The Howling Death MC Collection (MFM)

The Howling Death MC

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 99,675
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage a Trois, MFM, HEA]

Finding Love Between Terror and Rage

Mia knows they’re dangerous men, but Terror and Rage make her feel alive for the first time since her husband’s murder, where she nearly died. Though she carries the scars of the attack, she has moved on. One glimpse of the new bikers in town and she can’t stop thinking about them.

Terror and Rage are instantly attracted to the dark-haired beauty who serves them drinks. They try to stay away from her for her own protection while they rebuild The Howling Death M.C. When people start to die and a rival M.C. threatens their town, they can’t ignore the threat to her and intervene. They will do anything to protect her and make her theirs.

Mia has to decide if living a dull but safe life is enough for her, or if she wants to find love between the two men who make her feel alive.

Caught Between Hawk and Gunner

Jackie’s looking for a new start. Hawk and Gunner weren’t looking for anything, but they sure as hell found her. Can they keep her?

Jackie’s life hasn’t been smooth, but she’s determined to find a new one with fewer bumps in the road. When her truck breaks down and she accepts a ride from two bikers, all of her plans are upended in a little dusty town in the middle of nowhere.

Hawk likes what he sees, but his partner Gunner is resistant for some reason. When danger is knocking at their back gate, the two men are tasked with keeping a close eye on Jackie. Could she be a spy for their enemy, or is she just an innocent bystander with enough baggage to kill a horse?

The three have to work it all out before their fighting leads to someone falling into the wrong hands. Hawk and Gunner aren’t letting Jackie go. Now, they just have to convince her.

The Howling Death MC Collection (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Howling Death MC Collection (MFM)

The Howling Death MC

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 99,675
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Finding Love Between Terror and Rage


“Get your filthy hands off me, Teddy Gowen. How many times do I have to tell you I’m not interested?” Mia Peretti jerked at the hold the smirking man had on her upper arms.

“You’re just playing hard to get. I’ve seen how you look at me when you think no one’s watching. You want me,” he said with a disgusting leer.

Mia wanted to punch him in the face and wipe that leer right off, but unfortunately he was bigger and taller than she was. She couldn’t understand why he kept bothering her. She really wasn’t much to look at with her wild hair and the scars she bore.

“I’m trying to play impossible to get. Leave me the hell alone!” She brought her heel down on his instep and followed it up with a head butt to the bottom of his chin, snapping his head back.

Teddy roared in pain, letting go of her as he covered his mouth with one hand and hopped over to sink into a chair. Mia didn’t wait around to see if he was okay or not. Frankly, she didn’t much care. Teddy had been a thorn in her side for the last six months. She’d been back home in Settler’s Point, Oklahoma, for over two years now, and suddenly he couldn’t seem to leave her alone. Whatever had changed, she wished it would change back.

She needed her job at the Wagon Master Bar and Grill to keep a roof over her head. If Teddy kept on bothering her, she was afraid Scoot would fire her. He didn’t like trouble, and Teddy was most definitely trouble.

“What’s got your pants on fire, girl?” June Abeles was closing in on sixty but didn’t look a day over fifty. She did most of the cooking for the place and was as friendly as the day was long.

“Nothing. Just taking a quick break. I needed some water,” she lied.

“Tonight must be ‘I’m not cooking you anything till you cut the grass’ night,” June said as she arranged a hamburger on a plate piled high with fries. “I swear everyone in Settler’s Point is out there tonight.”

“I agree with you there.” She finished up the last of the water she’d poured and grabbed up the plates June had finished.

Backing out of the kitchen area, Mia carried the two plates of food to the men sitting near the stage. Then she grabbed pitchers of tea and water and made the rounds on her side of the building, refilling glasses and clearing away dishes. For a Thursday, it sure was busy. What was in the air to have folks out in droves like this?

“Another round over here, Mia!” one of the men near the bathrooms called out. She checked the table and nodded before heading to the bar for their refills.

“Hopping tonight. You doing okay?” Duke, the bartender, asked. “I saw Teddy messing with you again. You handled him like a pro.”

