Kissing Reno (MM)

Brac Village 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,004
82 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, public exhibition, HEA]

Reno Davis is new to Brac Village, transferring into the local fire department. He loves his solitude and the freedom he feels when riding his motorcycle on the open road. But when he visits the local bakery to pick up some sweets for the firehouse, he discovers his mate and is now under the pull of the mating dance.

Baker Cross learned about the paranormal world when he was hired to work at Sweet Delight. His boss, Kenway, is a buffalo shifter. Baker is fine with that. But when a coyote shifter grabs him in the middle of the shop and kisses him with such passion and desire, Baker knows he is in trouble.

Reno stalks Baker, playing cat and mouse until he knows Baker will give in to his desires and let the coyote claim him. It is part of the mating dance, and Reno is looking forward to catching his mate. But when a crooked cop sets his sights on Reno, the true stalking begins.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Kissing Reno (MM)
82 Ratings (4.6)

Kissing Reno (MM)

Brac Village 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,004
82 Ratings (4.6)
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Oh my goodness, this was so good! This is my first Lynn Hagen book. I know I read way out of order, but I had to. This book sounded too good to wait for. I loved the coyote shifter and how playful and aggressive he was. Reno and Baker were great together and the mating heat was hot and very real in this book. It was a cute story that made me smile as I read it. I'll be reading more of her books.
I LOVED the mating heat in this book. It was off the chart. I loved Reno and Baker. They fit together perfectly as a mated couple.
Professional Reviews

5 SWEET PEAS: "This story is a continuation of the Brac Pack series. This about Baker Cross, a human who works at Sweet Delights bakery as a baker (I’m not kidding) and a coyote shifter named Reno Davis who just transferred to the local fire department. I loved this story from the first word to the last. Lynn Hagan has done a remarkable job of creating this town where shifters, vampires and humans live in relative harmony. This may be due largely to the fact that some of the human inhabitants are unaware of the existence of their paranormal neighbors. Her writing style is fantastic and her characters’ quirks and the situations that they sometimes find themselves in will have you laughing out loud at times. I love M/M paranormal romance and Lynn Hagan has secured the #1 spot for me in this genre. This author successfully infuses danger, romance, sexual heat and humor in all of her work. But I must caution you that this book is not a standalone read. This book is part of a series that must be read in sequential order as the characters are connected and tend to cross over into other stories. I highly recommend all in this series." -- Kiwi, Mrs. Condit Reads Books

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This was unreal. He needed to think. There was no way he was going to claim the human right there in front of everyone. Not only would people think him crazy, but he would probably be arrested for all kinds of things. Reno wouldn’t have given a shit, but he was pretty sure the human would not appreciate being suddenly ravaged by someone he didn’t know.

Securing the box and small bag of bread to his motorcycle, Reno pulled his helmet on and swung his leg over. He desperately tried not to glance back inside the bakery, but inside he wondered if the human was watching him, curious about his abrupt departure.

His hand shook as he started the motorcycle. Reno cursed at the way his body hummed with excitement and need.

He had to think about this logically. The man was human and would probably call the cops if Reno tried to fuck him on the bakery floor. As a matter of fact, Reno had no doubt he would be wearing handcuffs if he tried. Surely he would be charged with rape and assault. While he didn’t care about sex in public, he sure as hell did not want to go to jail for it.

For now, getting to work would be a damn good idea and jail-free.

Then again, handcuffs wouldn’t be so bad as long as his mate was cuffed to the counter, wearing nothing but flour.

Against his better judgment, Reno glanced up before pulling off and saw the human looking his way from the large storefront window. His blue eyes widened and darted away when he saw Reno glancing at him. Reno smirked. The human looked like a scared little rabbit peering at the predator through blades of grass on a warm day.

Damn it!

Reno pulled his hog back into the parking spot and left the damn thing running. He removed his helmet and walked back inside the bakery. Self-control was not one of his strong suits. As a matter of fact, he sucked at it. All he wanted right now was to taste his mate.

