debts.
Instead of being eaten alive, he wakes up as he's being touched in the most wonderful way he can imagine. Someone he knows, someone familiar, is on top of him, loving him, and claims that Adam belongs to him. Adam, not knowing what is happening, but just happy to be alive, willingly gives in.
His new lover is the very dragon who spirited him away. Novik Gray claims to love and adore Adam, and that he will do anything to protect him. Adam recalls saving Novik's life ten years earlier, but is Novik simply confusing gratitude with love? All Adam knows is that he wants to stay by the man's side, but when a friend is put in danger, Adam will be forced to test just how much Novik truly claims to love him.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Human Sacrifice (MM)
12 Ratings (4.3)

Human Sacrifice (MM)

Dragon Hearts 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,499
12 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Professional Reviews

"Another series about dragons? Bring it on. While the world these books are set in seems to be the same as in the ‘Dragons and Wolves’ books, the setup here is slightly different. These dragon shifters live underground not on mountains, they interact with humans in villages, who almost seem primitive compared to the ones previously encountered, but the references to the “Dragon Wars” about seventy years ago sound the same. Despite that, the feel I got in this book was much more one of the “medieval” kind of dragons who received sacrifices, and while the dragon shifters’ society here is not that backward, some of the rules in the humans’ village are positively copied straight from the Dark Ages. I think that is an interesting mix, and look forward to exploring this world in the books to come. Adam lives in what sounds like a feudal society, has had a tough life having been born poor, and when he can’t pay his debts, he is turned over to the dragons to be eaten. What he finds when he wakes up is not at all what he expected, beginning with the fact he didn’t expect to wake up at all. His adjustment to being loved by the dragon whose life he saved ten years earlier takes a while, and there are some things Adam just cannot accept. His courage in standing up for what he thinks is right is considerable, but the outcome is quite different from what he experienced when he did the same thing in the human village, and it helps Adam adapt to his new situation. Norvik is a dragon warrior, with the physical strength and mental self-confidence to be expected. He also has a particular weakness for Adam, and ever since the human saved him ten years ago, Norvik has known they mean more to each other than is traditionally accepted in dragon society. He fights for Adam to be by his side, to be accepted as much as possible (the dragons don’t hold humans in very high esteem), and wants nothing more than to love and protect him. If you like stories about dragons and their interactions with humans, if you want to know more about two men who need to redefine their roles if they want to build a long-term relationship, and if you’re looking for a read that is entertaining and hot, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Jason immediately tensed up, no longer calm and quiet like he’d been before. “Don’t fucking touch her!”

Athy screamed. Her face was dusty, which made the tear tracks all the more visible. “Jason!” she cried out, flailing and yanking her body around, trying to escape her husband’s arms.

Adam looked to his best friend, who was snarling and twisting as much as his little sister, trying to free himself from the ropes.

“Jason, listen to me, listen! This is what he wants. He likes seeing you like this. You can’t give that to him.”

Jason wouldn’t listen. His eyes were on his crying sister, who was now on her knees in front of her husband, begging the man to save Jason and Adam. Adam hated watching her grab at David’s clothes, hated watching David smirk and smile at his friends as though the entire scene was cute.

He didn’t have to give her anything. He already had her.

Finally, David looked up at them, and he was apparently going to show some mercy. “I’ll pay for one of them. I’ll settle the debts of one. Choose now.”

“Oh, fuck,” Adam said, looking at Jason, knowing who it was going to be.

Jason stared back, and his honey-colored eyes were wide and afraid. They hadn’t been like that at all when they’d been sentenced, not even when their hands were being tied in place, cutting off circulation to the rest of their bodies. It was as though the idea of living without Adam was even worse than dying beside him.

Athy shook her head, dirty orange curls swaying around her face. “I–I can’t, please. I need both of them. You have the money. You can do that, right? You said you loved me.”

“I have money, but not enough to be throwing around on two men whose debts are so high that they’re being left for the dragons. And after they both attacked me and my family, one is more than generous. Now pick one.”

Athy cried a little more, shaking her head. Jason wasn’t saying anything to her. The entire village was watching this. The large brass bowls hadn’t been lit yet, and until they were, no dragons would come to feed.

“Athy,” Adam called, saying her name again when he couldn’t get through to her. “Athy, listen to me. It’s okay. It’s all right. Get your brother out of here, and everything will be fine, all right? Ask for Jason.”

Athy looked up at him, and she looked nothing at all like the beautiful girl he knew was beneath all that dirt and grime. She looked as though she’d dug a tunnel out of her husband’s house in order to escape and be here.

Adam looked her right in the eye. “You have nothing to feel guilty for. I’m giving you my permission to do this. It’s all right.”

Athy hiccupped some more. Her chest heaved as though she couldn’t take in a proper breath of air.

Then she nodded. “Jason. I want Jason, please, I want my brother.”

David stood taller, straighter, as if he was made proud by his wife’s admission.

Then he looked up at Jason with the worst sort of sneer Adam had ever seen on the man’s face. “There, you see? Now you know which one of you she loves best.”

Without another word, David turned around and started to walk away.

Adam deflated, knowing what this had been.

Athy scrambled after her husband and grabbed on to his coattails. “W–wait! You said you would let him down, that you would pay for him.”

David wiped his jaw and then turned to his wife, his expression fake, that of a man who was about to give bad news and hated it. He was loving this. “I’m sorry, my dear, but I’ve changed my mind,” he said then nodded to the men with the torches, standing by the metal bowls of fuel and wood.

Athy screamed and tried to rush to them just as the fires were lit, but David’s men stopped her again, grabbing her arms and pulling her back.

Adam could hardly bear the sound of her screaming their names, and when he looked at Jason, the man was actually crying. His body trembled on the stake he was tied to, looking as though he was barely containing himself from completely losing it.