“I don’t get it. Why won’t he leave me alone? I’ve told him no and that I have no interest in him, but it doesn’t seem to faze him.” She watched as Duke loaded her tray up.

“You’re a desirable woman, Mia. He’s enamored, but he’s a bully, too. So watch out for him. Don’t let him catch you alone anywhere.”

Mia hefted the tray to her shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’m doing everything I can to stay out of his way.”

She carried the tray to the table in the back and distributed the mugs of beer. They were all nice guys for the most part. Sure, they were bikers, but they’d never caused any trouble and kept to themselves. There had been some trouble a couple of years back, right around the time she’d moved back to Settler’s Point, but it hadn’t leaked into town really. Now all they seemed to do was work their bike shop and the garage outside of town.

She didn’t mind serving them since the other waitresses were too scared. They were polite enough and left good tips. They didn’t hit on her or feel her up like some of the men that hung around in the bar, but then she wouldn’t have expected them to considering how she looked.

She picked up their empties and turned to walk back to the bar. The door opened, letting in a gust of colder air along with two men she’d never seen before. They were both big men, taller than anyone there, at least six and a half feet. Their shoulders were broad, with wide chests that narrowed at their waists. She’d never seen anyone like them before. Their thighs were as big around as tree trunks, and they had thick, muscular arms, as well as huge hands.

The similarities continued in their stances and on up to their faces. They weren’t identical but mighty damn close with features that were similar enough to assure her they were brothers if not twins. They both had the same strong chin below full, kissable lips and wide cheekbones. Where one of them had a slight crook to his nose, the other one had a slight bump. It was obvious they’d been broken at least once. She couldn’t help but wonder if they’d done it to each other, or if it had happened at the same time.

It was their eyes that stopped her breath. They were the brightest blue she’d ever seen before. The man with the slight crook to his nose had eyes just a shade lighter in color than the other man’s, but both of them had a stare that would make a man piss his pants if there were any chance they were looking for him. She had no doubt they were hard men from the way they held themselves and the cold, slightly bored expressions as they looked around the room.




To her disbelief, both men smiled at her and slowly advanced with arousal evident in their darkened eyes. Terror even licked his lips. They were plump, kissable lips, too. She backed up until they had her pinned against the short bar that divided her kitchenette from the front living space.

“We’re not lecturing you, baby. We’re concerned about your safety. No accusation there at all,” Rage fairly purred as he pressed his body next to hers so that she could easily feel the hard planes and indentions of his muscular chest, as well as the thick outline of a very impressive cock against her belly.

Her panties were soaking wet in an instant, and all the breath left her body as she zeroed in on the rod that he rubbed provocatively over her abdomen. Staring up into his dark blue eyes took Mia to another galaxy where nothing existed but the three of them. Terror’s wet tongue painted a damp path from her neck where her shoulder began, all the way up to her jawline.

Damn! I’m going to freaking come just from their touch. They haven’t even played with my breasts or pussy yet. What are they doing to me?

Mia tried to draw in enough breath to ask them that question, but Rage lowered his head and nipped her chin before licking from one corner of her mouth to the other. She opened her mouth in a soft O and he struck, slipping his tongue inside to conquer her with sinful caresses and stabbing attacks that left her clinging to both he and his brother as her legs gave out from under her.

Terror growled as she held on to his shoulder. He nipped her earlobe then sucked on it until she nearly whimpered. Rage pulled back from the heady kiss and lifted her to the bar. His brother immediately started pulling her blouse off, and she wasn’t doing a damn thing to stop them. Where had her bravado gone? Only moments earlier she had been spitting mad and ready to take scalps. Now she was all but humping their legs.

When cool air hit her breasts, Mia realized they’d managed to remove her bra without her even realizing it. Her beaded nipples felt tight and itchy as she squirmed on the counter top. As if choreographed, both men leaned in and claimed a breast each. Relief poured through her as they assuaged the ache of her nipples, nipping and sucking on them until a new pang began in her pussy.