The guy blinked rapidly as Reno strode toward him with a predatory gait, his eyes fixed on nothing and no one but the man right in front of him as if the rest of the world did not exist, and in that instant, it didn’t. Only Reno, the human, and Reno’s desire to mate with him existed.

“Can I help you?” his mate asked with a slight squeak as Reno invaded his personal space.

Without one single word, Reno snagged his mate behind the neck and pulled him close. His actions held a high level of confidence, and anyone watching would have thought he was completely sure about what he was doing. But inside, he hoped like hell the guy didn’t slap the shit out of him and call the cops.

Reno stared deeply into his mate’s eyes like a beast about to attack his prey. “You are no longer single. Understood?” Reno didn’t wait for a response. His coyote wouldn’t let him. He pulled the guy to him, his mate’s breath touching his lips for a brief moment before Reno dipped his head for an open-mouthed kiss. Reno not only plunged his tongue deep into his mate’s mouth, but nipped his bottom lip for good measure. His fingers curled in the man’s dark-brown hair when the taste of the human flooded his mouth. His mate stirred Reno’s body to a level of desire that he had never tasted as he gave the short strands a slight tug before he pulled back.

Kissing the man had been like touching his lips to a live wire. He was hooked, addicted to the taste and the scent of the human. Reno wanted to taste him again and again.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” his mate asked as he shoved at Reno’s chest.

Reno pulled his hair tighter, locking eyes with his mate. “Getting you ready for the dance.”

Reno released the man and walked out of the bakery, jumped on his motorcycle, and took off down Main Street. His body was tight, hot, and needy, the pressure almost too much. That was the exact reason he hadn’t wanted to look back when he left the first time.

Now he wanted to fuck. His mate barely let Reno get away with a kiss, so he would probably not allow Reno to suddenly attack and claim him.

Besides, coyotes liked to play. They liked chasing their mates down, which in a way, was almost like stalking them. He was about to begin a game with his little human, petting and teasing until he heard sweet begging coming from the man’s lips.

Reno pulled into the parking lot of the fire station, barely able to stand he was so hard and ready. He knew that if he didn’t take evasive action that he would turn around and go right back. He paced back and forth a few times, thinking of what to do. Finally, he flipped his cell phone open and called the number on the front of the box of donuts.

“Sweet Delight.” It was Kenway.

“Tell your little baker to get out of there.”

“Who the hell is this?”

“I’m going to be coming for him, Kenway. If he doesn’t want to be claimed in front of everyone, I suggest he hides for now.” It was the best Reno could do. He knew he couldn’t stop himself from going back there, so he had to make sure his mate wouldn’t be there when he did.

The phone was silent. “Are you the guy who just left here, the one who kissed him?”

“He’s my mate and I’m coyote. This is his only warning.” Reno hung up, smiling to himself as he pocketed the phone. Those who weren’t coyote wouldn’t understand the mating dance. They would look at Reno as some sort of psycho. There was nothing psychotic in his mind, only a lust that burned like the sun and an unquenchable desire for his mate’s body.

Oh no. He was definitely not psycho. He was simply on the hunt and ready to play. Grabbing the box and bag, Reno headed into the station.

His mate had just been warned.

Game on.




Reaching his arm around Baker, Reno pulled him closer. This was the first time they were alone, no crowd, no one to stop them. The temperature in the room seemed to climb a few degrees as he touched and explored Baker’s sculpted frame.

God, he wanted to feel Baker touching him in the same way. Reno grabbed his mate’s hand and led it to his back, coaxing the man to touch him.

“W–Won’t you get into trouble?” Baker asked as his fingers curled into Reno’s shirt, giving the fabric a light tug.

In that moment, Reno had clarity of why Baker had shown up. His mate had been hoping for this. Baker wanted Reno to touch him, to kiss him. The knowledge that his mate wanted him just as much as Reno wanted the human propelled him forward. Baker’s back hit the bed as Reno crawled over him, trapping the man underneath him and showing his dominance. “No. The chief knows we are in the middle of our mating dance. He won’t interfere.” And if anyone else bothered them, Reno was going to rip their fucking heads off.

