The Price of Pleasure (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 22,502
2 Ratings (3.5)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, Interracial]

Jesse Englund works eighteen hour days for the love of his life - his corporation. It's what he lives and breathes to the exclusion of everything else.

When hired consultant Eden Simmons claims she's stolen millions from him, she offers him a deal to get the money back. A deal which involves several hours of orgasmic pleasure. 

For Jesse, it's been a long time since another person has managed to set his priorities straight and make him think about something other than work. The only problem is that Eden hides an agenda which threatens to take his company down.

In the midst of a whirlwind romance they both discover that everything that happens between them comes with a price.

"I love Jesse Englund. He's a foul-mouthed, straight shooting kind of guy and so far, everyone who's read his story loves him, too. He's the kind of guy you know gets the job done no matter which one it is (sexy ones come to mind)." ~ Dee ~  

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Price of Pleasure (MF)
2 Ratings (3.5)

The Price of Pleasure (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 22,502
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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4.5 CHERRIES: "Lust. Lies. Deceit. Honor. Loyalty. What do you get when you add all of these elements together? The Price of Pleasure by Ms. Carney. She gives us Eden Simmons, a woman who is torn between lust, honesty and loyalty. Not to mention Jesse Englund who is so hot and so alpha male he burns up the pages. Eden is a successful woman who has had to compromise herself one too many times to prove her worth. Jesse is the man she steals money from to make a point. However, the proposition she comes up with for him to get it back is strictly personal. Boy does Jessie deliver! So does Ms. Carney. She gives us a scintillating tale of two characters who can't keep their hands off of each other. Jessie brings out a side of Eden she never knew existed. Yet, she can't let go because she is hiding a secret so horrible, to reveal it could threaten the happiness she has found. I have to admit this story has twists and turns I didn't expect because of the book blurb but it is well worth reading. Jesse and Eden are two characters you won't forget anytime soon. The Price of Pleasure is an attention-grabbing story that you can't put down until it's over. Jesse and Eden burn up the sheets in and out of bed. I loved Jesse's understanding nature and Eden's boldness. The Price of Pleasure is a wonderful book. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Carney's work." -- Cherokee Rose, Whipped Cream Romance Reviews

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“Tell me about the money.”

“Simple really. Kevin Carmichael thought something hinky was going on in the finance department. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but thought someone objective might be able to. Long story short, here I am, a couple million dollars richer for my efforts.”

Jesse chuckled. “Somehow I don’t think bilking us of even more money was in Kevin’s plans for you. Why do you have it?”

“The same reason I broke in this morning. To see if I could.” She took a long drink of coffee. “And it seems very much so, that I can.”

“Ah, but the million or rather, two million dollar question is, do you plan on returning it?”

She gave him a crooked smile and a shrug. “If I must.”

“Sorry, darlin’, you must.” Jesse reached across the table and clasped her hand in his. He hesitated only slightly before he raised it to his mouth and brushed a small kiss on her knuckles. “But I’ll be certain you are well compensated for your time.”

The risk he took with the chaste move, like all risks he’d ever taken, was worth the payout.

“Mr. Englund,” her voice dropped to a husky level, “why do I think you’re not talking about money here?”

About a dozen different ways to respond to her remark crossed his mind in a matter of seconds. As quickly as one came to him, he tossed it aside for being too cheesy, too blatant, too everything but what he wanted it to be. With an internal grimace, he settled for, “Why does it sound like we’ve just switched gears somehow, and now you want me to earn my money back?”

The flash of teeth made his heart lurch again. She slid her hand out of his and pointed a long finger at him. “Well, youare the one who didn’t want to hire me, and now it’s coming back to bite you in the ass. I don’t think earning your money back would be so out of line. You really do need to be taught a lesson.”

He pushed his plate to the side and leaned forward. “Did you have something specific in mind?”

She leaned closer, and her voice dropped. “What would you say to me giving you half a million dollars for every time you make me scream your name? In a matter of days or hell, hours, depending on how good you are, your money can be right back where it belongs.”

Holy fuck.

Jesse’s mind shut down. Completely and utterly shut down. Not a single way to respond with some clever, smart-ass remark would come to him. He could only envision his head between her thighs, or her long legs wrapped around his waist as he pumped into her, or the look of extreme pleasure that he could give this sensuous woman in a myriad of other ways.

He shifted in his seat and swallowed several times. After staring into her chocolate-tinted eyes for a moment, he said, “Only five times?”

She reached for his hand and drew a lazy circle in his palm with her fingertip. “Only five times. You’re all but guaranteed to have your money back by Sunday evening because I’m free all weekend.”

Today was Friday. Sure, he could make his money back before the end of the night, but why? He could drag this out and enjoy two and a half days of burying himself in the pussy of Eden Simmons.

His hesitation must have caused some concern. Eden said, “I tell you what. I’ll even give back the first half mil’ on credit. You’ll just owe me for that one. Do we have a deal, Mr. Englund?”

The business was his baby. He’d do whatever it took to keep it prosperous. If some woman stole his money and offered him a chance to get it back, well damn it, he had an obligation to do whatever it took to do so.

“Ms. Simmons, we most definitely have a deal.”


“Lay back against the bed, Eden.” His attention darted to the glistening flash of her slit when she repositioned. “Hands behind your back again.”

He knelt between her thighs and his cock twitched. Just viewing the contrast of his tanned skin against the rich hues of hers made him so hard it was almost painful. Jesus. He was so close to her core and yet, as the saying went, so God damned far away.

Placing the graceful arch of her foot against his shoulder, he dropped his head to her calf. The salty tang of her skin exploded on his tongue as he ran it up to the back of her knee. Only one thing could be sweeter.

Gently, he pushed her leg to the side. His tongue continued its journey from behind her knee, sliding along until his nose tickled the delicate skin of her inner thigh. There was a sharp intake of her breath when he nuzzled her curls to inhale her heady scent.

With one long stroke, he slid his tongue over her swollen lips. Her hips bucked beneath him, but he held her down. He slid down the other side of her labia, and for the first time, tasted some of the nectar he lusted after all evening.

That one little taste did him in.

With a low growl, Jesse forewent all thoughts of teasing and dipped into the entrance of her pussy. He worked his mouth against Eden and drank her in. Tasted. Explored. Worked his jaw greedily against her.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, he heard her desperate breaths. Heard his name panted out as she arched towards him.

Her taste. Her beautiful fucking taste. Everything he knew she would be.

He didn’t want to touch her clit. Not yet. He just wanted to—hell—he didn’t know any more. All rational thought fled. Her drugging effect consumed him. His desire for more made his simmering blood reach full boil.

The increasing pitch of her cries brought his mind back from the euphoria it drifted toward. Pulling away from her took the last vestige of willpower he possessed. He slammed his eyes shut and struggled to breathe even as the pounding of his heart threatened to burst through his chest.

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