Mia fisted her hands in their hair, pulling the ties out that kept it out of their eyes. She raked their scalps with her nails then tangled her hands all over again in the thick, luxurious feel of silky strands. They squeezed her needy flesh as they crammed as much of her tits as they could manage into their mouths before pulling back and starting all over again.

“Yes! Oh, God, that feels so good,” she said with tears in her voice.

Both men captured a nipple between their teeth and tugged on it until the lightest tendrils of pain had her writhing between them.

“God, yes! More. Bite me, please,” she begged.

Was that her voice? It sounded breathy and hoarse, as if she’d been screaming. Had she screamed? She couldn’t remember it if she had. They were ruining her. She’d never be able to get them out of her head now that she’d had a taste of them.

They took her for her word and bit the sensitive teats then licked all around the teeth marks before sucking on the overly aroused peaks again. Then Rage buried his face against her cleavage before biting a mound of flesh while Terror sucked her nipple tight against the roof of his mouth and drew back, stretching her breast out until she felt the burning in her clit. She wanted to rub on it, but she had her hands so tangled up in their hair she wasn’t sure she’d ever get them out again.

Pressure built even as she tried to squeeze her legs against the burning need that was fast driving her crazy. She’d never come just from someone playing with her breasts before, but damn if it didn’t feel as if she was about to do just that.

“Terror! Rage! So good. Oh, fuck. I’m coming,” she screamed in a hoarse voice.

Her body vibrated as her cunt squeezed almost convulsively, looking for something to hold onto, but there was nothing there. She could feel her juices soaking through her jeans now and was positive there’d be a wet spot on the counter when she got down.

“Fuck, look at her, T. She’s beautiful. So fucking responsive,” Rage rasped out as she shook violently from the force of her climax.

“I can smell her, Rage. She’s bound to be dripping honey right now.” Terror pulled free of her grasp, leaving a few hairs tangled in her fingers.

He all but shoved his brother to the side as he spread her legs wide and buried his face in her crotch. Her jeans were still in place, and the man was facedown in her lap. Mia would have laughed except she didn’t have enough breath to.

“Get her fucking jeans off,” Rage snarled.

“I’m trying.” Terror had backed up and was tearing at the button and pulling at the zipper all at the same time.

“Move out of the way. I’ll get it,” Rage said.

Terror growled but moved enough that his brother was able to finish unzipping them. Terror lifted her up so that Rage could pull them down her legs.

“Shoes!” she managed to get out just before Rage helplessly tangled them inside out around her shoes.

The shoes didn’t last long before he had them tossed over his shoulder to land somewhere near the door. Then her jeans were gone, as well. Thinking that they would calm down now that the dreaded pants were history, she yelped when Terror suddenly grasped her panties and jerked them free of her hips in one hard tug. To her complete shock, he buried his face in them and groaned.

Rage jerked them out of his hands and did the same thing before both men dove for her pussy at the same time.

Caught Between Hawk and Gunner


Jackie locked the truck after taking one last look to be sure she had everything of absolute importance. She slipped on the much heavier backpack and started walking toward the next town.

The first mile wasn’t so bad. Yeah, she was sweating, and her crazy hair wouldn’t stay out of her face even after she’d stuck most of it under a cap, but all in all, a decent mile. The second one passed about like the first, but with a little more sweat and the pack was starting to get heavy.

By the fourth mile, Jackie was breathing hard and cursing the truck under her breath as she tried to find a dry place on her shirt to wipe the sweat out of her stinging eyes. Why in the hell had she thought she could walk eight miles?

At first she thought it was the heat making her ears ring, but once she stopped talking to herself, Jackie was sure she could hear the roar of pipes. Motorcycles. She turned to look over her shoulder, and a watery mirage of bikes appeared on the road in the distance, quickly eating up the road between them.

“Damn. There isn’t anything tall enough to hide me even if they haven’t already seen me. Maybe they’ll ride right by. I hope.” She turned and continued walking. “I’m screwed.”