Adam had only ever seen him cry when they were still teenagers together. At least Jason’s pain wouldn’t last for long. The dragon roars sounded, a noise so harsh that the air around them trembled, and the villagers all moved back, stepping into their huts. The huts were long, wooden, and had narrow windows that would allow everyone to see the show when the dragons arrived.

Adam heard the flapping of dragon wings coming, and when a huge shadow passed over them, he realized he wasn’t as ready for this as he’d thought he was.

“Hey, Jason,” Adam said.

Jason could barely look at him, but then that was all he could look at, as if he was afraid of putting his eyes anywhere else. “Y–yeah?”

Adam swallowed hard and then smiled. “That actually was me who put those frogs in your bed last week.”

Jason frowned, as though he didn’t understand the significance when they were about to be eaten alive, and then he burst out laughing. “You fucking dickhead. If we weren’t about to die, I’d kill you myself.”

Which would never happen now since a heavy weight descended down upon them filled with green and red glittering scales that were so close Adam could see his reflection in them. He was pretty damned terrified. He didn’t even look like himself.

The dragon roared long and loud, and the other prisoners started to really scream.




Adam moaned and shifted. He was on something soft, warm, and thick. A cloud. That’s what it was. Yeah, he was super dead, and now he was enjoying his afterlife in a bed-shaped cloud, and someone’s warm, wet mouth was bobbing up and down on his cock.

He didn’t exactly want to open his eyes, just in case all of this actually was a dream and he really was being digested slowly in a monster’s belly, but he was too damned curious to fight against it.

He was definitely alive, and when he opened his eyes, there was a blond head of hair over his hips, moving up and down, up and down.

“Holy God,” Adam said, letting his head fall back. The ceiling above him looked to be made out of stone, and now that he was a bit more on the aware side, he realized the bed he was in was an actual bed.

There were furs on it, however. Warm, soft furs, and he was actually getting his dick sucked by…

Who the hell was this?

Adam forced himself to look down, swallowing through the assault of pleasure his body was experiencing. The man—because despite the amazing hair, that’s exactly what it was—looked back up at him.

Glittering green eyes, eyes so intensely green that Adam’s breath hitched.

He’d seen those somewhere before.

The man lifted his mouth away from Adam’s cock, leaving him feeling a little cold, but it wasn’t enough for his erection to shrivel away.

There was total lust on the man’s face, and suddenly Adam didn’t know what mistake had been made that put him in this man’s bed, but he didn’t exactly care.

“You have perfect cheekbones.”

The man’s eyes widened, and he jolted back a little, as though Adam’s words had startled him, right before he started laughing.

Fucking hell, that was the most amazing laugh Adam had ever heard in his entire life. He wanted to wrap himself up in it and cuddle it.

“After waking up with my lips on your cock, that’s the first thing you manage to say?”

“Uh, yeah?” Adam said, and he didn’t try to stop the man when his hand wrapped around Adam’s cock, stroking him this time instead of sucking him.

“Do you like this?” he asked.

Hell yes. Adam didn’t say that, but he did nod his head. He had to swallow hard again. “N–not that I’m complaining or anything, but what are you doing?”

“Taking you,” the man said. “You’re mine now. I’ve wanted you for so damned long.”

Had they ever met before? Adam didn’t much care. He was too horny to care as he humped his hips forward, fucking into the man’s hand. He’d put something wet and slick on his palm before touching Adam like that. Probably oil. Whatever it was, it was fucking amazing, and Adam couldn’t get enough of it.

The man’s hand pumped him softly, slowly forcing Adam’s pleasure to build and then making sure that he didn’t climb too high.

It was the perfect pace. He needed more. Adam reached up and touched his nipples, moaning as he did so.

The man above him moaned as well and then leaned down and let his mouth cover one nipple for himself, and then his tongue and teeth worked the hard nub.

Adam put his hands in the man’s hair, marveling at how soft it was for a man. His hands were soft as well, not hard and calloused like Adam’s hands were from years of working in the woods, chopping trees, or cutting stones with Jason.

The man above him who touched him so well, who was bringing him off, eventually left Adam’s cock behind and then gently rolled and played with his sac, sending all new sensations through Adam’s body.

Then his fingers moved to Adam’s pucker, pressing gently against his asshole.

“Tell me how much you want this,” the man said.

Adam’s words came out as a moan. “A lot. I want it a lot.”

“That’s not good enough,” said the man, his voice sounded like a growl. “Tell me like you mean it, that you want me to fuck you,” he said and then pushed a single finger inside just for good measure, almost immediately finding Adam’s prostate and driving him out of his damned mind.

Oh fuck. “I want it. I want you to fuck me. Fuck, please,” he begged and then grabbed on to the man’s shoulder and yanked him close.

The man was strong, his muscles huge and firm but not disproportioned.

He was clearly wealthy, and Adam had no idea how he’d gotten to be here, sold to be someone’s sex slave, but he didn’t give a damn either. He just wanted it so badly he thought he could taste it.

The man above him—his new master?—pushed his finger back and forth inside of Adam’s hole, hooking it and finger fucking him, adding in another finger, and then the burning started when he pushed in a third.

Adam’s body flared to life, and he tensed up from the sudden and unexpected jolt he’d received.

“Are you a virgin?” the man asked, sounding very much like the thought of that pleased him.

Shit. Had he paid for a virgin? If he did and Adam confessed that he wasn’t, would he be sent back to be tied to the stakes?

“Answer me,” the man said, and he made that little growling noise again.

It was somewhat cute, but it also sent all kinds of terrible shivers through Adam’s spine. This guy was someone to be afraid of.

“I’m a virgin if you want me to be,” Adam said.

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