Reno pressed his body into Baker’s, his erection firm as it touched Baker’s upper thigh. He wanted the man to know exactly how he affected Reno. His skin felt tight and achy as he stared down at eyes darker than sapphire. They intensified, and the dark lashes that ringed the blazing fire only made them look even more spectacular. Dipping his head, Reno captured the lips he had been dying to taste since he mate showed up here.

Baker didn’t protest. In fact, he wrapped his arms around Reno’s neck and pulled him closer, spreading his legs to accommodate him. Slipping his hands behind his mate, Reno drew him closer, tasting, teasing, and driving himself insane with need.

Baker seemed to be just as needy. He ran his fingers over Reno’s head, pulling him down as Baker sucked at Reno’s tongue. The action only made Reno’s cock throb like a frenzied heartbeat in his jeans. He had to do something to relieve the pressure.

It was a rush of excitement that shot through his veins as he kissed his mate lower, on his neck, savoring the sweet aroma of salty skin and a racing pulse. In that moment he didn’t care if something was wrong with his coyote or if he and Baker mated the traditional way, or even if he simply claimed the man. None of it mattered when Baker was lying here giving himself to Reno.

He was unbidden beneath Reno, and that was all that mattered to him. The pulsing in his jeans intensified as he pushed Baker’s shirt up, kissing his navel and tracing a long, wet line over his abdomen. Baker moaned and his stomach jerked before Reno bit the man’s button of his pants.

Even beneath the fabric he could smell Baker’s desire. It was the sweetest scent in the world—strong, musky, and all for him. He nuzzled the pronounced outline in his mate’s jeans, leaving a wet mark before he used his fingers to unsnap them, pulling the zipper down slowly, teasing not only his mate, but himself.

Baker’s hips hitched and Reno knew it was involuntary. The excitement was building, just how he wanted it to.

“Reno, what if—”

“We won’t be caught,” he reassured his mate, hearing the deep, hungry need in his voice when he spoke. “I promise not to let anyone see you like this.” Reno kissed the skin right above Baker’s waistband. “No one will ever see something so intimate between us.”

He usually didn’t give a rat’s ass who saw him and what compromising position he was in. Reno wasn’t into exhibition. He just didn’t care. But the thought of anyone seeing Baker this way made him gnash his teeth as possessive rage filled him.

He’d gouge out anyone’s eyes if they even dared to look at Baker while he was so lost in passion. It was for him and him alone.

Using the tip of his finger, Reno lowered the waistband of Baker’s underwear to reveal a dark-red, weeping cockhead. He could feel his mate’s legs quivering as he tongued the head, licking away his evidence of desire.

A whoosh of air left Baker’s lungs as his body jerked. Reno sucked the head past his lips, working the flesh mercilessly as he brought Baker to the brink of climax only to ease back and start over again.

“W–Why are you teasing me?” Baker was breathless, barely getting the words out as his hands curled in at his sides.

Without answering, Reno took the cock down his throat, tightening his muscles before easing back. Teasing may be the end result, but the truth was, Reno was savoring the feel of his mate’s dick in his mouth.

He glanced up just as Baker looked down, brown eyes clashed with blue, and Reno could feel Baker’s submissive compliance in that one glance—that he was Reno’s to do with whatever he wanted. His eyes were heavy-lidded, sleepy looking, and seductive.

Reno’s fingers tightened on Baker’s thighs as he worked Baker’s cock, sucking the shaft with expertise as he brought his mate to climax. Baker threw his head back and shouted as hot seed filled his mouth and ran down his throat.

Reno petted with his hands as he suckled the flesh gently. Breathing raggedly, Baker relaxed back against the bed. He released the soft cock and then reared back on his knees, pulling his own aching flesh from his jeans.

Without asking, Baker was up and swallowing Reno down.


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