Jackie knew the rumble as they drew closer meant more than four or five. When the ground beneath her feet began to vibrate, she steeled herself for whatever happened next.

Maybe I’ll get lucky for once in my crazy life, and they’ll just grin as they drive by. I won’t even shoot them the bird. All they have to do is keep on riding.

Two of the bikes passed her going slow enough they could have walked the damn things. When they turned, pulling off onto the side, stopping a good ten yards ahead of her, she knew she was in a world of crap. Two more bikes slow-motored past to stop on the edge of the road about five yards from her. The crunch of gravel behind her told her that at least one bike had pulled over behind her.

She stopped where she was but didn’t turn around. Instead, she slipped one hand into her pocket and pulled out her CAT punch, a hand held weapon shaped like a cat’s head where the ears were sharp points, and continued to look at the ground a couple of yards ahead of her. Deafening silence startled her when they all cut their engines at the same time. The only thing she could hear was the sound of her heart beating in her ears over the noise of her teeth grinding as she clenched them.

I’m so fucked!

The two bikers ahead of her hadn’t moved. When she risked looking up, she could see that they hadn’t removed their helmets either. That was good, she figured. If she couldn’t identify them, maybe they wouldn’t kill her. As long as she was alive, she would survive. That had been her motto nearly her entire twenty-nine years.

The two bikers who had stopped right next to her slowly pulled off their helmets. She had to roll her lips in over her teeth to keep from screaming at them to keep their helmets on. Instead, she made sure she didn’t turn toward them, watching them from the corner of her eye just to be sure they didn’t approach her. She had no idea what she could do if they did. There was nowhere to run even if she could outrun a bike. The CAT punch would probably only make them madder even if she managed to get one good hit in.

“That your truck back there, sweetheart?” one of the men next to her asked.

Good lord, his voice alone could cause a woman to climax. She wouldn’t even need to see his face or body. That deep rumble was enough to reach right through a woman’s clothes and rub her pussy to orgasm all by itself.

I’m so screwed.

“Yeah. It’s mine.” She had to swallow before she could even answer. Her throat felt drier than the lint screen on a clothes dryer.

“Need a ride into town?” the other biker asked. While his voice wasn’t as drool-worthy as the man next to him, Jackie still ended up with chill bumps all down her back.

It took a monumental effort not to shiver at the sensation. All she needed was for them to think she was scared spitless of them. Even though she was, letting them know it wouldn’t be good for her in the long run. She needed to remain calm and keep her temper in check. Pissing off a biker was stupid. Pissing off a biker with six or eight of his buddies around him was right on up there with the world’s stupidest criminal’s award. Oh, they called those the Darwin Awards, didn’t they.

“Yeah, thanks, but I’m good. I appreciate the offer though.” Jackie cringed at how hollow her voice sounded. Even a blond could hear the fear in it.

“Look, hon. It’s hot out here, and you’ve still got a good six or so miles ahead of you. Just climb on, and we’ll drop you off wherever you want. The garage is open, but it won’t be by the time you walk all the way there carrying that pack.” That deep voice had her squeezing her legs together. She almost missed what he was saying.

“Um, what time is it?” She couldn’t believe she’d just asked a biker what time it was. What was wrong with her? Where was her sense of self-preservation that had been working fine until a few seconds ago?

“Looks like about four. You’re soaking wet, and cowboy boots aren’t exactly good for walking long distances. You’ll have blisters before you get there. Hop on, hon.” She couldn’t help looking over to see what the man with the slow, smooth voice looked like.

She’d figured the panty-soaker voice to be the one farthest from her, and the smooth talker was the one closest to her. When she finally looked up and in their direction, Jackie couldn’t believe her eyes. Two of the most handsome men she’d ever seen sat straddling serious muscle.




As soon as they made it in the house, the men were all over her. They stripped her then gently bathed her in the tub before taking her to bed. Gunner spread her thighs with an almost desperate need in his eyes. The first touch of his tongue had her crying out in pleasure. She needed this. She needed them to take her and make her theirs. If they didn’t want her, she’d die inside. She sure as hell wanted them to want her.

