[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, caning, flogging, whipping, sex toys, HEA]
Construction worker Cam Armstrong wants Allegra Lee. He saw her once and can’t get her out of his mind. Allegra lost one potential career when, aged fifteen, she shattered her ankle and her hopes of becoming an Olympic gymnast. Now she’s working really hard to build another future as an attorney, mentored by the incredible Sierra Bond. Hammer, Harlan Hammersmith III, escaped from high society and his wealthy, autocratic, and controlling grandfather. He refuses to go back to that kind of life ever again.
Hammer, a Dom at The Dom’s Dungeon BDSM club, agrees to a date with Allegra because his best friend Cam wants her so much. Allegra doesn’t seem like any of the women he’s known before, and physically he certainly wants her. But their lives are so totally different. Is there any hope they’ll find common ground? Can they ever be together?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Dungeon Law (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Love this book.




Allegra Lee stood on the balls of her feet, stretched her lithe body as straight as it would go, raised her arms over her head, and curved her hands gracefully into the swan position. The music began, and the crowd in the huge auditorium became silent. As the introduction finished, Allegra took flight, racing diagonally across the huge mat at full speed and leaping into the air in a splits position, holding it for two full beats of the music before landing lightly on her feet again.

She flung her head back, twisted, and leaped sideways, ready to execute her first somersault—and crashed to the floor as a fierce pain burst through her body and her right ankle crumpled under her. The pain was so extreme Allegra almost lost consciousness, but her graying-out mind was aware of the total silence of the large crowd while the music played on.

Allegra sprang up in bed, her body drenched in sweat, and her foot aching like a bitch at the memories of the night she’d shattered her dream of an Olympic gold medal in the same moment as she’d shattered her ankle. That fall had broken so many different tiny bones in her foot that even now, twelve years later, she still had to carry a letter from her doctor everywhere she went because the dozens of metal pins holding her foot together always set off the security alarms at courts and in airports.

Carefully Allegra slid to the side of the bed and stood up, ready to let herself fall back onto the mattress if her foot didn’t support her. But it held, so she turned around and pulled the sweaty, damp sheets off her bed, dumping them and her drenched sleep shirt in the laundry hamper before getting into the shower.

After her dramatic fall in front of thousands of gymnastics fans at the national competition, she’d woken up two days later in the hospital with a foot more metal than bone. The stern-faced doctor had told her to plan a different career path and to be grateful she’d even be able to walk again. She’d cried for a week, her fifteen-year-old self unwilling to give up on a dream that had been almost within reach. A dream of Olympic gold and the world at her feet.

A month later she’d been back in school and her math teacher had told her she was damn smart and to use her brain to make a new plan for her future. She’d taken the words to heart, looked at job opportunities, and decided on law. She’d been incredibly fortunate that Sierra Bond, of Bailey and Bond Attorneys at Law, had agreed to mentor her.

Allegra stepped out of the shower, hardly noticing that her wretched ankle was still aching, and grinned at the tumbled sheets in her laundry hamper. In among the bundle of pale pink linen was a hint of bright purple. She grabbed the purple, pulling her vibrator out of the hamper and putting it on the ledge above the sink.

She shook her head at herself. “Wow. That was almost a disaster. With no man in my bed, the loss of my vibrator would be terrible.” Lester had been gone from her life for a year now, and she’d made no attempt to replace him. She’d thought they would be together forever, but he’d gotten tired of the hours she had to put in at her job. Young attorneys didn’t exactly work nine to five, and he wanted a woman waiting at home for him with a hot meal at the end of his busy day.

Well, that was just too bad. She’d been prepared to rearrange her life a lot for him, but not to put her career completely on hold or only work the hours that suited him. No. She’d survived the destruction of her foot and her gymnastic dreams, and she’d survived the departure of Les from her heart after living with him for almost three years. Now her life was her work. One day she’d be as good at her job as Sierra was. And maybe one day she’d have a man who loved her. Hell, Sierra lived with two men. She ought to dream big. One day she’d have two! She grinned. Two men sharing a woman was permitted under shape-shifter law. The Supreme Alpha of North America himself had said so.

Allegra laughed at herself in the mirror. Two men who were interested in her? That was about as likely to happen as her winning a gold medal with a smashed foot.