“Babe, you taste so damn good. I was afraid I’d lose you.” Gunner returned to eating her pussy with a vengeance.

“God, Gunner. Please.”

She could only beg for him to help her reach that point. She wanted to come so badly.

“Not yet, sweet thing. You’re coming with us this time. Both of us.” Hawk kissed her, exploring her mouth then moving down to lick and bite at her jaw, neck, and earlobe. He sucked at the junction of her neck and shoulder, then nipped at it.

“I want you both. Take me. Make me yours. I don’t want to lose you.” Jackie couldn’t believe she’d allowed the words out.

“You already are ours.” Gunner moved up her body and sucked at her nipple before fitting his cock at her opening. “I’m going to fuck you deep and hard, babe.”

He pushed his way inside her. She was wet and ready for him, but he was thick and having to wiggle to get in her. She finally relaxed enough that he surged forward with a deep growl.

“Damn, babe. You’re so fucking tight I won’t last long.” He retreated and thrust again and again. Finally, he rolled her over so that she straddled him. He bucked up as she rose and fell with him.

“Hold her down while I get her ready, Gunner.” Hawk knelt behind her.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“We’re making you ours. We want to come inside of you at the same time, so Hawk’s going to take that pretty little ass while I fuck your warm, wet pussy.” Gunner reached up and kissed her between the breasts. Then he was pulling her flat against his chest.

“Easy, sweet thing. I’m not going to hurt you if you relax. Hurting you is the last thing I ever want to do.”

Hawk rubbed something cold and wet on her asshole. He pressed his finger inward then pulled it back out. She wasn’t alarmed but knew that no matter how much he prepared her, it would sting. She didn’t care. She wanted them both and wanted to be theirs forever.

He added more of the cool lubricant and pressed in and out of her back hole several times before adding even more and adding a second finger. It burned, but not too badly. He fucked her with his fingers then forced more of the lube inside her. The next thing she felt was his cockhead pressing against her ass. She tried to relax her muscles, letting Gunner’s hands soothe her as he rubbed small circles against her back.

Hawk pressed harder, stretching her even as she tried to push out. When he finally popped through the resistant ring of her ass, she gasped and dropped her head to Gunner’s chest.

“There we go. Easy, Jackie. Just let us do all the work.” Hawk pushed all the way in with a soft curse while Gunner pulled nearly all the way out of her pussy. Then they switched directions, and she felt like a piece of cheese between two slices of hot bread.

They seesawed in and out of her until the pressure building was so close to exploding she couldn’t help but strain toward it. Her ass burned, but a strange sort of pleasure was escalating from it as well. She’d never known there were pleasure nerves in her ass before now. The guys sweated above and below her. Hawk grasped one hip with his hand and held on to the back of her neck with the other hand.

“Fuck but your ass is so goddamn tight, babe. Fuck but I’m not going to last.”

“Neither am I. She’s hot and wet and tight, and with you in her ass, it’s like forcing my dick through silly putty. I swear she’s going to strangle me.” Gunner cupped her breasts in his hands, flicking his thumbs over her nipples.

“Please, please not yet. I need to come so badly it hurts.”

“We’ve got you, sweet thing. We’re going to take good care of you from now on.” Hawk used both hands to hold her hips as he tunneled in and out of her ass.

She could feel the heat from Hawk’s body against her back. The burning sensation in her ass had given way to a strange pleasure that helped fuel her need to climax. She needed them to hurry and push her over. She didn’t want to be left hanging. Now with as good as she was sure it was going to be.

“I’ve got you, babe. Just relax.” Gunner put one hand between them where he moved his fingers until his thumb found her clit.

“Yes,” she hissed as he thumbed it, teasing it then pinching it between this thumb and finger.

Jackie erupted in pleasure, screaming in a high-pitched whine that even she didn’t recognize. The two men lost their rhythm and shouted out as they came, filling her body with their semen. The pleasure went on and on as they continued to fuck her until they lost their strength and collapsed beneath and behind her.

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