Cam dropped his clothing on the bedroom floor and opened the drawer under the sink, grabbing a handful of gels and lotions, which he put on the rack in the shower before turning the water on and ensuring it was the ideal temperature.

He was disappointed when Allegra stepped into the shower with a plastic cap covering her long dark hair. He supposed she preferred to use her own shampoo on it, but he’d been looking forward to massaging her head and playing with her hair. Oh well, he’d just have to wait until they were in bed to do that.

He sat on the shower floor and began washing her legs and feet. Her feet were narrow and dainty. Here, under the water, the scar lines on her right foot were almost invisible. Her calves had hard muscles under the taut skin, and the backs of her knees were soft and silky, the skin there sensitive and delicate, such a contrast in a small amount of lower leg. He’d never spent time staring at a woman’s leg like this before. Normally he was more interested in the flexing of her ass muscles and the wiggle in her walk. But now, today, he couldn’t get enough of touching Allegra’s feet, calves, and knees.

When he reached her thighs, Cam looked up, flicking the water off his head to focus on her face. Her eyes were closed, but she was smiling. Whether it was because of his massaging of her legs or the fact that Hammer was soaping her breasts and belly, Cam didn’t know. However, the focal point was that she was pleased, and that was what this evening was all about. Pleasing Allegra. Driving her wild with need for them both. Because nothing would stop him from possessing her now. She was his. He’d wanted her ever since he’d first seen her, and having her within his reach these past few days had only embedded that need even deeper in his mind and heart.

“Are you hot, Allegra? Do you need more?” asked Hammer

Cam massaged her ass as Hammer spoke. He’d sure like to have his fingers inside her. Or, better yet, his cock. Down here on the floor of the shower his nose was up close to her cunt, and he could smell her arousal. He knew she was ready for them now.

Allegra took Hammer’s cock in her hands. “It would be a shame to let such a lovely cock go to waste,” she said. And then she looked back over her shoulder at Cam. “Two cocks would be twice as good.”

“Would you like both of us?” he asked, his voice hoarse and rough with desperate need for her.

“It does seem to be the way you construction men do business. Darcy and Raff with Violet, and Jason and Beckett with Juliana.”

“In that case Cam and I need to work a little harder here.” Hammer no sooner spoke than Cam urged Allegra to widen her legs, and then he bent his mouth to her ass, kissing and licking across the soft, yet muscled flesh. Her body still looked very fit, but she wasn’t hard or angular. She was all womanly curves.

“You said you studied gymnastics when you were young and hadn’t turned a somersault in a long time. Do you still do some gymnastics? Is that how you keep fit?” he asked as he let his fingers trail over her skin closer to her back door.

“No. I broke my ankle when I was fifteen and haven’t done gymnastics since. I have my own exercise bike, but I don’t get on it nearly enough to keep fit. I’m a member of a gym, but I don’t get into the exercise room very often either, and I never do aerobics or Pilates classes. There’s always too much work to do.”

“Sex is excellent aerobic exercise,” said Hammer.

Allegra laughed and then gasped. Cam was concentrating on her ass, his face buried against her soft flesh as he nibbled on her muscles, but Hammer was kissing and sucking her breasts, so once again, it might have been either one of them who’d aroused her or simply the fact that both of them were concentrating on her body right now. Either way it didn’t matter. All that mattered was that she was aroused, open and ready for them to take to bed.

Touching her was amazing. She was wet and slippery but so warm and soft against his skin. Having his face pressed against her was so good he could stay here all night. Except that his dick might explode all by itself if he didn’t get inside her soon.

He used plenty of gel on his fingers and her opening, softening her entry with one hand while his other hand petted and soothed her back, sides, and legs. Soon he was finger-fucking her ass as Hammer finger-fucked her cunt. Allegra stopped moving and touching them both back, her feet braced wide on the shower base as she thrust back and forward on his fingers.

Cam watched Hammer to give her a climax, but Hammer pulled his fingers out of her and grabbed her, wrapping her legs around his hips, and lowering her body until Cam was supporting her shoulders. They’d done this once before, and Allegra was the perfect woman for it. Cam snatched a condom from the shelf, handing it to Hammer She wouldn’t want her head hanging down for too long, but Hammer had timed it perfectly, and Cam knew she was close to release.

Hammer drove his cock down into her cunt in the upside-down position.

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